Polar bear forecast

From Ontario, evidence that above freezing weather may affect polar bear populations.


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  1. ???
    Is it just me or does the sentence seem a bit off?
    “From Ontario, evidence that above freezing weather polar bear populations.”
    Should it read?
    “From Ontario, evidence of above freezing weather polar bear populations.”
    REPLY: press refresh

  2. We can make good use of their furs when the cooling continues. It’ll be funny to run around in siberian temperatures in 2050 and the papers will print “40ies warmest decade ever according to NASA”.

  3. Watch and learn people! In these cold climes we may all have to resort to similar behavior just to stay alive. The polar bear is an intelligent beast. We would do well to follow their example.

  4. This may offend the tree humpers. Are there poley bears on the shores of Lake Ontario?
    I don’t know much about them but thought they hung around saltwater areas.

  5. Harold Vance (07:39:18) :
    Here’s a link to the actual picture, which was posted by Pat Liu on January 14:

    Is that a road in the background? Are they that near civilization?

  6. @kadaka, LOL
    I wonder if these are the last 2 polar bears left on earth. Maybe the IPCC should put that on the front page of the next report.

  7. Polar bear pick-up line:
    Global warming is going to kill us all! You don’t want to die a virgin, do you?

  8. “Caviar comes from virgin sturgeon.”
    The Toronto Zoo is in Scarborough. The bears are just having fun in the zoo.
    They should get a room.

  9. The iceberg on which those two polar bears were holding onto, went far south; a direct consequence of anthropogenic global warming. But of course, more funding will be needed to study this phenomenon… where is my bailout grant money… wwaaa, wwwaaaaa, WWWWWAAAAAAA!

  10. Is she hung on his north pole, or a north pole-dancer??
    “Hey baby, is it me or is it hot out here?”…”I’ll show ’em ice melt”…”Oh baby, your as tight as a teddybear

  11. I’m pretty sure that the mating season for Polar Bears is April. If this photo is from this month, then its a little bit early. Also Papa Polar Bear is normally a lot bigger then Mama Polar Bear. I can’t see the face of the bottom bear. I am also at work, so staring at this picture, trying to figure out cranial measurements of apparently mating bears might not be a good idea. I am not positives, but there is a chance that these are both boys.

  12. But isn’t that activity causing the bears to exhale more CO2?
    “Impotent polar bears use Viagra to hide the decline.”

  13. I dunno, those bears seem pretty hot. Has WUWT identified the real threat to the Arctic ice? Could someone please alert Leonardo DiCaprio.

  14. Are there no depths this blog won’t plumb for it’s selfish amusement?
    That poor Bear desperately struggling to carry its starving comrade just a little further in their heroic journey to find the last remaining Seal in the Arctic.

  15. Special Limited Time Offer!
    These bears died of old age or other natural causes.
    Rugs are Nanook-certified to be eco-green: click

  16. Smokey (17:26:31) :
    “Polar bears dying of heat exhaustion”

    Heat exhaustion??? From an increase of 5F to minus 15F? So how did the species survive the Medieval Warm Period when the temperatures were higher?
    For that matter how do they survive in the summer? Oh that is right they go swimming in water FIVE degrees HOTTER that the air temperature this article is complaining about.
    Probably dropped dead from old age from lack of natural predators (man)

  17. Smokey (17:26:31) :
    Polar bears dying of heat exhaustion: click

    Is this site for real?
    “People don’t realize how much heat stress these temperatures put on polar bears. The bears are increasingly being seen taking dips in the ocean in their attempts to cool off.”
    Gee, why else would polar bears be swimming in the ocean? Of course people don’t realize about heat stress and polar bears, in non-Arctic climates they only see them at the zoo, when for brief moments they are brutally forced out of their deep-freeze refrigerated dens for public display.
    Look at the “most popular stories,” levitating islands, Area 51, “Did Bush Jets Influence Hurricane Katrina?” This is Weekly World News for greenies!

  18. Daddy, what are those two polar bears doing?
    Well princess, the one on top is feeling very warm and the one underneath is helping him get to a cooler place.
    But daddy, they don’t look like they’re going anywhere.
    Hey sweetie, mum’s calling you. We’ll talk more later.

  19. Mr Polar Bear “Keep looking forward when I’m done; I need to hide the decline”
    Mrs Polar Bear: “It’s worse than I feared!”

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