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WUWT readers may recall this article and photo from earlier this year:

IPCC now in Bizarroland: Pachauri releases “smutty” romance novel

Click for more photos from his book release.

Well at least one person bought his book Return to Almora, and has, ahem,  given an interesting review of it.  Here’s an excerpt:

Lucky for him, Sanjay never encounters any serious criticism in this book.  No one accuses him of scientific fraud, no one seriously disagrees with his ‘research’, no one takes him to task over the fee structures of his Meditation Huts (or whatever he calls his 400 plus franchised enlightenment outlets).  It seems likely that if controversy ever came Sanjay’s way he would respond badly.  First he’d try lofty, above it all condescension; when that failed to stifle opponents he’d result to angry and unthinking vituperation.  In neither case would he show much talent for detailed, evidence-based argument.  At the end, he would vanish from the scene, looking and sounding hurt, and go off to seek inner peace among the forgiving silence of the Himalayan hills. There, where the Force is strong, he would heal.  The gurus and saddhus would throw themselves at his feet; women would batter down his door; memories of his past incarnations would distract him from unpleasant events; from time to time he would consider ways to help the poor and spread the light.

Read the whole review here at The American Interest

h/t to WUWT reader Ken Smith

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  1. Railroading: To force, push forward unduly, as a person into a particular course of action, a bill through parliament etc.

  2. Many a scientist/policy maker has had a seriously eccentric streak. Let’s not get too distracted – but one wonders about the book’s carbon footprint 🙂

  3. I just realised after I clicked post that a dozen or so other people tied up in moderation have probably just made the same joke. So mods- please delete if necessary. I don’t want to see this line repeated all through the thread. 😉
    (sure to be a few ‘grey literature’ references as well)…

  4. That was indeed a very good book review. Pachy it would seem has an ego as big as Texas, and a hide as thick as a Pachyderm.

  5. Comedy gold! Thank you, Walter Russell Mead for your profound intelligence and gift with the English language.

  6. Roger Knights says:
    August 23, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Here’s the link to the Amazon page for the book ($32 new, $14 used)

    I hope the ‘used’ copies come with a knife to separate any pages that may be ‘stuck together’ for any reason…..

  7. Seems like Patchy’s opus is as shallow, superficial, and unthinking as the entire AGW enterprise.
    I will not read it – life is too short – but I enjoyed Walter Russell Mead’s highly entertaining review.

  8. You just had to resurrect that whole sordid story from January, didn’t you?
    Oh well, at least that well written review made it worthwhile as Mr. Mead thoroughly shreds Mr. Pachauri’s pompous smut novel — or is it a self-aggrandizing semi-autobiographical tale?

  9. So, what’s up with the “Dr. Pachauri has vanished down a rabbit hole, though he may pop up again on August 30, when the UN assessment of the IPCC report will be released?” I don’t think I’ve heard of it.
    Excerpts (there’s not much worth excerpting) from
    PARIS – A UN-requested review of the world’s top panel of climate scientists, accused of flaws in a key assessment on global warming, will be unveiled on August 30, the investigating committee said on Friday.
    The five-month probe into “the processes and procedures” of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is being conducted by the InterAcademy Council (IAC), gathering 15 leading science academies.
    Its report will be handed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri in New York on August 30, and will be followed by a press conference, according to a statement for the IAC by Britain’s Royal Society.
    “What are the chances this will be another whitewash?” I rhetorically asked no one in particular.

  10. @Robert says: August 23, 2010 at 4:05 am
    “I don’t know what he is up to now, but please next time without a picture of Rasta Rostelli please? Think of the childeren.”
    Actually, I use a picture of him on the mantle shelf to keep the grandkids away from the fire.
    Works a treat.

  11. JER0ME says:
    August 23, 2010 at 3:15 am

    I hope the ‘used’ copies come with a knife to separate any pages that may be ‘stuck together’ for any reason…..

    It’s not that good of a book.

  12. Let’s not forget Patchy’s greatest work of fiction is still to come – the next IPCC report.

  13. Sorry, but I won’t be reading it, joke or not. Occasionally I want to slip into a woman’s fantasy book and this read would likely spoil the benefits of that endeavor for the rest of my life.

  14. As the reviewer says:
    “The intellectual vapidity and narcissistic self satisfaction of the book is unsurpassable. ”
    “The lack of any intellectual rigor or evidence of rational thought in this book is remarkable…Criticism and rigorous thinking are just not in his repertoire.”
    “Some reviewers have spoken of Sanjay as an idealized version of Pachauri: this is Rajendra Pachauri as he would like to be and Rajendra Pachauri’s Sanjay is his portrait of a hero.
    This is a truly chilling thought — that the leadership of the global environmental movement might have accepted someone whose ideas and culture are this vapid and banal into its leadership…Greens should be deeply, deeply grateful that Pachauri’s novel has stayed off the shelves in the US. “

  15. When it hits the remainders I may buy it if cheap enough, there’s a hard winter coming and it looks to be a good choice for fire making…

  16. The only question, is this a good story well told? From the reviews apparently not. I gather from the reviews that this fiction is little better then his other non-fiction fiction. Therefore, not worth my time.

  17. Pachy is playing his part in this life as well as he can. He will get his just deserts as a reward in the hereafter and have a harder life next time as an untouchable. His saw that his task was to confuse and discourage the intelligent and prowd into inaction and wasteful greed; and to inspire the weak and fainthearted to get up off their backsides and join the fight to save the world from stupidity and profit and worthless novels. He has done all this and so much more. Those who should know better follow him blindly. Those who would have never lifted a finger to save themselves or anyone else seem to be lighting torches and getting ropes and mumbling something angrily under their breath as they take to the street and the web. Such is life. Even the wicked have their place.

  18. I enjoyed the review, but probably wouldn’t enjoy the book. Now the MST3K-annotated edition, on the other hand…

  19. That review was hysterical! One wonders what Dr. Patchy will be reincarnated as. One wonders what Dr. Patchy was reincarnated from!

  20. My Gawd, isn’t there a (heavily) retouched photo of Pach somewhere? Doesn’t he have PR help?
    Here I am, quietly reading and enjoying myself… I scroll down… and GAaaaaauhhg

  21. According to the review:
    “At one point, a mysterious holy man with a great deal of funding has graduate students wear special tin hats through which they are put into contact with the ‘divine’. This is all very scientific, the narrator reassures us; the subjects report on a scale of one to ten how close to the deity they feel and the resulting data is averaged and calculated using the best available statistical methods. ”
    Heh!! Sounds like a class with Mann or Jones (except for the use of statistics!). In regards to its use of statistics, this novel is an “interesting” upgrade over AR4!

  22. I enjoyed the following comment on Walter Russell Mead’s review that I found on his blog,
    “Yet again Walter Russell Mead performs a selfless humanitarian service: reading this clot of codswallop so we don’t have to.
    Comment by vanderleun – August 22, 2010 @ 7:05 pm”

  23. @Rick Werme 4:55
    From their website; “The IAC has been asked to establish an ad hoc Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of experts from relevant fields to conduct the review and to present recommendations on possible revisions of IPCC practices and procedures. In addition, the IEG is asked to recommend measures and actions to strengthen the IPCC’s capacity to respond to future challenges and ENSURE THE ONGOING QUALITY of its reports.” (My emphasis.)
    From the “if you are going to have an enquiry, make sure you write the terms of reference” school.
    So no preconceived position then?

  24. Reading one novel like this could happen to anybody; reading two of them begins to look careless.
    The last sentence of the review about sums it up I think.

  25. I think the book would make a movie. You know…..
    Telly Savalas is………………….Kojak
    Daniel Craig is……………………Bond
    Patch Morals is………………….Sick

  26. Email Gore to Patchy Morals:
    Dear Patchy: I’ve purchased your book but want my money back as it doesn’t work….especially around Seattle.

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