Al Gore can't tell time – thinks most recent Climategate email is more than 10 years old

Al Gore apparently has no command of the most basic details of anything related to Earth and climate. His last idiotic gaff in the media was that the temperature of the Earth 2 kilometers or so down was millions of degrees!  Apparently,  Slate editors who look equally like dufuses for printing this dreck didn’t notice his latest one either. Maybe all those trips around the world in the private jet have damaged his ability to tell the time and date? Too many trip across the International Dateline perhaps?

Here’s an interview question put to him from Slate:

Q: How damaging to your argument was the disclosure of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University?

A: To paraphrase Shakespeare, it’s sound and fury signifying nothing. I haven’t read all the e-mails, but the most recent one is more than 10 years old. These private exchanges between these scientists do not in any way cause any question about the scientific consensus. But the noise machine built by the climate deniers often seizes on what they can blow out of proportion, so they’ve thought this is a bigger deal than it is.

But wait there’s more…

Q: There is a sense in these e-mails, though, that data was hidden and hoarded, which is the opposite of the case you make [in your book] about having an open and fair debate.

A: I think it’s been taken wildly out of context. The discussion you’re referring to was about two papers that two of these scientists felt shouldn’t be accepted as part of the IPCC report. Both of them, in fact, were included, referenced, and discussed. So an e-mail exchange more than 10 years ago including somebody’s opinion that a particular study isn’t any good is one thing, but the fact that the study ended up being included and discussed anyway is a more powerful comment on what the result of the scientific process really is.

These people are examining what they can or should do to deal with the P.R. dimensions of this, but where the scientific consensus is concerned, it’s completely unchanged. What we’re seeing is a set of changes worldwide that just make this discussion over 10-year-old e-mails kind of silly.

Earth to Al, Earth to Al, come in Al.

Despite the fact that some of the 10 year old emails discussed important issues like the 2001 IPCC report and what made it into it…the most recent emails in Climategate were from November 2009. Last month,  this year, earth time.

For example, here’s one from November 12th from Phil Jones:

click image to see source email

And there are dozens to hundreds more within the last month, the last year, and the last 10 years.

Search for yourself here:

Jeeez!! Gore. What a vacuous nimrod, and people pay to listen to him.

h/t to WUWT reader debreuil”


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Has anyone asked him how he feels about Professor Jaap
Sinninghe Damste findings that “the melting and freezing of moisture on top of Kilimanjaro appears to
be part of “a natural process of dry and wet periods.” The present
melting is not the result of “environmental damage caused by man.”
I would love to guage his reaction.

Dr Slop

He also doesn’t know the difference between “paraphrase” and “quote”.

Daryl M

It’s shocking to see what a pathological liar Al Gore is.


At a certain point ignorance and malice will intersect.

email is kind of tricky. What would you expect from the father of the internet?


He needs to fire the secretary that reads the news for him.


Problem is, when the hell are we going to get to that point? I see on the BBC this morning a news clippet about the UN sending a letter of support to UEA FFS!
These guys are all so corrupt it’s not funny.

John J.

Well, his global warming data is ten years old and ten years ago he was running for president and life was good; maybe he’s in denial about the 2000 election?
Al Gore – the man that time forgot…or vice versa.


What Al really said, unedited:
“I haven’t read all the e-mails, but [I read one or two of them. And] the most recent one [I read] is more than 10 years old.”
I don’t think he got any farther than the “hide the decline” email.
Aren’t you glad this guy was never president?


Come on guys, man bear pig is real, he`s super cereal here 🙂

President Gore (well, almost, it was stolen by hanging chads and butterfly ballots) will be remembered as the prophet of our new austerity.
All of you who maintain the temerity to undermine the Prophet Gore’s proclamations take heed: Nowhere is a safe-haven, and all of your e-mails are easily retrieved for future reference. As we have indeed seen recently, courtesy of hackers paid by the Russian secret service.
Denialism requires re-education. Work will make you free!
These appalling attacks upon Prophet Gore must cease, forthwith.


Oh wait, I’ve just done a little math. He says the last email is 10 years old, but it is from Nov. 12. That is about 25 and a bit days ago. So he is out by a factor of:
(365 * 10) / 25 = 146
Later he says the northern ice cap has been the same size for 3 million years. Well it happens many of us were under a couple of miles of northern ice cap ice about 20,000 years ago. So there he is out by a factor of
3,000,000 / 20,000 = 150
So it seems that Al Gore isn’t lying or even wrong, he’s just quite slow. In fact his internal clock must be running about 150 times slower than normal.
Hmm, that may explain why his many predictions are so far off as well.

Richard deSous

Gore typifies the rich kid who never broke a sweat in class and always had his daddy cover his axx. His ignorance is now his greatest embarrassment.


WHAT!!! 10 years ago Al Gore had barely invented the internet!!

Leon Brozyna

Al Gore —
failed divinity student
failed politician
failed science promoter
To commemerate his failures I’ve bought a brand-new shovel [I got a cheapy last year and it didn’t bear up well – this new model is more robust] and named it “Al Gore”. I expect this newest version will bear up well here in Buffalo, shoveling all this global warming of his.

Looks like he is being abandoned. And he has to catch up all by himself. Nothing can match this distributed group that WUWT is!
And he was vice president 12 years ago???
It makes me wonder!


If you a complaint against the BBC take a look here…


Daryl M (22:59:52) :
“It’s shocking to see what a pathological liar Al Gore is.”
This is the guy who invented the internet remember


A Christmas theme song. What Al Gore will give us for Christmas.

Frank Tortuga

Once again, you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill.
“10 years ago” was the value added adjusted date of the emails. Apparently the mail server was using tree ring data to time stamp the emails. This is all a result of the divergence problem, which has already been well publicized in the past. Nice try though.


With apologies to the all-seeing, all-knowing, internet inventin’ Goracle.. but whenever I see his name, an image of a Bull runs through my mind.

John of Cloverdale, West Australia

Al fails again, like, divinity, law and science. But keeps his title as the century’s biggest con-man, loved by the media, school teachers and kindergarten students for trying to save those drowning polar bears.

This is the classic problem of a person surrounded by flappers and sycophants who has no personal touch with reality. Like when Bush Senior first saw a price scanner and it was in the news that he was a bit clueless about everyday life. When someone else buys all your food for you, you lose touch with ‘food store reality” and when someone else buys your thoughts for you …
So yeah, Mr. Talking Head had a flapper load the daily talking points memo from the PR team (who likely didn’t read anything themselves either, having gotten a warped version from their executive assistants who got it from their aids…) and it got a bit garbled in the upload…
But hey, at least he doesn’t have to depend on a teleprompter… or maybe he is reaching That Age where he does need one…
It doesn’t really matter anyway, tomorrow is another day and a new talking points briefing and another paid luncheon and it’s all about seeing and being seen and only underlings and gophers deal with real facts anyway and he’ll be in a nice suit and talking to the next media Talking Head exchanging the days bee-bread for Royal Jelly…
I could never live like that.

photon without a Higgs

When you’re a poet who can keep track of time?
Actual Al Gore poems:
One thin September soon
A floating continent disappears
In midnight sun
Vapors rise as
Fever settles on an acid sea
Snow glides from the mountain
Ice fathers floods for a season
A hard rain comes quickly
Then dirt is parched
Kindling is placed in the forest
For the lightning’s celebration
The shepherd cries
The hour of choosing has arrived
Here are your tools
“The result is a surprisingly accomplished, nuanced piece of writing. The images Gore conjures in his (untitled) poem turn a neat trick: they are visually specific and emotionally arresting even as they are scientifically accurate.”
Nah, it’s just gumpy.
(Al Gore is my shepherd….)

DJ Meredith

Just tonight on CBS we heard Katie Couric stating that this last decade was the warmest on record. It doesn’t matter that the record is false if 51% of the voters believe it.
Until we can get the public to recognize Gore for what he is, he’ll continue to get his picture on the cover of Time Magazine, instead of Mad Magazine, where it belongs.

David Harrington

I used to wonder when my American friends would take me aside and speak to me confidentially saying “You guys know that Al Gore is an idiot don’t you?”. Like someone taking you aside as you are about to part with your hard earned money for some “snake oil” cure all remedy.
Well now I really do get it. He seems to have a spring loaded mechanism that rams his foot into his mouth whenever he speaks.

Nigel S

Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord. I don’t think you should liken MBP to him.

Phillip Bratby

Al Gore also said “The entire North Polar ice cap is disappearing before our very eyes. It’s been the size of the continental United States for the last 3 million years”. Such a deep knowledge he has of what it was like before the Holocene!

Charles. U. Farley

The fact that he wont discuss anything with anyone without all questions being pre checked shows one thing- You aint no Man Al.


This probably explains why Al thinks the temperature is still rising. His internet connection has a 10 year latency.

Methow Ken

To people flying around up in the stratosphere (both literally and figuratively) divorced from any semblence of association with objective science, what’s a couple million degrees one way or the other. . .
And consider this: What level and weight of hard scientific evidence do y’all think would be required; before Gore and the AGW ”true believers” would be willing to stand up and admit they were wrong ?? . .
That’s right:
Just like the Inquisition convicted Galileo of heresy for saying that the earth went around the sun instead of the other way around, EVEN THOUGH other astronomers independently confirmed Galileo’s hard observational facts:
Vast hoardes of starry-eyed AGW lemmings are probably beyond reach.
One can only hope there are still enough people in the ”sensible center” to carry the day in the end. Otherwise it’s turn out the lights; the party’s over; and it’s back to the dark ages. . . .


Al Gore thinks we were born yesterday. Putz


I just posted to the Slate website regarding Mr Gore’s factual innaccuracies, I suggest others do the same.
These issues need to be raised not only here or on other sceptic websites but also in the MSM websites as well – otherwise Joe and Jo-anne Public don’t get to hear about it.


Here we go: “Al Gore answers your climate change questions
visit the page, and send in your questions! He’s there in the morning of Wednesday (Dec 9th)


Ha ha,
quick pay no attention what we need now is a story about how global warming gave tiger wood’s second cousin an ear ache and tummy upset before we have to report any real news!!

Bill (23:03:38) :
At a certain point ignorance and malice will intersect.
That’s the space-time discontinuity which enables Gore to intrude into our universe from his own.


Can you imagine all the reporters, journalists and writers who work for CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and the BBC who are forbidden to write a story about Climategete at the threat of being fired by their bosses? I can imagine many of them just itching to write about about a climategate story if their bosses would just only let them. Must stink to work for those companies.

Al Gore ‘quoted’ from Macbeth, not paraphrased it! The man’s an idiot.

Hoi Polloi

Gore is not dumb, he’s just a lying cheat, worried that his empire of the carbon knights is crumbling down.


It’s time Gore was sued and made to prove his assertions on climate change in a court of law.
Perhaps a class action on behalf of all the kids who have nightmares about global warning?
I hate to think this man will get away with his ill-gotten gains.


Al Gore knows that his followers are sheep. If he says that the latest email is more than 10 years old they will believe him. None of them will check because they are believers not sceptics (skeptics) whatever….
Down in Oz, Australian of the year, Tim Flannery, Climate Alarmist No.1 did this calculation in an article in a leading Alarmist newspaper (The Melbourne Age). Flannery claims to be a scientist. Of what, I don’t know.
Average global temperature in 1900 was 15C. Now it’s 20C. That’s a 25% increase in temperature!
Check…. (unless it has been modified by the Age… which has been know to happen when they get caught out… in that case I kept a PDF as evidence)
An economist, Terry McCrannt pointed out that its actually (based on Flannery’s figures) a 33% increase. He went on to say that if Flannery can’t undertake that basic calculation why should we believe anything he says.
Now for the interesting bit. McCrannt received dozens of emails pointing out another dishonest part of Flannery’s calculation. Why didn’t he use the Kelvin scale? (I know this because I wrote to McCrannt and he replied to me)
In that case the numbers are (roughly) 288K in 1900 and 293K now. That leads to 5/288 = 1.7%
I noticed two things (apart from Flannery’s rubbery figures)
1. His supporters immediately rallied to his defence and went on to rail against these evil, extermist deniers. How could they question the Australian of the year regardless of the fact that he can’t do a basic calculation.
2. Nobody cared about the fundemental issue about the Kelvin scale.
But…. here is the kicker in my mind (as well as a whole lot of other people)
According to the Warmers, variability in Solar output is only 0.1%
Temperature increase over the past 100 years is around 0.5K (shoot me if I’m wrong… It’s a rough estimate)
-> 0.5K/288K = 0.18%
Clearly orders of magnitude greater than the Solar variation!… Oh…hang on!?!
I understand that this is a super rough model but perhaps this could be explored by somebody who has a better understanding of thermodynamics than I do. (Maybe it already has been).
P.S. if I’ve messed up a calculation I will never claim to be Australian of the year and I would welcome anybody setting me straight.

arthur clapham

I believe whitewash supplies have now fallen to critical levels, has Al invested some of his ill gotten gains in whitewash futures!!!.

Brian Johnson uk

Non resident question……
8 or so years ago when the Chadgate election drama was unfolding, if Bush had lost, would Al Gore have become President of the United States?
Wow! So close!
Be thankful for small mercies!
Far away in the Surrey Hills……..


Al Gore, the man of infinite talent, obviously lives in the future… it’s 2019 for him. Which tells us several things:
1. The Mayan Armageddon of 2012 is not going to happen. We’re good on that one. Won’t we all breathe a sigh of relief!
2. Unfortunately, while the Mayans forecast didn’t come true, apparently the center of the earth in 2019 has attained several million degrees… so it’s getting a bit toasty around those geothermal generation plants. Oh, and the bottom of the Grand Canyon is kinda molten… but it’s pretty at night with the lava and all.
3. Al is running his house on that free energy that the oil companies bought the patents to, and hid. Which means that in the next ten years we can generate electricity in our basements, apparently out of wishful thinking and maybe cat poop. So we should stop criticizing him for his extra large carbon footprint… he isn’t really making one, but he just can’t tell us because the technology is in our future. And if he told us how to do it, the Large Hadron Collider would implode and …. ummm….
Never mind, he’s just not very bright.

Thomas J. Arnold.

It is and has been clear to me and to most of the readers of this blog that the mind of Mr. Al Gore has turned to mush.
I think he has now taken leave of his senses, reality is now a distant concept to Mr. Al Gore, like many of the Copenhagen delegates.
Latest off the press, from the Met Office, 2009 warmest year since time (er no for 160yrs) began!!! – whatever – anything for a headline and the bunfight in Denmark goes on………….
But what about El nino?
We’ve been here before I guess, anyhow must be correct because their mates at the CRU says so.

And something to make you laugh – the excellent MATT cartoon from the Telegraph

Jack Simmons

There are a lot of things he hasn’t read.

Donald (Australia)

How much longer can this guy roam around spruiking his nonsense before he gets locked up?
There must be some very nervous GIM investors following his meanderings and drivel at the moment. I read that the Church of England had recently placed 150 million GBP into GIM’s safe-keeping. What are they expecting? Whose idea was that?