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I have been blogging mostly non-stop since I started this blog in November 2006, with a couple of breaks over weekends, illnesses, and during some travel. WUWT now has over 4700 stories, and half a million moderated comments. As my mom used to say, “that’s enough to choke a horse”.

With the Christmas holidays here, and because this has been an extraordinarily difficult year for my family with medical issues, economic woes, and general overwork, I’ve decided to take a blogging holiday for awhile. This probably starts midday Dec 24th, lasting until around January 2nd. I’m going to remove myself from my online habits to spend time away, time with my family, time not thinking about the issues, time playing with my kids who I’m guilty of neglecting attention to. Hell, I didn’t even get outdoor Christmas lights put up this year. On the plus side, I’m going to score some new cheap after xmas sale LED’s for next year.

I’m also mindful of the many, many, people who visit this blog every day, and I do feel some duty to you, my readers. This doesn’t mean a complete downtime for this blog, we have a few guest authors that will post regularly, I’ll have open threads, and I will from time to time post things. But the pace that I have been maintaining will be less.

As they say, all work and no play makes John a dull boy, and I’ve been feeling a bit overextended lately. I’m sure the moderation team feels the same way. My email is like a firehose, and I’m way behind in correspondence. I also notice I’ve been a bit snippy with some commenters, and that really is a sign that I need some R&R. To be more direct, I’m a bit burned out. Steve McIntyre recently went on hiatus while traveling for this holiday season, and he recognizes the need to step away for awhile. I need to also.

I’m fortunate to have a large worldwide readership and a fantastic team of volunteer moderators and guest authors, so there’s no reason for WUWT to stop while I recharge. The Huffington Post for example, goes on it’s merry way even though Arianna Huffington might be in Maui. There’s no reason WUWT has to rely solely on me with the community we have. The community continues to grow, so let’s capitalize on that.

Despite the projected angst of detractors, WUWT continues to dominate the climate rat pack with traffic, per Alexa’s traffic analyzer:

Rather than let that go into the tank while I’m on R&R, I’ve decided to open up WUWT a bit more. I think it will be a win all around for everyone.

Therefore, in addition to our regulars guest posters like Willis, Bob Tisdale, CTM, David Archibald, Paul Vaughn (who will have a post tonight) and many others, I thought I would extend this opportunity to people that would like to contribute to WUWT as a guest author.

There are a few, and necessary, caveats.

1. If I won’t be able to verify who you are, please don’t apply.

2. If you want to make political statements, please don’t apply

3. I’m looking for relevant material on climate, weather, forecasting, solar science, general science, technology, and relevant humor/satire. I’m not interested in the topics listed on the policy page. Opinions that differ from what I normally post are also welcome, provided they are respectfully presented. If you just want to write a rant about “deniers” like some people we know, then please don’t apply. If you have a point to make, and can do so conscientiously, such opposing views are welcome. A good example is how Ferdinand Englebeen conducted himself with this series on CO2 1 2 3 4

4. You must create an account in the WordPress system as a registered user. I’ll provide instructions on how to do so and get you linked in to WUWT. Read on.

If you are able to write an article, add graphics and references, and would like to get the exposure this blog offers for your ideas, and are willing to sign in to the WordPress system as a registered user, using its editor, then this opportunity is for you. Basically if you can run MS Word or Open Office writer, and can follow a few simple instructions, you can be publishing as a WUWT guest author.

For some of our existing guest authors, who might be signed up to Blogger or other publishing platforms, now is the time to signup to get a WordPress account. Drop me a note and I’ll send instructions.

For those interested, please use this form, all information submitted will be kept confidential (except your name, which will go on posts) and only used in verification of your signup. If you don’t know what your story idea might be, and you just want to help keep up with general climate news, simply elaborate on that.


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114 thoughts on “Call for guest authors

  1. Anthony, you definately deserve a break and I’m sure your family will enjoy seeing you again. Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday season.

  2. Everybody needs a little R&R Antony…..happy holidays. Get some rest, spend some family time, and report back when able….thanks for all you do.

  3. Take a break! Do not think about this blog until you are way past bored. We and the world owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You and yours are in our thoughts and prayers always.

  4. Anthony-
    Thanks for everything that you have done (for us) over the past many moons. This has been like continuing education at the university level. Best wishes for an enjoyable holiday period and enjoy your rest.

  5. I wish I could just for the sake of helping you guys out. I appreciate all the work you put into this blog. It makes fantastic reading and discussion.
    The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue. -Antisthenes

  6. Anthony,
    Just wanted to say thank you for all your work on this site particularly considering the personal issues this year.
    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
    All the best from down under.

  7. Thank you Anthony for your sacrifice to making your blog a worldwide phenomenon.
    So many of us appreciate your commitment to finding the truth (and exposing the lies).
    Your blog will go down in history as one of the “forcing mechanisms” that helped destroy the CAGW scam, point by point, truth by truth.
    Enjoy your well-deserved rest.
    I hope I can help you somehow in some way…in return for how you have so profoundly helped me.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you.
    Norfolk, VA, USA

  8. Whoops….mods….my post may have disappeared. Please check spam filter. Many thanks.
    [Rescued & posted. ~dbs]

  9. Anthony – your decision to take a break is very sound. You should do so frequently (say once a quarter).
    All the best and enjoy the precious time with your family.

  10. Please enjoy your much needed (and deserved!) offline time with your family. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  11. Fresh blood is usually a good thing, and relaxing is as well. if I had any climate expertise that could parallel the great science I read here, i’d jump at this opportunity, but alas! I am only a lowly high school science teacher. 🙂
    Enjoy your break and I very much look forward to reading what new contributors have to offer in the new year–Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year to all!

  12. Oh my Anthony Dec 24- Jan 2 what a long holiday 🙂 Gee you deserve at least a fortnight, but we will miss you every second. Have a very Merry Christmas and an even happier New Year.

  13. Merry Christmas, Anthony. You’ve worked so hard to put the brakes on the barrelling CAGW truck, not to mention removing pretty much all of its wheels. I pray your wife is recovering well and that you both will have a joyous and restful holiday and a well-earned break. I join the hundreds of well-wishers here who are grateful for all you do who hope you have a happy and healthy and fulfilling New Year.
    Also, thank you, Moderators, for your stellar work!

  14. Dear Anthony,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your site daily for a number of years, and feel much enlightened by the experience..
    One thing I can assure you: while you enjoy your hiatus, these anthropogenic CO2 emissions will continue to suppress the Sun’s spots, and thus contribute to our Global Warming!
    (just kidding, of course)
    No explanation required for creating time to enjoy fulfilling all those important personal responsibilities.
    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for you and family.

  15. You have started this and seen it grow and put a large amount of yourself into it thank you to you and your team for all you have taught me over the past few years.
    Enjoy your break and have a very Happy and Blessed Christmas and new year, you deserve it.
    Yours James.

  16. Anthony,
    Enjoy your break. I might suggest you look for LED Christmas light sales before Christmas. I saw some for sale this evening for 50% off at Rite Aid. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy Ney Year.

  17. Love the site. Congratulations on another interesting year of blogging. How’s that for understatement. Your Alexa graph needs some tweaking. The numbers on the left side of the graph should increase, right. Merry Christmas

  18. No
    We still have an issue with man made global colding to address. Be time to play with the missus and the kids in 2016.
    Fair wind following for a while, me matey. Turn the mobile mother in law off too, if you need a real break.

  19. Let me add my wishes to you and yours for a happy and restful Christmas holiday.
    And of course best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.
    I am an avid reader here, but unfortunately I do not have anything to contribute.
    Thank you to yourself, moderators and guest posters for all the great insight.

  20. Anthony –
    Enjoy Christmas and New Years with your family.
    We are big people now and should be able to look after ourselves!
    PS How are the Watts adjusting to the reign of Megawatt?

  21. Thanks Anthony
    I have derived well and trully $50 worth of information and entertainment from WUWT over this year and I am sure many other readers have even more. How can we all send you a small thank you donation for Christmas?
    (I am not sure if the Surfacestation Donation goes to you specificaly).

  22. This is the first time commenting here for me.
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Thank you for your efforts.

  23. Anthony:
    I greatly appreciate the information in WUWT.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thank you, thank you for the efforts you regularly expend on the blog.
    Enjoy the time off.

  24. The only topic I might possibly be qualified to write would be a fourth grader’s advanced class on CO2. What it is, what is does, where it comes from and where it goes in everyday life. Then I would immediately break rule number 2 because the topic has been made so idiotic. By leftwing idiots. See? I can’t help myself. I can’t be trusted.
    A heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You have some wonderful contributors and lots of patient friends and (dare I say it?) Internet family. We will carry on, knowing that you will return refreshed, energized and better than ever. God Bless and take your time with your family and for yourself. Thank you for all you do. Now go enjoy your family.

  25. Rick says:
    December 22, 2010 at 9:21 pm
    > Your Alexa graph needs some tweaking. The numbers on the left side of the graph should increase, right.
    No – the numbers are the rank – the most popular site would get 1 (and chants of “We’re number 1!”).
    WUWT only rates chants of “We’re number 10,000!” I suspect WUWT will never catch up with Google, but there’s room to grow….

  26. Anthony
    Thank you for the attention you have given the blog. I have always wondered how you kept up the pace.
    Have a good rest, enjoy your family and come back when you are ready. We will be around still.
    Having been on the internet on various blogs and mail lists before blogs appeared, I have observed that when the “soul” of the blog disappears, the blog decays with a decay time of months. So you could take a longer holiday and more frequently, since you have the support of moderators, who should be congratulated, and contributing authors.
    A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all
    and may Santa put some ice in the AGW stockings 🙂
    Anna V.

  27. I’ve been ordered by my boss to take time off and to stop upsetting people at work.
    Anthony, all the best to you and your family. Happy holiday!
    Mods too, happy holiday!

  28. It is hard to think of someone recently who has done so much for so many. Take avery well deserved break and love the time with those close to your heart.

  29. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year as well as thank for all the “presents” you’ve given all of us since starting WUWT.
    Maybe Dr. Svalgaard would favor us with a post[?] in the interim.

  30. Take a well deserved rest. Spend time with the missus and I wish her well.
    Thank you and your family, the moderators and the “kids” who miss their dad.
    Step away and stay away……..if you can.
    All the best for the new year.

  31. I wondered how you kept on doing all your non-stop blogging and traveling. Amen to spending time with your family. Have a Merry Christmas, Anthony.

  32. Take some time off. Recharge my friend. BUT…. Good luck trying to walk away and stay away – I’ve tried several times at my blog, and every time, something big breaks that I just can’t resist commenting on!!!
    PS. About that graph…. If you hide the incline after November 2009…. You’ll have another hockey stick to add to Gavin’s collection!!!! 🙂

  33. Anthony,
    My Christmas wishes go to you and your family. Enjoy your break. And thanks for arranging guest authors. I don’t know what I’d do without my daily WUWT fix!
    All the best from Batemans Bay, New South Wales.

  34. Go well, Anthony (and family), moderators and contributors. Sweet Christmas to you all — and to the commenters who add insights, conundrums and often leavening humour.

  35. Speaking for myself, a smaller amount of really great content beats a larger amount of pretty good content (both because it’s better and I spend less time reading it).
    That said, you’ve delivered large amounts of great content over the years. Just throwing that thought out there for you to consider.
    I for one wouldn’t mind if the pace of publishing slowed now and again … or if you get fantastic guest authors … either works.

  36. ….. and here I was starting to think you were an Automaton;-)
    Good fer you. Knock off, put the feet up and smell the roses for awhile.
    So until your return…… Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Cheers.

  37. Your extraordinary efforts are appreciated at many levels Anthony, enjoy your recharge during this festive season. My best wishes extend to your family and hope you all have the best Christmas ever.

  38. “Could I submit my paper on the Iron Sun :-D”
    Iron Sun? It’s gold, dude! That’s why it’s all yellow.
    That women who claimed ownership of the Sun? She knew what she was doing.

  39. Merry Christmas to you, your family, Anthony
    Take care, take longer, another week is highly recommended.
    Merry Christmas to all the contributors, Mods, and readers

  40. Merry Christmas Anthony 🙂
    Pls take a well deserved rest and spend as much time as you need with friends and family. The work you do here is insightful, educational and well presented and will survive just fine when you take some time for the more important things in life.
    With best wishes for you and your family in the coming year
    John G.

  41. Anthony,I’m a stranger to you ,but I think with the Chistmas coming ,even the strangers would be friends in those days,that’s called the Christmas,now I’m dealing with wood pelletsnow,I wish when my work is done,I will be home with my family.

  42. Anthony, Health, Happiness and Prosperity to you and your family for Christmas and the year ahead. Along with thousands of other well wishers, I offer my grateful thanks to you and mods for the outstanding resource you offer an enquiring public here at WUWT.

  43. WUWT has been a “must read” for me for more than a year now and I appreciate very much what you, Anthony, and the mods have done to keep a sensible and courteous balance on the AGW debate.
    Enjoy your well earned break and a merry Christmas and happy New Year to you, your family and all connected with WUWT.

  44. Dear Anthony. We all suffer from a drop in energy in the Winter, and your year has been more hectic than many. Take time out without guilt – you’ll be surprised how the organisation you’ve created carries on without you. I suggest don’t come back for a month, or at least until your enthusiasm is a greater spur than your sense of duty.
    Have a peaceful Christmas and a happy and fulfilling New Year.

  45. Anthony you are inspirational in your clear, honest, down-to-earth fashion. I refer to your site just about every day. I’m no heavyweight but a passionate lightweight to stop the CAGW world fraud. You carry a heavy load to keep us informed and we appreciate that. I was lucky enough to meet you at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast during your Australian speaking tour. Have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and New Year break with your family and friends (it’s not long enough to be a holiday).

  46. You are a champion for real science. The world owes you quality down time. Best wishes to you and your family.

  47. Anthony, thank you and to all who contribute here, and a ‘thank you’ to your family for sharing you with us. You’ve certainly earned far more than a few days off.
    Wish I was able to volunteer but alas, like as some mentioned above, on a layman’s learning curve here; the things I’m learning and unlearning are quite remarkable.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  48. Anthony and family, enjoy your break and thanks for this outstanding educational and often amusing site. Eat, drink and be merry – and I agree with PPs, you should give yourself at least a week off every three months.
    We don’t want our light source on the net burning out!
    From Canberra, Australia, where the snow has melted, the flies are back and the sun is shining for a proper Aussie Christmas.

  49. Enjoy your well deserved break! Your tireless efforts have kept the conversation lively and any enemies you’ve made are only a sign of your perspecacity and accuracy. If they weren’t afraid, they wouldn’t talk about you so much.

  50. Anthony,
    I’d just like to add to the sentiments expressed above, and wish you and yours a very happy, prosperous and above all healthy Christmas and New Year.

  51. Priorities , priorities……
    Christmas, your family, your mental well being, and… we all need a break .
    You have made an enormous contribution to setting the record straight with this site.The seeds have been planted and are growing as well as they can in our current global freezing climate. 🙂
    A two week break will not undo the momentum that this site has helped set in motion.The genie is now out of the bottle and letting him/her bask in the frozen splendour of the world’s icy beaches for a while without your help is just fine. Rest assured that polar bears wearing sunglesses while sipping tropical drinks pictures wont go away, nor will the MSM beating their empty, hollow drum.
    The truth is out there, is still out there, and will continue to be out there for as long as you need to take a break for. So enjoy it.Peace and Good Will to you and your family.

  52. Happy Christmas to you and yours Anthony. I am so grateful to you for giving me daily ammunition against friends and family who have joined the warmist cult. Thanks to your efforts I’m optimistic that at least some of them are beginning to see the light.

  53. Dear Mr and Mrs Watts
    I can only agree with everything which has been said above. Frankly the science here is beyond my comprehension for the most part, but that does not stop me, and I suspect many other lurkers like me, from regularly visiting this site and enjoying the courteous discourse of your more erudite commentators.
    I sincerely hope that the New Year brings health and happiness to the family. Enjoy the break, and like everyone else, I look forward to your return.
    God bless you and your kind; you are beacons of light in a dark world.

  54. Anthony have a great break; I wish I could help out with written articles but sadly I’m no scientist but I love to be educated by those with far more knowledge than I have; and I know you will have some great guest posts so look forward to those

  55. You’ve done a great job here Anthony. No one can keep working like a machine (anyway, machines need maintenance don’t they?). Have a lovely break and get some good rest. Happy Christmas and New Year. God Bless. Annei

  56. Can you imagine Climate Progress or Real Climate allowing authors to post opposing views. This is why WUWT kicks them in the ratings time after time. Oh, as well as the MSM being duped into largely ignoring sceptics thus leaving blogs as one of the last remaining bastions of free speech.

  57. Well done Anthony. Feet-up time…..and well-deserved. As I have said before, pour yourself a glass of Irish and recharge those batteries. Your many supporters over here in the UK will be raising a glass to you this Christmas.

  58. I have been keeping tabs on WUWT for the last two years, though this is my first comment as I’m not nearly qualified enough to contribute to the learned discussions. I have picked up enough ammunition, however, to stir things up properly at work and elsewhere whenever the global warming scam has raised its silly head! Here in the UK, it is a particularly noxious weed that has become deeply embedded in the political ‘culture’.
    So, thank you to the contributors, the moderators, the commentators and to Anthony for all the work and effort that goes into this site. I have to confess, though, that it is the sardonic wit that shines through many of the remarks that appeals to me most!
    Best wishes to all for Christmas and and every success in 2011.

  59. Antony
    Thanks so much for the years of hard work. WUWT is without doubt the most effective, accessible and honest climate resource on the net. I discovered it some time before climategate and it has been a marvellous resource ever since.
    As a UK resident, I have also been delighted to see the exposure that you have been able to make available to Lord Monckton. Here in the UK our politicians are, for the most part, driven by their own agendas regardless of the science underlying each issue. WUWT has helped to expose a great deal of this.
    Thank you.

  60. Anthony, I just want to thank you and the “Crew”. Please take care of your families first. The debate will still be here when you return.
    Your blog is head and shoulders above Arianna Huffington’s blog (I doubt is she even reads her own blog).

  61. Might this not be an opportunity for some specialists here in other (non-climate) fields, like biology, paleontology, geology, etc. to post on some of the “puzzling things” in their work? E.g. this story of a Neanderthal family apparently cannibalized, reported by Carl Zimmer in the NYT:
    or the ‘white-nose syndrome’ decimating cave bats,
    BTW, I first encountered these stories on John Bachelor’s terrific daily radio show (wherein John and Bob Zimmerman regularly discuss the climate follies reported on WUWT).
    My wife regularly chastises me for “spending too much time on ‘the blogs’,” but truth be told, much of it these days it is consumed reading Comments threads on WUWT. That’s testament not only to the quality of the posts, but to intelligence (and civility, generally) of the WUWT community. WUWT has become an essential resource (and an education) for me, and I’m sure for a great many others.
    I remember Rush Limbaugh saying that when he started his national show, his partners insisted that he take regular breaks off the air, to recharge his batteries. It’s a good plan, Anthony, and the way to avoid burn-out. They have to be scheduled, or they tend not to happen.
    Merry Christmas, and let’s hope the New Year splashes the cold water of realism into the faces of the robotic ‘climate change’ crowd still infesting the halls of government and academe.
    It really does “take a weatherman.”
    /Mr Lynn

  62. Merry Christmas to you, Anthony, and to your family!
    Enjoy your well-deserved break, and if these two weeks work out well, perhaps you can take some more breaks in the future. None of us want you to burn out – we value your sterling work far too much!

  63. Anthony,could you not extend another invitation to a “well known warmist” or even a member of the TEAM.
    Consisder it a alternative Christmas message, abit like what happen’s in the UK. The BBC has the Queens message and Channel 4 do a alternative message from some well known public figure, it has included Ozzy Osbourne,Sharron Osbourne, you get the gist.
    Could become a yearly Christmas feature and be most entertaining!!
    Merry Christmas you and your family,keep up the good work
    and lets hope the missing emails(CRU) come to light in 2011.

  64. Far too many blogs have closed abruptly in recent months. You are wise to recognise the signs of burn out before it’s too late. You are also fortunate to have a great team helping out. I’ve been a daily visitor since the UEA “leaks” and have learned a hell of a lot.
    Have your Christmas break with family and friends, and come back when ready. We’ll still be here!
    Seasons greetings to all of you.

  65. As a lurker and (sometime) ranter here on WUWT, I would not presume to fill anyone’s slippers here, but don’t think that means I will stop coming here to read what you are all writing!
    Merry Christmas to everyone here – especially Anthony and family (I guess we could refer to a biological and an on-line family now!) you are doing a great job and long may it continue.

  66. Anthony, your integrity and devotion to this site are an inspiration and example of what can be accomplished with the application of the same. The quality of what goes on here 24/7/365.25 is astounding. Thank you very much. Take all the time you need for R&R. Best wishes to you and yours for a healthy prosperous new year.

  67. Yes indeed Anthony – enjoy your well-deserved break – even longer I would say …. The goal should be to reconnect, rest and recharge … Come back when you’ve accomplished those elements – and not a moment before. We will be fine in the interim.
    I also think it important for us all to reflect on the year – perhaps nominating the Years Top Ten posts? It might be interesting reading for newbies …
    Thanks again for your work Anthony, God bless you and yours.

  68. Anthony, many thanks for all you’ve done from a loyal layman lurker. 😉 Take a break and be with your family — it’s the right thing to do for all involved. Lots of good football coming too; fire up some nachos and watch the bowl games while you relax! And have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  69. Wish you the best…though we all know you’ll be watching from time to time your WUWT.
    I think you were chosen by the gods above to channel a force…..and this is hard to bear.
    Unfortunately not by “Big Oil” 🙂

  70. Thanks for all your good work. A former commenter was correct in pointing out that bloggers like you are a crucial asset in informing the world that the science is far from “settled” enough to justify making an enormous economic bet on CO2 mitigation.
    I’m not competent to post here on the science; but if you need moderators please feel free to contact me. And I do write the occasional thing which might amuse people, such as this poem about the NASA LCROSS mission –

  71. Tale a well-deserved break Anthony and enjoy the company of your family.
    I can recall the when a database I helped to build 12 years ago was about to hit the 2M th record. That was vindication for our team, especially when we were told it wouldn’t last. It has since gone on to do 5M !!!
    So, here’s hoping I hit the 500k for you. In any case, have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year – in which we all hope the world’s politicians will open their eyes and see the AGW scam for what it is. We must have HOPE for 2011.

  72. Guess my last post disappeared (craptop glitch?). Just wanted to join everyone else here to wish you a happy family Christmas and the best of New Years. You have slain a few dragons. You need rest.

  73. Enjoy your well deserved break. The issues that you and your family have had to deal with are physically, mentally and emotionally draining to say the least. You all need the time together to recharge.
    We will still be here when you feel ready to return, and the mods, guest posters and commenters will continue to keep us all well informed.
    As one of my favorite authors, Douglas Adams, said “It is a mistake to think that you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.” 🙂
    BTW, this site is way beyond Huffpo.
    Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year to you, your family and everyone here at WUWT, from your e-friend in the Great White North.

  74. You’ve made some pretty BIG footpints. You’ve set the Bar Height pretty high too. Another metaphore, when you get to a turn in the road, turn; or you’ll run off the road;-) Merry Christmas to You & Yours! God Bless and Keep You All! Happy New Year,too!

  75. Dear MODERATOR,
    My comment of about 30 minutes ago has apparently been consigned to the nether gods in the nether regions of WUWT.
    Note: Ahhhhh, for the past ~ 3 months this is a common phenomenon for me at WUWT; something changed but I do not have any idea what it was.

  76. The DONATE button is too hard to find! But I did finally find it.
    Merry Christmas Anthony. Enjoy your rest and your family.

  77. I could write a paper as scientific as your closest climate hippie research paper, but I’m afraid most people just don’t have it in themselves to read “those god damn hippies” fifty two thousand times in various letter sizes. Some have tried, don’t know really why, but ended up in the insane asylum (translation: the nuthouse.) But if anyone did complete the read and not go starch ravingly mental, at first glance, is that really a person one would want to be around for very long? :p
    Happy X-mas and a merry new year too all.
    I wonder though, how many CO2 neutralizers will the hippies slay this christmas alone and then to have the disgusting coal burners produce all that evil electricity they need to light all them trees up?


  79. Anthony: you have done Yeoman’s work. Take a breather. Enjoy the family.
    Take a periodic look at that graphic of, which looks like the Chicago Climate Exchange CCX trading history. They’re both flatlining!
    WUWT will win out. The CO2 scam has been exposed. Good luck. Merry Christmas.

  80. Anthony,
    Have a very merry Christmas with your family. After all, they are the substance and sustenance of the climate of your life . All else is “just weather.”

  81. Anthony, we insist you take a rest. Readers’ orders. You have done enough and then some to – as we say in Australia – ‘keep the (illegitimates) honest’. This excellent blog has attracted enough good people to keep the blog active while you get a breather.
    I have given a couple of well-received talks as a retired scientist to general audiences on greenhouse fact and fiction as I saw them, and I found WUWT was particularly useful in enabling one to quickly locate some key datum or report. Incidentally I found there is quite a lot of scepticism about CAGW among the general public in the course of these talks.
    Best wishes to your family. Seasons greetings to all.

  82. “This probably starts midday Dec 24th, lasting until around January 2nd. ”
    Would that be January 2011 or 2012? Good grief, if 2011, just one week and a bit? BoltA grabs heaps more just like that!
    Anyway, enjoy the break such as it is. Your prodigious and unremitting work is unrivalled and indispensable.

  83. Never in the history of scientific fraud exposure – including that of the Piltdown man – has so much been owed by so many to one man. Rest well and return fully charged please.

  84. Make the tip jar easier to find. Merry Christmas and take a longer break, 4 years of grinding against human stupidity has left you amazingly sane and courteous. What you and your commentators have created here is the future of scientific discussion for the next decade or so. So much easier to check the info provided and so many different points of view to question unlisted assumptions.Bless you and family and if donations help then just ask, for you have done more for most of us than we can for you. WUWT has been a sanity saver for me. John Robertson Yellowknife Canada

  85. Merry Christmas, sirrah. You’re doing a great service to science and public policy, without the kudos and megabucks which go to those spruiking the accepted line. Admirable. Many thanks; we won’t forget.

  86. As a long time follower, never commenter, just wanted to say thanks, to you Anthony, (and to your family for their understanding), for providing a not insignificant beacon of truth on this CAGW debacle (and some good science to boot).
    Cheers and the season’s best to you and yours!

  87. Take a well-deserved break, Anthony. Your family must come first and it sounds from your comments that they need you right now. Burning yourself out is not an option.

  88. WUWT was on the first few minutes of the Rush Limabaugh radio show the other day. What’s up with that? I’d be happy to lend a hand, but would rather write um popular stuff, skipping all the graphs but lots of pics.
    Anthony deserves a break. I would suggest that Scandinavian guy who posts links to his website every so often. I forget his name. Sval or Sven or something. He’s good.

  89. As a frequent reader of articles on WUWT, I wish to thank Anthony for his hard work and indomitable spirit. He turned WUWT into a beacon of common sense and solid argument in the murky world of AGW.
    But you surely deserve a good break from it all Anthony so best wishes from a Kiwi blog friend!
    In the meantime, if there is room left for guest writers to contribute in a similar vein, I would like to submit the occasional article from a New Zealand perspective. As an example of my style, here is a recent offering that originally appeared on and again on the Climate Conversation Group’s site, “Political Feet in the Cancun Mire”:
    Joe Fone
    New Zealand

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