Row to the Pole photo caption contest

The image below is from the Whisky powered  Row to The Pole publicity stunt.

It needs a caption. I’m sure WUWT readers will be able to provide several.

My caption suggestion is below. Winner gets 1000 carbon credits in a frameable certificate, redeemable someplace, but not here.




444 thoughts on “Row to the Pole photo caption contest

  1. “Thank goodness for global warming. Remember when we used to have to wear heavy parkas when we did this work?”

  2. “I knew it was going to be bad if Republicans won the election, but I wasn’t expecting all climate scientists to be exiled to Siberia to do hard labor.”

  3. Keep digging, that box of Mann UVA emails they purged from the mail server is frozen in this ‘berg, I just know it!

  4. “Once this is completely broken up, we’ll be able to blame the loss of Arctic ice on Obama.”

  5. “At least in real real prison ya get three squares a day and they only have to break big rocks into small ones … ”


  6. “Look, I don’t know why either. But I don’t ask why. Like any good WUWT reader, I just do what Anthony tells me to do.”

  7. “As summer in the Arctic ends, and the ice begins to increase, the two intrepid explorers decide to make an igloo and hole up for the next 6 months, ready to continue their brave search for the North Pole next melt season.”

  8. Guy on left says: I’m tellin’ you, the recipe calls for shaved ice, not crushed!”
    “Hurry up and finish him off! They’re flying over for the count in 10 minutes.”

  9. The Tragedy of Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption threatens the very existance of many animal species, including the Polar Bear, the Penguin, and the Yellow Suited Boobie. Give generously to the Rajendra and Saroj Pachauri Foundation, and help keep the ice from thinning to the point where Penguins overheat, Polar Bears swim to exhaustion, and the Boobies succeed in smashing the support from beneath their feet and drown.
    Act now, before its too late! The first seventy five thousand pledges of $5 or more will receive 500,000 credits from the Chicago Climate Exchange (a $19.95 value!) and 100 free copies of the sizzling page turner Return to Almora.

  10. Dude, just put it down, nothing you can do with that thing that will keep us from looking like phreaking idiots

  11. Looks like Boudreaux and Thibodeaux done got dem selves a new job moving dat big pak ice around in da big pond!

  12. Sorry, no caption, but the scene reminded me of the episode of Fawlty Towers where Basil, frustrated that his car will not start, admonishes it and attacks it with a tree branch:
    It’s analogous to the ice not having melted as required, so the AGW believer is taking matters into his own hands.

  13. “Mike’s efforts to build a giant wedding cake out of the ice failed to impress the watching Susan.”

  14. “You’re chopping up the oars to start a fire because you’re too cold ??!!!… that will just make more global warming and you’ll cause even more cold !!! Please stop now and follow proper warming logic then we will all be saved…!!!…??? By the way… any there any more oars?”

  15. You said to “Hide the decline!” Well, dag nabit, that’s exactly what I am doing, hiding it!

  16. Note for WUWT: Playing on words without being terse, here’s an attempt, for better or verse…
    Despite magnetic personalities bar none, the publicity stunters’ had a row and went whacky over the polar plan their crew cuts short.

  17. Or more simply put….
    Bewildered rowers thought they found the pole, only to discover it was an optical Aleutian.

  18. “Damn Pole has to be here somewhere.”
    “There’s gotta be an easier way to get Scotch on the rocks.”
    ” ‘We won’t need an icebreaker’, you said. ‘No, the Arctic all melted’. @ssh0le”
    “Chip faster! The photographer is waiting for a clear shot of the ice-free water.”

  19. We dedicate this excavation to the construction of the next “Mann’s Refrigerators for Eskimos Emporium” franchise.

  20. “If I had a hammer, I’d get hammered in the morning…
    I’d get hammered in the evening,
    and blame it on the tea party.”

  21. The news accompanying the photo….
    After their boat having been destroyed, the enterprising explorers carved out a boat from a large chunk of floating ice and navigated it to nearest land 300 miles away,
    The caption…
    “Because you’re the one who fell asleep with a lit cigarette”

  22. Are you sure about that club selection, spud? This is looks like more of a four iron shot to me.

  23. Yeah, yeah, yeah … I know the plan says to row directly north. We “could” just go AROUND this bloody iceberg instead of chopping through the thing ……. But Nooooo, “you” wanted to go straight north ….

  24. Note for WUWT: Playing on words without being terse, here’s an attempt, for better or verse…
    Despite magnetic personalities bar none, the publicity stunters had a row and went whacky over a polar plan their crew cuts short.
    (opps – earlier entry edited for typos)

  25. Ben says:
    August 23, 2011 at 8:37 pm (Edit)

    Or more simply put….
    Bewildered rowers thought they found the pole, only to discover it was an optical Aleutian.
    Rowers dig a hole in the ice so the north magnetic pole can poke through …

  26. 5 million sq km……..4.99999999 sq km……….4.999999998 sq km…… Hey Bob! how long have I got?

  27. “Research proves Eskimo ice breakers carbon footprint much smaller than hydrocarbon powered ice breakers! With government subsidies, the Northwest passage could be the next job boon for unemployed Americans.”

  28. “I don’t care what the map says, there’s no way the Aztecs came all the way out here to bury their gold.”

  29. Drive that pole good and deep, John Henry.

  30. July 4, 2100
    With the Eddy Minimum in full swing, the lead pair at the Chicago Summer Golf Classic again made it to the third hole before being chased off by polar bears.

  31. Are you stupid? OF COURSE we’ll photoshop the pickaxe out of the pic as well as ourselves.

  32. That’s exactly the right pose I think. Snap the shot already, we’ll photoshop the iceberg in later.

  33. I love reading all these captions, but my favorite so far is from Poptech:
    “EPA Approved Ice Breaker.”
    Thanks for the belly laugh!

  34. Take the d@&(^!! pic already! It’s over 90 degrees in the studio AND we’re in these f$^%&ing parcas, we’ll die of freakin’ heat exhaustion, we’ll photoshop the d^%$% iceberg in later.

  35. All right, whose the moron who photoshopped this thing? You put me holding the pickaxe backwards!

  36. “Damn you ice! stop mocking my model!!!!!” <-man with axe
    "So we're getting paid for this, right?? <-man with WTF stance

  37. OF COURSE the pickaxe has to be the right way, that’s why the photoshop guy is reversing it!
    NO! You can leave DATA reversed, it doesn’t work for pickaxes!
    What do you mean why?

  38. OF COURSE the pickaxe has to be the right way, that’s why the photoshop guy is reversing it!
    NO! You can’T leave DATA reversed, it doesn’t work for pickaxes!
    What do you mean why?
    had to fix type. Can’t instead of can. Or was it the other way around? How do the tree rings work again?

  39. “Found you, Doctor Trotsky! And you thought your climate denial could escape the long arm of the TEAM!”

  40. Uhh, Beavis? I don’t think this is the real magnetic pole. I think someone buried a B-52 nose-down here.
    — Ed

  41. Santa has got to be here some where…!!!! its not like Mann and his hokey schtick… Santa’s REAL! REAL I SAY!

  42. Mick says:
    “Time Warp: ‘It’s a jump to the left…. ‘
    You bring back fond memories: click
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show started the carreers of actors like Meatloaf and Susan Sarandon.
    And while I’m linking, here’s a great enviro parody:

  43. “Sitting on a cornflake,
    Waiting for the van to come . . . . .
    . . . . . I am the eggman, Oh they are the eggmen
    I AM THE WALRUS, Goo Goo G’joob.”

  44. “Damn banjos! They’re EVERYWHERE!!!”
    “No, No, Larry! Use a wedge and you can make par!!”

  45. Perhaps it was a bad idea after all to eat the canned food left by the Franklin Expedition, …..

  46. Michael (with axe) to Phil:
    “What am I doing? I’m getting ready for when I leave Penn State for the State pen.”

  47. I could sure use those 1000 carbon credits right now! I need to make a fire to warm my butt without making the ice melt any faster.

  48. “This damn ice is not going to stop us from proving there’s no more ice up here! Damn this ice!”

  49. We’re looking for a “pole” right? Does it stick above the surface, or do I have to dig through the ice!

  50. The photo was actually taken at the back of the Ithaca Ice-Works in Aberdeen Scotland. I worked there once.

  51. “Sustainable jobs. EPA approved.”
    “After we get it broken loose, we haul it to Los Angeles. With the drought they’re having, we can sell it to them for a fortune. They’ll melt it down and drink the water. “

  52. “Ok already, I’ll cut, you choose. Once we split up, maybe the tired Polar Bears won’t get us both.”
    “Right, Dr. Monnett, especially because they’re the ones ‘endangered’, not us!”

  53. “Must be a private enterprise. There’s not nearly enough supervisors and inspectors and quality control and environmental experts and archaeologists standing around for this to be a public works project.”

  54. You young’ns get the twerp on the left. Mama will take the one on the right. On 3. One, two, three – GO!

  55. Spread it out a bit they said – to stop 15% extent going below 2007. Wouldn’t hacking the satellite be easier?

  56. We don’t have any details about the accident yet, but it seems the Captain was lost, and
    the cameraman received a broken arm.

  57. “Hey man, like I said, this much ice ain’t all bad!
    At least we won’t have to crap in a bag on that damn canoe anymore!”

  58. It was your turn to tie-up the boat, but nooo you couldn’t be bothered. So you are going to keep chopping until that dugout ice canoe is finished.

  59. * Al Gore: “Darn you all! Must I do everything MYSELF?! I said NO ICE !!!”
    * First photos smuggled in from punishment camp for the Skeptics in the Arctic.

  60. I can see the magnetic North Pole under the ice – let’s dig it out. (Who said it moved? Well dig it out and bring it home.)

  61. Maybe they were digging a channel to help the Alfred Wegener Institute’s Ice Breaker to reach the real Magnetic North Pole

  62. “I told you we wouldn’t make it,
    I told you there would be ice,
    we’re not even going to the real damn pole,
    But you guys listen to me?

  63. “Stock photo description
    Some Rowers To The North Pole managed to get on one of the last ice floes floating in the Arctic sea. Due to global warming the natural environment of Rowers To The North Pole in the Arctic has changed a lot. The Arctic sea has much less ice than it had some years ago. (This images is a photoshop design. Rowers To The North Pole, ice floe, ocean and sky are real, they were just not together in the way they are now).”
    Tee hee.

  64. Two seals walk into a club..
    Well not as bad about the joke of several people trying to row to the Northpole, and lost their bearings.

  65. “Oh, I’ve been working on the railroad…”
    “Help me…I’m melting!”
    “You fool! That’s not an ice axe, that is a hockey stick!”
    “Where’s the decline, I know it is here somewhere…”
    “I swear, this is where I stashed the whiskey last time!”

  66. Hands in pockets: Don’t you think you’re taking this all a tad too personally?
    Pickaxe: I’ll give em bloody ice melt and global warming if it damn well kills me!

  67. Pickax guy: How could you forget Jock’s socks? That’s why we came out to this berg!
    Assistant: No way was I gonna touch those skanky things! ‘sides, I think the EPA is watching.

  68. “Ohhh! C’mon! Hurry! I thought you only had to bury it when you’re camping! Anyway, who’s watching?”
    Hey, well somebody had to say it. Well, ok, maybe not. Sorry. It was too late to back out posting this since I’d already clicked “Post Comment”.

  69. Bloke on left: Get sponsorship, you said. Paddle to the far north, you said. Prove the ice is melting, you said. I’ll show you this great pole dancing club, you said…

  70. French Alps skiing holiday at Chamonix Mont-Blanc…….$8,300
    Italian Riviera respite at Cinque Terre………………………. $12,500
    Row to the Pole……………………………………………………….Priceless!

  71. “NEVER *bam* EVER *bam* SUGGEST *bam* AN EXPEDITION *bam* LIKE THIS *bam* TO ME *bam* AGAIN! *bam*” …. “Oh haha! You won’t. Right, let’s get off this ice before someone captures this on film… wibble!”

  72. “Keep chopping. The contract with our sponsor says we have to have the Arctic Ocean free of ice by Saturday for the foto-ops – or else!”

  73. Artist rendering of neanderthal naval battle.
    (submission #2, sorry…this is too much fun!)

  74. Vandals destroy last remaining iceberg in the name of vanity while singing row, row, row your boat gently up the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream!

  75. I said whiskey with ice, you dumbkoof. Not ice with whiskey!
    Yeh, I know! I did say I liked my whiskey chilled! Now I gotta try and find it !

  76. I’m thinking of one of those motivational posters, with the tag:
    You know less than you think.
    (Not my original phrase)

  77. 2015 – As all IPCC computer models predicted, the equatorial ice is growing faster than we thought! NASA’s James Hansen warns that anthropogenic global warming may result in a return of ‘Snowball Earth’.

  78. Kevin Cave says:
    August 23, 2011 at 7:54 pm
    “I’m sure the North Pole is in here somewhere…”
    You get my vote Kevin!

  79. “Keep digging. I’m sure the North Pole’s here somewhere – Joe Romm insisted it was easy to find”

  80. The reason for Williams’ sacking by Tiger becomes clear: his course navigation just ain’t what it used to be. Calling the balls out of play would’ve saved a lot of bother.

  81. Their compasses in disagreement, our two intrepid explorers decidided to go their separate ways..

  82. *whack* Obviously * smack* completely *bam* rotten *wham* ice *whack*, don’t just stand there give me a hand, Burt! You promised we would be there by now.

  83. “The BBC is paying for next year’s expedition. So I say we search for the magnetic pole in Bali!”
    “Looks like you blew a seal…” Oh, wait. Different joke.
    [Rational Debate, thanx for the scary screed by Mr. Neo-Malthus!]

  84. “Despite the ravages of the environment they naturally call home, the baby ice through care and zeal, struggle year after year to survive for another season.
    But this season they encounter a new and unspeakable menace. Seemingly headed for a place that no longer exists and never seen in these parts before, the savage threat happens by chance upon the huddled baby ice pod.
    With a foreign scent about them, the invaders set upon the vulnerable victims with primitive implements. Too exhausted from the pounding of the sun to make an escape, the weakened baby ice can only look up, surrendering to their fate, as the icer’s axe sets ferociously sets upon them.
    The water of life has been taken, and the baby ice are violently sent to that frozen Elysium where no man has ever ventured.”
    H/T to jeez.

  85. Jones: “Bury all our records Mann. Nobody can know the Masters of the Universes plans but us.”
    Mann: “Hiding things is fun!”

  86. Jones: “Bury all our records Mann. Nobody can know what we masters of the universe plan but us.”
    Mann: “Hiding things is fun!”

  87. “Gees, I luv watching you work, James”
    “Thank you, Michael, feel free to help me with this, any time”

  88. Just make sure the lump sizes are right, we can get a fortune per pound from the idiots that think this is the last ice ever from the north pole.

  89. southparkesqe..
    I’m telling you man that this is narnia
    Shut up Cartman
    Just look Kyle, what other explanation could there be, it’s just like the film, snow and everthing, although I cant see the north lamp pole.
    Cartman start digging or start walking
    No way man, you got us into this mess
    did not
    It was you, dumbass, who had the compass upside down the whole time
    Well maybe if I didn’t have to constantly stop your hampers and crap from falling out of the boat I could have concentrated better, I mean, who the heck plans a picnic for the northpole when there is supposed to be no ice there.
    Yes but there is ice here, I knew there would be. Do you think the witch is comming soon.
    Kyle you have no sense of occasion, I’m going to set up the camera…

  90. “OK Anthony, they’ve got the picture. That ought’a get our gullible readers excited…”

  91. Jones: “Listen big block of ice. I don’t like you, and you don’t like me. It’s not that we’re so different you and I. It’s just that we’re natural enemies, like Mann and statistics.”
    Mann: “Umm, I’m right here you know.”

  92. First idiot:- “But you’re not supposed to put ice on a single malt, it spoils the flavour, use room temperature water”
    Second idiot:- “But we only have cold salt water”
    First idiot:- “Pass the ice”

  93. The natural innocence of an Arctic melt rendered a gorgeous glacious icesheet, merrily adrift down the Bering Strait amidst the beautiful contours of deep oceanic blue. It was sudden, a climatologist appeared. They knew nobody would ever know of the horrific attack, they covered their tracks. Shards of ice flew in a flurry of furious blows. Whilst another climatologist just watched, then smirked.

  94. September 15th 2050. We have finally found their boat. Their bodies look perfectly well preserved after 39 years trapped in the ice.

  95. Anthony, darn it, I’ve been trying to insert an Obama Stimulus road sign into the nearer lefthand ice flow… you know, the signs we wasted, er, spent millions of dollars on advertising the obvious roadwork to the very tax payers payin’ for both the roadwork and signs:
    Putting America to Work
    Project Funded by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

    For an example see:
    I could do it in 2 secs if I had access to photoshop but don’t on this computer and for some reason the version I did on msword won’t display properly on google docs.

  96. p.s., for anyone who didn’t get “There must be a pony in there somewhere!” Well, there are different versions of this old joke that captures the spirit of optimism, and President Reagan liked to tell one version, but basically it goes along the lines of:
    One day a mother takes her son to a psychiatrist to see what could be done about the boy’s extreme personality. It seemed that boy was too optimistic for his own good. So the psychiatrist led the boy into a room full of manure. The boy’s face lit up and he immediately began digging through the manure, happy as can be. Shocked, the psychiatrist asked what the boy was doing. The boy looked up from his digging and replied: “With all this manure, there must be a pony in there somewhere!”

  97. OT (really!) It looks like they might make it. says
    We are on the very edge of success, but there is still a lot to overcome. What we have achieved is incredible, 450 miles of Arctic rowing over 25 days. Now at Thor Island we are once again playing the waiting game. As expected there is moderate ice cover around Dome Bay a mile off our landfall at Thor. North of this, Noice Peninsular is the last headland between us and the finish. There is a small ice lead a mile off Noice Peninsular. This fracture in the pack ice stretches for miles parallel to the coast. The difficulty is that ice leads are vulnerable to change rapidly with prevailing winds. We are now entering a period of strong easterly winds which should blow the ice away from the shore, allowing a two day dash forward to the Pole. If the ice does not move, then we might have to risk navigating the ice lead. Tonight we are to relay ice cover observations back to our ice expert, Kim. Hopefully by combining on-the-ground observations with the latest sat imagery we’ll get an accurate picture of ice movement and ultimately when best to make our move!

  98. I think this comment at the “message the crew” page sums it up.
    How come there is so much ice there in the summer?

  99. CAGW belief is threating the extinction of Homo Sapiens Stupidus. Sadly, this pair of publicity seeking activists are now eligable for a “Darwin Award”

  100. “Don’t look now Dr. Monnett but they have us on TV cracking that bear’s skull……”

  101. Iced last night, and iced the night before
    Going to be iced tonight if we never get iced anymore
    When we’re iced, we’re stuck as we can be
    Apparently the arctic will never be ice free.

  102. “No, no we don’t need keyless entry, it’s a waste of money. Jacka@@.”
    “Union labor laws finally take hold in the arctic.”

  103. Look, my friends at Greenpeace taught me this. If I pretend to be killing a baby seal, someone will show up to film us and we will be rescued.

  104. A: “Digging holes for yourself is what climate science is all about.”
    B: “But it was supposed to be ice free!?”
    A: “No debate please, keep digging!”

  105. lyrics:
    “Someone’s in the Arctic with Michael,
    Someone’s in the Arctic I know oh oh oh,
    Someone’s in the Arctic with Michael,
    Chipping at the old ice flow.”

  106. Gosh – all the good lines are taken, but I was going to submit something similar to Ian Middleton:
    “Science News Exclusive! NSIDC employees were discovered trying to artificially create an “Ice Free” north pole. A call inquiring about this incident to the NSIDC headquarters in Boulder, CO was not immediately returned. Federal Wildlife officials are investigating to see if any polar bears were harmed during this incident…”

  107. Austerity: Instead of 3 union workers watching one union worker work, only 1 union worker now gets to watch another union worker work.

  108. ” Mr Serraze said he wanted all the big bits broken up or no more just don’t stand there”

  109. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
    Got to make your troubles go
    Well, you keep on singing all day long
    Heigh-ho, heigh-ho !

  110. ‘I am saving on toilet paper ‘ Stop using toilet paper and save the environment!
    (Can you believe this bimbo?)
    refer Sunny TV 2 LOL ‘Doesn’t use toilet paper, yuck!’

  111. Rowing to the pole warms you twice.
    Once when you row
    The second time when you have to get out of your boat and play icebreaker.

  112. “But, Dr. Pachauri, I thought the Warming Models said we could just blow on it!”
    “Huh, that was only to get us to our justly deserved lifestyle. Are you sure you even blew yours up?”

  113. Hey, I just got a text message on my Android from our Google Maps buddies. They have agreed to relocate the north pole just 10 feet from here. We’ll be home before this ice gets any thicker.

  114. “Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port,
    aboard this tiny ship.”
    “I’ve warned you what would happen if you sing that blasted song one more time . . .”

  115. PJB ‘YOU”RE the one who wanted the divorce….”
    Dave Springer ‘It’s DEAD Jim, Let it go….’
    So funny. I can’t choose between you and Kim. Always positions to take. Anthony will NOT find this easy.

  116. “Okay, I get it Professor. But don’t you think this is an extreme way to demonstrate the concept of bouyancy?”

  117. After breaking the ice on their first date, Brad discovers that Janet prefers whisky neat at room temperature.
    After breaking the ice on their first date, Brad is frozen out by Janet.
    After breaking the ice on their first date, Brad discovers that Janet hates camping.

  118. “Jock, this is BS. Watts is gonna post this and laught at us!”
    “Who can get us some publicity if not him, Billy? Shut up and dig.”

  119. No, I’m serious, 97% of “climate scientists” believe that a world wide increase of the global average temperature from 291.12 K to an increase to 291.82K is going to permanently melt all the snow caps, glaciers, and polar ice, and not just in the summer time, but also in the 6 month long sunless polar winters.

  120. Smokey says on August 23, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    And while I’m linking, here’s a great enviro parody:

    Great one Smokey; like Victoria Jackson (in SNL persona) on the Internet!

  121. Increased Cooling Due To Global Warming, Combined With Increased CO2 Levels, Has Resulted In Large Amounts Of Free-Floating Dry-Ice In The Arctic.
    East Anglia Scientists Hard At Work Investigating This Latest Threat To Polar Bears.

  122. Left guy: “we have to hide the decline, break that ice faster!”
    Right guy: “stupid scientists, why oh why didn’t they do their homework? and if they’re not going to admit their mistake, THEY should come up here and do this!”

  123. “Do you mind? If we are lucky enough, this berg just might get us where we want to go!”

  124. “Only 2 things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the first” Usually attributed to Einstein

  125. Smokey says:
    August 24, 2011 at 2:27 am
    “Looks like you blew a seal…” Oh, wait. Different joke.”
    And a very, very funny one at that!

  126. Okay. Now we can tell them the temperature sensor was indeed broken, and they’ll have to use the two closest sensors to estimate from now on. That’ll easily get us an extra 2/10ths of a degree.

  127. Trenbreth (with pick) “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.”

  128. We’ve got to kill all these bastard aliens. They’re going to eat us. I think one already ate the representitive of BEER. Gotta get him out!

  129. Man with pick axe: ” ‘Let’s row to pole’ he says. ‘It’ll be easy and ice free’ he says. ‘Free whiskey and you’ll be famous.’ ”
    Second guy: “Well, you will be famous.”
    Man with pick axe: “Look over there, a polar bear!”
    Second guy: “Where?!”

  130. You’re taking me to literally when I said “burry me in ice and call me Al Gore if you can get the ET thing trough peer review.”

  131. “At long last, the CAGW people learn how to walk on water.”
    “All this work, and it doesn’t look like we’ll even get the tee shirt”
    “And we’re doing this, why?”

  132. Dr. Mark Sereze (l), Director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, watches as a research assistant puts the finishing touches on the newest AMSR-E data product Version 3 (V003) processing and algorithm data project. This version, set to be released shortly, is expected to indicate that the 2011 Arctic ice area continues to be in a death spiral, and is the lowest ever. However, as a result of the pinpoint alterations involved during complex process development as shown in the photo above, ice extent is likely to increase.

  133. Promontory Point, Utah, May 10, 2069 – Pictured here is the annual reenactment of the historic driving of the Golden Spike that symbolized the uniting of the county when the tracks of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific were joined for the first time. The original tracks are now submerged due to Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming melting the Arctic Polar ice cap.

  134. Extra-strength ice axe: $65
    High-visibility Arctic dry suit: $695
    Getting caught on camera having to break your way through ice – that you said doesn’t exist – in your path on your mission to prove that human emissions of fossil fuels are causing rapid ice loss in the Arctic: PRICELESS!!!

  135. Only after finishing their second whiskey on the rocks did they discover how blue ice is formed. Hey, there’s a turd floating in my whiskey!

  136. “As soon as we finish here it’s back to the Maldives to check up on Morner’s frikken tree.”

  137. Hey Dodo, next time make it easier for us to locate the rotten ice by placing the “X” on top of the ice.

  138. uno2three4 says:
    August 23, 2011 at 9:32 pm
    “whatcha goin’ do with the drunken sailor . . . “
    Nice try, but I’d like to rephrase it. As a scientific enterprise, the whole enterprise is looking more and more like dancing with the one-eyed sailor.

  139. These damned ice traps! What am I lying? 3? I think I can clear the water from here. Can you make out the flag? That ice wall is blocking my view. Here goes!…

  140. 1. bbc video guy gets wise to the crews plans of burying him alive in 6 feet of ice.
    2. Hey I have an idea! Lets go sink a ship, I hear Titanic 2 is about to sail.
    3. I think I found OBL! We are rich!
    4. Self fulfilling prophecy.
    5. Uh Oh! There is a weird whale like creature staring at me!

  141. Left guy, “Stop hogging the pick, it’s my turn”
    Right guy, “I’m going to find CAGW even if it kills me”

  142. As to the progress of the fools, I read that their boat has runners built into the bottom to aid dragging it across ice. (Press release on unveiling of the boat.) I don’t have perspective as to how far they can go how fast that way, people have drug boats across polar ice. Apparently the “leader” Jock Wishart has walked to the Geomagnetic North Pole, which may be near Thule Greenland.
    (According to Encarta 2005 the concept of “geomagnetic pole” is based on modeling the earth’s magnetic field as if it were symmetrical from one large bar magnet – seems wierd the result is so far from the magnetic pole location normally used – another “model” I suppose. The Encarta article also says the magnetic poles we normally refer to are shifted on a very short term basis by the interaction between the earth’s magnetic field and the solar wind, perhaps as much as 50 miles. (Leads me to desire inertial navigation even more, especially as GPS is vulnerable due vulnerability of satellites and interference.))

  143. Looks like the Row to the Pole folks made it to the former MNP by pulling their boat accross ice. Given the radical difference of their actual route vs. the planned route due to ice blockage, I would say they disproved the ice free artic propaganda of recent years. Let us hope that the Row to the Pole folks finally put a nail into the coffin the the climate change fear mongering scamsters.

  144. Looking at the tracking page (, it looks like they still pulling the boat over the ice. No open water close by.
    Strangely enough, they go south-east and that means they go further into the bay. Why? Maybe the ice behind is closing in?
    Or they trying to get to the land nearby as it is not a good idea to stay on the ice. Someone needs to rescue them.
    One comment from them “The crossing took almost 10 hours as the crew dragged the 1.3 ton boat, arriving at the 1996 Magnetic North Pole at six thirty in the evening local time (0130 BST).” indicates that the had the boat on top of the ice when they reached the pole.

  145. Guys! By tomorrow we will probably be below 5,000,000 km2 sea ice extent. Earlier this month that was what WUWT’s readers guessed the September minimum would be. We have passed your predictions from June and July already.

  146. Gabriell says:
    August 26, 2011 at 7:33 am
    Guys! By tomorrow we will probably be below 5,000,000 km2 sea ice extent. Earlier this month that was what WUWT’s readers guessed the September minimum would be. We have passed your predictions from June and July already.

    OMFG!! Save the children?? Why all the hullabaloo about sea ice anyway?

  147. “The more the whiskey, better you’re lookin’…
    (cue the music….)
    ♩ ♪ ” i only have “ice” for you…”♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ !!!
    (that would be called “one cold bare poler”)

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