WUWT Status report – 40 million

Overnight, another milestone occurred. As of 6:20 AM PST, the WUWT hit counter shows:

Thank you readers, thank you moderators, thank you guest contributors.

Traffic has slowed from about half of what it was during the heady days of Climategate and Copenhagen in December, but I note that this is not unique to WUWT, as other climate blogs have also experienced similar drops since then. However I’m pleased to say that WUWT has kept many new readers since then.

Here’s an Alexa comparison of WUWT and four other commonly visited climate websites:

For my part, I’ve gone through a period of exhaustion and illness due to keeping up the pace a couple of weeks back, and for awhile, resorted to posting  a lot of press releases rather than analysis and commentary.

This is why I value the work of our volunteer moderation team and our guest contributors so much. You have my heartfelt thanks for your continued efforts.

At the moment, I’m facing survival issues with my own business due to the downturn the economy has suffered, and I’ll be unable to put as much time into WUWT as I have in the past. Even the Google Ad words hits have dropped off as the economy cools. The economy has finally caught up to my little niche.

Given the situation, I hope readers will forgive me if I showcase a weather station product or two in the future as a way to gain revenue. WUWT gets more hits than my business does, so I’d be a fool not to take advantage of this traffic. I figure many WUWT readers might be interested in some of the weather products I’ve invented and offer. Most recently I’ve been working on a personal weather radar channel, a small box that you can add to the back of any flat screen LCD TV/monitor, that gives you 24/7 automated radar display for your location, and without any data fees. Look for that in a week or two.

Again, thank you all for making WUWT the most visited climate science blog in the world. – Anthony


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Weather station products? Let’s see ’em! 🙂

James Chamberlain

I do the Alexa analysis every couple of weeks or so as well, but only with your site, Gavin’s, and Steve Mc’s. I never thought to include climate progress as I had assumed that no one visited it ever. I guess I was wrong. It’s just that people don’t comment there or they get moderated out!

Bernd Felsche

You’re not even tempted to hide the decline? 🙂

Morgan T

Anthony and the moderators
Ok you can not work without fundings, what is the best way , using the Donate button for the surfacestations.org project?
REPLY: That or visit the weathershop icon at right and see if there is something that interests you. – Anthony

Send me a shipping address [Check your email – Thanks – Anthony]


The stats probably look like a hockey stick…but we believe you! : )
Patchy to AL: “AL, So good of you to fly from the US to North India. You are the
conscience of the earth’s climate! Say, what kind of fuel mileage
do you get in that beautiful Gulfstream?”
AL: “About 48 feet a gallon!”

Wondering Aloud

Maybe Climate Progress gets intelligent readers who then all comment on how crummy Climate progress is, and then all get moderated out? Or maybe since they just echo whatever realclimate says folks comment over there instead?
I am interested in seeing your weather station products.


Anthony: The wife is going to kill you if you don’t show the cash after being chained to your computer. Do it.


Definately show the sun in your widget too. I think it helps to inject it’s equations into our thinking. This solar24 thing is interesting.

Alea Jacta Est

“Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition” (Adam Smith 1723-90)
You Sir have applied the antidote to our current poison. Semper ubi sub ubi

Bill in Vigo

Congrats on the continuing up tic on WUWT. It is a privilege to be able to come to this site and read daily often more than once and once in a while contribute a little from an old worn out country boy.
Go ahead with the weather products I am currently using a LaCrosse and have had nothing but trouble with the remote rain sensor and have gone back to a manual rain bucket.
I look forward to continued education via this wonderful web site.
Bill Derryberry
REPLY: Bill I recently made the decision to dump both LaCrosse and Oregon Scientific products from our line for the same reason you cite. They are junk. I do have a cool replacement that its more accurate and trustworth, and is NIST traceable. Look for it showcased here in a couple of weeks. – Anthony

Peter Pan

Is that possible to put real time cosmic rays reading, solar wind speed and solar proton density data into your weather radar channel?
REPLY: Not that channel, but we have another app for that. Similar setup, and you can program your own content from anywhere on the web or from your own PC/Network see http://www.viziframe.com – Anthony


Course, it’s worth pointing out that Alexa is a proxy, not a direct measurement of each site’s traffic. A fairly good proxy, I grant you, but still…
Just thought I’d throw that one out there. 😉
Congratulations on the continued success.

Jon Jewett

Please do whatever it is that you need to do. Your efforts are important.
My God Bless these United States and the Great State of Texas
…….and the good people at WUWT
Steamboat Jack

We’re seeing a slight pickup in the economy. Recreational products are beginning to be purchased at about 40% of 07- 08 levels, up from about 10%. There is some light coming unless the taxes start rolling in hard and fast. We’re also seeing a pickup in construction industry but I’m not sure if it’s through govt. or private consumers.

Henry chance

I suspect climate progress has about 12 steady posters. Their censorship is tight.
This is many times more classy site. It is also less of a political bully pulpit. I can’t deal with Realclimate because it is composting the same single posts for too many days. Yikes. It causes me to react when every warmist site twists each little “science” finding into a political command telling people what to do.
Good idea to increase marketing your products. Very good idea. Since Big Oil is stingy, you deserve the money.


I enjoy your site Anthony, and I hope your “other” business survives and thrives. The economic situation does seem to be going downhill, especially in terms of the national debt as reported today. That, as well as the ongoing health care bill controversy, the up-coming carbon tax bill being put forth by Kerry, illegal immigration, political corruption and backroom deals, etc., all serve to move people’s attention away from discussions of climate. For the last year or so the public has been the victim of information overload, and I think a lot of folks have just tuned out altogether.

Wuttites are nothing if not loyal, Anthony, and probably a bit smarter than some of the other climate site visitors: ) Sincere congratulations for another record broken.

Congrats to Anthony, the Mod Squad, Willis and all the other guest posters! You guys work hard to keep things both interesting and civil, and your ranking is well deserved 🙂


As a new visitor to your website (4-5 months) I appreciate the effort, and many hours, you put in.
Thank you.


Congratulations!. Have you any records on what kind of posts receive more hits?


I remember, not long ago, being amazed at WUWT passing 20 million, now this milestone is one more demonstration of the high esteem in which you and your site are held.
Congratulations Anthony. Here’s to the big 5-0 !


I want you to know that I am working on a computer model which will show that all bloggers located within 1200 km of you also have 40m hits.
And if the model shows it, it must be true, right?

dave ward

Congratulations! I’m responsible for a few hundred of those hits – you’re on my bookmarks for daily visits. I confess that much of what you post is over my head, but without your (and the teams) valuable efforts I would be less aware of the real situation.


Just hit up the tip jar. I’ve followed this site since it started and appreciate all the time and effort you (and the mods) put in to keep it informative, engaging, and contiously updated. I have posted maybe 4 comments in all that time so I would consider myself a lurker. If you are a fellow lurker and enjoy this site, throw in a donation.


Just hit the donate button.
Thanks to everyone who makes this site pssible.


I am one of those who visited after Climategate as a somewhat disinterested lukewarmer and have since really had my eyes and mind opened from what I have learned from everyone here.
Thank you for your dedicated work and for all you have done. It truly is a service to mankind.


Expect surges of visitors come Bonn and Cancun.

B. Jackson

Congratulations on the succes of this site. I am one of those who found this site after I heard about Climategate. I have visited this site daily since. The effort you put in is greatly appreciated. I’ve always had a feeling something wasn’t right with the AGW position and the hype surrounding it and I find it refreshing to get news and commentary on the subject without all the BS and hyperbole. Keep up the good work.

Peter Miller

40,000,000 hits – I bet this guy is no fan of yours. This is from Private Eye magazine, the scourge of incompetent, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in the UK.
Carbon Trading
Profits of Doom
Carbon emissions trading might be useless at tackling climate change, but it is highly profitable for the financial engineers behind it.
The godfather of pollution trading is an American called Richard Sandor, famous as one of the founders of financial derivatives in the 1980s at junk bond trader Drexel Burnham Lambert, where he pioneered the “collateral mortgage obligations” that eventually brought the financial markets to their knees. He was also architect of the first pollution permit trading scheme (in sulphur emissions) in the US, in the 1980s.
Now he chairs the company controlling more than 80% of EU carbon emissions trading, Climate Exchange Plc, which regularly launches “innovative” carbon products such as daily futures contracts and has set up trading exchanges in China, Canada and Australia. Sandor meanwhile has been a big mover behind plans for a mandatory trading system in the US that would see his company’s income multiply.
Under Sandor and chief executive ad offshore insurance specialist Neil Eckert, Climate Exchange Plc owns the European Climate Exchange based in London’s Bishopsgate, as well as the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange. Business is especially booming in London, as Eckert boasted in a recent results announcement last week: “ECX had a wonderful year and with the continuing EU discussions of an anticipated 30% cut (in emissions) by 2020 and particularly the move to 100% auctioning (of allowances) in 2011, shows significant long term growth potential.” Last year Sandor earned $1m and Eckert £575,000. Sandor’s shares in the company are worth more than £40m, and Eckert’s around £5m, on top of £7m worth of options.
These riches came on the back of operating profits last year of £11.5m, made almost entirely in London where trading in £70bn worth of emissions allowances by the European exchange’s 100 members, including such renowned environmentalists as Shell, Barclays and RBS, earned the exchange £11.4m. Not that any of this finds its way into the (UK) government’s coffers in the form of tax that might be invested in slightly more useful environmental measures.
The rest of this article can be found on page 29 of the March 19th edition of Private Eye, Britain’s leading satrirical magazine.


Here’s a little something you may find interesting. Small change as these things go, but I found the participants interesting. More Climate Models! I wonder how a “Battle of the Models” will entertain us for the next few years. 🙂
USDA, DOE & NSF Agree to Joint Climate Change Prediction Research Program
WASHINGTON – March 22, 2010 – The U.S. Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Energy (DOE) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) today created a joint research program that designates nearly $50 million to develop climate system models that provide insights on climate variability and impacts on ecosystems.
“Climate change and its impacts on the land, crops and animals raise some of the most serious issues faced by producers and by society at large,” said Roger Beachy, director of USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


Anthony, thanks so much for hosting such a great virtual party! My own consulting business has been the pits also, and my wife threatens to kill my laptop quite frequently, so I understand your plight!
Please get healthy and throw us some bones once in a while, I think we have a good rhythm going amongst moderators and commentators.
Your contribution to the understanding of the political and societal ramifications of global warming cannot be understated. We’ll be here when you get caught up with stuff. Also, hat-tip to Moderators!

Sell us anything you think we’d value and benefit from. I’d only advise that it be reasonably relevant to our interests so that the anti-commercial among us be only minimally annoyed.
I’m also not hip to other ad sellers on blogs, but on Traders-Talk we use several and I can make a recommendation or two that might be able to augment ad revenue a bit. Feel free to contact me.


No worries, the self proclaimed statistical geniuses over at “real” climate will match your numbers any day of the week, and one doesn’t even have to do any qualified guesswork to come to that conclusion since they have yet to present any kind of raw data that is unmolested.
Now you just need 10 more mil. to reach 50. :p

OK, I just visited the store.
You have GOT to put some of those products on rotation on a banner on the site. We won’t know they are there unless you show us.
I want the ProScope. I can’t figure out why I need it, yet, but I WANT it. That has a major cool quotient.


Hi Anthony,
I also want to thank you deeply for the information on your blog. I have visited daily for the last 6 months or so (starting before climategate) and always enjoy it.
Looking forward to your new merchandise too!

Impressive achievement!
Using this popular site to advertise your Weather Shop gadgets is a great and welcome idea. Many of us dive right into the posts and comments here with barely a glance at the right column or a detour to the Shop. If you can have Google ads in the main column, why not put your own in, too? A ‘Gizmo of the Day!’ or ‘Top Three Best-selling Gadgets!’ would draw lazy fingers like mine toward the WS.
Also, have you considered WUWT and WeatherShop paraphernalia? You know: hats, shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, mugs, calendars, etc.? How about low-end gift gadgets for folks looking for Christmas and birthday presents? And you could diversify to non-weather items, too, e.g. gyroscopes (remember those?), multi-band radios, atomic clocks (whatever LaCrosse’s weather-gadget deficiencies, I have a wall atomic clock I got from them for only about $25 that works great). Just suggestions.
/Mr Lynn


I want a WUWT coffee mug. With pictures of crappy weather stations all over it.


Peter Miller (08:44:35) :
I gave up on the Eye after they kept pushing the MMR vaccine scare and jumped on the AGW bandwagon. They’re great investigative reporters, but they have a couple of rather massive blindspots and, in the end, they’re part of the same lumpen media they’re supposed to be satirising, sharing all the same vulnerabilities.

Dan in California

I started visiting your site about 8 months ago after I independently realized that AGW is technically inaccurate, based on the non-relationship between CO2 and global temperatures in the geologic past, and because the narrow IR band is already completely absorbed. I started to do a few feeble bits to counter the politics, but was extremely heartened to see your results so much greater than mine. Thanks for giving me hope.
On the product side, how fast will your weather radar screen update? If it’s more often than once a minute, there’s a market in light airplanes. Currently, you can get GPS with this, but it’s about $50/month and only available on the more expensive units. It wouldn’t be a big market for you, but you may save a few lives. Send me an email if you’re interested.
REPLY: It is every 5 minutes, but might still be useful for small airport wall displays. – Anthony


This is my first post, but I have been reading you for about 2 years now. It’s been a great ride – amazing in the last few months. Thanks for all the great work.

A. Watts says,

Given the situation, I hope readers will forgive me if I showcase a weather station product or two in the future as a way to gain revenue.

’bout damn time. 😉

Thank you for all that you do here !!!!
Please continue with the great work !!!

George E. Smith

Well tell us the truth Anthony, is that 40 million number adjusted for inflation ?
You know the world population has increased a lot since you started this thing, so it is only natural that your readership should have gone up.
Roy Spencer says that the world population density is going up too; so I’m not so sure you guys aren’t in cahoots on this thing.
Anyway; if you think your door bell ring count is going up; just wait till you see what is going to happen to your taxes (and mine).
Anyway; bloody good show Mate; you and Chasmod and his gang have done a lot of hard work to achieve this result.


Congratulations Anthony!
Keep up the good work! I think WUWT is doing very well, surely most WUWT readers appreciate the many guest posts too! Regarding your main interest http://www.surfacestations.org/, I wonder if you have considered the following “trick” that may “hide the decline”?
Removing urban sites due to the urban heat island effect may hide the warm period in the thirties since:
1. Urban surface stations may be old – covering the warm thirties.
2. Rural surface stations may be new – not covering the warm thirties.
I Norway we have one example where they have excluded one urban station for our capitol where 1934 is the warmest year and instead included another rural station where a dramatic temperature increase is seen.


I’ll put this bluntly, some people don’t know what really keep sales on the up and up.
If you have already bought a weather station gadgety thingy, will you buy another one any time soon?
A vibrating apparatus on the other hand will sell again and again, and you can still call it a thermometer if you want, heck it could even include a whole set of thermometers.
I’m just saying, if you want to sell stuff, sell the right stuff. :p


I wonder if you actually are able to track those of us who do not use a browser but use our email readers to follow WUWT. With an email reader I can filter out topics that do not interest me, keep posts that do interest me and in general have much more flexibility than in something like google reader. Of course google reader may not track either???
Good Job.
Dave W

R. Gates

Congrats & Thanks Anthony!
I may be one of the few “warmists” on this site, but generally have been treated very well, and the dialog is always enlightening!

Folks, hit the DONATE button !

Robert of Ottawa

Yes – we want weather products – maybe there’s something I could use. I’m fascinated by the UHI effect upon max and min daily temps. To study this would require a rural counterpart around the Ottawa region.