Playing hide and seek behind the trees

Still Hiding the Decline by Steve McIntyre Even in their Nov 24, 2009 statement, the University of East Anglia failed to come clean about the amount of decline that was hidden. The graphic in their statement continued to “hide the decline” in the Briffa reconstruction by deleting adverse results in the last part of the 20th…


Climategate turbulence

Russ Steele writes: President Obama will soon be on his his way to Copenhagen and his Bagdad Bob moment in Air Force One.  Climategate is sure to create some turbulence. From  The Chilling Effect Got any political cartoons on Climategate? Post links to them below.

What Do We Really Know About Climate Change?

A Guest Post by Basil Copeland Like many of Anthony’s readers here on WUWT, I’ve been riveted by all the revelations and ongoing discussion and analysis of the CRUtape Letters™ (with appropriate props to WUWT’s “ctm”). It might be hard to imagine that anyone could add to what has already been said, but I am…