Friday Funny: Apparently, I've irritated the fruit fly

David “fruit fly” Suzuki goes ballistic, and advocates retracting all rights from skeptics. I’m mentioned as some sort of baddie central, but at least I don’t dress up with Santa Claus to scare the kids and ask their parents to send me money. Where’s that DDT when you need it?

From the Huffington Post:

“This public responsibility is especially important in light of the stepped-up efforts to deny the reality of climate change, or the role humans play in it. Cases in point are illustrated by the “denialgate” scandal revealed by the release of Heartland Institute documents and the revelation that Ottawa’s Carleton University hired Tom Harris, a PR man for a number of “astroturf” groups with a mechanical engineering background, to teach a course on climate change.

“There are many credible sources of information, and they aren’t blog sites run by weathermen like Anthony Watts, or industry-funded fake science organizations. One place to start is at Skeptical Science. Click on the tab that says “Arguments” for scientific responses to all the main climate change denier talking points.


Apparently, I’ve irritated the fruit fly. WUWT must be having an effect then. In truest fashion, he can’t be bothered to name the website much less link to it, but it is nice to see that I’m irritating him.

– Anthony

UPDATE: It seems all is not well in Fruit Fly land. His foundation website doesn’t even register on due to it having a traffic rank greater than 100K. Lower number is better:

And, “skeptical science” is down in the grass.

Here’s Suzuki’s traffic ranks by country (lower is better, for example, Google is #1)

And here’s mine:

Must really bite when a web site run by some “evil denier TV weatherguy” kicks your butt in your own country. WUWT actually does more than twice as well in Canada as Suzuki.

Maybe I should send him some “denier swarms” to boost traffic.


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Sean Peake



Congratulations, Anthony, for irritating David Suzuki. He’s been irritating me for decades.

He is advocating destroying the first amendment freedoms of speech and the press. How Orwellian of him.

Did you notice the backhanded compliment, you are a Weatherman not an oil company funded stooge!

Mark Bofill

Do you suppose he’s aware that John Cook is a cartoonist?
Sorry, I had to get my quota of ‘Orwellian doublespeak’ in. I guess I’ll swarm off someplace else now.


I cannot understand is how anybody who reads the information provided on and through wuwt can come out with a comment like that. Or maybe he does not?


Hahaha, very funny to read the rant of this fruit fly.
Does Dr. Drosophylus know that his own beloved leader is a RAILROAD ENGINEER?


Let’s see, “David Suzuki, Feckless Climate Change Agitator Plunges into the Soft Belly of Skepticism – Hopes to retain Hopeless Blog Position at Puffington Post”…,

jack morrow

I never get over how how grants and money affect people-and the bias in the MSM.
Keep up the good work .I seem to stay irritated too.

John from CA

“Apparently, I’ve irritated the fruit fly.”
Looks that way : )
I’m honestly perplexed, his headline has nothing do with his article which is a rant after the first 2 paragraphs.

It’s alright Anthony, you’re hitting the hammer on the nail, and besides Canadians aren’t buying David Suzuki’s epic irrational (and now) anti-freedom anti-science rants anymore. He’s an embarrassment just like Maurice Strong, their eco-zeal has gotten the better of their rational mind as they no longer consider evidence necessary nor desirable. On behalf of Canadians I apologize. Now how to get David committed?


Suzuki is a climate commissar, denying your right to speak, denying real science, denying his movement is purely political. A fruit fly guy denying that someone in thermofluids mechanical engineering may know more than he does about anything. He’s a pest.

One side of the climate debate calls for silencing of their opponents. The other side laughs at them. It’s easy to see which side is winning. 🙂


If Suzuki told me it was raining outside, I would want to verify that by looking out a window.
Dave W


He must be running another fundraising campaign for his foundation.


OT – please delete this – but the font on the frontpage of WUWT is really messed up. It has turned into some kind of unreadable capitals. (Sorry, couldnt get into Tips and Notes)

Probably time to upgrade your browser, IE6/IE7 won’t work anymore. Tried to duplicate your problem but don’t see any issues on my machine in three browsers, but they are all updated. – Anthony

Dr. Dave

So let me see if I understand this. A biologist who taught genetics is qualified to speak to the issue of AGW whereas a mechanical engineer who actually understands heat transfer is not? I remember seeing one of Suzuki’s programs maybe 20 or 30 years ago. It was about cultural differences and subtle cultural cues. It was pretty interesting and from what I remember not particularly political. But I guess that changed a long time ago. It’s obvious the AGW activist-alarmist coalition is in a state of panic.

Gleick and Sks
Dig here

Scott Covert

This proves beyond any doubt you are correct in your opinion Anthony.
I think David Suzuki just split the CO2 atom. He should have stuck to motorcycles.
He will be forever known for the discovery of Crazyium, a highly volitile element with no nucleus.


Clearly what is required is show trials, with public recantations by noted sleep-deprived skeptics involuntarily hopped up to their eyebrows on psychedelic drugs while their families are held hostage. That’d do it. Then we can call the account 30 years later as people start to come to their senses “Gulag Rotten-ice”


David Suzuki is so full of crap. I would consider it a badge of honour to be on his sh*t list.

doug s

Apparently Big Oil is even paying people to visit realist (formerly referred to as skeptic) sites, because obviously no one would go there or find it credible on their own…

Good onya. You have Stirred the Ire of our champion Weeper. Donna L. has Kindled it. Suzuki needs to just retire and be quiet. He’s the archetypical Taxpayer-trough guru-from-another-era used to the adulation and deference afforded the mavens of the Canadian Broadcorping Castration. No more.


Unlike certain professions, weathermen need to be reasonably correct a large portion of the time.

The is the typical left-wing strategy of “shut up”. If they can not get you to keep your views to yourself though such measures as making your viewpoint seem less popular than it really is, then they will attempt to use other means, even legal means, to silence you.
Andrew Klavan produced this video that demonstrates how it works in political speech:

It works the same with any viewpoint that challenges a leftist meme.

Iggy Slanter

Great news to see that you are doing better and better. Always remember the USAF bumper sticker:
“If you are not taking flak, you are not over the target.”

Gary Pearse

“…Tom Harris,…. with a mechanical engineering background, to teach a course on climate change.”
And so we should be listening to a geneticist on the subject? I think a mechanical engineer is on the right spot to teaching about a heat engine. By the way, I see the Arctic ice extent/area has risen to within 1 sigma of the long term average – go to “Sea Ice” resource on WUWT header. Variability is sure nipping nipping away at the “feedback margin”.


Who is David Suzuki?

Eyes Wide Open

David Suzuki – The perfect eco-fascist!!


I can’t think of a group of people more deserving of being irritated than Suzuki, Gore, Mann, Hanson, et al.

Nothing in Suzuki’s blog supports restricting free speech. Protesting someone pretending to be an expert on something they are not an authority on isn’t supressing free speech, it’s protest. That’s free speech. Meanwhile some poor islanders in the south Pacific are buying land in Fiji so they have somewhere to live when their island is overrun by rising sea levels. They’ll take great comfort knowing some weatherman out of his depth tells them it’s not happening
REPLY: LOL ROFL! But we should listen to a geneticist (Suzuki) and a cartoonist (Cook) as experts on climate?
Hey read the title of his post:

Deny Deniers their Right to Deny!

What part of that don’t you get? Take away the right to deny, gosh you’re the one in denial there Grant.
BTW is not a valid email address, it takes one to comment here per site policy, you’ll need one to respond. – Anthony

Thanks for posting that Andrew Klavan video. Perfect.

Gleick and now Suzuki. Don’t you get the feeling there’s an air of desperation emanating from the warmists?


Wow. That guy is off the deep end. Listing SS as a source of reliable info? That’s like pointing to Meryl Streep as a reliable source for pesticide info.
And this bit:
Energy is at the heart of modern society’s needs, but when the source is finite, it seems foolish to be hell-bent on using it up in a few generations, leaving the problems of depletion and pollution to our children and grandchildren. The longer we delay implementing solutions to our energy challenges the more costly and difficult it will be when we have to face the inevitable.
Really? We have at least a couple of hundred years worth of fossil carbon energy on tap. Why would we turn our back on that and impose artificial hardships on our societies now? That would harm us as well as handicap future generations, by denying them the benefit of building on our progress . The longer we are able to use that fossil carbon to delay the onset of whatever energy challenges Suziki thinks are hiding under the bed, the less costly and easier it will be when they (we wont be around) face those challenges.
Think about it – two hundred years of delay. Think about the world 200 years ago. Name a serious problem we are facing today that could have been dealt with more easily and less costly when limted to the manpower, technology and resources available in 1812? It’s pretty damn tough to save the planet by the light of a whale oil lamp.


Welcome, fruit flies!

Adam Gallon

I prefer a Suzuki GSX1100R, myself!


Wow. That’s some blog post. Starts out on the wrong foot with the “Appeal to Authority” logical fallacy and proceeds to the bizarre. Almost sounds like it was written in a parallel universe where most of that might actually be true but incorrectly published in this universe where little or none of it is true.

Some time, when I have a whole lot of time that needs wasting, I need to see if there are two (or more) “David Suzukis”.
I am very sure I used to have a lot of respect for one, but my failing memory does not say why.

David Suzuki talks like an used car salesman.He does it because he is TERRIFIED of open debate on their cherished propaganda.
He used the nasty word Denier over and over in the last few years.He advocates abolishing free speech on his opponents but allows his side to still have it and he is a hypocritical jerk.His diesel guzzling bus tours to promote their never debated propaganda is a classic example of abject hypocrisy.
Notice that he pushed two incredibly bad books written by Oreskes and Littlemore as if they were rationally authored books.It only exposes him as a intellectual midget since they are pure propagandist garbage.They attack …. free speech and make smears against those who are not convinced of the long debunked AGW conjecture.They are stupid too because a simple read of these crappy ideological propaganda writings is like reading brainwashing literature.
It is clear that this Canadian embarrassment will never be rational or decent on science matters.Propaganda and smears is what he runs on.Thus he is going to be easily exposed as the warmist goofball he is.
I despise the man for what he is and what he represents.


“There are many credible sources of information, and they aren’t blog sites run by weathermen like Anthony Watts, or industry-funded fake science organizations.”
— David Suzuki
“Orators are most vehement when their cause is weak.”
— Cicero
“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”
— Socrates
Enough said.

Chris B

Ezra Levant exposes drysophilla rex……..


i have long lost any respect for this guy!

Robert M

Scarface says: March 9, 2012 at 1:31 pm
Hahaha, very funny to read the rant of this fruit fly.
Does Dr. Drosophylus know that his own beloved leader is a RAILROAD ENGINEER?
Yes, but the beloved leader is published. Well that is if you count fluffy romance novels…


Try to piss off Bill Nye next. I’d love to see him turn all red and see his veins bulge. I put him and Suzuki in the same category.

Gerald Machnee

The responses you get on his site are a joke – they just recycle the worn out phrases from IPCC.

Bryan A

I would say that it is probably time for David Suzuki to go Elf Himself but it appears that he already did


For 2009 and 2010, 10 environmental organizations reported more than half a million in foreign funds. These were the David Suzuki Foundation ($1.2-million)…

David Suzuki is a man who is known to lie,insult and like the chicken he really is NEVER debates a skeptic.
David Suzuki insults, but won’t debate
This is a despicable man.

Al Gored

To fully appreciate Suzuki, one needs only look at his childhood – in a World War two internment camp for Japanese people. That left a massive angry chip on his shoulder which is most evident when you meet him in person and discover he swears like a drunken sailor (when not describing people as maggots etc.). He’s a sociopath, and a dangerous one, who just happened to have found the means to his ends in the ‘environmental’ movement.
Thus his eagerness to send ‘deniers’ to jail, as he once suggested, or to silence critics like now, is entirely predictable. So are all his lies. When you give somebody a soapbox like he has, it just goes to his swollen head… which could easily blow up with a little more tickling. So tickle away!