Kenji gets mail, but where's the science?

As many WUWT readers know, my dog, Kenji Watts, is an actual member of the Union of Concerned Scientists. He’s got papers to prove it.

This of course is proof that all you need is a valid credit card to join this “front group” (as they describe others) in this science free money quest. Below is the email Kenji received today. – Anthony

Dear friend,

Time is running out on the opportunity to double the impact of your membership gift to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

A generous supporter has pledged to match all donations dollar-for-dollar—up to $250,000—but only if you act by the end of the week!

Your support of UCS makes a vital difference in building a healthier environment and a safer world. If you’re still looking for a reason to support UCS, how about this one:

41 million fewer cars.

Picture a four-lane highway packed bumper to bumper with idling cars stretching all the way around the earth at the equator. Now picture the tailpipe emissions from all those cars and think about how much that would speed up global warming.

UCS supporters like you helped push through tough emissions standards for new cars and trucks that will require automakers to produce vehicles that emit roughly half of the global warming emissions of a new automobile today. By the year 2030, this effort alone will keep more than 300 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released into our atmosphere. That’s like taking 41 million cars off the road.

Time is running out to take advantage of this special opportunity. Please act now. Join more than 85,000 other members of UCS—become a member of UCS today.

With your help, we will:

  • expose corporations, front groups, and policy makers who mislead the public and undermine understanding of climate science;
  • fight to shut down old and dirty coal plants and increase investment in wind, solar, and other clean, renewable sources of energy; and
  • actively protect scientists in the government and academia from politically motivated personal attacks.

You are a key partner in all this work. Please act now and take advantage of this special, short-term opportunity.

With your help, I’m confident we can win more important victories in the year ahead and the years to come.

Kevin Knobloch


Kevin Knobloch

Kevin Knobloch


P.S. Remember: this special opportunity only lasts through the end of the week. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar—but only if you act now!

The Union of Concerned Scientists is the leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment and a safer world.

Union of Concerned Scientists, 2 Brattle Square Cambridge, MA 02138-3780

phone: 800-666-8276 | Fax: 617-864-9405 | |

UCS is a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible. You can be confident your donations to UCS are spent wisely.

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Kurt in Switzerland

Don’t do it, Kenji!
For every “car” removed from the road or dirty coal plant shut down in the West, the Chinese are adding five!
Kurt in Switzerland

William Martin in NZ

Wow,Watt is Kenji to do?41 million less cars would make it safer for us k9’s to cross the road.Maybe we could safely stop half way to lick our balls.Nah,leave the cars there.Some Mann would still try run me over.Woof



Paul Marko

If Kenji is as angry as he looks, you’re fortunate he doesn’t bite you for enrolling him.

andy hunter

woof warm woof what a hoot friday funny comes early ..

Stephanie Clague

I wonder which facebook profiteer generously offered to match individual donations? I suppose you could call it wealth redistribution in action stealing from 401k and personal pension plan investors and handing it to this ecofascist front group who will obviously take their cut. Of course the cause takes second place to money, money makes the world go round or in their case stop, money cant buy you love but it can sure buy influence.

Doug UK

What a knob(loch) ;0)

Pass on this kenjii or you might have fewer cars to chase in the neighborhood streets.

Sick ’em Kenji !


I asked old Zeke for a bone to help Kenji in the effort. He just put his large head back down on the step he likes and looked at me like I was a fool. Said the poodle down the road might like to give. Or ask the cats.


“William Martin in NZ says:
May 24, 2012 at 10:13 pm
Wow,Watt is Kenji to do?41 million less cars would make it safer for us k9′s to cross the road.Maybe we could safely stop half way to lick our balls.Nah,leave the cars there.Some Mann would still try run me over.Woof”
Wasn’t there some Alarmist research out a few years back claiming pets CO2/methane emissions were worse for GW/CC than SUVs?

William Martin in NZ

Kenji,plz,plz,plz,don’t learn to walk backwards,you will look like a cimta…..klimat…..skient…exprat…expit…warmista


Cool photo of Kenji, maybe we need a caption contest? He looks kinda concerned.

John Trigge (in Oz)

41 million fewer cars = 164 million fewer wheels for Kenji and his fellow canines to pollute against. What’s a dog to do?
I also note that these ‘scientists’ are only concerned (after the money angle, of course) with the heat trapping ability of the CO2 emitted from these vehicles. Why is there no mention of the waste engine heat? Why no calculations (predictions/scenarios/model ‘data’) for the effect of this?

Kim Moore

According to the article their plan would eliminate 300 million tons of CO2 over 18 years.
If green plants–marine and terrestrial–photosythesize approximately 200 billion+ tons of CO2 per year for 18 years that would be 3.6 trillion tons total. Eliminating 300 million tons over the 18 years would eliminate 1 molecule of CO2 for every 12,000 CO2 molecules.
Maybe a cost/benefit analysis is in order.


“… double your impact …” hmmmm, let’s see now. Double zero and you get … zero.
Not even worth wasting a bark on …

Kim Moore

Hmm…I see I misspelled “photosynthesize”.


stay clear of CAGW activists, kenji, they are miserable people:
25 May: ABC: David Marchese: Look beyond coal: climate activist
A visiting climate change activist is urging young Australians in the Upper Hunter to think beyond coal when discussing the future of the region.
Anna Rose is the co-founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and is touring parts of regional Australia to talk about climate change with young people…
Anna Rose is the co-founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and is touring parts of regional Australia to talk about climate change with young people…
Ms Rose says while she understands coal is an important industry for the Hunter, it comes at a cost.
“There’s a lot of money in coal in the short term but the cost of continuing Australia’s coal expansion is that we’re sacrificing the future of young Australians,” she said.
“What are the consequences for young Australians, when we’re creating more climate change from digging up and exporting more coal?”
Anna Rose featured in the ABC Television program I Can Change Your Mind About Climate last month, travelling around the world with former Liberal Senator Nick Minchin discussing human involvement in climate change….
and China will continue to build new coal-fired power plants every week using aussie coal, Anna. makes a lot of sense!

William Martin in NZ

Hi Marian,yeah,you are correct.Temps in NZ are down.Do I get rid of my dog or the suv?Or do I lick my balls to keep warm?Hard choice.NZ wanted to tax farmers for cow farts in NZ.By your name you don’t have balls to lick,so you may freeze.What do you call that?Chatter box?LOL.Good luck.


He does look concerned and I’ll bet he is as much of a scientist as Briffa or Michael Mann. He seems to have a keen nose and could wave his tail like a hockey stick.


“serious controversy”!
(AUDIO)25 May: ABC Rural: Keiren McLeonard: Food on Friday – terroir, climate change and growing grapes
John Gladstones – even if you don’t recognise the name, you’ll know at least one of his achievements. He’s largely credited with establishing the Margaret River Wine region.
His distinguished career also includes authoring the 1992 book Viticulture and the Environment, which became a must read for many in Australia’s wine industry.
But John Galdstones(sic) most recent publication Wine Terroir and Climate Change has caused serious controversy.
Not only does it attempt to re-define terroir, the concept matching vines to the ideal soil and climate type to allow best expression of flavour. He also seriously questions climate change projections, and argues against its anthropogenic nature.
It’s a move that’s put one of the statesman on Australian wine at odds with the vast majority of his peers and the industry as a whole which is at the more progressive end of climate change adaptation.
John Gladstones, author of Wine, Terroir and Climate Change, WA; Professor Snow Barlow, Associate Dean, School of Land and Environment, Melbourne University, Vic
Snow is not fond of sceptics:
2011: Snow Barlow, PIARN Convenor: climate sceptics and informed debate
An evitable consequence of this debate appears to be unsubstantiated blogs covering both the ‘myths’ of anthropogenic climate change and potential other sources of greenhouse gases and warming…
However I thought it may be useful PIARN members to be aware of some credible websites containing referenced answers to frequently asked questions. We have provided some links to these websites below for your information and use. They vary in complexity and ease of navigation, but all are well researched and referenced…
If you know of more useful websites please let PIARN know and we’ll add them to this list.
•Climate change: a guide for the perplexed New Scientist magazine
•Skeptical Science – ‘Getting skeptical about global warming skepticism’
•Facts and fiction about climate change The Royal Society UK
•Frequently Asked Questions from the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report


Can I become a member of the 600 Home Run Club with a valid credit card?

Mike McMillan

Reaching for my checkbook even as I type.


Sounds painful.


“leading science-based nonprofit ”
Shome mishtake, shurely? Shouldn’t that read “leading profit-based nonscience?”

Jonathan Grove

So it’s bad for scientists to use tax dollars, and bad for them to raise funds too? I assume we’re to think that the only good science is done for private companies, in order to raise profits? In which case would it not be best for scientists to receive their training in degree programmes funded directly by private companies, and ditch this whole thing about, you know, trying to find out about stuff? Doesn’t sound enlightening, educational or even very interesting to me. If you really think scientists are in it for the money, look again, a bit more carefully. None of the academic scientists I know is comparatively well remunerated for the amount of work they do: all of them work hard, and all of them would have done far better if they had pursued careers in other sectors.

Andy Smith

Which of course makes Kenji the most influential dog in the world. I wonder what he would do to Briffa’s World’s most influential Yamal larch?

Steve C

I think he looks more bemused than concerned. (: Thinks: “Even more of this stuff? Got to think. Wonder if my beloved humans have refilled my food bowl yet?” 🙂

Ally E.

Kim Moore says:
May 24, 2012 at 11:15 pm
Hmm…I see I misspelled “photosynthesize”.
Don’t worry, Kenji won’t notice… probably.

Stephen Richards

I asked old Zeke for a bone . Not Zeke Howsyerfather.
Knobloch !! More like knobhead

Alan the Brit

Doug UK says:
May 24, 2012 at 10:32 pm
What a knob(loch) ;0)
You beat me to it, Doug! I just wonder how many $$$$ it takes to get a President of the UCS out of bed each morning? Any body know? I bet it is a nice tidy little sum & of course he earns every penny through his dilligence & hard work!


Wow, it seems everybody in UCS lives in a kind of bubble as they still haven’t realised that Kenji is a dog!

Olaf Koenders

..”Kevin Knobloch
Adequate name.. 😉

Disko Troop

My cat wants to know how Kenji got a credit card. She is jealous! Is there anti-feline discrimination going on?

Knoblock? a rather unfortunate name which evokes inappropriate thoughts. But enough of that, how about action to remove 41million environmentalists from the planet? That’s a thought.

Pat Frank

Kevin Knobloch looks like a standard corporate fat-cat. Whether anyone agreed with them, or not, UCS founders were guys in jeans and T-shirts who got involved in their time away from lab, e.g., Henry Kendall.
Here‘s the Huff Post blurb about Knobloch: “Kevin Knobloch brings 32 years of experience in public policy, government, advocacy and media to his job as leader of Union of Concerned Scientists.”
From scientists to media-savvy self-promoting money-grubbing spin-merchants. Is there a better example of ethical perversion than Kevin Knobloch?


Great photo! (Much better looking than ‘Homer’ Hansen, don’t you think?)
Kenji looks skeptical to me. My guess is he won’t be sending in any of his Milkbone biscuits no matter what the matching contribution might be.


It seems pretty hard to believe that no UCS member ever reads WUWT (I’m assuming that Kenji can’t read) so why do they continue to accept this ridicule? Are the membership rules such that they cannot do anything about canine members?


Don’t pay. It’s a scam.

Oscar Bajner

Take any semi-sentient, semi-sane mammal (Hi Kenji! ), show them a picture of
Trenberth’s energy budget diagram, and hey presto, you get that zact same lip-curling, iris-stretching, ear-twitching, nose-flaring, say-that-aint-real-dog-food, look of
watts up with that?


Knobloch makes $230,000 for pushing this agenda. And, I wonder what corporations the $13.5MM in contributions comes from.


Oh, and he’s not even a scientist.
“Kevin holds a master’s degree in public administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, with a focus on natural resource economics and environmental management, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he concentrated in English and journalism.”

Tom in Florida

Perhaps one day we will read the headline “Dog bites Mann”


Virtually every dog I know is an expert at Anusology. That makes them scientists in this day and age.

Bruce Cobb

Kenji appears to be angry, and I don’t blame him, with the entirely emotion-based, fact-free letter attempting to bilk even more money out of him. Even he knows that an idling car is running inefficiently, and creating even more real pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, benzene, and formaldehyde than normal. Even he knows that nowhere among that list of actual air pollutants is carbon dioxide and water vapor. Even he knows that their blatant and pathetic attempt to conflate real air pollutants with the imaginary one of C02 insults his intelligence. No wonder he’s angry.


I thought Kenji was in the “a fireplug at every home” crowd? Hmmm. But that whole 41 million cars thing must be depressing. If they are gone, what would there be to chase or bark at? Tough being a dog these days.

John Silver

Mean, scary and cute.
Kenji subdues his enemies with indecision.

You sure Kevin Knobloch signed that plea and not Prince Nigel of the Nigerian Royal Family?


Kenji, the Union of Vindictive Scientists think the keeping of domestic animals in the home is evil. By the year 2030, an effort to forbid the keeping of the 200 million or so domestic animals from being born and decimating the food chain that feeds them will yield great benefit to the planet. That’s like taking 14 million cars off the road.


Given the tremendous concern warmistas have about the funding of their opponents, why is UCS so coy about the identity of its benefactor?
Is there an audit trail for members about this ‘matching’?
I have found Kenji’s contributions to the debate so far to be among the best, fairest and most insightful that we have heard from UCS members.