Climate Churnalism's New Clothes

Josh is finding the FakeGate to be a target rich environment. The UK press is quite culpable in lapsed journalistic standards it seems, especially The Guardian.

28 thoughts on “Climate Churnalism's New Clothes

  1. The Guardian. has made it clear a number of times , there fully and blindly committed to ‘the cause ‘ no evidenced , no fact , no research will make them change their mind and they will never admit their wrong .

  2. I think the BBC’s Richard Black deserves a cameo somewhere in there, for his almost orgasmic glee in reporting the FakeGate story in such an ‘unbiased’ way on his blog. If only he’d shown the restraint he did when choosing not to report to any great extent on the Climategate incidents, he might not have looked even more stupid than he usually does when reporting on what turned out to be a fake document as the truth.
    Starngely enough, said blogs seems to be quite difficult to find on the Beeb site now.

  3. John Bowness says:
    February 21, 2012 at 2:09 pm
    I’d agree – except that, to paraphrase AA Milne, Black is really ‘a person of very little brain’ and deserves not one jot of recognition. Sub-journos such as Black thrive on their negative effect, and crave attention. Take away the attention, and they have nothing left!

  4. Richard Black’s blog on the BBC is easy to find. He has been strangely quiet on the latest developments. He was quick to defend an anonymous leaker, and attack the Heartland Institute based on fake and other unsubstantiated documents. Now that his reports have been proven to be wildly inaccurate or malicious even, he has not issued a correction or apology.
    The BBC should sack him.

  5. Trash newspaper and a trash broadcaster.
    The bbc lost any semblance of impatiality it might ever have had quite some time ago.
    With a little luck itll be disbanded and broken up and sold for scrap to much applause from a grateful and weary public.

  6. There are none so foolish as those who do not realise they are fools. Unfortunately these fools cannot bring themselves to admit they have been fooled and thus they continue in their foolishness. It takes character to admit a wrong and these folk and their heroes in the climate scam lack character. They are past redemption so none here should waste time trying. It is the huge audience of the uncommitted, uneducated (in climate matters) but voters never-the-less who are and continue to be the target of our efforts. Have them elect realists and the problem will largely be corrected.

  7. One must NOT use the words “journalistic standards” and “The Guardian” on the same sentence! When are you going to learn?

  8. I stopped buying the Guardian over a decade ago. John Bowness is correct, they are intransigent. They cater to a market of believers and are frightened of losing even more sales. Ironically, their self confidence may have been excessively boosted by the recent travails of the Murdoch press caused by journalists obtaining information illegally.
    Apart from advertising sales on the US website, the BBC’s income seems more assured in the short term. Richard Black at the BBC appears to think he is untouchable, even though he fulfils neither the criteria of a scientist nor a journalist. His bias is becoming more obvious than ever. The newly appointed science editor with a BA in Geography does not appear the person for the unpleasant task that now needs to be done. Before writing a formal complaint, I am waiting to see what further explanations, if any, he gives for his role in this latest embarrassment.

  9. A good analysis of the Guardian’s position here:
    “But when a climate change alarmist scientist, someone who says the things the Guardian says and like to hear and shares the same leftist worldview, admits he impersonated another person to obtain confidential documents and release them – a criminal act in the UK – the Guardian unbelievably describes it as a ‘leak’. That is how the Guardian is portraying the theft of documents from the Heartland Institute…”

  10. jim says:
    February 21, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    I want the t-shirt. Awesome.

    Me too, except I want it printed on the back of a pair of summer shorts so I can sit on them all the time. (Hey, that’s where they belong.)

  11. The Guardian has no morals. If it is about CAGW they print it.
    They were called The Grauniad because of their typos.

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