Readers may recall a few weeks back where I mentioned that there was a major health challenge in my family. It remains, but we do have a plan of attack.

That will occur this Tuesday, and a 5.5 hour surgery at one of the country’s top medical centers is involved. The operation is not on me, but my lovely wife.

As a result, I’ll be pretty much offline this week. But there is good news in all of this.

WUWT has a life of its own now. It will continue without my help, thanks to the tireless work of guest authors, our moderation team, and of course the tips and notes brought in by our volume of readers.

Since this will be a lighter than usual week, guest posts and news items are welcome.

Along those lines, as I mentioned in comments here, I extended a guest post to Tamino, since he thinks my presentation of Arctic sea ice is all wrong. I formally extend that offer again for him to do a post on Sea ice this week, either or both hemispheres, with the only caveats being that it has to be published free of any insults and that all comments must be accepted that fit within our blog policy.

If anyone has ideas for a guest post, flag a moderator. “Charles the moderator” can publish guest posts. Just leave him a note and he or somebody will contact you.

I leave WUWT in capable hands. Barring complications, I’ll likely return late this week or this weekend.

Thank you for your consideration. – Anthony


I can be contacted at charlesthemoderator (at) gmail dot com.

I don’t read every comment so email is best if I you need me to see something. ~ctm


UPDATE: 10/20 11am pst from my Blackberry at SU med ctr

Surgery went well – no issues- prognosis good.

Long road to physical rehab begins.

My sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone for their support and prayers.


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  1. I sincerely hope & pray for a successful operations & speedy recovery for your wife.
    Best wishes
    PS it’s going to get cold over here according to the Wet Office! Why isn’t it getting warmer?

  2. Sir, you only have one priority!
    It is good to hear that “there is good news in all of this”
    I trust all goes well, good wishes.

  3. We all wish you and your wife all the best. May god be with you both. Take all the time you need your associates have your back I’m sure.

  4. Anthony concentrate on your wife we will be here when you are ready. My prayers are with her. God bless.

  5. Don’t worry about anything going on here, Anthony! Focus on your family, and we’ll take care of the shop until you get back. 🙂

  6. Best wishes to you and your wife, Anthony, for a positive outcome on the surgery! You both will be in our thoughts.

  7. I’ll be thinking kindly and supportive thoughts for you and your family. You try so hard to give back and make the world a better place for others.

  8. All our best wishes for you and your wife, Anthony. Thanks for your tireless efforts in establishing such a resource as WUWT.

  9. Wow Anthony:
    I’ll give you this, the “ho pistos” (Greek) will be keeping your wife in our prayers and concerns…
    Fortunately in the Medical realm, (unlike climatology) we still have a fair amount of INTEGRITY these days!

  10. All the best wishes Anthony!!!
    For CTM, perhaps either an answer to skeptical science:—
    This mentions development in global sea ice extend and the Chryosphere correction done around jan 2007 to ice extend.
    Another topic is a Funny little thing that deserves more attention i believe. Its the surpricing move by the French academie of science to invite a lot of climate scientists to debate – and secretly inviting sceptics too :-)
    Third… 🙂 What looks a little like a “coral gate” – check it out:
    K.R. Frank

  11. May I wish you and your family all the very best at this trying time.
    I am sure there will be a happy outcome.

  12. All my very best wishes from Scotland to you and your wife, Anthony-looking forward to your return!

  13. 2 years ago we had a scare when my wifes blood pressure was so low (60/40 and lower than that when she stood up – and then fell over) – so I have an idea of what you are going through.
    Very Best Wishes to you both.

  14. All the best to your wife!!
    p.s. The one Tamino-link seems to be broken…
    “Along those lines, as I mentioned in comments here, I extended a guest post to “”Tamino””,” <-

  15. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! You’re going away for a week or so and leaving us with a possible guest post by Tamino??? WTF? That’s pretty twisted, man. 😉
    Joking aside, good luck and all the best to you and your family.

  16. To echo what others have said, I wish you luck and also offer prayers.
    I might have an article I have been working on for awhile myself, so I will flag Charles and I guess we will all hear from you next weekend.

  17. Anthony, Best wishes and a good outcome to your wife. I am sure we will all be thinking of her tomorrow.

  18. Anthony, best wishes to you and your wife for a safe and successful surgery.
    Job 1 is to take care of her and your family. Your WUWT “family” will be here for you when you get back. We aren’t going anywhere!

  19. As one who has a wife who has recovered from a severe chronic condition-Lyme-
    and now is back to hiking, biking and teaching, my prayers to you and your wife.
    “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”
    – Winston Churchill

  20. All fingers and toes crossed. Been through all this. It is harrowing but keep the old chin up old bean.

  21. Anthony
    I would like to join in with the others and extend my very best wishes to your wife and hope that the operation is a complete success, and that it is followed by a full and speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers will be with her, with you and the rest of your family. GOOD LUCK.

  22. Prayers and best wishes for your wife and family, Anthony. I know it will all go well.
    Frank K.

  23. Anthony,
    You will be missed, but better you and your family stay healthy. We promise to be patient. 🙂
    Prayers for the best outcome for your wife,
    Marcia T

  24. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt
    best wishes for you and all your family. I’m sure your wife is in a safe pair of hands
    hope it works out well for you and yours- as it did for me
    Kind regards
    Tony Berry

  25. From what you tell us, it sounds as though Mrs Watts will be in the best of hands.
    I am sure those who about to tend to her needs know that a very special and precious person is relying on their skills and will very much appreciate their help at this time.
    We all hope that everything goes as well as it possibly can and that Mrs Watts makes a complete recovery.

  26. Viel Glück und gute Besserung für Ihre Frau und eine schnelle Genesung wünscht Ihnen Fred aus der Schweiz

  27. My sincere very best wishes to your wife (and you). In Sweden we have the expression “to hold your thumbs” (equivalent to “cross your fingers”) and I am holdning my thumbs. Hard.

  28. Best wishes and blessings on your wife, you, and your entire family.
    Thank you for your work here.
    Respectfully yours,

  29. My thoughts are with your wife and you! Like all others here I sincerely hope that everything works out well – all the best from Bavaria!

  30. There seems to be evidence of Global Warming on this blog: on closer inspection I see that it is emanating from the warm hearts and good wishes of your correspondents. I would like to add a few more degrees to that warmth.
    And as Winston Churchill has been invoked by Douglas DC, may I offer another of his great axioms: ‘KBO’: keep buggering on!

  31. I know what a difficult time this can be for all concerned and would just like to add my thoughts, prayers and good wishes for your good lady to those expressed above.

  32. Anthony
    Best wishes for you and your wife. I look forward to hearing news of a successful recovery.

  33. Good wishes to your bride, with a few left over for yourself and the rest of your family.

  34. My sincerest best wishes to you and your wife.
    Your role as the true honest broker in the climate wars is greatly appreciated but take all the time you need to look after your family needs. The climate won’t change much in 1,000 years, let alone a couple of weeks.

  35. Tell the medics that we’ll cut off their Whisky supply unless everything comes OK.
    Seriously, all Scotland wishes a speedy recovery.

  36. Best wishes to you and your wife for a good result and a speedy recovery. You both deserve the best.

  37. My prayers are with you and your wife. May there be no surprises other than good ones. You are providing an invaluable service to many thousands of concerned people. Thank you. Take some time for yourself and your wife.

  38. Well first things first Anthony; so I hope all goes well and your wife is better very soon.

  39. Anthony–We send our prayers for a successful procedure and speedy (and complete!) recovery for your wife–and fortitude for the family.

  40. Anthony,
    All the best wishes from me and my family!!
    …and don’t forget to pass on to your lovely wife the news of the growth of her unknown fan club!

  41. Very best wishes to you and your wife. Our thoughts are with you and our hopes for her speedy and complete recovery.

  42. Blogs are a dime a dozen, Anthony. Don’t waste a single moment on it that could instead be given in support for your wife. Godspeed my friend.

  43. Prayers for a successful surgery and recovery for Mrs. Watts. May God bless her with and family with healing.

  44. And don’t you rush, not now, you must have one fine lady to put up with all of the time you pour into wuwt, now the time is her’s. Our prayers are with her and here’s a h/t from us here to her! hope the recovery is smooth.
    Maybe I’ll later write some neat and unique unanswerable climate science questions in tips & notes that maybe we could spend some time answering with so many fine scientists now with some spare time on their hands. ☺.
    – wayne

  45. May God hold you and your wife in the palm of his hand, and bring you through smiling and safe!

  46. Anthony – your wife, you, and the rest of your family are in our prayers for a successful procedure and a fast recovery.
    God Bless.

  47. I have a fun idea for a post that might fit in with your site, if you are interested in knowing about it please send an email to me. You will find a spam collector asks for you to identify your first message to me.

  48. Sorry, forgot to mention my best wishes to your wife for a safe operation and speedy recovery. I am sure she is in very good hands and is being blessed with the loving support of her family.

  49. Anthony – All your followers here in the UK will be thinking about you and your dear wife, and we look forward to hearing good news about her recovery.

  50. My hopes & prayers for your wife, and for a successful surgery and recovery. Also, for you and family members, to provide her with strength and support.
    Mark Adams

  51. Anthony’s wife: My wife Nancy and I live where Mariposa Lilies grow wild. It is our favorite flower. I have personal photos but they are not on-line. Thus, we send these beautiful images to you:
    Our best wishes to you both, John and Nancy
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Background 1: Nancy, following a Thanksgiving-Friday heart attack and several rare complications, had surgery (double bypass and mitral valve replacement) in late December of last year. After a good start at recovery she got a second case of endocarditis – now cleared. Again her recovery seems to be on-track. Folks brought and sent flowers and plants to the hospital. Those sorts of things are not allowed in ICUs and I had to carry them away and find a suitable recipient. When she was able to have a lap top that was allowed. So, the image was better than the real thing.
    Background 2: When I realized I couldn’t keep up a flow of information to family and friends I started writing using a personal WordPress post with a password. That has become a useful source of information for us, especially for Nancy to learn what happened to her when she was sedated or just not up to the task of keeping up.

  52. Anthony,
    We here at WUWT come a very distant second to your family, but we all join in sending your wife and you our very best wishes and our prayers. I hope that both you and your wife will be able to draw strength from these sentiments which come from around the globe. Yes, you and your family really are that important to us all.
    We promise to play nicely while you are away. Honest!
    All the best,
    Steve and family.

  53. Anthony:
    I can only echo the many heartfealt good wishes to your wife and concern for her, you and the rest of your family. You are all in my prayers.
    Please forget WUWT for now because the love and comfort you share with your wife are the only priorities you can now have.
    WUWT will still be here when your wife has recovered, and there are millions of us who look forward to greeting your return then.

  54. My prayers for your wife Anthony, that she has a successful operation and a speedy recovery.
    My prayers also for you, since there is non so lonely as a husband (or wife) in a similar position of utter helplessness.

  55. All my best wishes for your wife and for yourself Anthony – medical technology has been improved quite substantially over the years!

  56. Mizpah: the Lord be with you while we are apart from one another. The prayers of our Church will be with you and yours.

  57. God bless you and your wife. My fingers crossed from down here in Chile – it helped twice this year – and my good wishes are with your wife. Warm regards and godspeed.

  58. Best wishes to both you and you good lady wife.
    Tá mo smaointe agus paidreacha a bhfuil tú ag an dá cheann.

  59. Thoughts and prayers to your wife and you.
    I always got all twisted inside whenever any doc wanted to poke around my wife’s innards; always wished I could protect her and be the stand-in and that somehow that would make the problem go away.

  60. Anthony and Mrs Watts,
    I thought I’d just write you a prayer.
    I pray you both, you and your lovely wife, the caring hand of God at this time, both directly, and through your friends. And that the surgeon’s hands be guided and skillful. And I pray for a speedy recovery. With love, from Robin (in New Zealand), and from a God whose love knows no bounds.

  61. All the best for the operation and a full and timely recovery for your wife. May you both enjoy long and happy lives.
    Thank you for all that you do. We look forward to the news of your wife’s recovery and good health.

  62. Hope it all goes well, Anthony! I’m recovering from appendicitis myself, but yours sounds more serious.

  63. I pray that all goes well. If it is in this particular ‘med city’ and you need a native guide, email me.

  64. All my prayers and best wishes for the most favorable circumstances to you and yours, Anthony.
    Thank you for all your great work and dedication.

  65. Anthony, very best wishes to you and your wife. Our prayers and thoughts are with both of you and your family.
    Please take as much time as you need, family comes first. I’ve been there myself.
    Be prepared for a lengthy recovery process for all involved, these things take more time that you might imagine.
    Cheers & best,
    Chuck & Ginny in Aurora, IL

  66. My best wishes for good results from the surgery and a speedy recovery for your wife.
    By the way, if the surgery should happen to be in the Boston area, and you need a break, feel free to email me. I’d be more than happy to treat you to dinner. Although I’m only a sporadic commenter, your blog has given much to me, and it would be a privilege to give something back.

  67. Anthony;
    As with the many other commenters I want to assure you that your wife, yourself, and your family are and will be in our hopes, thoughts, and prayers during this trying time.
    A surgical table can be a very lonely place. I hope you can find a way for your wife to view this thread before she enters into her surgery, so that, if she does find herself feeling alone in her trials, she can call on the knowledge that their is a large community out here, who though we have never met her, will be doing our best to send her whatever reserves of strength she may need to call upon to achieve a successful result with her treatment.
    Take whatever time you need to care for your lady. This blog will likely survive your necessary absence and even if it should not, your wife, your family, and yourself must take priority. May God be with you.

  68. You should be prepared for a post recovery period in which, though the physical recovery appears complete, there is something which is not yet finished. It is less than physical and more than psychological, and it can take a long time. It is difficult, because it comes at a time when the carer has the feeling that the patient seems to be over it. And yet, while they are in a way over it, they are physically back to normal, they are not really over it in the full sense. This is when you need most patience. I write from experience. Good luck.

  69. I wish your wife and you and all your family the very best for the next days and weeks. I hope she has skilled surgeons and a swift and uncomplicated recovery. My prayers are with you all.

  70. “Thank you for your consideration.”
    We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude and we probably aren’t considerate enough of all you do.
    Prayers that everything goes well.

  71. I trust you both come back stronger from this. It appears that the best wishes of the world are upon you both, God bless…

  72. To all the commenters here;
    I would remind that even the best insurance doesn’t cover anything near the complete cost of such treatment. I doubt that Anthony would do it himself, so I’ll suggest it might be a good time to make that contribution to the tip jar you’ve been procrastinating about making. Unfortunately my own battles with the medical bill collectors leave me in no position to do much myself, but there should be enough of the community here who are among the still employed to do a little good.

  73. Behind every great man, there is a great woman. Please let her know that we are not only praying for her sake, but for yours and ours as well. God bless you both.

  74. May kind Providence guide you and yours: “All shall be well again, we know” (Julian of Norwich, 1342 – 1416).

  75. Best wishes and a hope for good results. Those of us who have lost our wives know how a serious illness strikes terror into your heart.

  76. I will say an extra prayer for you and your wife. May the surgery be successful and uneventful.
    God’s speed in a complete recovery.

  77. Best wishes to your wife for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
    Tend to her and take care Anthony.

  78. Having been in a similar situation twice, my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

  79. If there’s such a thing as good karma, you’ve got it by the bucketfull.
    Hope everything goes well.

  80. Anthony and wife
    All the comments here move me to tears, but there is one especially:

    tamino says:
    October 18, 2010 at 10:33 am
    Sincerely, I hope for the best possible outcome of your wife’s impending surgery.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you too.

  81. God Bless and God keep you and your lovely wife, Anthony! And get well, soon. We will miss you, that’s for sure, but we know you will be back, and that is a comfort. You’ve done more than even you know.

  82. Anthony I join in adding my best wishes for a successful operation and a speedy return to full health to your wife and best wishes to you and the rest of your family.
    My thoughts will be with you both.

  83. Anthony, My feelings are with you and your wife. May health prevail. If you need help beyound this, please feel free to call on me. I will see whatever I can be of use, if any.
    Keep up the good work, but now focus on what is most important.

  84. You and your wife and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers all week. I hope you can really forget about WUWT for a week. I think you have a great family of contributors and readers that care and your moderators and contributors will watch the store.

  85. Dear Anthony,
    you were our hope in these dark ages, let this page of well wishes yours.
    My gratitude for your work.
    I wish a good recovery for your wife.
    All the best, Mick from OZ.

  86. Anthony
    My best wishes for a successful operation and a complete and rapid recovery for your wife.
    My profound thanks again for all you do with WUWT.

  87. Best wishes and prayers for your wife and for your family.
    “May the road rise with you and the sun be at your back” – old Irish blessing.

  88. As a reader, and not a poster, I echo the sentiments expressed above. Nearly 300 comments and the current score is Climate – 0, Love and concern – 288. You have inspired us all and “kept the faith”. Now it is time for your energies to be focused on those you love and especially your wife. Take good care of her and may God hold all of you in the palm of his hand.

  89. Hello Anthony
    From all the comments above one can see you are part of a larger family that you have grown and nurtured.
    Our very best wishes for your wife in the op and for a benign recovery.
    Jack (Melbourne Aus)

  90. Best of luck and sincere good wishes to you and your good wife. All the best from Cumbria, UK.
    I look forward to reading of a full and speedy recovery. (like this years Arctic ice cover)

  91. …I’ve had a lot of enjoyment with WUWT, and realize I’ve never made a donation! (red face)
    Therefore, Anthony, please accept my modest donation to as a good luck gesture to you and your wife.

  92. Mrs Watts, my family’s prayers go out to the God of the Bible for you and your special husband this week. May you have a good outcome and a quick recovery.

  93. I’m with the spontaneous groundswell of caring for your wife which is worldwide, Anthony. Mass goodwill is a powerful force; and she has it with her.

  94. Best wishes to you and your family Anthony and a speedy recovery to Mrs. Watts. Time with my telescope in the coming days will be filled with the knowledge that the same stars are shining on all of you as do our (your readers’) thoughts.

  95. I know the feeling exactly, Anthony. Don’t forget your nutrition during this situation. And take notes.
    If I can remember how, I’ll send up a prayer for you and your family.

  96. Anthony
    Best wishes for a successful procedure for your lovely wife and may she have a speedy recovery.

  97. Just adding to the count.
    Too many and too much pain for me this year, but that is not an excuse.
    Will pray for your wife tonight.

  98. I’m tardy on this, and there’s so many comments that I don’t know if you can read this but my most sincere best wishes to you and your wife.

  99. As a long time reader, and an almost never poster, I want to wish the best of luck for yourself and your wife on behalf of myself, and my fiance.
    you know your work here will keep for as long as you need.

  100. Hope for a swift clean recovery,
    thankful for the early discovery,
    soon to return home, together as a family,
    bless you both, as you carry the weight between you,
    partners through life, as man and wife.

  101. Its heartwarming to see so many expresions of good will to you and your family. Needless to say I add my own best wishes and a speedy recovery to your wife.

  102. Anthony; best wishes for your wife and yourself and your family
    and thanks for letting us know
    I love your site; it’s one of my favourites; I am a lay person so far as science and I come here as well as other favourite sites to be educated
    Look forward to hearing from you once you are back after your wife’s surgical intervention

  103. From the tiny island in the middle of the Mediterrenean sea: You are in our prayers. God bless you all.

  104. Mrs. Watts,
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You have thousands of friends whom you’ve never met. And we’re all pulling for you.
    Larry Fields

  105. Hope everything goes to the better.
    Good health to your wife and yourself.
    And as we say here: May we hear good news.

  106. with hope for complete success and a speedy recovery,
    may the worldwide prayers and good thoughts of many assist 🙂

  107. Anthony, I wish you and your family the very best in this stressful time. Be sure to take care of yourself as well as those you love.

  108. Anthony; Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife. May her surgery today go well, and her recovery be a speedy one.
    Bruce & Evelyn

  109. Mrs Watts and family,
    All the warmest wishes are winging there way across the ocean from here in Australia.
    To you, we send our best cheer and heartiness.
    Thinking of you and God Bless

  110. Best wishes to and for your wife, Anthony. Strong family support and excellent doctors are what a patient needs. Then a speedy recovery.

  111. Warmest wishes from down under to add to the other messages for your wife’s well being coming from all points of the globe. That’s a lot of positive energy!

  112. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
    May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,
    and be gracious to you.
    May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,
    and give you peace. — Num 6:24-25
    We pray for you both: healing for your good bride and strength and the gift of comforting for you.

  113. Best wishes to Mrs Watts for a speedy recovery, hopefully before the cold winter sets in. The Berwick Swans are back in UK, 3 weeks early, so it must be getting too cold for them in Siberia. Thank goodness we’ve got plenty of logs ready and waiting.

  114. In the arts one would proffer a shout of “break a leg” here. I am not an artist however, and can only offer my sincere hopes for a successful outcome. My better half has also had medical issues, and had heart valve surgery back in July. She appears to have turned the corner towards good health now, and I hope your experience will be likewise as positive. It isn’t easy being a husband to someone that has fallen ill. There is a helplessness that can only be described as crippling. My job ended up being as strong and reliable as I could be for her, and let the professionals do their jobs. It isn’t easy letting someone else hold the knife in cases like this. But I have found our doctors to be worthy, and hope yours are as well. Just be a rock for her Anthony. It’s about the best thing we husbands can be at times like this.
    All the best to your whole family.

  115. If the best wishes of your fans has any power at all, your wife will be fighting fit very soon.
    Thanks for your site.

  116. I just went through a similar situation with my wife at the MAYO Clinic.
    Hope you’re sleeping well now and that you can obtain a private convalescence room.
    God Bless.

  117. Hi Anthony, my prayers are with you and your wife today.
    I do hope Tamino takes up your offer — and, even better, reciprocates. But I doubt both will happen. (S)he’d be a fool not to post here, though, considering the exposure your site gets compared to his/hers.
    In point of fact I do not believe “Tamino” exists. This is surely a pseudonym for a small echo chamber consisting of like-minded individuals who would rather not be known by their real names, possibly because of their political or employment connections. To see this one need only compare “Tamino” postings on different days for grammar, rhetorical devices and style.
    I was on M. Tobis’ site some time ago as he lashed into some anonymous dissenters whose arguments he was having trouble countering, and finally he threatened to institute a policy of censoring or banning anonymous commenters who pretended to have qualifications to talk about technical things. It was a low point in the debate, but it does point out one thing, that there is something inherently blameworthy about sniping at bloggers whose identities are public, from behind an identity blind. While anyone’s words should stand on their own merit, one has to ask why someone, particularly on the alarmist side, is unwilling to stake their own name and personal reputation upon their words on the subject. I would understand it if prominent “skeptics” hid their identities because there has been a history of open retribution against them, but to my knowledge none of the principal figures do this. Hiding behind a lone ranger’s mask is the first sign that a person is unconsciously ashamed of their own position. That tells us something about Tamino already.
    It also tells us something about Tobis — who from time to time sings the praises of this anonymous guardian of orthodoxy. Ok for alarmist but not for skeptics, apparently.
    To my knowledge, Anthony (and admins) you have never permitted an anonymous post in the past, let alone invited one (comments are a different matter). I can see why you might consider an exception here, but are you sure this is such a good idea?

  118. All the best to you and your wife Anthony. The very best and most essential blog on the internet will roll on during your break.

  119. Anthony,
    Sorry, was away for a couple of days.
    Considering that there were successes for my wife and an environmental-heretic like me in surviving life-threatening conditions, we hope that the same will be true for your wife.
    We will keep her in our prayers.

  120. Anthony Watts says:
    October 20, 2010 at 12:01 pm
    See update I posted at end of the article.
    Sincerest thanks everyone!
    Sincerest thanks to you also, Anthony, for all of your leadership & hard work!
    We are all VERY happy for you and your family, and I’m proud to be in such good company!
    Take care, pal!

  121. Anthony,
    Your “wife and you” are in our prayers.
    May she have a “rapid and complete” recovery.
    Thank you for all the efforts that you have contributed to exposing the truth in this “AGW SCAM”, on the World!!!!

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