Saturday Silliness – Josh on Keven Trenberth's AMS speech

Inspired by Willis, and adapted from DJ Meredith’s comment on WUWT, a cartoon on Kevin Trenberth, who seems determined to  explode any credibility Climate Science has left.

20 thoughts on “Saturday Silliness – Josh on Keven Trenberth's AMS speech

  1. I think you made the shoulders too broad. Afterall, anyone who uses possibly and might as much as MR T is ducking all responsibility.

  2. He’s just Joshing you, he’s really a skeptic and he has nice rosy cheeks. you just got to love the man.

  3. I ain’t taking any of de bait from you, sucker!
    And the rest of the A-team iz, behind me
    to a Mann!
    With apologies but loads of respect to B A Baracus.
    It’s a travesty that you became the Face but needs must when the Devil drives. Mr T, you are still the real man!

  4. The team is still being paid by taxpayers. Doesn’t that stick in your craw? I know it sticks in mine. A business run by these guys would be shut down and they would be in jail. If they are half as smart as they want us to believe they know they are wrong. Knowing they are wrong and still persisting to give false advice to governments they are guilty of any number of very serious crimes.

  5. Watch out if he is like Mann he’ll sue you.
    REPLY: Satirical works of public figures are one of the most protected forms of free speech. If they weren’t we’d never see a single editorial cartoon in a newspaper. – Anthony

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