Energy and Economic Crises SOLVED!

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

This story is from the “you can’t make this stuff up” file. Some of our British cousins have figured out a way to solve it all. They have set up the One Million Jobs Caravan, as part of a “Campaign Against Climate Change” … I’m not sure how they plan to stop the climate from changing, but apparently it takes a million people to do it. To fight against CO2 emissions, the backers plan to get into fossil-fueled vehicles and drive, the lot of them, from city to city all around England and Scotland. And then back again.

Now, the numbers out of Spain have shown that for every green job created, two regular jobs were destroyed. And the “green jobs” campaign in the US has been a resounding failure. So I was quite curious as to just how these green jobs were going to be created. I also wondered about the involvement of the trade unions called the CWU, the UCU, and the like.

I found out the campaign backers were proposing to create the jobs the old-fashioned way …

… I cannot improve on their own words

… the mind boggles … the solution to the UK economic crisis, and the way to end the persistent nuisance of the climate inconsiderately changing all the time, is to add a million “secure, flexible, permanent” union workers building wind farms to the UK government’s permanent welfare rolls.

These folks would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous.

Meanwhile, here in California we just found out that we’re unexpectedly $16,000,000,000 dollars in the hole in this year’s budget, from things like paying union teachers and state bureaucrats and functionaries princely salaries while they are working and then paying them very large pensions for the rest of their lives. Oh, and did I mention business-unfriendly? Eighth year in a row, California was voted worst state to do business in by a poll of CEOs …

However, I hear that there is budgetary hope regarding the California Department of Transportation, which maintains the roads. It seems that they’ve invented a machine that can idly lean on a shovel, promising big savings in labor costs, which is good news … bad news is, I hear the machines have already formed the MWU, the Machine Workers Union, and they’ve stopped leaning on their shovels and joined the One Million Jobs Caravan …



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So they work for the government, do what the government tells them to, and, I assume, take what payment the government is willing to give them. I wonder if they get to volunteer for those jobs or if the government can “select” them as needed.
I wonder who gets it worse, the people with the green jobs or the poor sods that keep paying taxes to let it happen?

Robert of Texas

This is just another example of how education has failed – ultterly and completely – to teach young people about how economies really work. It’s frightening these people get to vote.

R. Shearer

At least one driver is needed.


These fossil hating, welfare loving folks with make believe gov jobs would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous.( Nothing more secure than welfare in the UK, my mothers sister and husband made a 3 generation art form out of it)

Mark T

“This is a new idea.”
WTF? It’s the oldest idea ever, and the one proven repeatedly to have the lowest (read: zero) probability of success. Duh.
I wonder where these nutjobs think the money is going to come from to pay the million workers? From the “new” taxes generated, oh, wait… seems there’s a bit of a conundrum here.

Louis Hooffstetter

Our descendants will look back on articles like this and wonder if we somehow poisoned ourselves at the end of the 20th century with an environmental toxin that induces mass stupidity.

Greg Cavanagh

One million more government employees within a 12 month period. What could possibly go wrong?
It’s truly sad that supposedly intelligent people couldn’t figure out that government employees take their wages from the general public. And the worst aspect of it is, surely he would have talked with other people about his idea before going to print, yet nobody else saw the flaw in his plan either.
There is a madness gripping the world.

Thats right…the government gets to say how much money it prints so we just print some more, right? /sarc
I am becoming educated about the lack of any appreciation in this section of the political spectrum about how capitalism works…they only understand ….other models.


& 1 wonders why the UK Govt. is broke………..

Tim Minchin

Economics should be mandatory in high school all the way to matriculation. How can these people be so stupid?

Tim Minchin

Look at how many old ladies are in that group. It seems these self proclaimed Earth Motehrs think they know all the problems with the planet and can solve it all if we just go back to living in caves

A very clear example of pure Leftist fantasy thinking, with the all-benevolent State conjuring up money (aka taxes) to feed the vanity projects of a handful of halfwits and employ their eager followers to produce worthless goods.
The Age of Stupid, indeed.

William McClenney

Great idea! Get everybody’s home in the UK insulated for the End Holocene. And here’s the payfor (since that wasn’t mentioned). A million workers will be paid from the funds that will surely be coming in from Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland!
And if an ice age does come (or is in the incipient stages now), we will have a million snow shovelers at the ready!
And all of us Californios be sure to vote to have your taxes raised this November! Our guvmint does a Grecian job of managing mint so we need to give them some more mint so they can guv us better (and make some more of that Kool-Aid!).
We now return you to your regularly scheduled propaganda.


And you all wonder why I hate Marxists so much…

George E. Smith

If you want to replace a given technology with a new one, you need to eliminate jobs; not create more jobs. Well if your technology is an improvement, all the people whose jobs are eliminated because of the improved efficiency of your stuff, are now available to find a new job, doing something else.

Pamela Gray

Let local communities pay the teachers. Like they used to. At the ripe old age of 16, a student could become a teacher. By the age of 18, you could be principal. On a teacher salary, you could afford soap. But not a place to live. So you lived with families. The teacher needed to save her pennies for slate boards, chalk and books.
Of course you will need to change the state teacher requirements. You will need to dumb those down considerably. The salary communities can afford will not be attracting anyone beyond a high school diploma.

David, UK

But there’s socialists for you. Very good at spending other people’s money.
******g idiots.

I don’t know. I’ve been doing environmental management full time and part time in private industry for 30 years. If it weren’t for the government, I’d have had to find honest work.
1 million permanent government workers building high cost windmills and other high cost green delights. Absolutely wonderful. Why not 2 million? We’d stop the climate from changing twice as fast.


Thought this was satire at first:


Nick Grant, NUT

but NUT seems to be the National Union of Teachers.

Ally E.

I should know better than to eat or drink while reading this site.
“We mean new jobs now. We want the
government to start employing 83,300
workers a month in climate jobs. Then,
within twelve months, we will have created a
million jobs.”
I’ve never snorted sausage and bean out of my nose before…


If the government would just give up their insane war on carbon and develop domestic energy that it owns under federal lands* we could go a long way to solving the energy, economic and budget deficits.
*on second thought, add off shore oil & gas in also


I suspect that even you, Willis, were once young, unsuspecting, naive and unaware of the ways of the World. Having the government [who is in control of printing the money by the way] create jobs that employ you and your like minded friends in your chosen green career path is one of those amazing aha! moments that can only come out of being caught a little too long in the smoke of a burning hemp field…,

DesertYote says:
May 14, 2012 at 5:28 pm
And you all wonder why I hate Marxists so much…
I just finished a 5(6) part series…..”How I Know”, and this one is “how I know enviroclimate goons are Marxists”………. —- simply put, it is because they told us they were. There’s about 20-25 quotes of them extolling wealth redistribution and hating on capitalists.
It is incredible when one thinks about it. At nearly the precise moment we thought we were banishing this plague upon humanity, much of the world was embracing another version of it. Except worse if the Malthusian Marxist misanthropists had their way.

William McClenney

Post-modern – described by John Watkins Chapman in the 1870’s
Post-industrial – Described by Daniel Bell in 1973
Post-literate – Coined by my NZ wife in 1992 when she arrived in California
Post-sentient – Coined by me in 2005 watching An Inconvenient Truth
Post-evolution – devolution or retrograde evolution, coined here and now.

The Million Man March started all these million entities not standing still events.
One thing you don’t hear much about was the ill fated Million Microbe March. This was to protest their exclusion from the endangered species act. It was all very sad – someone accidentally autoclaved the petri dish.

Steve in SC

When the wagon is in the ditch, shoot the horses and hire more drivers.


One day our children, or out children’s children, will look back with a little pride at the fact that CAGW sceptics stayed online and kept active. Hats off to WUWT, Climate Audit et. al.
When is this SCAM going to end? How many times does Flannery have to be proven wrong? How many more LIES do we need to hear from Gore and Pacharui? How many more past temperature adjustments do we need from the astronomer James Hansen? How many more times do will we hear of an ice free Arctic next year?
The CAUSE is lost, they cannot win, even at the end of the “hottest decade on the record”!
Finally, I just want Warmists to think honestly about just three things:
Whatever happened to Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming?
Whatever happened to Catastrophic Anthropogenic Runaway Global Warming?
Why Climate Change? (it is in the very nature of climate to change)

Dr. John M. Ware

A million workers at–let’s say–$40,000 or equivalent each: that’s $40,000,000,000 (forty billion dollars) in salary alone. How many people live in the UK? Divide that $40B by the number of families that get the bill; add in the health care and other benefits and perquisites of all these million jobs; and let us know in a few years how long the UK can remain solvent.

Dan Evans

In the picture, what is that green thing that woman is holding? Is that a watermelon?


I am sorry, and I will understand if you moderate this post. But I have to say it:
Spending tax payer money to build stuff that won’t work is a travesty. These people, when they get access to the public checking account simply do not know how wealth is created.
But doing what they suggest would have been a good alternative to the stimulus.


It ain’t gonna happen—- is it?????

Mac the Knife

“We mean government jobs! This is a new idea!”
New Idea??? Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clintoon, and Barack Obama would all contest the ‘new idea’ meme!
On the flip side, What could go wrong? It ‘worked’ soooooo well for Comrade Stalin and the Soviet Union, as well as Chairman Mao and communist China?! Right?
I see brain dead people….and they don’t even know they’re brain dead….

Gail Combs

Sooner or later there are going to be more government employees (Blood suckers) that there are workers and the whole Ponsi scheme will collapse. We seem to be at that point already.
“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. ” ― Margaret Thatcher

Allan MacRae

This economic model has been tried before.
It’s called Greece.
Every few generations, you just default on your national debt and start all over again.


Not to worry. The EU is imploding as we speak, with the prospect of civil wars in the near future. All this kind of nonsense will evaporate soon as reality steps in.

Willis Eschenbach

Growlzler says:
May 14, 2012 at 5:43 pm

I suspect that even you, Willis, were once young, unsuspecting, naive and unaware of the ways of the World. …

Indeed I was, Growlzler, indeed I was, but look at the age of the folks in the photo … lots of grey hair and graybeards …

Willis Eschenbach

Dr. John M. Ware says:
May 14, 2012 at 6:09 pm

A million workers at–let’s say–$40,000 or equivalent each: that’s $40,000,000,000 (forty billion dollars) in salary alone. How many people live in the UK? Divide that $40B by the number of families that get the bill; add in the health care and other benefits and perquisites of all these million jobs; and let us know in a few years how long the UK can remain solvent.

In rough numbers, there’s about thirty million employed adults in the UK. About a third, or ten million, are already employed by the government.
SO … assuming that the jobs will cost $40,000 per year, and knowing that there are about twenty million private sector workers, that means each private sector worker will have to pay about $2,000 in taxes to support the permanent unionized government windmill builders.
Plus their pensions, of course and various benefits, that’s gotta add maybe 20% to that, call it $2,400 in increased taxes per worker.
Of course, that million new workers will require at least a tenth of that number of bureaucrats to take care of the new million workers … so call it $2,500 in taxes annually to make this happen, from each private sector worker. $5,000 per family if both people work …
My rule of thumb is that everything takes longer and costs more … even if you take my rule of thumb into account. So we’re likely up to $3,000 per person, $6,000 per working couple.
All of this, of course, has ignored one question—who will pay for the windmills and the insulation for the homes? Oh, right, I remember now, the taxpayer. Call that another $500 per taxpayer, we’re up to $3,500 per taxpayer, $7,000 per working couple …
These folks have never learned the most basic rule of economics. There are only three ways to create wealth—mine it, grow it, or manufacture it.

Ally E.

Willis Eschenbach says:
May 14, 2012 at 6:24 pm
Growlzler says:
May 14, 2012 at 5:43 pm
I suspect that even you, Willis, were once young, unsuspecting, naive and unaware of the ways of the World. …
Indeed I was, Growlzler, indeed I was, but look at the age of the folks in the photo … lots of grey hair and graybeards …
Yeah, I noticed that, too. These are not wet behind the ears youngsters with dreams. Maybe they are actors, hired to inspire folk to “Get out there and Do”. I’m wondering about their plan, though. Nevermind their wages, who pays for the renovations? They want to fix up all the houses, right? Street by street? Even if it worked, it would take a lot of time, but of course it can’t work – I just can’t see them escaping the first street they try it in.


It’s getting so bad we really need Jesus to come back or at least aliens to land here…

Jim Clarke

The government should just give ever one a job. How cruel it is that they don’t. It should be a good paying job, too; with great benefits, like politicians get. It is only fair and humane. I don’t understand you haters out there who are making fun of this. In fact, they should just pay everyone to do nothing. It is so cruel to ask people to toil all day. And they should make every one a lot more attractive. And we should all be able to fly. That would be cool. And breath under water, and go to Mars if we want.
We woulda have all that, if it wasn’t for evil corporations.
s a r c/off


YES YES YES I love socialism, see anything is possible. Lets employ one more million public workers.. Already 54% of the UK GDP is from the public purse. Add a few more % will not hurt. We can just borrow till the cows come home. A little birdie in the sky says it is ok.

Frank K.

Dr. John M. Ware says:
May 14, 2012 at 6:09 pm
Ah, but I have a solution for the intrepid climateers!
They need to take their climate caravan to Climate Mountain, where the magic climate money trees grow. They can take carbon-neutral baskets and fill them to the brim with climate ca$h – enough for a million jobs!! They can then return to the villages and bless the common folks with sustainable government green jobs. Oh, how glorious! How green! I mean, it’s so good, I must be dreaming…let me pinch myself (ouch!)…


Steve in SC
May 14, 2012 at 6:03 pm
When the wagon is in the ditch, shoot the horses and hire more drivers.
Thanks for such a wonderful allegory! My roommates loved it also.

As sad as it is that there are people like that in control of our society, what is really sad is that about half or maybe more of all human beings seem to hold what they consider to be a more moderate version of these beliefs. Left-wing parties win elections OFTEN and even “fiscal conservative” parties are mostly self-identified as fiscal conservatives rather than objectively identifiable as such. Yes, we can blame the leftist media and the leftist education system but in the end we have to lay the blame on human nature. All of the evidence of socialism’s failures is accessible to almost all of the world but humans want power or to be aligned with power (the alpha dogs) and want to think their actions are motivated by compassion. Socialism gives the illusion of both so it is the perfect drug for the human psyche.


Europe’s manufacturers are rapidly losing ground to US rivals because of soaring energy costs and the failure of the continent’s governments to be “rational” about nuclear power and shale gas, the head of one of the world’s biggest chemicals groups has warned. In an interview with the Financial Times, Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, warned that energy costs should be ranked alongside the eurozone crisis as the most urgent problem confronting industry. –James Boxell, Financial Times, 14 May 2012

Steve Oregon

I wonder why Governor Jerry Brown didn’t think of it as a way to help California out of their little problem.
Or Greece?
Just keep hiring 1000s of government workers until everyone and everything is OK.
It’s fool proof. The government can print all the money needed for it, the workers spend it back into the economy and much of it comes back in paid taxes.
It’s spontaneous utopia.
If some of the workers were assigned to take care of my huge yard for free I’d be all for it.

OK – Here is the plan. We build factory size gyms across all UK cities each equipped with 1000 cycle machines hooked up to the national grid. A top cyclist can reach 1000 watts output so let’s assume about 200 watts for normal people. So working in 3 shifts our miillion climate change heroes can supply about 70 Megawatts of renewable energy ! They can be paid in carbon credits. This might also help cure UKs obesity problem and save the health service millions. 🙂

Before the system can really collapse, several states will default, receive big aid and loan packages at the expense of those which have not collapsed yet. Some of them may even make a short comeback, or an apparent comeback before collapsing again. It is not when there are too few rich people to fund the scheme that it fails. It’s when there are too few rich nations to bail each other out that it will finally stop. Socialism can destroy any type of wealth it can get it’s hands on so it is literally when all wealth is destroyed that this plague dies out. I’m not looking forward to that very much though.

Mike Smith

Tim Minchin says:
Economics should be mandatory in high school all the way to matriculation. How can these people be so stupid?
The folks who dreamed this up are probably graduates of the London School Economics (LSE)!


What bugs me is that there are evidently so many “progressive” libtards that actually believe that the government has an unlimited supply of money to dole out to everyone, irregardless of the state of the economy. Do they not realize that their future (like, uh, their pension) is totally dependent on the health of the economy (and the 1%)? How can so many people be so damn stuuuupid?
I feel guilty feeling happy that California will be our Greece.