Letters I get letters – show me a sign – removed

I got some email exchanges earlier today from Gordon Fulks regarding Sherri Quammen and interaction with her, which I posted, and in that comment thread she said:

Please remove from you page. I feel a little harrassed and am uncomfortable with all the information that you’ve allowed to be posted regardless if it is availabe on line.

In deference to the fact that she is unprepared to defend herself (apparently the only Internet access she has is via cell phone) I’m going to do the compassionate thing – I’ve removed that thread per her request and closed comments on the old one – however I would suggest Ms. Quammen that in the future, when you challenge me to post your letters, as you did with this one, containing thinly veiled suggestions and outright incorrect information (such as the temperature going down after 9/11 planes have no contrail effect) that you be prepared to defend yourself against factual challenges from the readers.  – Anthony

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