The Thursday titter – Joshing the One

Josh can’t wait for the Friday Funny, so we have this…

Obama’s “Yes we can” speech is here:

26 thoughts on “The Thursday titter – Joshing the One

  1. “This is a teaching moment, for the ‘new’ math!”
    $1 Trillion in new spending proposals + A ‘Freeze’ on 1/4 of the Budget = Deficit Reduction and Fiscal Discipline.

  2. I can’t!
    I can’t bring myself to watch it!
    The smug arrogance of The One.
    (Love the cartoon, though. I can still do visual humor at The One’s expense:0)

  3. The AGW gang is not amused by The One’s ‘catastrophic’ lack of climate hysteria.
    “Liberal bloggers suggested this morning that it was naive of Obama to think he could persuade Americans to act on climate change without talking about it. “I do continue to think that it is both pointless and foolish, catastrophically so, in fact, for him to refuse to talk about global warming or climate change with so much of America watching,” Joe Romm, who runs the Climate Progress blog at the Centre for American Progress said.”
    Is this a tipping point? Since I don’t trust anything The One says, as long as the EPA is still marching forward on the CO2 front, I do not believe this omission means much, and the predictable howls from the gang may just be part of the slippery strategic game.

  4. phlogiston says:
    January 27, 2011 at 11:17 am
    “Captured the Obama expression perfectly!”
    But missed The One’s key pose, with his chin up in perfect arrogance.

  5. Every time I hear Zero deliver a speech (which is as seldom as possible), I’m reminded yet again just how well the following video applies to the USA’s current situation:

  6. I still feel that the election of a black President has been symbolic and uplifting for that nation.
    Other than that, he’s just another politician, full of hot air and other more noxious vapours.
    That is rather sad.

  7. And I thought there was no more room under Obama’s bus for any more bodies.
    Hope Joe Romm doesn’t mind sharing space with Rev. Wright and a big bag of Belief Global Warming

  8. Well, it’s nice to see some “moderation” .
    It is hard to keep up the AGW fiction with all this snow on the ground.
    We are about two days like yesterday from a full scale glaciation event.

  9. Whether the great wise leader of the western world forgets to mention AGW is as irrelevant as he is becoming.
    In the UK we still have the Climate Act 2008 that legally binds us to a lunatic reduction in carbon use. This includes closing down our power generation capability prior to provision of any viable replacement, due to the ‘green’ objection to nuclear
    provision in the past and Huhne’s insistence that HMG will not help fund nuclear power station construction in the future.
    Huhne wants to cover the UK’s green and pleasant lands with windmills (contribution to generation 0.7% at time of posting).
    As we currently have 3,153 of these I make it that we need about another 169,000
    just to replace the coal fired stations (38.1% generation).
    The ‘drive’ behind this blatant political/ideological attempt at world governance may be losing it’s fanatical intensity, but the damage left behind remains to be repaired –
    urgently. It’s not good enough just to ‘walk away’ but leave the flawed legislation
    still in place to do the damage.

  10. Anoneumouse says:
    January 27, 2011 at 11:26 am
    Ban Ki Moon has given up on the IPCC…

    Interesting. The common theme among those who are “stepping back” from their positions on fully supporting the IPCC/AGW agenda is, “well, the world just isn’t ready to make the hard choices, so I’m going to leave this stance/position and go elsewhere.
    hehe, at least it’s obvious when they’re stepping down.

  11. If you can’t trust what he says (hypothesis), is the null hypothesis: you can’t trust what he doesn’t say?

  12. Richard G says:
    January 27, 2011 at 2:00 pm
    If you can’t trust what he says (hypothesis), is the null hypothesis: you can’t trust what he doesn’t say?

    The universal null hypothesis is still the good ol’ nullius in verba, I presume. 🙂

  13. Call me dense. Don’t quite get the connection between the speech and the topic. The only thing I see in the speech that is funny are the two guys (son and father?) in the background that are less than “enthusiastic” during the entire video. If it were me, I would have interviewed the background faces for “enthusiastic energetic presence”. If they did that, someone let these two guys through without serious consideration.

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