911 reminder – Patriot Day

The flag at half staff on Ellis Island on September 11, 2001. National Park Service photo.

Take a moment to observe this day, Patriot Day, to remember those who gave their lives, and to celebrate our freedom from tyranny. If you can, fly your flag at half staff.


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I wonder how different it would be today.
Would there be a media blackout because it might insult someone?
Would there be a fatwa on anyone that covered it?
Strange times we live in, it’s good to remember, because how quickly we forget…….

Doug in Seattle

I don’t mean to minimize the sacrifices of those who have given so much since then, but, lest we forget, this is, first and foremost, the day we remember those whose lives were taken on 9/11/01.

Douglas DC

It was a beautiful fall day much like the one we have in NE Oregon today. I and my Wife
were on our way out the door in Coos Bay, Oregon to Eugene. My wife walked into the Bathroom and said:’ A plane hit one of the Twin Towers in New York!” I said: “This is no accident.” Then as I walked out the second plane hit.
Do nothing and the Bad Men win.
I had an old client who was a retired Newark NJ fireman. They were watching from the
roof of the Firehouse when the second building was hit. -Then the bell rang. It rang for many that day.

I’m not american, but I am humanist, atheist and democrat. Those are my flags, so my heart and my mind fly them at half staff by yours.
Long live freedom!


Right on, Anthony.
I flew my flag all night last night with a bright spotlight fixed on it.
Thanks for this.
Norfolk, VA, USA

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

From US President Obama: “As Americans, we will not or ever be at war with Islam.”
Grammatical nitpick: Was there a typo in the reporting? Did he misspeak today, possibly because it was mistyped into the teleprompter? Because logic-wise he just said:
Americans will not be at war with Islam
Americans will ever be at war with Islam.


I was there that morning at the Merrill Lynch building across the street – I still have my security pass. It was a beautiful bright clear blue sky.
The courage and dedication of the first responders as they entered the buildings with shrapnel-like aluminum cladding whizzing around plus the falling bodies was amazing. It is hard to realize that it was 9 years ago. It feels like last year.


first and foremost, the rememberance of those innocents that lost their lives. but,,,does anybody discuss the collapse of the towers on this blog? it is a scientific question, after all.
REPLY: 9/11 Truther propaganda is not welcome here, though I’d be perfectly happy to totally decimate your claims in some other forum… – Mike

Paul Coppin

The 2996 Project: http://project2996.wordpress.com/
The Black Day: http://911.navexpress.com/
FDNY – Blood of Heroes: http://www.fdnylodd.com/BloodofHeroes.html
CNN: the full victims lists: http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2001/trade.center/victims/main.html
Dedicated to the men and women and children: http://attacked911.tripod.com/
For Canadians, the 24 lost:
Michael Arczynski * Garnet Bailey * David Barkway * Ken Basnicki * Jane Beatty * Cindy Connolly * Arron Dack * Christine Egan * Michael Egan * Albert Elmarry * Meredith Ewart * Peter Feidelberg * Alexander Filipov * Ralph Gerhardt * Stuart Lee * Mark Ludvigsen * Bernard Mascarenhas * Colin McArthur * Michel Pelletier * Donald Robson * Roy Santos * Vladimir Tomasevic * Chantal Vincelli * Debbie Williams.

Bad Andrew

Thanks for the post and helping our rememberance of this, Anthony and WUWT.


On 9-11-01, so many people donated blood it could not all be used. I donated my bi-monthly pint today and it was not very busy. If you want to commemorate and do a bit of good, consider a blood donation if you are able.


You do, of course, refer to the freedom from tyranny we once had but have nearly entirely lost again?


i’m sorry. it’s not obvious how to do a reply here. unless its just moderatores that can. but with regard to ‘mike’ above: are you a moderator? i’m asking a scientific question. i wish simply to discuss scientific principles. (although i’m open to your offer, but this is a scientific blogsite).
REPLY: I am a moderator… There are certain semi-scientific and pseudoscientific topics on the internet that attract a great amount of trollery, flimflammery, or political agenda posturing as science, which Anthony doesn’t want this blog to deal with. We discuss the climate and related AGW topics because Anthony is a meteorologist who has done some work in this area (surfacestations.org). There are plenty of other places on the web where 9/11 Truth topics are discussed, pro and con, that we don’t need to drag that can of worms in here. – Mike

I remember the day, I was channel surfing on the couch as a recently laid off information worker when mum called and told me to watch the news that a plane had hit a building in NYC. Turned out that the pilot of flight 11 was a friend of the family, dad used to hunt on his family farm in Dracut when he was younger.
In the time since, I don’t know what annoys me more: the lies of denial put out by those seeking to make 9/11 into something other than what it was: a disgusting attack on civilian and military (Pentagon) targets using civilian airliners hijacked by 19 mostly Saudi members of al Qaeda, which is a heinous islamofascist organization funded by bin Laden family wealth; or else the way in which 9/11 has been flogged by the federal government to justify the largest intrusion into and violation of our constitutional rights since the Intolerable Acts that triggered the Revolutionary War.

Jan Sobieski

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine
Check out http://concordproject.org/


I will never forget, and I sincerely hope nobody else does either.
I made a tribute video some years ago and if you have a few minutes and some tissues I hope some of you will watch it:

Be aware that I delete all “troofer” comments from that link.

Paul Coppin

For those who’ve only seen the media reports and and the debates about WTC and 9/11, but don’t know of the realities of the actual event, SDA has put up 26 minutes of raw footage from a neighbouring residential tower, filmed by a family watching it all unfold from their living room way above New York.


i understand your point. to a point. but i would expect a moderator for a sceptic blog to be less defamatory and aggresive. i don’t want a pillow fight with you. but i respect anthonys right to decide what is and isn’t discussed on his own blog (even though i maintain it is purely science i wish to discuss (strange how you started on political accusations before discussing the science)). so…if you want to take this elsewhere, as you suggested, i will accept the attention of a single wuwt moderator, rather than the collective.
REPLY: 9/11 “Truth” discussion is rife with politics, I’ve been hip deep in those discussions for enough years to know. That sort of drama here could only be used by our critics to drag the blog down. – Mike


i understand. and i appreciate your constructive tone. but i am disappointed if you don’t want to discuss purely the science of the buildings collapse with me elsewhere.


sorry. i should have changed email b4.


The response to 911 (invading Iraq) was somehow similar to the response to global warming (reduce atmospheric CO2). Given the essentially illogical and reality-ignoring natures of both these response, are we really sure that we are free from tyranny today? More abstractly, can we ever be free from the tyranny of majority rule?

Colin from Mission B.C.

As on every 9/11, the Stars and Stripes went up the flagpole this morning. God Bless America.


Just to clarify my previous post, both responses were based upon lies. Yes, I said “lies”, implying with that choice of word that there was an intent to deceive – in order to achieve the goals of governmental agencies. Celebrate the freedom from past tyranny? Sure, let’s celebrate but let’s not lose sight of the tyranny that continues to exist.

As long as the Constitution exists, there exists a truth that no tyrant can deny. As to what is or is not tyranny, is quite often a very subjective matter of individual interpretation. While I am disappointed by some SCOTUS rulings regarding the ‘war on terror’, I am excited by rulings like Heller and MacDonald which are clear originalist rulings. Conversely, while I am likewise excited by rulings like Lopez that appear to try to put the commerce clause back in the box of original intent, subsequent rulings wrt medical marijuana that also dealt with the commerce clause, opinions written by the very same authors of Lopez, have hypocritically reversed themselves simply because the justices were bigoted against the type of commerce involved in medical marijuana. I expect we will see a ruling on Obamacare this coming term will likely be a defining return of restraint upon commerce clause power of congress.
That said, there are plenty of people who think that the opposite side of every ruling I cite here is the “pro-liberty” side, when they generally consider positive rights as paramount over negative rights.
These are the skirmishes in the modern day continuation of the American Revolution, they happen in court, and occasionally, in elections, as we vote on amendments, and politicians who steer such things. While many people today think that system is broken and beyond repair, it’s still better than the kool aid that the enemy is selling.


Kodaka, the guy isn’t as polished as we were lead to believe. I am daily reminded of his sloppy pronunciations.
Some have bemoaned the results of 9-11. I agree, yet at the same time wonder , absent better government, what other reactions you would expect. Unfortunately, I don’t think wisdom can be defined in this situation.
I don’t know any of the families of the tragedy, to them I hope each day brings them further from the remembrance.

I place a poster of the Twin Towers inside my front window which is illuminated at night by a 500 watt Quartz lamp for the week before and after 9/11. Everyone knows someone, who knows someone, that died in the Towers this day. I will never forget.

Thank you, Anthony, for this “off topic” post. Something to keep in mind for the next Patriot Day, November 2nd.


sigh… Don’t they teach history anymore?
“extremist”, the response to 9/11 was NOT to invade Iraq. The response was to invade Afghanistan in an attempt to find Bin Laden.
Really, when you have such fundamental errors in even your most basic facts, how can you possibly expect to be taken seriously? Ever?


[extremist, this is the kind of debate that could spiral out of control and is just not really where we want to take this blog. ~ ctm]


[No spoofing Anthony, ~ ctm]

Stephen Brown

I am not an American, I’m an Englishman who saw, live on TV, the second plane hit. It was in the evening in Hong Kong, I was in my study, surfing the web, when my daughter came and told me that the local TV station was relaying live feed from New York where a plane had hit a building. The TV feed came directly from the USA; no commentary, American or local, was given, just the video feed. I found out later that all four Hong Hong channels carried the same footage.
When the second plane hit I was both devastated and deeply disturbed; I can remember my initial comment to this day (apologies for the language). I said, out loud, “Oh! Shit! This is war.”
Two days ago I raised the flag-pole which the local Council said I could not have and flew the Union Standard at half-mast, after first raising it to the full height of the pole, as is the custom. I kept the Union Standard there until sunset as it is custom that the sun never sets of that flag. I flew the flag in order to remember those who died on that awful day and those who have died since in the conflicts which have followed.
The United States, this Englishman salutes you and all that you have done for Democracy, Justice and for the World. I, for one, will never forget the horror I saw on that day.

don penman

I went on holiday to florida just after 9/11, I remember all the cars flying flags.

Stephen Brown

In case anyone queries the date of my flag-pole raising, the flag will continue to fly at half-mast for another five days.
A week of remembrance is little enough.

David A. Evans

I was hitch-hiking that day & was picked up by a Muslim who told me about it & was quite obviously disgusted by the events & also, I think, a little frightened by the possible backlash.
My heart goes out to all who lost on that day, that includes, to an extent, everyone.

Dr. Dave

I would like to extend my gratitude to Mike the moderator for not allowing troofer bullshit to be discussed on this fine site. I find these discussions to be distasteful any day of the week, but on 9/11 they are insulting and disrespectful.
Troofers should go to some other site that specializes in such things. Report back when you have evidence that the CIA killed JFK, RFK, MLK and the names of the secret society that rules the world.


Not forgetting.
Thanks Anthony, and Mike the mod .

Robert Pederson

9/11 was a business opportunity. The fact that a ‘Patriot’ Day was established is rather amusing. Sure, it’s unfortunate that people died, but it is just business.


I will always remember that day in work. I was in the office (in the UK) and we had the televisions on tuned to the news channels when the attacks happened. I just thought it was a terrible accident. To be honest, at first I didn’t even think of the human cost. I just thought of the logistics of putting a fire out in a building of that size. There were many rumors about what had happened including one about a terrorist attack but I didn’t think that was realistic because of how high up in the building it happened. Then the second plane hit and, for me, the world changed. I watched with amazement as the towers burned and listened to reports of another 2 .. 5 .. 1 .. 8 planes having being hijacked and heard of the pentagon being hit. Then the first tower fell. I was stunned. I thought I was watching movie. I hoped I was watching a movie. I wish I was watching a movie. But I wasn’t. The second tower fell. You would have thought that would make me realise that what I’m watching is reality but it didn’t it only increased my disconnect. In the end I went home and for the first time since I was child and, despite my complete disbelief in a deity, I said a little prayer.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Re: my previous comment
AP (per the link I provided) appears to have done not a correction but an entire rewrite of the piece, going by that same Yahoo URL. I saw it change before my eyes when I reloaded. I looked, it said it was posted 18 minutes ago, yet Yahoo still had all the old comments from when the original was posted.
The change from the AP seems to have automatically propagated through the system. I have noticed something. As copied from a Google search, the original headline was “9/11 events go on in shadow of Islam controversies.” It has been changed to “Unsettled nation marks 9/11 with rituals of sorrow .” Obama’s words are now emphatically “clarified”: “As Americans we are not — and never will be — at war with Islam,” the president said.
Yes! Much hunting later, I find an apparent mistake:
is going to a third headline I saw floating around, “Dueling protests begin after 9/11 memorial.” It has the original AP wording. Printable version now printed! Page saved locally! Here is the screenshot: http://i55.tinypic.com/2u7m2c5.png
Yes! I have found what appears to be the original piece, view it while you can.
9/11 events go on in shadow of Islam controversies
You know, I read last year over at the Breitbart sites how the media was covering Obama’s gaffes, making retroactive changes to their original reporting after the White House staff “clarified” what Obama said to what he had really meant to say. Strangely enough, I’ve never heard of the media extending such a courtesy to former President George W. Bush.


OK, now what exactly does 9/11 have to do with climate science? Just curious… You don’t see Pharyngula or RealClimate having posts commemorating 9/11
The only reason I can see for this post is to remind the right wing constituency of the blog what they’re really here for…


Umm…, many of our Patriots, are deployed.
God bless them all.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

I am a trained machinist, knowledgeable about the heat treatment of steel, and have studied a path traversing machining to knifemaking to bladesmithing to blacksmithing. I know what happens when steel is heated by flame, as with an open-air forge-like environment using an oxidizing flame with effects such as decarbonization, and a reducing flame as well, with scaling to be expected which will destroy all steel in the fire over time. I watched the towers burn, and said “They’re going to fall. Steel can only withstand so much.”
I knew nothing else but those continuous intense fires were needed.


I will always find it difficult to watch the images from that day. On that day a lot of people understandably ran for their lives. However, an uncomfortably large number of brave souls ran the other way, straight into the teeth of hell, never to be seen again.

GM says:
September 11, 2010 at 4:20 pm

I note that often when asked about such things Anthony refers the inquisitor to header of this site. Essentially, it appears Anthony reserves the right to cover any topic he wants. It is his site.. go figure.
Perhaps Real Climate could do with a bit more patriotism and a lot less rubbish?


Re: GM
So what you are basically saying is that if you commemorate 911 then you are right wing.


Lee Kington says:
September 11, 2010 at 4:49 pm
GM says:
September 11, 2010 at 4:20 pm
I note that often when asked about such things Anthony refers the inquisitor to header of this site. Essentially, it appears Anthony reserves the right to cover any topic he wants. It is his site.. go figure.
Perhaps Real Climate could do with a bit more patriotism and a lot less rubbish

Patriotism is rubbish. But you are right that the rubbish here predominates.
What I was saying is that many science blogs cover a lot of other optics in life, but none of the ones I have checked today deemed it necessary to have a 9/11 post. While the ones that pretend to be science blogs do. Why is that I ask?

TerryS says:
September 11, 2010 at 4:50 pm
Re: GM
So what you are basically saying is that if you commemorate 911 then you are right wing

It depends on HOW you commemorate it. Historically, there have been disasters of the scale and greater all over the world on practically every day of the year, we don’t commemorate the vast majority of them. Why should that date be different? It’s been 9 years, move on.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Excerpt from: GM on September 11, 2010 at 4:20 pm

You don’t see Pharyngula or RealClimate having posts commemorating 9/11

Yeah, we noticed.

Jon P

Paul Coppin says:
September 11, 2010 at 12:01 pm
I watched the footage which brought me right back to that day. One thing I noticed in the footage was during the collapse of the North Tower at aroung te 20 minute mark, if you look closely you can see structure standing amidst all the smoke and then it collapses. I have never seen this video before. Thank you for linking.
To all who lost on that day and to all that have lost since. It is a Patriot Day!
When I see a post on a blog that does not interest me I ignore it. The last thing I would do is tell someone what they can and cannot or should or should not do with what is theirs. Your need to post such a comment reveals a lot about your ( I know better than thee” personality.
Semper Fi and Never Forget!

Nobody’s right about everything whether in politics, science or personal choices – if they were, maybe they’d be some kind of “god”. I am a “truther” because the official conspiracy theory doesn’t make sense. I am a climate skeptic because AGW doesn’t make sense.

Jon P

GM says:
September 11, 2010 at 5:01 pm
Why don’t you just move on from this thread. Why do you have such a need to get in everybody else’s space?
As far as your Patriotism is rubbish. You are most welcome from me and my fellow veterans for providing you the opportunity to post, speak, write anything you like in this great country.