The paper – accepted

After months of work, I’m pleased to announce that the paper that I have jointly written with several co-authors, including Dr. Roger Pielke Senior (who acted in the capacity as corresponding author) has run the peer review gauntlet and has been accepted.

Expect a full press release this week. I’m holding details until the University of Colorado press office has issued the official press release. As you all know, this project was done entirely by volunteers, with no budget, and there were no grants asked for nor provided.

That is something I am proud of, because it shows what citizen scientists can do that NOAA/NCDC couldn’t or wouldn’t, and taxpayers didn’t have to foot the bill. However, there is one last hurdle….

According to Dr. Pielke’s executive assistant, Dallas Staley, who is handling the submission detail with the journal, we have page charges we have to pay for because unlike many papers, this has several color photographs and plots.

The bill for the print issuance of the paper in the journal is $2247.00, which is something I can’t cover completely myself. See a snip from the charge sheet.

If you are wondering why I blurred the number, it is simply that given what has transpired, with preemptive strikes by NCDC, and the recent BEST ambush before Congress, I’m simply being cautious. We are preparing an SI, and there will be the ability to replicate the work. The data and code will be made available on the website. We are also preparing a press package.

Dr. Pielke “could” divert some public funds toward paying this printing charge from his other budgets, but in doing so, it would end the ability for us to claim the project was entirely privately financed from inception to publication.

So I’m asking readers for help in this matter. But please do not feel obligated in any way. Anything you can spare will help. If need be I’ll put anything not covered on a  credit card, but I hope not to go into debt.

Donations accepted: Here

[UPDATE: Goal reached! Thank you everyone! The support of the WUWT readership is most encouraging.]

Thank you all for your consideration, and I especially want to thank everyone who has done surveys and offered help in the behind the scenes capacity.

Stay tuned for the official announcement this week. There are some things we already know from posts here, and there are some surprises too. I’ll have a complete writeup as will Dr. Pielke on his blog which I’ll carry here as well.

225 thoughts on “The paper – accepted

  1. Congrats Anthony and crew, I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to help.

  2. Contrats are in order not only for the exposé but the ingenious methodology as well.

  3. Making a donation is better than seeing my taxes go towards junk… Hope this helps.
    Can’t wait to see the publication!

  4. Donated. I think it’s wise to stay away from any public funding (except the public – we whoread this site – that wishes to fund it).

  5. Done, Anthony. Ditto what biker said above.
    Sorry it couldn’t be more – that’s all I have in my PayPal account right now.
    Please feel free to e-mail me about sending you a check as well. (Not a huge one, but a little more than what I sent today.)

  6. Fantastic work Anthony, well done and congratulations. Ive been following your site for a few years now and appreciate all the information and in site your blog has provided in helping to counter the AGW propaganda.
    If you could lay off the greenies it would work in your favour better but continue to fight the good fight anyway.

  7. The paper being accepted is excellent news. A donation for printing is on its way. However maybe you can get a discount on full colour printing, as there could be a lot of black asphalt in those photos…

  8. Congratulations Anthony & the team, I am looking forward to reading the paper. Great work!

  9. Donation made. Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper. It’s very refreshing to see that a paper of this importance can make it to publication without public funding and solely through the dedication of citizen scientists. Well done!

  10. A little blast of cool air from Canada, via Iraq. Done. Keep up the good fight.

  11. After all the work done here, I hope the publishing fee is covered in a couple of hours!

  12. Congratulation Anthony and all involved. I hope all of the effort brings loads to the light of day.

  13. I do not know how to handle this……. real data, and not a computer model. That, in and of itself is worthy of support. I hope it helps.
    Congratulations of the paper.

  14. Done, not as much as I would like, but what I can afford (no Government assistance taken or requested).
    Congratulations on a job well done. Gee, I wonder what the reviews at the warmer sites will say?

  15. The long journey reaches at least a temporary resting point. Yay. I dropped a little something in the jar.

  16. Done. On the question of the donation, can anyone else advise what I put this under on my monthly “big oil” payroll?

  17. Done. Wow – I read this request and donated when there was one reply. Checking back now, it’s good to see people responding so quickly. Congratulations Anthony. A special thank you to you and all the others who donated time and resources to this research. Well done.

  18. Happy to make a donation. Congratulations Anthony. I use this site and your work often in my talks on global warming, disruption, whatever.

  19. Pleased to be able to help.
    I recall the early scientists like Faraday who self-funded their own research completely. My understanding is that they were driven by curiosity and a desire to UNDERSTAND the universe and how it works – not by greed or faith in some nebulous magical belief.

  20. Help needed, please. I’ve failed to find a blog that I thought was on WUWT. It dealt with lesser-known aspects of the physics of Infra Red in the region way beyond eyesight, say to 20 microns. It referred to some behaviours of tall buildings around weather instrument stations and how some things changed at night. Title like “Understanding Infra Red”.
    In terms of Anthony’s paper (congrats!) I feel in hindsight it was one of the most relevant blogs to re-read as you read the paper. Maybe it’s in the paper’s references.
    Whose memory can refresh mine?

  21. “But but…. the paper was funded by sceptics!111!!!!!onetyone”
    Just donated $30USD. Money well spent, even without seeing the results as of yet.
    Best regards, from Fukushima.

  22. Here’s to a future more hopeful than the (wrong) doomsayers. And the science is better here than many official government sites. Thanks, Anthony; I threw in a few bucks.

  23. It’s not much, but I’m sure every little bit helps.
    Obviously, but just for the record, should you exceed your goal please accept this as a donation to your site or to defray expenses should you present your study at a conference – or for a pitcher of beer.

  24. Very good job, Anthony! My donation is on its way. I have learned more on this website than any other!

  25. Anthony,
    It’s sorta fun paying with the Aussies dollar, first the time in my life I feel some power in the currency that used to be called the ‘Pacific Peso’. I can understand you wanting this to be sponsored by private donations and I am proud to have played my part.

  26. Well done Anthony and crew. No doubt the paper will be given prominence by the MSM?
    Donation made.

  27. Who here wants to bet that the temperature data that emerges will not be statistically different from NASA, NOAA and HarCUT?

  28. Donation made. I was also very happy to participate hands-on in the project and am glad I was able to finish up the rest of the Illinois station surveys. It was a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to the report!

  29. Congratulations on your paper.
    Donation sent. I hope Chevron dividends are okay. 🙂

  30. Look forward to seeing some straight science for a change. The response from the “in” crowd will be interesting.
    Congratulations to all those who helped. Will the result prompt the scrapping of the surface record and concentrating on the satellite record?
    OT How is the Canadian wheat planting going? Delayed by late snows I hear. Is that another sign of AGW?

  31. Congratulations to all involved, an amazing achievement. Donation sent from the Great North Strong and Free.

  32. Donation made. Thanks for all you do. I’m looking forward to reading the paper.

  33. Contributed what I hope is a meaningful amount. But anything is trivial compared to the work that you and your team and Pielke do.

  34. Congrats Anthony! Sending a donation in the morning. Will look forward to reading it.

  35. Congratulations on getting the paper published. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  36. Done. And glad to help.
    All right everyone, chip in. Don’t be lazy. Click on the button and donate some bucks. Not much to ask for all the work done in defence of our liberty these men have done for us.

  37. Donation sent!
    I would only ask that any surplus over the $2247 be held in escrow for future “citizen science” funding ventures.

  38. The best $100 I’ve spent in months. Take, take, take!
    I am really looking forward to reading this – and the response from the various we-know-who’s. 🙂

  39. My donation is a small amount compared to the value of the work you’ve done, Anthony. Best of luck on the next stage, and thank you!

  40. Great news, Anthony, Congratulations!
    Is this paper the same paper you have mentioned in previous posts with the following information?

    Anthony Watt team’s upcoming paper: Fall et al. (2011) titled “Analysis of the impacts of station exposure on the U.S. Historical Climatology Network temperatures and temperature trends”?

    Are there any other paper in the making based on the project?

  41. Glad to contribute to the cause.
    Happy that you all have persevered to get this information to the public through the overrated “peer reviewed” literature.
    Will AGU allow “commoners” to see the published results? Prob not
    Nonetheless, we (skeptical scientists and interested folk) will pervail

  42. I have followed this project from the beginning, and have sent a small donation. Thanks for the great job!

  43. A small donation has been sent. Thanks for the work.
    An aside: With a little help, the Cle Elum, WA (new) weather station was done last year. My spouse, the internet guru in the household, put the work up here:
    This during a year when she had several near-death health issues. She is much better now and looking forward to her 50th high school reunion. We will try to put the information (now on the elixant site) on to the surface station site in the next day or so. I did manage to send the donation without her help. I’m learning.

  44. Done.
    If (as seems not unlikely given the number of posts) you exceed your target, use my funds however you see fit – site costs, more research, a well earned round of drinks for the team…

  45. $10, from unemployed, heading towards house sale, MN Engineer!
    Thanks to the State of MN for the Unemployment money.
    Kinda poetic justice in some ways. Hope you can get 219 other folks to do the same.
    Anthony, you don’t have to BELABOR the importance of this one.

  46. Done. Ahhh… the third scientific paper that I’ve contributed to, and by far the easiest 😉

  47. Hi,
    Could you send me a postal address at my e-mail, please. I want to send my contribution.
    My e-mail is captainhigley -at – yahoo dot com.

  48. Done and thanks, your weather station is working nicely and the data loggers in my greens are fantastic. Never thought that the soil temps would vary so much during the day. Warmest at 6pm at around 61F and coolest at 7am of 43F. My staff is quite impressed when we graph results. Both data loggers very similar despite greens being 200yds apart.

  49. Donation sent. I’ve appreciated the efforts and work of the WUWT team and contributors over the last few years. Looking forward to seeing the results of your paper.

  50. MEGA-congratulations, Anthony.
    Extremely well deserved and to be respected by the peers of review….and a little feared.
    Grrrrr. Get em!
    Norfolk, VA, USA

  51. Anthony:
    Been reading your blog for free for several years now, and had to show how much I appreciate it. Money sent.

  52. I’m comment 104. If everyone contributed $10 or more, we are helping the skeptic cause with $1040 of your original $2247 (chincy) askit fee from the journal that charges advertisers… but never mind.
    “What is the price of Experience? do men buy it for a song?
    Or wisdom for a dance in the street? No, it is bought with the price
    Of all that a man hath, his house, his wife, his children.
    Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy,
    And in the wither’d field where the farmer plows for bread in vain.
    — William Blake

  53. I’m sure Kevin Trenberth’s and Joel Shore’s contributions are “in the pipeline”.
    Sincere thanks to all the supporters of non-government citizen science, who are stepping up to the plate and helping to get the truth out. You are the real champions.
    And we know it. Lots of contributors’ names here from commentators that we don’t normally see. With almost 590,000 reader comments [in only four short years], it’s easy to forget the daily WUWT readers who crave honesty in climate science, but who don’t regularly comment. Kudos to all the WUWT lurkers!

  54. It is an honor to help see this project through to publication. Checking the stations in the beginning phase was an eye-opener, so helping at this stage is the least we can do. Thanks for your dedication to this project Anthony, and thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of it in the closing stages.

  55. Donation on its way. More power to your publishing elbow. Many thanks for all the Warmist exposure pages you [and WUWT-ers] have provided.

  56. Donation made and glad to help. From a retired Prof who just loves jerking a warmist’s chain.

  57. Anthony (and co-authors),
    Well Done! – Modest donation made.
    I sure, like many, appreciate your work – hope it helps.

  58. Anthony,
    A huge thank you to you and to every volunteer on your team. I never found the time to do any of the work myself, so I just had to contribute a small amount to help with publication. I cannot wait to read the paper.

  59. Donation sent to a worthy cause!
    Keep up the good work and pass any surplus on to a worthy student of the real world.

  60. Done!
    The fine state of California hasn’t managed to take all of my money, yet. Thanks for persevering all these years.

  61. What wonderful news to wake up to, at the beginning of the week!
    (Yeah – I’m living across the Big Pond …)
    Congratulations, Anthony, and congratulations to all of you volunteers.
    Mentally, I’m jumping up and down, with a huge grin on my face. And the virtual champagne is flowing, natch, for you all.

  62. Aw, shucks, I was looking forward to taking more pictures this summer….
    I can’t make this Paypal thing to work, but I’ve got your address & I will get a check in the mail tomorrow.

  63. Congratulations to all! Doing something that big without governmental or commercial funding is a stellar accomplishment.

  64. Cheers for this opportunity for folk like me over in Oz, to volunteer and assist the project. Cheers also to those who have spent long hours driving vehicles to various sites, etc, etc. Some break up the ground, others sow, and others reap … and may we all rejoice in the harvest !

  65. done and thanks for spearheading this! All of you who contributed in the effort – thanks to you too!

  66. done.
    With publishing being virtually free these days [in actual cost] and the peer-review done by unpaid people it is somewhat of a scandal that page charges are that high. My 2007 paper was $11,000 and then it sits behind a paywall to boot.

  67. Done. Congratulations on the paper’s acceptance. Looking forward to reading it. Looks like the WUWT community is coming through- over 100 declared donations in 5 hours on a Sunday evening (here in the US).

  68. Holy cow, I turn my back for twenty minutes and hit refresh….! Good job, folks!

  69. Leif Svalgaard says: May 8, 2011 at 10:17 pm
    “My 2007 paper was $11,000 and ….”
    Oh ….. incredible. Printed on a golden parchment?

  70. Done.
    I’ve been waiting with ‘bated breath for this paper to appear. Nonetheless, like Juan Slayton, I wouldn’t mind surveying a few more obscure sites this summer. I had fun traveling to the ones I did get to.
    Guys and Gals, don’t be chintzy. If everybody gave 25 bucks, Anthony would be in the clear.
    BTW, full disclosure. I have a 2% overriding royalty in a well in Texas that provides me with some mad money. So, Anthony, you’ve been tainted by some “small oil.” 😉

  71. I was away for the weekend and didn’t get the chance to donate. Good on the ones that did though and congratulations to Anthony and everyone involved in collecting the data and getting this paper published.

  72. If you get enough cash, consider ordering reprints of the paper and send some of them to key members of the US Congress and of the Parliments of Canada and Australia. It is very unlikely that the legislators will ever read the article from a website. They will read it if hard copy lands on their desk.

  73. Well done!
    Your paper should really mark the end of the global warming scam. It certainly has ended in the UK where after a long downward trend of global warming and upward trend of peak oil, “peak oil” now continues to exceed “global warming” (by 380 to 360 counts)

  74. Congrats! It’s 0237 here in New Hampshire, I’ve spent the day on RGGI related stuff. I guess thank yous are in order to all the people who donated already. I can go to bed knowing I didn’t have to help save the whole world. 🙂
    BTW, I’ll be on Cape Cod for a few days visiting three marine biologists. I’ll be asking them if they can show me a risen sea level in the 30 years since they were grad students there.

  75. Thanks once again Anthony for all you have done in the name of accurate recording of temperature.
    The Earth is still a beautiful place. It’s a pity our kids are being taught to feel ashamed for destroying it.
    Thanks again…
    John Fleming.

  76. Congratulations, I hope the peer review feedback was legitimate and helped to improve the paper.

  77. This is simply hard work to promote “science” in a world that is getting more and more “totally” politizied.
    By doing so you have and are helping the the world to build politics on science instead of building science on politics.

  78. Am late for the charge, and I see you have alreadyreached the target. However, please feel free to use my donation for any purpose. I am quite sure that, unlike the tax funds I hose at successive governments and their idiot advisers, it will be well spent and will get value for money.
    Bill K

  79. @Martin
    I’m almost as interested to see how the peer review process panned out as I am to see the paper (as much as can be released anyway)

  80. Congrats, Anthony and all volunteers. This must seem like the summit of a very steep and rock-strewn journey. Proper science without ‘models all the way down!”

  81. This went up whilst I was asleep-I’m from the UK- so missed the chance to contribute to this interesting project. Look forward to another opportunity -perhaps on a version two- and am intrigued to see the results whatever it tells us.

  82. It is deeply depressing how Academia keeps outsiders outside and these Journals are their attack dogs. They charge the the authors, they charge the amateurs, nice little earner this knowledge business.
    Have they not heard of the Internet? High handed ownership of intellectual property has already clipped the wings of the music business and the newspapers are spiralling down after them.
    Academics tend to feel they are very intelligent because they are knowledgeable, but memory and problem-solving are different skills. If Academia was more open to discussing problems with amateurs, then I’m sure non-academic experience would trigger a raft of advances.

  83. I really hope the paper “makes waves” – especially as it won’t affect mean sea level.
    My small donation makes me, as a passenger for the last two years, feel part of this important project.

  84. I woke up in sunny England to find that you’ve already reached the target. However, I donated $50 anyway so you can get the beers in.
    Enjoy!! and many thanks for the work you (all) put in.

  85. Congratulations Anthony! Well deserved and a fitting answer to the many astroturfers who have belittled the effort all through.

  86. Was going to chip in a bit with my Visa card but have currently misplaced my PayPal account details. Still, glad to see that the total was reached before I had a chance to get at it. Using Visa is a lot more straightforward for me unless there are some unknown site-specific reasons which prevent me from doing so.
    Really looking forward to reading the paper.

  87. Effective with any manuscript submitted
    after 31 December 2010, AGU is eliminating
    color charges in all formats. At the
    same time that we eliminate color charges,
    we are simplifying publication fees. Articles
    published in Journal of Geophysical
    Research; Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems;
    and Radio Science will each have a
    flat fee of $1000, and Geophysical Research
    Letters (GRL) articles will each have a flat
    fee of $500.

    [Reply] Just to be clear, Anthony’s surfacestations paper was submitted well before this date. TB-mod

    REPLY: Yes that’s correct, we had hoped for an exemption, but it was submitted in October 2010, and even though we asked, the request was denied. – Anthony

  88. Very well done, Anthony. Missed the opportunity to contribute as I’m in the UK and slept through it all.

  89. Congrats to Anthony and the authors, will be interesting to read and see what criticisms appear.

  90. Congratulations Anthony and other authors (Oops, I almost said “Team”). Like most other ventures, I suspect the quality will be inversely proportional to the amount the government paid for it. Bravo!

  91. Wow! That was fast! You guys (and by “YOU” I mean Anthony, and all his volunteers AND the supporters here) are a model for a civil volunteer society. I’m proud to be even tangentially associated with you. You rock. 🙂
    Also, congratulations, Anthony.

  92. A lot of congratulations! I look forward to reading the paper. I’m glad that now I can cite your work with no difficulties.

  93. Just saw your request this AM in Chicago and the update that you reached your goal. Use my small donation where you see fit. I hope additional donations will continue to roll in to support the invaluable work you and your collegues are doing for the rest of us.

  94. You’re a good man Charlie Brown. Work well done I’m sure.
    Mike Hodges

  95. Anthony and all,
    I volunteered some money for you.
    Thanks for your co-authors and your citizen science efforts plus all your supporting volunteers.

  96. Well Done. I am proud to sponsor this. I think of it as a leading light against the abused and corrupt taxpayer funded scientific research process. I hope that modern unethical agenda driven science will falter and that one day my faith in unbiased peer reviewed scientific research will be restored. Currently I find myself unable to trust anything coming out of any academic institution or taxpayer funded research center. No doubt some scientific work is actually bona fide but how can one judge anymore?

  97. Thank you, Anthony, for this project and making those of us who could participate a part of it. There is something very Americana about the way it was done. There is a great docudrama movie waiting to be done someday about this time and the efforts of so many scientific and lay scientific people who changed the course of political and science research history
    A special thanks to Evan Jones who also committed a great deal of indispensible time in the early going on this project.
    Thanks again,
    Ron Horvath,
    Coarl Springs, FL

  98. Sorry not to have seen this earlier. Congratulations to all: excellent work – real citizen science, conceived and led by Anthony.
    I’ll send a modest contrib (to general funds) shortly – have to renew expired card details for Paypal!

  99. Donation made despite Your having met the requirement. I expect you’ll have some speaker travel expenses ahead of you. Wish I could give more.

  100. By the time I read this, the page charge total had been reached, but I’ve still sent a donation to help keep the good work going.
    Congratulations to Anthony and all the authors for their work and persistence!

  101. Congratulations and well done, Anthony, co-authors, and all the volunteer citizen scientists on the project. I have come late to the post and already the publication cost has been covered. Another bright moment.
    As usual I have sent my quarterly subscription. Real science checked by experimental evidence plus investigative journalism plus a good time with the WUWT community. Doesn’t get much better than this.

  102. Wow – what a delightful surprise at scrolling down to see the target has been reached already! I’m always happy to make a small contribution in these cases – and clearly I’m far from alone in that and so my contribution in this instance is not required. Best wishes anyway, for what they are worth! 🙂

  103. Anthony:
    Congratulaltions to you, your co-authors and all the myriad of volunteers. I gladly added something to the pot.
    I still remember your earlier foray – the impact of different conditions and paint for Stevenson Screens. You (and we) have come a long way in a very short period of time.

  104. Donation made. If not needed for the printing put it to the running costs.
    Well Done.

  105. Well done, real scientists do it for the science!
    Not the bursaries, grants and titles.

  106. Heather Brown (AKA Dartmoor Resident) says:
    May 9, 2011 at 8:08 am
    By the time I read this, the page charge total had been reached, but I’ve still sent a donation to help keep the good work going.
    Congratulations to Anthony and all the authors for their work and persistence!
    “Dartmoor Resident” could have a double meaning!!

  107. Congratulations Anthony and friends!!!
    I’m sending a donation even though the goal has been met.

  108. If there is any leftover get your wife more flowers. They are on sale now that Mother’s day is over 🙂
    and yourself a coffee.

  109. Gotta throw in my congratulations too! It’s a huge accomplishment. Can’t wait to see the paper.

  110. You’ve reached the target but here is a little donation anyway – congratulations all.

  111. Sorry I missed the opportunity to kick in with some financial support. Looking forward to seeing the paper!

  112. Congratulations! Now we need to figure a way to get MSM newspapers to print a press release….

  113. DJ says:
    May 8, 2011 at 5:50 pm
    hey……! Does this make me a co-p.i.????

    We probably won’t be on the title page, but we can still put the Nobel Price this wins on our resumes!

  114. Tom Fuller says:
    May 9, 2011 at 8:22 am
    Wait a minnit. You raised two grand in less than half a day? To publish a scientific paper? That’s news.

    In one sense “half a day” but the truth is several years in the making. Namely, several years of “puzzling things in life, nature, . . .” – read the rest at the top of the masthead.

  115. Well Anthony, I had been thinking about buying one of your climate Teracomputers, so I could do my own phony climate modelling; but while I am thinking about that, I tossed a few sheckels into your violin case.
    Spend them wisely young man, because I had to work my arse off to get them; and then doubly so to keep them from my greedy uncle.
    Of course I expect to get a chance to download your paper for free, so I can keep a copy of it on dead tree.

  116. What was the final surfacestations %audit you achieved? Seems to me this is a major limiting factor in the paper.
    REPLY: We surveyed over 87%, with 82.5 % used (what we had quality controlled at the time we started analysis last year) – Anthony

  117. It seems that you are getting donations form all over the world too. It would have been interesting if donors identified their country.
    I am a Kiwi living in Australia.

  118. This is a wonderful development, Anthony. Congrats to you, Dr Pilke, et al.
    And what a fast turn-around for the need for contributions to support the cause.

  119. Missed the initial solicitation, but added a modest donation for duty and humanity.
    Congratulations and I look forward to reading the paper.

  120. I’ve read your website for free for a long time. It’s my pleasure to make a small contribution.

  121. Congrats
    Just posted some bucks, but really Thank You Anthony!
    Terry and Hyon

  122. I know you have reached your target, but I wanted to be part of this wonderful occasion too. Use this small amount where best.
    Regards and thank you

  123. Hi Anthony,
    Congrats on this accomplishment! I am just curious. Besides you and Dr. Pielke, who else co-authored this paper?

  124. Congrats, Anthony. I can’t wait to see what those at Skeptical Science have to say… Since, you know, peer reviewed = perfect.

  125. Just ask anytime you need help. I am always willing to help with this project. Been with you ever since painting the boxes with latex paint.

  126. Awesome Job Anthony, and all of the Volunteers!!!!!
    I hope your bill for personal security will not go through the roof now, you do live just a short distance from econut central.

  127. I saw you already reached the target but I skipped buying the big oil bottle of Costco’s Extra Virgin today and sent you the money instead.

  128. I look forward to reading it, and seeing how your analysis differs from other reviews of the data.

  129. Wow, great and long-awaited news! I too missed the big announcement the ‘day of’ but also made a little donation to throw in some moral and material support. Congratulations!

  130. Congratulations! Getting a paper published in a good journal takes a good amount of work, and requires painfully exquisite attention to details, probably much more so than non-scientists may realize.
    Keep up the good work!

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