Need a little help with station verification

I need a little help with verification of a weather station location, and some onsite photos, so I’m putting out the call here.

Any readers in the Richmond or Charlottesville area of Virginia (and also in Bath County) that could help with getting some on-site photos? All that is needed is a basic digital camera and the ability to follow some simple directions.

Drop a line below if you can help. – Anthony

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  1. Anthony,
    I live in Richmond and may be able to help. I don’t have a hi quality SLR camera but do have some less expensive cameras that take pretty good pictures.

  2. I, too, live near Richmond, and have been wondering about the location of the RIC station, if there is one. I hope one of you can take the pictures and show us–the airport is consistently high in temperature compared to here, 12 miles or so away, and predictions from the Weather Service (and, of course, the Weather Channel) also exceed what we get most of the time. Today the predicted high is 57 or 59, depending on whom you ask; it is now after 2 p.m. and our high so far has been 50 or so.

  3. If you ever need anything from north of there, say Stafford, VA to Woodbridge, just let me know as I’m right in between at Quantico.

  4. Anthony, as you know, I don’t live near Richmond but I’ve been recording the temps posted for Midway, O’Hare, and Palwaukee airports for several years (using your Predator program) along with those from my own LaCross weather stations. I’m amazed at the lackadaisical attitude the employees at both the Midway and Palwaukee display in the sense their postings are generally made anywhere between 20-50 minutes late, but carry the correct time stamp. And by the way, I can tell almost exactly where the data collection points are located at each airport by eyeballing the reported temperature and the wind direction. A perfect example of the UHI effect at airports.
    One final point: the Storm Predator program erroneously lists KMDW as the data point for O’Hare (60666) instead of KORD.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Anthony, I live about 80 miles east-north-east of Richmond. I would be happy to try to find the site even if it is on the other side of Richmond.

  6. May I suggest a flash mob involving all who want too get involved at said station, pack a few beers and party at nearest venue, but after checking the thing out and geeting a good photo for the website !

  7. Anthony,
    Virginia offers a community program, with ‘Passport’ and airport locations.
    For example, at a dirt airstrip, near Beaverdam, in Hanover county, there is what appears to be a weather recording/reporting device. Maybe someone else knows about this tourism project focusing on visits to air ‘ports.’ Directions, contact persons, navigation aids: all described well.
    O/T Dr. Hudnall Ware delivered me, and most of my siblings, in Richmond, seven decades, ago. MCV has changed,
    J Moore

  8. Anthony,
    Your call for assistance may have no airport connection; regardless, I trust I can help.
    re air facilities in Virginia: provides detailed information on airports
    I joined Virginia Aviation Ambassadors Program, and visited many facilities, before climate became a personal concern. This program and others like it in other states may be a quick and reliable connection for meteorological inquiries.

  9. My daughter and her husband (both scientists, but incredibly busy) live in Powhatan, west of Richmond. She says,

    Depends on where the station is…. he didn’t say. If it’s a few minutes away, I might get his pictures for him. If it’s an hour… probably not, unless it happens to be near something else we are interested in doing.

    /Mr Lynn

  10. Was in Mann-ville, I mean Charlottesville, for years – before he left for Mann State. Still in Virginia. I would love to help out but couldn’t possibly for at least two weeks. It sounds like you have lots of volunteers. If you can’t work something out with one of them in the next couple of weeks let me know. I’d love to help.

  11. I drive to C’ville almost daily. We live right in the middle of Buckingham County – nearest town is Dillwyn – close enough to be useful?

  12. I am in Richmond in the middle of the city and will be traveling to Charlottesville on Monday. Please let me know if I can help.

  13. I’m sending a joint email with details to all who have volunteered – please check your email today (Saturday)

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