Best wishes to Andy Revkin for a speedy recovery

I don’t know how I missed this, perhaps it was all the ICCC6 business, travel, and work catch-up.

NYT Dot Earth blogger Andrew Revkin has suffered a stroke. He’s “ok” in the sense that it is not life threatening, but it could have been very serious had he not sought medical attention immediately.

My best wishes to Andy, to his family, and for a speedy recovery.  – Anthony Watts

42 thoughts on “Best wishes to Andy Revkin for a speedy recovery

  1. Yes yes yes we do need Andy in full blogging form!!! Until 2100 at least!!
    ps I still vividly remember the disgust I felt when a certain kind of people celebrated Michael Chrichton’s premature departure…

  2. It doesn’t matter a jot what a person thinks about things, when something like a stroke hits, you have to feel for them. Mr. Revkin, I don’t agree with most of what you say and write, but I extend my heartfelt sympathies and I hope that you make a speedy recovery.
    You have shown how important that “Golden Hour” is to a stroke victim, you could do worse than publicising this fact, using yourself as an example of what modern medical science can do if given the early opportunity.

  3. Good luck fella. We may have our littl eintellectual jousts but we’d never want that to go. x

  4. I second your good wishes, Anthony. CVA’s, even small ones, can be life changing. Fingers crossed for Andy.

  5. Get better quick Andy and please take care of any underlying problems that may cause a propensity toward this stuff.
    Impermanence is a fact of existence of all that is physical. The best we may do is to leave things better than we found them. I hope you have many years of continuing to make things better Andy.

  6. One is tempted … but I won’t. Treat people as you would wish to be treated. Recover well, Andy.

  7. Don’t know full details but hopefully it is a Transient Ischemic Attack
    (TIA, Mini-Stroke) and he should make a full recovery if it is.

  8. Best wishes to Andy from Germany! Hoping for a full recovery! I think he’s wrong about AGW and i wouldn’t work for that rag but to each his own.

  9. Best wishes Andrew. And thanks Anthony for flagging this distressing news, and giving us a chance to post our thoughts. To fellow commenters: thanks for the generous spirit. Character tells.

  10. Andy (even though I often do not agree with your positions)…you are needed as a voice of sanity and clarity in this debate.
    I personally respect your honesty and am sorry that the stress of the quest for truth has taken yet another victim.
    You are dangerous when you are honest. (to quote U2).
    But you are a survivor though and and I am sure you will be fine.
    All the best on your recovery.
    Norfolk, VA, USA

  11. Good luck Andrew, I’ve read quite a bit of your articles and don’t agree with much of them but I think you’re one of the more honest pro-AGW reporters around.

  12. Best wishes to you Andy. Echoing Chris of Norfolk, I respect your honesty and sense of fair play and hope we get to experience it again soon.

  13. Get well Andy,
    your level headed and thought provoking articles are always a pleasure to digest.

  14. “David Schofield says:
    July 9, 2011 at 1:41 pm”
    My thoughts, sentiments and experience exactly. Get well soon Andy. Cudos to Anthony for posting this notice.

  15. Eagle-eyed Revkin
    Peered, and drew an honest sword.
    God rest and save him.
    H/t some kim @ the Bish’s.

  16. Yikes! He’s only a couple years older than me – that ain’t supposed to happen to youngsters like us! well I guess we ain’t so young anymore.
    seriously, I do wish him a speedy recovery.

  17. I always thought that at most Andy was “misguided”; never a hint of mal intention.
    All the best Andy and get back to full health soon. My best wishes to your family as well.

  18. Get well soon.
    If Andy Revkin was drowning in a pool, I would dive in to save him.
    I may disagee with you, but I will fight to the death for you right to say what you want (or something like that).

  19. A world with more Andy Revkin’s is a better world. Best wishes for his full recovery.

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