Cold start to fall continues, 252 more low temperature records set in the USA this week

More new record lows, lowest max temperature, and snowfall this week. The new low records outnumber the high records. There were an impressive number of Lowest Max Temperature records set also, 1129. Source Hamweather climate center and NOAA/NWS Here’s a listing of the record events by category: Advertisements


Where are the Hurricanes Mr. Gore?

By Alan Caruba, Warning Signs That god among men and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, told us in “An Inconvenient Truth”, his Oscar-winning documentary, that we had to brace for increasing numbers of hurricanes as the result of global warming. So, where are the hurricanes of 2009, Mr. Gore? The hurricane season that runs…

Pielke Senior: Erroneous Claim in an AP News Article

From Roger Pielke Senior’s Climate Science Blog. There is an Associated Press [AP] news article today by Dina Cappiello, Seth Borenstein and Kevin Freking titled “Poll: US belief in global warming is cooling”. In this article the reporters perpetuate the myth that “Though there are exceptions, the vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is…