HadCRUT watch

Normally we see the HadCRUT monthly temperature data released by about the 20th of each month. It is now November 2nd, and the data has not yet been published. I can’t recall them ever being two weeks late.


HadCRUT (Hadley Climate Research Unit Temperature, UK)

HadCRUT3 anomaly data which can be found here

description of the HadCRUT3 data file columns is here

Perhaps they are a bit flummoxed with recent developments, such as the erasing of “sensitive” temperature  data, or maybe they are just busy processing FOI’s?

Or maybe its the new supercomputer holding up the data?

Maybe the row over one tree has them delayed. Or maybe the 25% funding cut?

Who knows, but it sure is odd to see them so late getting the data out the door.


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Robert M.

I imagine they are so busy trying to figure out how to cover their colletive [self-snip,] that they don’t have time to do their jobs.


Perhaps the program producing the result had links to the historical data and needs that information to produce the end result.
Now they may need to go through the code changing all the links to wherever the data is now stored. Or did they change the access permissions to the folders and the program can’t access the data.
Alternatively am I just being a bit too cynical

Pamela Gray

Maybe their still stuck in that car wreck? They would be driving the Prius.

Pamela Gray

Or I could say it this way:
May they’re still stuck in that car wreck?

paul revere

It takes time to cook the data just right.

Willy Nilly

Was it last year they were caught publishing September Siberian temperatures in the October data? Maybe this year theyre waiting to publish the September and October data together as one — just redefine one month as two — now try challenging our Siberian temperatures ha ha!

Alan the Brit

Two thoughts spring to mind. One, they may be in a state of shock on hearing that should NuLabour lose the next election (very likely 95% confidence), & that the incoming Conservative governemnt may well privatise them, meaning job cuts, efficiency drives, & making money using their weather preditions, (fat chance), & Two, perhaps they are cooking the books again to show warming where there is cooling. So if you can smell burning, don’t worry, it’s only the books. May you live in interesting times!


105th Hottest October, 2009.


Nope, they deleted the data…


the dog ate the data

You mean stuck in the gravy train wreck.

Willy, it was GISTEMP and J. Hansen.
CRU just lost all raw data for peer-reviewed HadCRUT dataset, used in all IPCC reports 😮

Derek Walton

I have been thinking that it is strange too. For much of the last year though the page which contains the update appears to have a retrospective date. What I mean by that is that I check on days a, b and c to find that the page has not been updated. However, on day f the data is updated, but the ‘end month updated’ section gives date b…..


My guess is that September 2009 came in top and they want to make sure that it was the case.
My two “kronor”.


Here in Canada, the hockey term “stick handling” can be used either as adroit manipulation or as effective evasion. In this case, based on the hockey stick metaphor, take your pick.

Am I the only one to notice that the Centre’s logo has wavy data bands rising from left to right?

Ron de Haan

Or they have decided to stop making their data public.

I live 15 miles away. Shall I knock on their door and say that Anthony Watts would like the up to date information please? I am sure I will get a very friendly reception.

bobby v

not sarcasm – why would it even take 20 days? can’t all those mflops crunch thousands of numbers under a second? is retrieval automated?

Claude Harvey

The result has been delayed in an abundance of caution. Center personnel have slowed their activities because, according to their scientific calculations, in today’s hyper-heated atmosphere wind-on-skin friction at normal speed could cause them to catch fire and burn up.

Paul Coppin

My guess is they had to make a choice between spending the budget on the data, or on the party in Copenhagen. And since the science is settled and there is a consensus and therefore the data doesn’t matter, they decided to spend the money on the party in Copenhagen.


Attributed to Andrew Jackson: “It’s a *** poor mind can think of but one way to spell a word.”


TonyB 08:23:17:
Yeah, go on Tony. I’ll hold your coat!


Anybody send an email? Any response yet?


Waiting for the Hadcrut data causes me to visualize Ben Stein:
“Bueller? Bueller? Bueller???”

Gail Combs

The temp has plummeted and they do not want to publish the data before Copenhagen.
My local temp mean for Oct is 4F lower than 2005. It is interesting to note all the temp date before year 2000 has now been purged from the Raleigh NC site http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=raleigh&graphspan=month&month=11&day=2&year=2000
And Note the dates in the pull down box do not go back to before the year 2000.
For the city of Sanford NC the dates go back to 1972 but the data has been purged for all years before 2000. http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KTTA/2000/11/2/MonthlyHistory.html
VVeerrry interstink Looks like someone is doing damage control doesn’t it?


Why should they make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it.


I live 15 miles away.
The Exeter centre or the CRU in Norwich? I can cover the latter, but I won’t be in The Fine City until Saturday week.

Henry chance

Worse than expected. The grand computor of all computors over heated. It is hot you know.
It does take time to delete readings that don’t fit the model and dress up some of the others. Can’t let the data be raw.


You should send them a Christmas Card. and a Pine Cone as a present 🙂

DaveF (08:38:11) : “Yeah, go on Tony. I’ll hold your coat!”
Just don’t take them up on their offer of a free tour of the UN building, Tony.


Does CRU also use GHCN data? That is of course, assuming that information is public. E. M. Smith at his musings of the cheifio blog is part way to proving that the data has been tampered with, and this must have alot of folks shaking in their boots.

I have it on good authority (i.e. personal speculation) that they’re proactively figuring out how to reply to any critiques of the data that might come from this blog.


Maybe it takes time to torture data ?

Alan the Brit

Thought No 3. Perhaps they’re waiting for all the permissions from all the “owners” of the data they keep telling us isn’t theirs!

well I’ve downloaded all the data for the 20 GISS stations around Yamal / Polar-Urals and done a date-added screenshot save, so those at least are beyond the dog to eat.
Maybe I’ll do the same for the UK before all I have is the graphs.

Ron de Haan

Politicians More Powerful Than Nature
Current Global Temperatures Impossible According to IPCC ‘Science’.
Author Dr. Tim Ball

RR Kampen

They can’t believe the heat in the tropics this time. It is unbelievable. But true.


Didn’t they recently lose something like 25% of their funding or something?


Phil is just out fishing.
“Philip D. Jones … is director of the Climatic Research Unit”
“The Climate Research Unit came under criticism in 2009 for refusing to release the data used to construct its surface temperature history report. Requests from other researchers and scientists have been denied, and in some cases the authors of the report claimed that the original data no longer exits.”
“The Dog Ate Global Warming”

For those who missed my second comment over at Lucia’s thread on the slow posting of HADCRUT:
On page 31 of the preprint version of Thompson et al (2009), they remark about Hadley Centre SST data, “The SST data corrected for instrument changes in the mid 20th century are expected to become available in 2009, and it will be interesting to see how the corrections affect the time history of global-mean temperatures, particularly in the middle part of the century.”
Link to Thompson et al (2009) preprint:
Speculation: Maybe they’re busy getting the new dataset and accompanying paper ready and have let HADCRUT slide a few weeks.


Alan the Brit (07:35:06) :
If they are only just waking up to the fact that Nu Labour will lose the next election then it only shows just how out of touch with reality they are.
At the beginning of October (5th IIRC) the BBC were loudly trumpeting the fact that the nighttime temperature was only 0.3C below the record. They forbore to mention when that record was set. I’m pretty sure if any further records had been approached, let alone surpassed, the BBC would have mentioned it, so even though it has been a very mild October in the UK I assume it cannot have been anything too out of the ordinary. Couple this with the early onset deep freeze in the USA and continental Europe and all of a sudden Hadley need a really big rise in the Siberian anomaly to compensate.
I postulate they are late because they are doing some serious tweaking and rounding up.


Yarmy (08:55:08) :
I live 15 miles away.
The Exeter centre or the CRU in Norwich? I can cover the latter, but I won’t be in The Fine City until Saturday week.
Yarmy, I visited Norwich recently, a fine city indeed, but what about that weather monitoring station right in the middle by one of the busiest streets. Thought about all the UHI there. Do you know where I mean?


Surely the reason for not posting any information is that they have all set off walking to Copenhagen because I can’t believe that they would be flying!!!


Isn’t it the case that the GISTEMP release used to be a lot quicker until all the kerfuffle over the October 2008 error was made? Then “jobsworth” style “checks and procedures” had to be introduced for the sake of PR.
Id rather have the data released early preliminary style than held back for weeks.


Not so in Norway! Our Met office is very efficient and they have already published the data for October which is 1.8 C below the normal.
Sure, this does not imply any global warming, but they decided to publish the data anyway…

P Gosselin

Why bother waiting for a result that was produced by data that cannot be verified?
Timing is everything. They’re holding back for some impact reason.

Hadley Center is happy to report Britain has had its warmest October on record due to overuse of the MetOffice’s supercomputer creating the largest urban heat island effect ever seen…


“wws (08:45:19) :
Waiting for the Hadcrut data causes me to visualize Ben Stein:
“Bueller? Bueller? Bueller???” ”
I still mumble ‘Bueller, Bueller, anyone?’ whilst trying get a response from some students 🙂
cheers David

Douglas DC

“when is smokin’ it’s cookin’-when it’s black it’s done.”-Burns Bailey,old time NE Oregon
Looks like Burns’ cow camp cooking here…
Smells like something else from a cow….