September 25th, 2009 WUWT hit the 20 million mark. I was shocked then, because we’d gone from 10 million just six months prior. I wrote then in Another small milestone for WUWT:

Back on March 15th, 2009,  I was amazed to find that WUWT hit 10 million on the internal WordPress hit counter.

I started the WUWT blog in late November of 2006, and it took me over two years to get there

Now just six months later, I’m amazed again.

Now, just three months later, I’m gobsmacked at hitting 30 million.

WUWT sidebar counter 8AM 12/29/09

Longtime reader and surfacestations volunteer Gary Boden sent me an interesting email a few days ago.

To: Anthony Watts


First of all, here’s wishing you and your family a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

Second, as I predicted on September 25th:

Gary (19:24:11) :

Thirty million hits by 1 Jan 2010?

REPLY: Doubtful, but reader can always help by placing links on other blogs. – A

WUWT is just about to pass 29 million on the Blog Stats hit counter with eleven days to go.  You just may do it.


WUWT will end up December 2009 with a new record in monthly traffic. Though it has dipped during the holidays. I’ll have more at years end.

On behalf of myself, the moderation team, and contributors, readers, it has been our honor. – Anthony


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Congrats on a job well done!

Dave B

From one of your new readers and extremely interested Climategate observers… Congratulations!

Henry chance

And climate progress just celebrated a topic having 8 responses.
Just remember last month I pointed out you had a spike in visits but the e-mail fiasco was only announced for the last 1/3 of the month.


IN this case, I guess, quantity and quality have a causative/correlative effect.

Congratulations, and the honor is ours as readers and advocates of a reasoned analysis of climate. The efforts of people like you and McIntyre are a tremendous service to mankind – and I don’t feel that’s an exaggeration. The blog traffic is great news and gives me hope that the world may actually wake up sooner rather than later.

mark fuggle

Very well done Anthony.

Strength to strength. Congratulations Anthony, you have caught a wave of a yearning for knowledge and open discussion. Long may it continue.


And it’s been our pleasure.

Doug in Seattle

Thirty Million visitors is a great new milestone, but its one that will easily be exceeded during the new year.
Congratulations, we all appreciate what you do, not only for our own enlightenment, but for all of humanity that has for too long been kept in the dark about climate science.

Dave Johnson

Congratulations Anthony


This is one site that I can visit morning, noon, and night and always find something new to read and more to learn. Thanks Anthony for a great site.

May there be many more such pleasant surprises in your future.


It’s a result of positive feedback.


Congratulations, and thank you!

P Gosselin

Eat your hearts out MSM and warmists!
2009 is the year the AGW hypothesis crumbled.

Douglas DC

Links, Co-workers,family,I’ve even converted a few warmists. E-mail E-Mail E-mail.
Including congresscritters…
Go Antony!….

Dr.T G Watkins(Wales)

I’ve been watching the sidebar numbers over the last two weeks in particular. It will be interesting to see the graph. Congratulations all round. I expect even greater interest when the surface station critique is ready.

Well done on an incredible job.
Great to have this rock in a sea of lunacy.

Douglas DC

Dang it ,_Anthony_no Coffee and the flu has its deleterious effects…

Michael J. Bentley

From a very cold and still snow patched Pueblo, Colorado – Congrats and I echo the above!!! PS – Happy New Year!

Peter Carroll

If you plot hits vs. time it will look like a…….hockey stick.

Methow Ken

WUWT: The new mainstream. . . .
Long may you run; and many thanks for a hugely valuable and important public service.


Great site, look forward to viewing it everyday.


Let’s just say: Copenhagen, that’s enough to describe WUWT achievements.


Great job! It reflects the job you do in maintaining an honest forum for information and discussion, unlike some other people we might know …


Great job, Anthony, and congratulations. You have earned it, and this site is always interesting and informative.


Congratulations Anthony. I’ve been viewing here for several years now and rarely spend a day without looking. We’re still trying to get a UK Surface Stations off the ground but it appears our network is even more unfathomable than elsewhere, despite our history.

P Gosselin

Actually I’d like to see the raw data behind this hockey stick claim.
– Surely it is not protected by intellectual property rights,
– or subjected to confidentiality agreements,
– or only available to acedemics,
– or is not subject to the FOIA (don’t tell anyone that it is!),
– or is already available at other websites, or is lost
– or is deleted,
– or you don’t have the time for the “endless time-consuming demands for information”.


The truth shall set you free. Keep on trucking Anthony, I’ll try and do my part by hitting your tip jar as money allows. I know it is not cheap to run a site like this.

John Whitman

Dear Anthony and Your Team,
Congratulations on the milestone. You all deserve it.
Logging on to your wedsite is the highly anticipated pleasure of my day.
The energy flowing around your site is . . . energizing.
BUT: don’t dwell on looking back, keep looking ahead

Congrats & Thank You!
~Joe Sixpack


The WUWT rising levels, not of the seas of course, drowned all climate lies and… last but not least,”El Gordo” (the fat one) won’t ever forget WUWT. That’s a great feat too. ☺

P Gosselin

Sorry – I only wanted to make the first line bold.
Ainst yet mastered the text formatting.


I also award you the anti-Barrie-Harrop (as in anti-particle) award for this year.

Leon Brozyna

Congrats, but y’all needed that holiday respite to catch your breaths and recharge your souls. 200,000+ hits/day is quite a number. We’ll soon see how the new year looks; will it remain settled down or will the wild ride resume? And then there is that small matter of the weblog awards voting that is supposed to kick in next week.

Charles. U. Farley

Has been a pleasure to have helped in my own small way and im learning such a lot at the same time.
Cheers. CF.

Mike Bryant

Congratulations to Anthony and Team.
Life lessons learned at this site are more important than the light you throw on the global urban legend of catastrophic warming.
Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!!
Mike Bryant

Atheist Ranter

Brilliant site, I would expect nothing less! You deserve it…

P Gosselin

I forgot to add the slash. Let’s see if this works.


I considered the BBC one of the better news outlets with the exception of their reporting on all things climate so i ignored that. (and some other things were i consider them biased but don’t want to elaborate here)
Only after ClimateGate did i look around for a more reliable source of information about AGW and all. It practically drew me to WUWT. There’s no other place like this to find information and really debate it without ending up in shouting matches.


Befitting and gratifying just now. Thanks AW and friends for building this ark. The flood of deception is far more destructive than water!


As a general rule, visitors should always feel free to explore advertisers of interest.
I personally find the pro-AGW ads of particular interest.

Spenc Canada

Does this mean a hockey stick graph for you? I’ll believe it when I see it! Or maybe not!

Peter Whale

Congratulations, happy and healthy new year to you and the team. Your audience awaits the new year with great expectations.


In case people are not aware, Harropium is a name dropping, cut and paste particle from Australia, who couldn’t make a photo kiosk chain work.


Meanwhile, attempts are being made to prevent WUWT appearing in the science blog category of the 2009 weblog awards.

Doug S

Yes, thanks for the truth Anthony. The free market of ideas and true scientific curiosity win again!
Happy new year.

Congratulations on a thought-provoking and valuable web site.
For comparison, I asked the CRU how many hits their site had received over the last three months but they said that they didn’t keep the raw data although the adjusted data could be made available.

DJ Meredith

A truly “rare and exciting event” that CRU would have never predicted!
And it’s all due to one simple premise….honesty. This is where you can come and find the truth, whether it’s good news or bad.

Oh sure, now I’ve got Hit Envy.
Congrats, Anthony.