WUWT publishing suspended – major announcement coming

Here’s the press release

See also the backstory

UPDATE: 7/29/2012 A press release will be issued at ~12PM Noon, PDT today.

UPDATE 7/27/12 1:30PM PST:  See my additional comments below

Something’s happened. From now until Sunday July 29th, around Noon PST, WUWT will be suspending publishing. At that time, there will be a major announcement that I’m sure will attract a broad global interest due to its controversial and unprecedented nature.

To give you an idea as to the magnitude of this event, I’m suspending my vacation plans. I weighed the issue, and decided (much to my dismay) this was more important. I can go on vacation trips another time, but this announcement is not something I can miss now and do later.

Media outlets be sure to check in to WUWT on Sunday around 12PM PST and check your emails.

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Comments are closed, and I will not be responding to emails until Sunday.

Thank you for your consideration and patience  – Anthony Watts


UPDATE: I’ve been advised by concerned friends that speculation on the nature of this announcement has gotten out of hand in the blogosphere, and that was not my intent. My intent was to give me time to work on something very important without the distraction of this blog, emails/twitter/facebook, etc.

As many of you know, running WUWT is a monumental task which I could not do without the help of many people. Even so, it still requires my constant attention.

First, I am well. This isn’t a health issue for me or my family.

Second, my announcement has nothing to do with FOIA issues or other sorts of political or social theories being bandied about on other blogs.

It does however have something to do with one of my many projects, it is still a “major announcement” and it has important implications that I’m sure everyone will want to know about.

I greatly appreciate all the concern and  interest, and I look forward to being able to share all my work on Sunday. – Anthony


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