The Waxman-Markey pre-vote count – where you can help

OK folks, time to engage in our rights of citizenship. You know what to do. Phones and email contact info at the bottom. – Anthony

UPDATE2: test vote passes narrowly, 7 votes needed to defeat this bill – Anthony

UPDATE: C-SPAN1 is covering this live, there is a live media streaming page which you can access here:

CSPAN also has live phone in. Phone in your comments: (202)585-3885 , -3886, -3887

Waxman and Markey

From GreenHell blog the Waxman-Markey pre-vote count…

Waxman-markey pre-liminary head-count as of Thursday afternoon (courtesy Myron Ebell):

218 needed to win…


Yes = 175

Leaning Yes = 35

TOTAL = 210

Undecided = 20


No = 190

Leaning No = 14

TOTAL = 204

Undecided or Won’t Say:

Kirkpatrick Az

Boyd Fla

Brown Fla

Bishop Ga

R Kirk Ill

Foster Ill

Donnelly Ind

R Jones NC

McIntyre NC

R Frelinghuysen NJ

Tonko NY

Arcuri NY

Space Ohio (he voted for it in committee)

Carney Penna.

Davis Tenn

Al Green Tex

Jackson Lee Tex

Ortiz Tex

Eddie Bernice Johnson Tex

Kind Wisc

Leaning Yes:

Mitchell Az

Cardoza Calif

Costa Calif

Baca Calif

R Castle Del

Grayson Fla

Meek Fla

Kozmas Fla

Abercrombie Hi

Bean Ill

R Cao La

Kratovil Md

R Ehlers Mich

Kildee Mich

Schauer Mich

Peters Mich

Clay Mo

Skelton Mo

Thompson Miss

Shuler NC

Adler NJ

Lance NJ

Meeks NY

McMahon NY

Murphy NY

R McHugh NY

Maffei NY

Driehaus Ohio

Fudge Ohio

Kilroy Ohio

Cooper Tenn

Edwards Tex

Rodriguez Tex

Nye Va

Kagan Wisc

Leaning No:

Salazar Colo

Marshall Ga

Boswell Iowa

Minnick Idaho

Halvorson Ill

Etheridge NC

Kissell NC

Massa NY

Kaptur Ohio

Boccieri Ohio

R Gerlach Penna

Hinojosa Tex

Mollohan WV

Rahall WV

U.S. readers can use this link…

…to contact their representative and senators regarding the Waxman-Markey bill.

The link makes it very easy to send an email or make a phone call.

Use the US Representatives link after clicking on the link above since this vote will occur in the House of Representatives.

A one or two sentence email, or a one minute call is all that is necessary. Just mention that you’re a constituent of the Representative or Senator, that it’s a bad bill, and ask him/her to please vote against it.

Elected folks keep score. They have their staffs keep a tally of pro and con calls, letters and emails. If they hear from enough people, it can make a difference.

315 thoughts on “The Waxman-Markey pre-vote count – where you can help

  1. Folks
    After several years of citizen lobbying I can tell you that a phone call is 10X as effective as an email. If you are near an area where your representative has an office, visit that as well. A personal visit is 10x more effective than a phone call.
    I have received a pledge from my congress person (Parker Griffiths, AL-5) that he is going to vote no.

  2. I emailed my congressman, Norm Dicks (hopelessly in lock step with Pelosi), called D.C. left message with Dicks, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. WA is represented by radical libs. so, not sure if it will do any good–I feel better though.

  3. My Congressman is Ed Malarky. Sigh.
    /Mr Lynn
    REPLY: Let him know anyway, can’t hurt. – Anthony

  4. “Undecided” is another way of saying “what are you going to give me?” They need 8 more votes of 20. I’m pretty they’ll be able to pay off enough with “special projects” for their districts.

  5. Anthony– I sent an email to Rep Larsen yesterday. He’s a loyal Dem, I’m afraid, but oh, well.
    Have you authenticated that EPA draft report? I’d like to send it out to people.
    REPLY: This is a draft report, EPA still holds the final, and I would not expect them to release it tomorrow. That being said, the people at CEI are putting their own reputations on the line with this, and they would not do so with a phony document. Their attorney/General Counsel Sam Kazman visited here. I’m hoping for a reply soon, but I have no reason to believe this report is not what it is advertised to be. Also note we had an EPA person visit here and provide corroboration to many parts of the story also. – Anthony

  6. My representative is an absolute no. I still contacted her. Thanks for the list and I promise to contact at least one more tomorrow.

  7. I sent to my representative (Cooper of Tennessee). I made it rather clear that he will be held responsible for his actions and that a vote other than no may have grave consequences to his re-election as I will ensure that every way possible, everyone in this district will be made aware of his decision in this matter.
    He is listed as a leaning yes, will be interesting to see what happens. I fear however, this is all for not. I have lost so much faith in this country. My family and friends are sick up and fed with all of this crap! There is hardly a person I know that isn’t completely sick of and disappointed in this administration already, including every Obama voter I know. In fact, the Obama voters I know are the ones that are most upset (and rightfully so).
    My gut feeling (and a sinking one at that .. sorry to be so pessimistic here) is that this bill will squeak by in the house, and then deals will be made to ram it through the senate. My friends, I am feeling the worst here. Once you pile this bill onto the Health Care Bill, the Amnesty Bill (coming), Stimulation Bill #2 (coming), we will be soooo deep, I believe you will then finally REALLY begin to see the torches and pitchforks. And I will be glad to be in the front row!

  8. The least everyone can do is send an e-mail to your congressman and senators. Quite frankly, this is the worst piece of legislation I’ve seen this close to passing either the House or Senate in my lifetime, and that’s certainly saying something. If you can’t be bothered about this, you probably can’t be bothered if they try to repeal the Bill of Rights. Get going, everyone!

  9. I stepped up an sent emails yesterday and today… but now it’s crunch time. Here are the DC phone numbers for all the folks listed above. Call them and make your voice heard (or completely crush the phone systems in DC):
    Undecided or Won’t Say:
    Kirkpatrick Az (202) 225-2315
    Boyd Fla (202) 225-5235
    Brown Fla (202) 225-0123
    Bishop Ga (202) 225-3631
    R Kirk Ill 202-225-4835
    Foster Ill (866) 777-6670
    Donnelly Ind (202) 225-3915
    R Jones NC 202-225-3415
    McIntyre NC (202) 225-2731
    R Frelinghuysen NJ (202) 225-5034
    Tonko NY (202) 225-5076
    Arcuri NY (202) 225-3665
    Space Ohio (he voted for it in committee) (202) 225-6265
    Carney Penna. (202) 225-3731
    Davis Tenn 202.225.6831
    Al Green Tex (202) 225-7508
    Jackson Lee Tex (202) 225-3816
    Ortiz Tex (202) 225-7742
    Eddie Bernice Johnson Tex (202) 225-8885
    Kind Wis (202) 225-5506
    Leaning Yes:
    Mitchell Az (202) 225-2190
    Cardoza Calif (202) 225-6131
    Costa Calif 202-225-3341
    Baca Calif (202)225-6161
    R Castle Del 202.225.4165
    Grayson Fla (202) 225-2176
    Meek Fla 202-225-4506
    Kozmas Fla (202) 225-2706
    Abercrombie Hi (202) 225-2726
    Bean Ill (202) 225-3711
    R Cao La (202) 225-6636
    Kratovil Md (202) 225-5311
    R Ehlers Mich (202) 225-3831
    Kildee Mich 202-225-3611
    Schauer Mich (202) 225-6276
    Peters Mich (202) 225-5802
    Clay Mo (202) 225-2406
    Skelton Mo 202-225-2876
    Thompson Miss (202) 225-5876
    Shuler NC (202) 225-6401
    Adler NJ (202) 225-4765
    Lance NJ (202) 225-5361
    Meeks NY 202/225-3461
    McMahon NY (202) 225-3371
    Murphy NY (202) 225-5614
    R McHugh NY (202) 225-4611
    Maffei NY (202) 225-3701
    Driehaus Ohio (202) 225-2216
    Fudge Ohio (202) 225-7032
    Kilroy Ohio (202) 225-2015
    Cooper Tenn 202-225-4311
    Edwards Tex 202-225-6105
    Rodriguez Tex (202) 225-4511
    Nye Va (202) 225-4215
    Kagan Wisc (202) 225-5665
    Leaning No:
    Salazar Colo 202-225-4761
    Marshall Ga 202/225-6531
    Boswell Iowa (202) 225-3806
    Minnick Idaho (202) 225-6611
    Halvorson Ill (202) 225-3635
    Etheridge NC (202) 225-4531
    Kissell NC (202) 225-3715
    Massa NY (202) 225-3161
    Kaptur Ohio (202) 225-4146
    Boccieri Ohio (202) 225-3876
    R Gerlach Penna 202.225.4315
    Hinojosa Tex (202) 225-2531
    Mollohan WV (202) 225-4172
    Rahall WV (202) 225-3452

  10. I sent Salazar a link to the CEI draft, plus my 2 cents. I am surprised he is on the ‘leaning no’ list. From what the local papers print about him I would have guessed he was on the ‘yes’ list.

  11. Does anyone have an idea as to the cutoff time (east coast) when phone calls would no longer have meaning?
    My Rep. (Miller, D-CA) is deeply in the tank for the AGW dogma and Cap-and-Trade. I contacted him anyway. Interestingly, all comments on his web site on the issue have urged him to vote NO — no one was asking for a yes vote! Maybe he’s too deep in the tank for the yes side to weigh in on this.
    Also, following on Squidly’s gut feeling, I am increasingly concerned that there is a long-simmering ideology that has found traction and force through the present administration. At the risk on coming off like a conspiracy theorist, I direct interested skeptics to the CLoward-Piven Strategy. One source for a take on this is at:
    An argument can be made that AGW is a manufactured crisis, as well as the credit freeze last year that ushered in the recession, and the plan to impose universal health care on the country. A triple whammy designed and outlined in the Cloward-Piven Strategy from 1966.

  12. I wish we could see a list of the confirmed yes votes too.. be nice to light a fire under them as well.

  13. Little old lady endangered in heavy traffic
    “I neither want nor need to cross this road!” little old lady protests.
    Boy Scout insists he wishes to help her cross.

  14. Link says “Greehell”…should be Greenhell. Though a blog centered on a Superior Hell would be interesting.

  15. After a couple heated discussions with a senior colleague about the impacts of global warming I stumbled on to WUWT and CA to better hone my understanding of the state of the science. For the past year it has been a daily obsession to read up on the latest reports and absurdities associated with the mess that is AGW. I have refrained from commenting previously mostly because I didn’t feel that I had anything to contribute, but after seeing this topic and discovering that my representative was leaning yes I felt it was my duty to inform them of the terrible impact this bill will have under such flawed premises and assumptions.
    I still argue with my colleague who works for a power generation company routinely and despite his Ph.D in physics he consistently ignores any of the new studies or findings that conflict with his personal view that we should be doing something to preserve the planet. In the process I have been able to win over most of my co-workers and I have noticed that the arguments in favor of AGW from a few stubborn holdouts are beginning to take on a shriller and less rational tone.
    The irony is that we have worked on a few solar projects and would stand to possibly benefit as a result of this legislation. But the fact is the technology is not nearly adequate enough to provide any significant benefits yet. This legislation is potentially harmful to millions and will have an immediate impact and must be a turning point for the silent majority to stand up against this economic hari kari.
    [Reply – Welcome to the fold. ~ Evan]

  16. [snip – a bit too suggestive, sorry, Anthony]
    Evolutionary psychologists see certain human behaviors and emotions,which are common to all humans, including the abilities to infer others’ emotions, to discern kin from non-kin, to identify and prefer healthier mates and to co-operate with others.
    An ability to distinguish “freeloaders” and parasites within communities arose early in human history, in order that the people would survive and prosper. Another ability that remains embedded within in us all, is the almost uncanny knack of identifying potential external enemies very rapidly, almost with just a glance.
    Political correctness may seek to over-ride such elementary caution, but sensible people do not struggle with such stupidity. They look, they see and they decide. I took one look at the photograph at the head of this article and I did not need the Western code that villains wear black hats, to inform me that these are dangerous men. Bloody hell, just look at their faces. An excellent cinematic illustration of a “bad ‘un”. Yes, I know it’s a film portrayal.
    Xenophobia is not a ill informed prejudice, it should be seen as a survival mechanism that works to protect us as individuals. We may live in the 21st century, but we still have “stone age” bodies and MINDS. I leave it to other to work out the reasons for the popularity of films such as “Independence Day” , “Mars Attacks” & “War of the Worlds” .
    To the barricades, mes enfants. Make the difference and give the House of Representatives enough clout to Kill the Bill, to death. May this comment be posted “unmoderated”.

  17. From Mark Levin’s website
    Bartlett (MD)
    Bono Mack (CA)
    Castle (DE)
    Dent (PA)
    Ehlers (MI)
    Frelinghuysen (NJ)
    Gerlach (PA)
    Inglis (SC)
    Tim Johnson (IL)
    Kirk (IL)
    Lance (NJ)
    LoBiondo (NJ)
    Petri (WI)
    Platts (PA)
    Ros-Lehtinen (FL)
    Altmire (PA)
    Bright (AL)
    Dahlkemper (PA)
    Drieshaus (OH)
    Ellsworth (IN)
    Kissell (NC)
    Kratovil (MD)
    Kanjorski (PA)
    Teague (NM)

  18. I am not American, so I would have no business contacting American politicians on this matter. However I would urge all Americans reading this site to ask their representatives to vote NO on cap and trade. It seems extreme to say this, but the economic future of the US and the western world may depend on defeating this totally unjustified legislation. Australia has effectively delayed it’s vote on an ETS till after the Copenhagen talkfest. Some may view this as a limited success, but I feel they miss the point. A delay on ETS is as damaging to the economy as passing the laws. Our respective nation’s economies depend on energy. Passing these laws or the future threat of these laws being passed both serve to stall any continuing investment in viable energy sources. As there is no sound scientific basis for the failed hypothesis of dangerous AGW, the only question regarding cap and tax is “How long do you want this recession to last?”
    I hope Americans reading this take the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights while they still have them. Please urge your representatives to vote NO on cap and tax. It is not just your economy, but economies around the world that are threatened by this tax.

  19. The question in the USA is about jobs but south of the border the BBC asks this question of Mexico’s energy policy:
    “Should they have clean air, or cheap food to feed the country’s poor?”
    While i would argue that CO2 and clean air are different issues even if there is sometimes an overlap the question still is a bold one.
    The way the media changed its attitude to biofuel gives me some hope that they will eventually turn on AGW.

  20. In a good comment at Jeff Id, Obama is quoted:

    “…jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.”
    Like the thousands of Microsoft jobs which Mr. Ballmer has predicted will end up overseas if you implement this massive tax? Talk about a jobs killer, Waxman-Markey is about as good a jobs killer as a bill which made work illegal would be.

  21. I know, I know.
    (On top of all that, do they imagine that harming the world economy is going to result in anything but disaster for the environment?)

  22. Here’s an article today, “Cap-and-Trade Nightmare,” by “Calafia Beach Pundit,” at
    Here is what it says:
    The cap and trade bill that is being rushed through the House this week can be boiled down to three essential elements:
    A massive increase in Federal Bureaucracy, as illustrated in this chart (HT: Club for Growth).
    A forced increase in the cost of hydrocarbon fuels, via scarcity and rationing created by bureaucratic fiat.
    An assumption, adopted by these same bureaucrats, that reduced consumption of hydrocarbon fuels will save the planet.
    What the bureacrats and politicians ignore, however, are the unintended consequences of this bill, which are many:
    The potential for corruption, as those who depend on hydrocarbon fuels lobby politicians in order to be exempt from rationing or to increase their permit allocations.
    The potential for inefficiency, as politicians and bureaucrats make faulty assumptions about who should be granted exemptions or more permits,
    The likelihood that reduced hyrdocarbon fuel use in the U.S. might result in even greater carbon emissions in countries that don’t artificially raise the price of hydrocarbon fuels (because their energy costs would be lower and their use of fuel is not as efficient as ours).
    The likelihood that the U.S. would lose jobs as energy-intensive industries relocated to countries that have cheaper fuel costs.
    The likelihood that whatever reductions in carbon emissions might eventually result from this monstrous apparatus might make no difference whatsoever to the global climate.
    The likelihood that voters (especially those in colder climates who consume more energy than those in temperate climates) might be very upset when their fuel bills escalate. (I’m sure that readers will be able to supply many more unintended consequences.)
    All of this cost, and all of this effort, for something that has an extremely small probability of bringing benefits to anyone except those who will be running the program. Are our Congresscritters nuts or what?

  23. Non US citizen question: is there a journalist who can ask “provocative”
    short’n sharp question of all the voting representative for record keeping?
    And play it back at election time. In 2 years, me think?

  24. Good luck from Kiwiland. Those of us living outside of the USA will be intently interested in the outcome.

  25. As a European deep in the Kyoto madness since years I have already seen the VERY visible impacts on the European economy (f.ex the increasing decoupling of the purchase power evolutions from the rest of the world , increasing delocalisation trends , exploding energy prices) .
    I was glad that at least the Bush administration stood as a dam against the folly .
    Now with Obama it seems that the dam is beginning to get a beating from the radicals , enviro fanatics and technological society haters too .
    I hope for the sake of you in the US and of all of us elsewhere that this bill doesn’t pass .
    It is not 1 mail that you should do but 10 and ask all your friends and relatives to do the same .
    ACT NOW !

  26. Why are you people all over this issue?
    Don’t you realise that both Michael jackson AND Farrah Fawcett have just shuffled off this overheating mortal coil !!!11!!!1one!!!!1!!!

  27. OT, but will WUWT do a tribute page for Michael Jackson? Very sad day he was soo young. This is crazy. I feel for his family and friends..

  28. Mick (02:18:48)
    And that question should be – “Did you actually read all of the proposed legislation before voting?” It would be valuable to the US political process to have a record of who voted in favour as well as a record of who actually checked what they were voting for. My work always requires me to check the figures, the qualifications and previous record of the supplier of said figures is never an excuse for not independently verifying data.

  29. More political madness this time from the UK Gordon Brown wants to use money from development aid to fight global warming.
    “Brown proposes £60bn climate fund ”
    “Money could be raised from selling carbon permits and from existing development aid budgets, although he said contributions from the latter should be limited. ”

  30. I remember the completely counter-productive attempt by the UK Left-wing Guardian newspaper to influence the last US presidential election. Their last-ditch project to get foreigners to personally contact US voters and beg for a Kerry victory was probably the thing that got Bush in…
    So perhaps any Chinese, Iranian or North Korean readers should be encouraged to contact US voters and argue for the US to stuff its economy/strike> save the world…..

  31. “No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
    – George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ch. 10

  32. My rep is voting no. I wish I could call the other ones listed above that are in other states and districts.

  33. Does anyone remember what was happening last year at this very time? That’s right – oil was well over $100/bbl. And what were the liberals in congress (and by extension the MSM) screaming about? High gas prices! High oil prices! Inflation! Greedy oil companies! Greedy speculators! The world was coming to and end…
    I still remember the flyer that my liberal NH representative (Paul Hodes) sent to his constituents, telling us that he was, among other things, going to have Congress “sue OPEC to bring down gas prices”!! I’m still waiting for that one…
    Now, fast-forward 12 months – we now have Congress attempting to make gas expensive again, this time under the guise of “fixing the climate”. So gas will be at $4+/gal again – the difference this time is that *** congress *** will be getting your money rather than those greedy oil companies and speculators!

  34. It may well come down to the “Useless Idiots” (AKA Republican Senators and a few Blue Dog Democrat Senators) having enough backbone and votes to filibuster in the Senate. The parliamentary trick there is to vote YES for closure, where a super-majority is required, and then vote NO on the final legislation which is a simple 50% plus one majority up-down vote. That way they can tell the folks back home they voted NO when in fact they voted YES. Any Senator voting YES for closure effectively voted YES for Cap-and-Tax. But first the House of Representatives!
    Michael Ronayne
    Nutley, NJ

  35. Another good article here;
    Quote “There’s one thing the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill doesn’t do: Work. All of the above-mentioned costs accrue in the first 25 years of a 90-year program that, as calculated by climatologists, will lower temperatures by only hundredths of a degree Celsius in 2050 and no more than two-tenths of a degree Celsius at the end of the century. In the name of saving the planet for future generations, Waxman-Markey does not sound like a great deal: Millions of lost jobs, trillions of lost income, 50-90 percent higher energy prices, and stunning increases in the national debt, all for undetectable changes in world temperature. Who’s buying that?”

  36. From the Wall Street Journal:
    “Even as Democrats have promised that this cap-and-trade legislation won’t pinch wallets, behind the scenes they’ve acknowledged the energy price tsunami that is coming. During the brief few days in which the bill was debated in the House Energy Committee, Republicans offered three amendments: one to suspend the program if gas hit $5 a gallon; one to suspend the program if electricity prices rose 10% over 2009; and one to suspend the program if unemployment rates hit 15%. Democrats defeated all of them.”

  37. Quote;
    Calzada says Spain’s torrential spending — no other nation has so aggressively supported production of electricity from renewable sources — on wind farms and other forms of alternative energy has indeed created jobs. But Calzada’s report concludes that they often are temporary and have received $752,000 to $800,000 each in subsidies — wind industry jobs cost even more, $1.4 million each. And each new job entails the loss of 2.2 other jobs that are either lost or not created in other industries because of the political allocation — sub-optimum in terms of economic efficiency — of capital.

  38. The die hard leftists in this country, including many elected officials, do not care about protecting the Earth, the climate or anything else. Their plan is to destroy enough of the US economy so that millions more will be dependent on the government for their very existence. That will assure that those same officials will be reelected by simply promising to take care of everyone. If you hand out government checks to enough people for a long enough time the recipients will truly believe that they couldn’t get by in this cruel world alone without “help”. First take their money, then take their guns, then take their freedoms.

  39. If the CEI report of the EPA quashing dissent is true, it might nudge a few of the fence sitters. It might also mean the EPA will impose regulations regardless of what Congress does. The president has said he wants it, no matter where it comes from.
    “Interesting” times?
    (an economic Depression could be “interesting” …)

  40. While my Representative will probably vote FOR the bill, I have politely requested he vote NO. I very briefly stated my scientific qualifications and personal reasoning (I assume this will have little impact).

  41. My Congressman is Ed Malarky. Sigh.
    REPLY: Let him know anyway, can’t hurt. – Anthony

    OK, I attempted to e-mail him via the form on his website. Got a 404 error.
    So I faxed a letter to his office:

    The Honorable Edward Markey
    2108 Rayburn House Office Building,
    District of Columbia 20515-2107
    Fax: (202) 226-0092
    Dear Representative Markey:
    I am one of your constituents.
    Are you aware that the EPA has suppressed a study based on peer-reviewed data that shows conclusively that the IPCC conclusions are false?
    See here:
    Here is the suppressed report:
    Are you aware that the climate has been cooling since 2000, even though CO2 increased?
    There is NO NEED for the Cap and Trade bill that you sponsored. It will have terrible effects on the American economy and people.
    I urge you to rescind your support of this egregious legislation. If you can walk away from it today, that will turn the tide and you will be accounted a patriot and a courageous man.
    Yours sincerely,

    Fat lot of good it’ll do, but at least his staff will know there’s one lonely soul in this godforsaken one-party town and state that doesn’t approve of the Congressman.
    /Mr Lynn

  42. More Skullduggery:
    Waxman dumped a 300-page amendment into this atrocity at the crack of dawn.
    Part of it appears to be aimed at states–like AZ.–who are voting to outlaw Global Warming restrictions. Think anyone will delay the vote or even read this additional nonsense?
    Not bloody likely.

  43. I’m surprised Mark Kirk is still undecided. I know Mark and have had meetings with him in the past. I’ll be calling him in DC and visiting his office this morning in an attempt to get him to vote against this nonsense.

  44. I contacted Rep. Allen Boyds office in Tallahassee Fl. and was told that the phone and email volume is so high that they are keeping a daily tally. Almost all is running against.

  45. The Dems are saying they have the votes to push this through.
    This will chase the rest of the industry overseas.
    What sort of idiot would invest their money in US industry?
    The final nail in the coffin provided by the California Dems.
    At this point I will enjoy it when California goes bankrupt.

  46. I contacted Rep. Minnick of Idaho’s first district. He is in the leaning yes column. The person answering his phone in the DC office assured me he will vote no. I hope this is true.

  47. I am surprised to see Chet Edwards (Texas 17th) on the leaning yes list. I’ve met with Edwards before, but am just outside his district. Please, please, please if you are constituent of Mr. Edwards, give his office a call.

  48. I just emailed congressman Delahunt and asked him to vote NO. I know that he supports the bill, but…. it was worth a try.
    “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”
    It’s a real shame that this has been forgotten.

  49. Whether this monstrosity passes or not, one thing is clear … the biggest threat to the people of the United States is the government itself.
    Our own government has become the enemy.

  50. Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse Waxman adds 300 more pages to the bill just before voting. Please see
    I don’t have the patience to decode 300 pages of bureaucratize but it looks like more tentacles of government control deeper into the energy industry.
    I have contacted my congress critter and reminded him how much the phrase “cap and trade” is like the phrase “tar and feathers”.

  51. Last night I shot off a long email to my representative Jared Polis Colorado.
    All the indirect indications are that he would vote for this legislation, having a home office in Boulder Colorado (home of NCAR), and the postings on his web site he is likely firmly positioned as a pro AGW advocate. I also called his office this morning and finally got through (someone is spending a lot of time on the phone as it took a while).
    His staff person indicated he had not stated his position on the upcoming legislation and I voiced my opposition that this is fatally flawed legislation. Hopefully comments will encourage him to take a stand against it.
    Having worked in State government, I second the comments above that the more personal the contact method the higher it is ranked by the staff, more or less in direct proportion to how easy it is to do. A personal visit to the office would carry more weight than a phone call, a phone call and a personal hand written letter would carry more weight than an email, and an email would have more weight than a form letter fax.
    Make your best effort to be reasonable and polite in your contact. You can be forceful without coming across as a raging lunatic. That sort of approach will just get your contact thrown in the crack pot pile. Pick one or two specific issues and dwell on them. Make it clear you are watching what the voting record will be and will judge accordingly.
    There was an interesting Opinion article in the Wall Street Journal print edition this morning (page A13 for reference) Titled “The Climate Change Climate Change by Kimberly A Strassel. She comments how the tide is turning on the Climate Change “consensus” and how various governments are beginning to have second thoughts on sweeping climate change legislation. It is worth a read if for no other reason than to know it will be read by thousands of Corporate Board Members and people inside the financial world.

  52. Thanks to all you folks here, my wife and I each separately called different local offices of Carol Shea-Porter D -NH. Although probably an exercize in futility, it’s important that staffers and congresspersons know that their electors oppose this bill.
    US residents who read and post here need to act rather than wasting time on the internet.

  53. Washington Post is encouraging a NO vote!!! Not because they disagree with the premise, but because this isn’t going to be an effective way to control behaviors.
    “Even if it passes today, Waxman-Markey is just a first step. With a flood of amendments to the House bill expected today and fierce battles to come in the Senate, the debate over how to design this fundamental shift in the American economy remains wide open. It’s not too late to hope for a cleaner cap-and-trade bill — such proposals are circulating on Capitol Hill — or a properly designed carbon tax that would send the right market signal to spur green-energy innovation while also leading to vital changes in behavior. “
    This is as it always has been about control. Controlling the masses, it’s been the liberal mantra all along.
    My congress woman is a solid NO as are both of my Senators.
    Keep up the fight!!!
    My congress woman is a solid NO as are both of my Senators.
    Keep up the fight!!!

  54. Called all the FLA Reps. Told them that I was a registered voter here and that If there wasn’t an emphatic “NO!” coming out of FLA on this, that I would vote, and encourage others to vote them out of office.

  55. You denialists are going to be responsible for the suffering and mass extinctions that AGW is bringing about onto this planet.

  56. I submitted a phone comment this morning and an email comment yesterday to my Rep, Robert Andrews, D-NJ-1. His staffer did not know his position on the bill.
    Debate about whether to vote on Waxman-Markey is supposed to be ending soon.

  57. Tell Mark Kirk that he won’t get my vote as he attempts his run for governor of Illinois or Illinois Senator if he votes YES. I already called Peter Roskam in my district.

  58. Ken (07:35:39) wrote: “Tell Mark Kirk that he won’t get my vote as he attempts his run for governor of Illinois or Illinois Senator if he votes YES.”
    Ken, call Mark at either:
    Washington (preferred): 202-225-4835
    Northbrook: 847-940-0202
    They don’t bite, they just register your IMPORTANT position!

  59. CSPAN is covering this live and in-depth with call-ins. Phone numbers listed on screeen.

  60. Re: Mr Lynn (06:38:15)
    “OK, I attempted to e-mail him via the form on his website. Got a 404 error.”
    I am a constituent of Stephen Cohen’s district in Tennessee and also got a 404 error. does not allow the sending of emails. His official government site is broken. Does anyone know how to obtain his actual email address?

  61. if you live in a state like MA where your rep is useless, you can try and influence reps in other states with providing campaign funds.

  62. On CSPAN, 99% of the caller’s talking about this are against passage of this bill, including many Democrat callers.
    Phone in your comments: (202)585-3885 , -3886, -3887

  63. My rep is a confirmed no . He was leaning yes when this almost came to the floor a while back , but a flood of calls against it swayed him – see it can work . Just to be safe , though , I called his local office (DC line was busy) and emailed .

  64. First, thanks to Roger Carr and “little old lady…”. Laughed my tail off. Contacted my “rep.” Bagdhad Jim ‘McDirt’ and was told he’s undecided. Liar…Am also contacting others in my state but will contact others in other states as well and encourage you to do the same. They don’t seem to be interested in checking to see if you are a constituent or not. PLEASE be respectful and polite but make your case succinctly. To quote a recent American hero when faced with an extremist in control of the plane (is our situation that much different?), “Let’s roll…”

  65. I have repeatedly contacted my representatives and senators (Louisiana) with messages to KILL this resolution; have been rebuffed from other representatives’ offices with the message-they only listen to constituents! I, too, am pessimistic about stopping this train wreck. I am retired and worry about all increases in living expenses that this fiasco will initiate.
    Anthony, thanks for all you work and involvement; surely your scientific studies will eventually win out.

  66. This is urgent. Air france flight was due to global warming. Severe storms. I am surprised Joe Romms hasn’t linked Farah and jackson death to the interference of the deniers.
    My conservative ag congressmen all vote against the bill. I appose global warming. I would rather ride a snow machine at Christmas than have to play golf.

  67. There a two large elephants in the room:
    • global governance. HR 2454 lays the groundwork for global taxation which is the same as global governance. This is your very worst nightmare ( though many folks are in denial of this fact )
    • “Smart Grid”. HR 2454 creates the actual infrastructure of George Orwell’s “1984”. This is very bad.
    visit, call, or email your congressman…
    This is getting very serious.

  68. Is anyone else having problem watching the C-SPAN live coverage. It just constantly buffers and mgiht play for 2 seconds and then starts buffering again.. I have a 5 bar connection to my network and an “excellent” connection to the network. I am located in Eastern Canada.

  69. It’s not fair the USA has so much and consumes so much. The obvious answer is to tear down this country so we are no better off than anybody else.
    The not-so-obvious answer is to elevate everyone else up to our level, but that’s not part of the agenda.

  70. All: As a Canuck, all I can do is give some advice.
    Advise your congressman of the example of the Liberal Party and its leader, in Canada, during the last election.
    A major plank in that election was the “Green Shift”. It was similar to Waxman-Markey, in that it would tax carbon, and supposedly shift the revenues back to the less-privileged.
    The Liberals lost the election, and fired the leader responsible for the “Green Shift”.
    You could also note that Canada is much more “liberal” than the US.

  71. I can’t stream CSPAN either. I have resorted to streaming the CSPAN Radio instead. Does not give you the live debate, but at least there is no Michael Jackson coverage….

  72. My congressman is voting no (Pence, R-IN). I am focusing my energy on Sen Bayh, who I am afraid would support it in the Senate. I am asking him to ask Steve Fielding’s three questions, and am going to point him to the executive summary of the EPA comments.
    It would be great if we could create a one-page talking points summary that could create an impact in the first paragraph. I am not sure that anything larger is going to survive the attention span of the AGW proponents.

  73. This became a freak show. According to Hot air. Waxman just dropped in 300 pages of ammendments this morning. Talk about voting blind.\
    This is not what either side thinks they are voting for,
    It is so excessive that real people would not hessitate and postpone the vote to give time to sort this out. Would you buy a house if it had 300 pages of changes to sign on closing day?

  74. I have a request for anyone contacting their representatives this morning. We have heard from some who are asking when they call about the voulume of calls they are getting and the direction of the sentiment of those calls. If more people could do the same and post their findinds here, it would be interesting to hear those results and also ask them when there has been a strong volumn and sentiment, has it influenced anyone’s vote?

  75. UPDATE: C-SPAN1 is covering this live, there is a live media streaming page which you can access here
    I’m getting a black image. Maybe because it’s a local game?

  76. My rep’s office was only 5 min from my home, so I dropped in to register my opinion in person. If you can’t get through to your rep’s washington office, try phoning his/her local office, or better yet, visit. Contact info is available via .
    REPLY: Good for you, sir. – Anthony

  77. John G. Bell (07:44:39) :
    Re: Mr Lynn (06:38:15)
    I am a constituent of Stephen Cohen’s district in Tennessee and also got a 404 error. does not allow the sending of emails. His official government site is broken. Does anyone know how to obtain his actual email address? is still up & running with a contact form, but who knows if it’s being monitored.
    I imagine Cohen has been overwhelmed with e-mails & phone calls since King Willie resigned yesterday.

  78. “MarkusR (07:30:58) :
    You denialists are going to be responsible for the suffering and mass extinctions that AGW is bringing about onto this planet.”
    Which one’s are the denialists? Those of us who don’t believe that global warming is caused or influenced by mans activities, or those of you who deny the earth is cooling?
    If you call me a denialists because I won’t blindly follow the UN and Al Gore with out real scientific proof, then i am guilty as charged. However are you willing to say the same about yourself? that you are denying the reality of the temperature record and the failure of the models to predict this cooling?
    Doubtful you have the courage to even admit you might be wrong.

  79. C-Span feed doesn’t work for me either. Buffers, plays 2-3 seconds, buffers…
    Located in NH USA

  80. Rush is talking about the supression of the report on his show now..not a huge fan but at least he has a very large audience that will start calling their reps.

  81. I live in California, but I just wrote Rodney Frelinghuysen, whose father succeeded my great-grandfather as congressman from the fifth district in N.J. (now the 11th.) If he votes in favor of this bill, I will write him again and suggest he spend some of his free time here at WUWT.
    While this bill is a very dangerous bill, it is not as dangerous as the EPA’s pending endangerment finding. When the vote on this bill is completed, it is important for everyone to focus on and vigorously contest the EPA’s attempt to regulate CO2. If that ever happens, then the horse is out of the barn.

  82. Folks, can somebody tell when voting is expcted to start? Some europeans are too, really interested in the outcome.
    I’m on a convent starting in a few minutes, nevertheless will have blackberry with me. Tks.

  83. If this passes into law, or any of its spawn, I will officially change my registration from life long Dem to either Independent, or Republican and will forever vote against any legislature who voted for this bill. Hell, even if it doesn’t pass, I will vote against any legislature who voted for this bill, or who supported it (like Obama). This is a serious political life changer for me and the Dems are just whistling down the primrose path as they throw away their ONE chance to hold on to power. I have lost such faith in my party. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  84. CSPAN based on all the interest there seems to be, is suffering from some ‘pipe’ problems. . . . server bandwidth saturation or exceeding the maximum simultaneous connections.

  85. Latest:
    House Democrats narrowly won an important test vote Friday on groundbreaking legislation to combat global warming and usher in a new era of cleaner energy. Republican opponents said it included the largest tax increase ever.
    The vote was 217-205 to send the White House-backed legislation to the full House. Thirty Democrats defected, reflecting the deep divisions over the plan.
    We need 7 votes to stop this mess, otherwise we have to focus on the Senate.

  86. Not sure why anybody is bothering with this.
    The bill will pass, with a small but real majority.
    Tomorrow, all the stuff we’ve been celebrating here will be front-page news, with the subtitle “See, it’s working already!”

  87. don’t tarp me bro (08:49:26) :
    This became a freak show. According to Hot air. Waxman just dropped in 300 pages of ammendments this morning. Talk about voting blind.
    I had a quick read of it DTMB – seemed OK to me. He’s just adding a dash of last-minute, decoration and it really does work for me.
    His sensitive purple-prose really does bring out those rich Greens.
    For those too busy to soak up every word of the report, I have summarised it below.
    AMENDMENT TO H.R. 2454
    (: (: (: 🙂 🙂
    310 pages
    Document Local : F:\WUWT62609.002.xml
    Document Dated: June 26, 2009 (1:34 a.m.)

  88. Remember. . .218 votes are required to send the bill to the senate but it looks like they might have them. It may not reflect true sentement as the House often passes tough to swallow legislation with the intent that the Senate will save them from themselves.

  89. Re: AEGeneral (09:09:05)
    Could be. It did not work yesterday also. The Herenton machine is after Cohen. No chance that the DNC will support Cohen’s reelection. What will Rahm or Waxman offer Cohen? A blindfold?
    This bill is pure politics. Now that Cohen’s future has been decided for him he is free to vote his mind. Or will he take charge of his fate and listen to his constituents?
    404 ERROR! 🙂

  90. Called Congressman Sarbanes office and urged a no vote (for what good it will do). Surprised I actually got to speak to a live person. He’s a radical Leftist (as was his father who he inherited his seat from) but nonetheless, I called.
    God, this is crazy…….we must get rid of these people (vote them out).

  91. Are you saying that the House is full of wussies? I actually believe you. I have seen “token” bills get out of there to be roundly and rightly defeated in the Senate. I will have to ask my Oregon reps (not just my own) if they are given a pill at the outset of their job that brings on this strange malady. Passing token legislation just for your voting record is grounds for “next time around” dismissal as far as I am concerned.

  92. MarkusR (07:30:58) :
    You denialists are going to be responsible for the suffering and mass extinctions that AGW is bringing about onto this planet

    What you can’t deny is what the road to hell is paved with nor can you deny the laws of unintended consequences.
    Let’s assume AGW will be responsible for future mass extinctions. Will the bill do anything to stop that? Undeniably it will not.
    Let’s assume all those computer models are correct. Run the models with the effects of Waxman-Markey. Will it make any noticeable difference? Undeniably it will not.
    Whatever else, no one can deny that you carbon irrationalists are in complete denial of reality when it comes to Waxman-Markey, Kyoto, the ‘green economy’ and the untold suffering and economic losses this bill will cause.

    Canada is also going down that same path. Instead of waiting for a last minute protest action, we should start today to tell our elected officials that we don’t want it and will vote against anyone that will vote for suck bill. We must let them know today that they must vote on this according to what the voting people want and not according to their party position.
    If all fails, we might have our own Maple Leaf Revolution.

  94. I am a Canadian so I cannot call but I certainly hope this bill fails. This is the second year that crops in Canada and the Northern US are 3 weeks late. Not that slowing Co2 emissions will have any effect but…who wants it to be colder? We will see food price increases again this year as we have since 07. The problem in Canada is that since Obama’s election, our government has seen the “light” and is now looking at a carbon emission cap/market scheme. And we just threw out the last nutball who dared to suggest a Carbon Tax. It never ends. These guys have dollar signs dancing in their heads. I know this is not about temperature.

  95. Pamela,
    Your proposed defection has brought a little happiness to this otherwise sad discussion. I am glad that such a thoughtful person as yourself would choose principle over party affiliation. We need more like you in the world. 🙂

  96. Warm is always better than cold (and often better than cool). This crap is anti-industrialist, anti-liberty and anti-human at its elemental level.

  97. For posterity, I wish to claim the terms carbon irrationalist and climate irrationalist.
    Thank you

  98. I didn’t see my rep’s name anywhere, decided or leaning. I wrote him anyway though (Visclosky, IN-1st) to let him know what I think of this peice of junk legislation.
    I think it will pass. Too many “leaning yes” on the list. And hey, if these guys are talking about taxing health care (“free” or otherwise) in economic times like these… well, why wouldn’t they pass this nail in the coffin?

  99. Just to say that I find it truly incredible, sitting here on the “other side of the pond” watching your “Honourable Representatives” preparing to sign what could well be the most expensive suicide note in history.

  100. Eve: How dare you call the author of The Green Shift, a nutball.
    Why, he even named his dog Kyoto. (yes, he really did)
    Of course, in the Texas vernacular , “that dog cain’t hunt.”

  101. We must defeat HR 2454 / HR 2998.
    There are no coincidences. As two treasonous bills are being rammed through the congress …
    Two big-name celebrities pass away and the Fawning Corporate Media { “mockingbird media” } are running a full-scale distraction op to keep the American people away from the real news . . .
    like magic!
    Go to website and find your Representative by clicking button in the upper-left corner.

  102. We managed to keep the NDP out at the last provincial election. While the current Liberal party did introduce a “revenue neutral” carbon tax, it’s the lesser of two evils. The NDP wanted to replace the carbon tax with cap and trade.

  103. John G. Bell (09:52:37) :
    Now that Cohen’s future has been decided for him he is free to vote his mind. Or will he take charge of his fate and listen to his constituents?

    He voted for TARP. I know first hand that at one point he had received 57 phone calls, 56 of which were against it (influential people in my office, one of whom has his cell #). In the end, he ignored it.
    He hasn’t been listening since he made it to Washington.

  104. “I’m a constituent of Representative ______________ and I strongly oppose HR 2454 / HR 2998.
    I strongly oppose all global taxation schemes. Any support for global governance is treason.
    The central thesis that CO2 is causing warming is incorrect. The earth is now cooling since 2003…
    The “Smart Grid” is nothing short of a total control grid. It would become the infrastructure for Orwell’s 1984.
    This is a bad piece of legislation and the Democrats’ attempts to ram it through are reprehensible.”

  105. Is there a web site that keeps voting records on who voted what on each bill that is ran through Congress? If so, can someone post the web address to it?

  106. “”” twawki (06:08:57) :
    Another good article here;
    Quote “There’s one thing the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill doesn’t do: Work. All of the above-mentioned costs accrue in the first 25 years of a 90-year program that, as calculated by climatologists, will lower temperatures by only hundredths of a degree Celsius in 2050 and no more than two-tenths of a degree Celsius at the end of the century. In the name of saving the planet for future generations, Waxman-Markey does not sound like a great deal: Millions of lost jobs, trillions of lost income, 50-90 percent higher energy prices, and stunning increases in the national debt, all for undetectable changes in world temperature. Who’s buying that?” “””
    Well anyone who believes this bill and its agenda is going to lower global temperatures; or lower or even limit the growth of atmospheric CO2 is simply living in a dream world. It isn’t going to happen even if they pass this bill; and then turn loose a handfull of unelected, borderline criminally insane beaurocrats to make regulations (EPA) to tax people for breathing.
    So they are going to eliminate carbonaceous fossil fuels, and replace them with free green renewable energy ?
    Balderdash ! There’s a reason why free green clean renewable energy is so much more expensive that fossil fuels. It takes more energy capital to make market usable free green clean renewable energy available; and that energy capital comes from fossil fuels containing carbon.
    The wasteful government subsidies used to bribe ignorant people to install free green clean renewable solar panels and the like, are monies that the government gets from taxing profit making enterprises, at something like a corporate tax rate of 35%. So every dollar used to subsidize renewables so they are only much higher in cost than existing energy supplies; requires someone to make about three dollars in pretax profit. To do that they have to sell something like $50 worth of goods or services to come up with that $1 subsidy. And that $50 worth of goods or services has to be generated from existing energy sources, which are primarily fossil fuel based.
    If I use one Joule of fossil energy to manufacture one Joule of free clean green renewable energy; that someone can use in their car; that is just at energy break even; then a total of two Joules of energy is used to do a task that could have been done with just one, by putting that fossil fuel in the car in the first place. Even if the energy gain is two for one; so I only use one Joule of Fossil fuel to get two Joules of say ethanol, or bio-diesel fuel, it still takes three Joules to do the real work that could have been done with just two.
    If free green clean renewable energy was energy capital competitive with fossil fuels; it would already have replaced fossil fuels; because the real total cost of any eneterprise is the sum total of all the energies it takes to get there.
    Renewable energy amounts to a Ponzi scheme; it relies on the ready availability of fossil fuels to operate the free green clean renewable energy plant.
    Well you American Citizens are about to reap the whirlwind; with the fools you have voted into office. History will remember those who created this coming global disaster; and this one will make climate change irrelevent.

  107. My representative (Snyder) voted with 217 to move it to the floor. I just got off the phone with his Washington office, letting the sweet young thing that answered the phone know how unhappy I was with that, and urging him to vote against final passage. I also sent an email.
    My representative is pretty much a lost cause, I think, but at least I tried.

  108. Cap and Trade Being Pulled? [Steve Hayward]
    Word flying around D.C. as of 1:30 is that Waxman-Markey is being pulled, suggesting Pelosi doesn’t have the votes. It may be they need a little more time to buy off one or two more people, or possibly they simply can’t get enough committed votes (I am sure more than a few Democrats say they will vote “Yes” as necessary, but have a deal for cover with a “No” vote, which is complicating the whip count).

  109. Ray (10:45:12) :
    DO they really want a full fledged revolution….
    After CO2 now they will be looking at phasing out alcohol globally.

    That article is pretty scary, Ray.
    Ever seen the movie “Demolition Man” where everything harmful is illegal, even salt? We’ll be listening to “Oscar Meyer Weiner” commercials on the radio before we know it.

  110. Irate Patriot (10:49:18) :
    Is there a web site that keeps voting records on who voted what on each bill that is ran through Congress? If so, can someone post the web address to it?

  111. Pamela,
    I sympathize with your situation. I’m a registered Democrat, who has been voting “conservative” (and thus Republican) for years now. I’ve toyed with the idea of changing my registration to Republican, but never have because my congresscritters are all Democrat, and I like to imagine they pay more attention to me when they realize they are getting an irate email or phone call from a Democrat. In my congressional district, especially, I think my representative thinks he can pretty much ignore Republicans with impunity. But when he hears me tell him that I will do everything I can to get him unseated if he votes for this bill, if he hears enough other Democrats urging him to vote against this (or any) bill, maybe it will have an impact.
    If I lived in a state which had a stronger Republican party, then I might well switch.

  112. I feel so sorry for Waxman that if I was american I would vote for his bill. How can any poor soul be that ugly.

  113. Waxman’s bill hr2454 has one cosponsor. Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed Act” has 244 cosponsors, well more than half of the House. Paul’s bill has been stuck in committee for months while Waxman’s bill is getting pushed through with great speed. Paul’s bill has many cosponsors because people have been calling their reps and urging them to cosponsor it. Apparently not many have called their reps to urge support for HR 2454, and yet Waxman’s bill is getting all the attention.
    Need I say it again? Our government is run by criminals.

  114. Listening (and recording) those buffoons on C-SPAN has caused me to go to the refrigerator for a beer.

  115. DanD: Thanks. I did finally get through to Washington state’s Norm Dicks and Dave Reichert. Dave Reichert is a Republican that was leaning yes, now is watching to see which way the wind is blowing.

  116. Re David Hagen 10:42:46, Waxman was among the non-voters on the strawvote (because he recused himself as a sponsor??), so they have the 218 required for passage. The only hope now is to sway some of the 217 back.
    Visit or phone your rep’s local office today!

  117. I called my congressman (Griffith, north AL) and was told that he plans to oppose it. Then, I saw that the entire Alabama delegation voted no on the test vote. We may be dumb-ass rednecks, but we’re at least getting this one right.

  118. Well Dilson (11:43:01) :
    I called my congressman (Griffith, north AL) and was told that he plans to oppose it. Then, I saw that the entire Alabama delegation voted no on the test vote. We may be dumb-ass rednecks, but we’re at least getting this one right.

    Lol. My vote for quote of the week. 🙂

  119. I did my duty…now do yours. If we don’t let them know you’re viewpoint, you’ll get the government you deserve…(probably regardless, but you have to at least TRY!!!)

  120. This is incredible:
    1200+ page bill that few have read.
    300+ pages of amendments added overnight.
    And the only Reps in attendance are the speakers – check out all the empty seats.

  121. I mentioned this debacle at work today. Two colleagues knew nothing about the demonisation of CO2. One knew but was open minded. Another came along, a young arrogant fooless, who told me that CO2 caused the hole in the ozone and acted like I was the biggest moron son of a crap who ever existed for disagreeing.
    It’s not just politicians who are idiotic, corrupt and deceitful. We’re dealing with a much larger problem. Humans are generally morons despite the amount of information available to them. How many people come up to you and talk about organic or natural food being better without realising that, genetically and chemically speaking, a GM food crop is made from natural elements and grow organically? How many times have you heard steroids or sports enhancement drugs being demonised when most steroids are safer to use in moderation than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes and are used to cure the weak? How many times have you seen homeopathy being promoted as effective medicine when it is as effective as drinking a drop of water and offers only false hope? How many times have you heard someone mention that materialism is bad and spirituality good when the only thing that matters to the poor (and in turn, all of us) is material rewards which offer real health and progress?
    There’s a whole anti-science movement out there who fear what they don’t unerstand yet given the chance to live like a caveman without make up, clothes, shops, chlorinated water or cars they balk and hypocritically refuse to give up their modern comforts.

  122. Well Dilson (11:43:01) :
    I’m not American but I’ve worked with quite a lot of you ‘dumb-ass rednecks’ and you’re mostly all OK by my reckoning!

  123. I love to see this action. Way to go!
    I called all the Texas Democrats and emailed all those voting yes, leaning yes or undecided.
    Keep the pressure on.

  124. Let it pass. When the people see what affect these yahoos have had on the economy and everybody’s pocketbook, it’ll be no contest in 2 years or 4 years.
    see australia and new zeeland

  125. If your in now and really sick of hearing about Michael Jackson, Debate of the bill is on the air at cspan house channel.
    Im scared folks… this is looking like it is going to pass.

  126. Twiiter feed at Gore Lied is saying Dems are frazzled. Calls in Mike Doyle, D-Pittsburgh, office running 9-1 against. He’s a yes though.

  127. You can also watch the debate in the House live on Cspan 1.
    You can also “vote” through the TV ratings, so get someone to tune into this channel if you can. It is another way to register that this is an issue of high importance. If it does slide by the House the Senate will make note of a spike in viewership of the House debate.
    It will also be noted by the Major News organizations (although they might not report it)!

  128. Good opinion piece on Fox about this: .
    One thing that disturbs me about the speeches in the House today is that “Everyone”, including those opposed to the bill, seems to accept the premise that CO2 is bad and that they have to do something. The arguments are all about jobs, money, etc. with no mention of the fallacy of the AGW hypothesis itself.

  129. Please note that the Vote is on Friday after the Markets Close. This is by design because if they delay the vote over into Saturday Morning the public outrage will subside because of the weekend, easier to influence a Member when their pesky constituents are not jamming the phone lines.
    Do Not Let Up on Calls Until the VOTE is over.
    Also that gives the Sunday Talk show spin doctors a chance to handle the results either way. Always release potentially bad news after 5PM ET on Friday, SOP for Congress.
    I am looking for the Market reaction to the vote on Monday. Business reporters have basically dismissed this as not going to pass, but it is going to be close.

  130. Alan Grayson (D) from Orlando Florida is now making the bogus “More hurricanes = more damage due to climate change argument” and then calling for a 50 million dollar hurricane research center.
    So is Waxman
    What boneheads.

  131. This could also be refered to as the bill to reduce the electricity rates for California. One wise writer noted today that this bill will equalize electricity rates across the country. Punishing those who use coal and rewarding those who so not.

  132. I called my Congressman R. Cliff Stearns of the 6th district of Florida. He voted No this morning and he will vote No again. If anyone is trying the call the congressional switchboard you will have a very tough time getting through, I could not get through for like an hour. I finally looked up his direct line on I suggest any one to use this site find the direct line to thier Rep’s. My first attempt went through perfectly. Huurahhh, for Florida having a brain.

  133. Bastards and thieves. Warming has nothing to do with it, only money and power.
    They don’t care who they hurt, it’s truly evil.

  134. Re: nanny_govt_sucks (12:16:00) :
    “The NYT has picked up the carbon gate scandal story”
    The NYT has a vested interest in disasters. Disasters sell newspapers.
    This time they are wrong because it will be an economic disaster and
    no one will have the money to buy their expensive rag. Oops!
    Having said that, I like their chess column by McClain.

  135. 50 million? A billion a year!!! $2 billion after 2021!
    Man, watching the Hurricanes increase in lockstep with CO2 has been… oh wait…
    Seriously, watching CSPAN is more than a little annoying. These people are just plain stupid. The vast majority of them have absolutely no idea what they’re even yapping about.

  136. Picked up by the Washington Examiner
    CEI releases global warming study censored by Obama’s EPA
    By: Kevin Mooney 06/26/09 12:09 PM EDT

    Natural forces as opposed to human activity are largely responsible for temperature fluctuations, according to a new study the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) released today as Congress prepares to vote on global warming legislation. . . .
    Internal email messages show the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suppressed the report and silenced the author because the scientific evidence did not square with the Obama administration’s agenda of regulating carbon dioxide, CEI claims. The EPA has become overly reliant upon outdated information from the United Nations and has ignored major new scientific developments, the censored study concludes. New scientific data highlighted in the report shows that ocean cycles and solar cycles are probably the most important factors behind temperature fluctuations. Moreover, satellite information now indicates there is little chance of endangerment from greenhouse gases, according to the report. . . .
    Some of the major developments overlooked by EPA official include a continued decline in global temperatures, an emerging consensus that hurricanes will not be more frequent or intense and new studies that demonstrate water vapor will have a moderating influence on temperature.

  137. A Florida rep. said he wanted a 50Million dollar hurricane research center in his district. He was told they had money for such things and would work on getting it done. Talk about buying votes.

  138. Bill McClure (12:34:55) :
    This could also be refered to as the bill to reduce the electricity rates for California. One wise writer noted today that this bill will equalize electricity rates across the country. Punishing those who use coal and rewarding those who so not.

    California has long not produced enough electricity to meet it’s needs. It may not have many coal power plants in the state, but it uses plenty of electricity generated by coal.
    In the summer, power must be transmitted from nearby states into California so the lights stay on. When those states have to turn off their coal plants, it’s lights out on the left coast.
    Perhaps somebody will voluntarily turn off their coal plants now for a few days just to give everyone a taste?

  139. A little late, but people should realize that attacking people after they vote yes is not the best way to do things. People should have been campaigning just as the proposal was presented. This lowers the brand and sends leaners running. A useful comparison is when Democrats attacked the “Polluter’s BIll of Rights” when Newt Gingrich was speaker. This sent the moderate Republicans running, and set the stage for Democrats taking another 15 seats or so(generally from those same moderates.)

  140. Sensenbrenner had a interesting chart up just now:
    $2.2 Trillion would go overseas in carbon credits. Gulp!!!

  141. I read most of the full text version of the Bill Draft. All I can say is we are creating a monster that will surely turn on us.
    This bill isn’t about saving the planet. It’s purpose is to level the playing field. Before the U.S. can join the New World Order, we have to cease to be a super power and become an equal to the rest of the world’s nations. Only then will we give up our sovereignty as a small token to be responsible partners in the misguided quest to “save the planet.” How better to become an equal player than to artificially reduce our economic strength and send jobs and money to foreign nations to boost theirs. At some point in the great “transfer” we’ll all be equal and ready to play by the new rules.
    The Bill has provisions in it to set up a huge foreign energy assistance fund, under the President’s direct management, to send U.S. funds to pay for U.N. programs and assist 2nd and 3rd world nations financially. These funds will come directly from energy taxes and carbon allocations paid by U.S. companies.
    Nowhere in the Bill is there any analysis of how the Bill proposes to create new jobs. It only mentions jobs in the context of creating programs to mitigate job losses that are expected to occur as marginal (mostly small) businesses fail from the roughly 8% – 20% profit loss from increased cost of production, transportation, and CO2 allocations.
    Of course, you won’t find any of the above in the Bill Summary – the sugar coated and omissive document our senators read. The Summary makes glorious claims (like the millions of jobs that are supposed to be created) that are nowhere to be found in the full text version of the Bill.
    So how do China and India fare in the big picture? They are designated by the UN’s World Economic Outlook Report, April 2009, as “developing nations” and will be eligible for CO2 standards exemptions as well as money from the U.N. and U.S. energy funds.

  142. Watcha wanna bet that the $50 million “hurricane center” in Florida will be staffed primarily by Congressional relatives and donors? Who will do the vast majority of their “research” on either a jetski or a surfboard?

    • They can’t find the other 300 pages. The madame speaker says “not the responsibility of the house to distribute copies”.

  143. Watts up with this “placeholder” thing? Has a bill ever been passed that some part would be filled in later?

  144. Glenn, re: the placeholder. It’s called a blank check. Just sign the damn thing, and I’ll fill in the amount later. 🙂

  145. I’m urging anyone from the Asheville, NC area to contact Rep. Heath Shuler and voice your opinion. (Shuler NC (202) 225-6401) He’s leaning yes but is a blue dog. Do it now!
    Interesting debate on C-Span. Objections to the latest 300 page amendment added by the rules committee this AM. The response from the chair – “It’s not the responsibility of the chair to distribute information”

  146. We need to apply continuous pressure and not let up.
    It’s important to hammer away at the big lie :
    CO2 does NOT cause warming!
    And the “smart grid” is part of the larger trend: The Snitch Economy.
    Imagine your electric panel turns you in for using grow lights…
    Or your electric dryer snitches on you for too many loads this week…
    Or maybe your neighbor snitches on you through “InfraGuard” that you are using electric snowmelt … ( then collects a government check for $100.00 … )
    Obama’s “green corp” agent shows up at your door for a warrantless government search. When you refuse, your GPS coordinates are logged and a high-altitude airship takes notice of your coordinates.
    … later you have your carpets cleaned … or possibly some realtors walk through “your” house…
    … and an hour after they leave a SWAT team bangs loudly on your door …

  147. Agreed Mike spoke nicely.. he has some aura about him, rare in the whine that is our politicians lately.

  148. [I told you to stop changing emails and names – no longer welcome here with all the switcheroos]

  149. Amendment being considered would totally replace the current bill with a “new Manhattan project”, including studies for how to accomplish energy independence in 20 years.

  150. Marky says we will export solar and wind.. e is crazy, korea, Japan are already a head of us on that!!!!! I know i did the research. USA is way behind among other things high speed internet is dominted by the Asian countries

  151. This is embarrassing. How does it go?
    -Repeat the mantra
    -Don’t debate the facts
    -Attack the messenger
    -Repeat the mantra
    Get up and call in now! I went to each Congressperson’s website to collect these phone numbers… please call!
    Undecided or Won’t Say:
    Kirkpatrick Az (202) 225-2315
    Boyd Fla (202) 225-5235
    Brown Fla (202) 225-0123
    Bishop Ga (202) 225-3631
    R Kirk Ill 202-225-4835
    Foster Ill (866) 777-6670
    Donnelly Ind (202) 225-3915
    R Jones NC 202-225-3415
    McIntyre NC (202) 225-2731
    R Frelinghuysen NJ (202) 225-5034
    Tonko NY (202) 225-5076
    Arcuri NY (202) 225-3665
    Space Ohio (he voted for it in committee) (202) 225-6265
    Carney Penna. (202) 225-3731
    Davis Tenn 202.225.6831
    Al Green Tex (202) 225-7508
    Jackson Lee Tex (202) 225-3816
    Ortiz Tex (202) 225-7742
    Eddie Bernice Johnson Tex (202) 225-8885
    Kind Wis (202) 225-5506
    Leaning Yes:
    Mitchell Az (202) 225-2190
    Cardoza Calif (202) 225-6131
    Costa Calif 202-225-3341
    Baca Calif (202)225-6161
    R Castle Del 202.225.4165
    Grayson Fla (202) 225-2176
    Meek Fla 202-225-4506
    Kozmas Fla (202) 225-2706
    Abercrombie Hi (202) 225-2726
    Bean Ill (202) 225-3711
    R Cao La (202) 225-6636
    Kratovil Md (202) 225-5311
    R Ehlers Mich (202) 225-3831
    Kildee Mich 202-225-3611
    Schauer Mich (202) 225-6276
    Peters Mich (202) 225-5802
    Clay Mo (202) 225-2406
    Skelton Mo 202-225-2876
    Thompson Miss (202) 225-5876
    Shuler NC (202) 225-6401
    Adler NJ (202) 225-4765
    Lance NJ (202) 225-5361
    Meeks NY 202/225-3461
    McMahon NY (202) 225-3371
    Murphy NY (202) 225-5614
    R McHugh NY (202) 225-4611
    Maffei NY (202) 225-3701
    Driehaus Ohio (202) 225-2216
    Fudge Ohio (202) 225-7032
    Kilroy Ohio (202) 225-2015
    Cooper Tenn 202-225-4311
    Edwards Tex 202-225-6105
    Rodriguez Tex (202) 225-4511
    Nye Va (202) 225-4215
    Kagan Wisc (202) 225-5665
    Leaning No:
    Salazar Colo 202-225-4761
    Marshall Ga 202/225-6531
    Boswell Iowa (202) 225-3806
    Minnick Idaho (202) 225-6611
    Halvorson Ill (202) 225-3635
    Etheridge NC (202) 225-4531
    Kissell NC (202) 225-3715
    Massa NY (202) 225-3161
    Kaptur Ohio (202) 225-4146
    Boccieri Ohio (202) 225-3876
    R Gerlach Penna 202.225.4315
    Hinojosa Tex (202) 225-2531
    Mollohan WV (202) 225-4172
    Rahall WV (202) 225-3452

  152. I just got off phone with Rep Mitchell (AZ) – my representative. He’s listed as leaning yes. I was informed he was voting NO. That’s one DEM more in the no column!

    4:57 P.M. –
    DEBATE – Pursuant to the provisions of H.Res. 587, the House proceeded with 30 minutes of debate on the Forbes amendment.
    Amendment offered by Mr. Forbes.
    An amendment printed in part B of House Report 111-185 to strike everything and insert the text of H.R. 513, the “New Manhattan Project for Energy Independence.”

  154. Spread the word about the EPA and White House’s suppression of science on every forum you can. Don’t waste time getting into debates with people who believe in catastrophes and epidemics that never come true. Just say what you know is true and post the links that prove it. In addition link to my youtube upload of Christy’s brilliant debate with Schlesinger. Just click share to show your Facebook friends.

  155. YAY HAppy to report Cynthia Lummis, Wyomings voice in the House voted NO on the roll call vote.
    WOO HOO Way to Go. I just wish we had a few more I could call.
    Keep up the fight and remember this in 2010 Throww the tax and spend demons OUT, starting with Granny Pelosi!!!!!!

  156. Watching on C-span. This is depressing. These are the people we elected to represent us.

  157. Listening the Dems debate this leaves me thoroughly depressed.
    It’s like watching a train-wreck in super slo-mo.

  158. So Rep Hoyer believes Starbucks & Nike do not already act to conserve energy and costs?

  159. I just called (at least I got to talk to one of his staff) my rep D-Driehaus Ohio to inform him that I wanted him to vote NO on the cap and trade bill and to correct the spelling of my first and last name (I got some offical paper correspondence from him), as that was all F*’d up too. (Don’t worry guys, I’d minded my phraseology)

  160. Brown and most of his party are loons. Let him send his country’s money. Fine by me, but keep my money out of it.

  161. Ray (14:28:17) :
    No worries the ACES Bill being debated also has a massive International Climate Action Fund for transfers to third world in order to meet the UN requirements that are due out of Copenhagen in December.
    Insanity loves company.

  162. Yes, we’ve called and our Congressman (Bilirakis) is voting no and the one to the south of us (Castor) of course! is voting yes. She is Pelosi’s little darling. And were calling others, and no I haven’t given up hope, but when I get down I have to write – – something frivolous. So to the tune of “Thanks for the memory” and with profound apologies to Mr. America himself, Bob Hope, (and our English friends) this for all those who vote for the bill –
    Thanks for the tomfoolery,
    Co2 was not the curse, there are things very much worse,
    Including the money, that soon will stuff your purse,
    How brazen your vote.
    Thanks for the tomfoolery,
    Your care for us is past, I knew it wouldn’t last,
    Your hunger for power, is obviously very vast,
    How retched you are.
    Many of us had high hopes, and, many of us had no hopes,
    Now we know it was all up to dopes,
    In scorn of sense, much harm done.
    So, thanks for the tomfoolery,
    We will not forget, on this you can surely bet,
    You think you put one over, on others and this vet,
    How foolish, you are.

  163. Re: smallz79 (13:54:02) :
    “Rep Joe Barton just mentioned the EPA scandal in his closing remarks!!!!”
    Yes, I was impressed. You don’t expect much out of Republicans these days. Sort of a dead-man-walking party. But he pretty well nailed the close. It is easier when the facts are on your side! Where is a Lincoln when you need him? You need to convince people who disregard facts in addition to those that abide by them.

  164. Congress didn’t listen to the country on TARP. They aren’t listing to us on this.
    Are we coming to this:
    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. -John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House, 1962

  165. That site for contacting elected officials is down. Possibly being jammed by people who dont want the publics voice heard against this bill.

  166. They just tried to shut Boehner up and failed . Almost cocktail time – thank goodness .

  167. Rep John Boehner, is taking advantage of a “custom of the house” that the remarks of the leaders of the two sides of the house are heard even though their remarks exceed the official time available.
    He is forcing that issue to go through the 300 page amendment which was added at 03:09 in the morning page by page. He was Challenged by Rep Robert Waxman, and the Chairwomen supported Boehner.
    In effect we have a one man filibuster that is forcing the House to “read” this amendment before they vote.
    Brilliant parliamentary move!

  168. Boehner is reading selections out of the 300+ page amendment that popped into the record at 3:09 am, this am!
    He’s making Waxman, Markey et al look like complete fools.

  169. Ray, all
    If you read this BBC article closely it includes the implicit threat that countries who accept western money will be allowed to follow their own (this is laughable) development path. Those who don’t will have agendas imposed on them.
    “Lord Stern, who wrote a climate change report for the government in 2008, said Mr Brown’s initiative was “timely” but countries getting money should be able to follow their own development agendas and not have them imposed.”
    So if you’re a poor nation, collect your welfare payments and follow the agenda (be frugal, don’t develop, use a single windmill to power your whole population) set out for you. If you wish to snub the west’s aid and develop your economy using middle eastern oil, for example, then get ready for your leaders to be disposed of.
    That’s elitism, imperialism and the welfare system for you right there.

  170. Adding a 300+ page amendment 12 hours before the vote is already ridiculous. Amazing that seems to be standard practice in Congress. Democracy? How about Demo-crazy.

  171. Boehner, at 4:00:
    Like watching a dentist drilling out the rot with his drill. It’s unbearable.
    This turkey is going to pass, and we’ll all get to examine its fine print over the next three years.

  172. Whats worse is that there are whole parts that arent even in the bill yet. space has been reserved for them. How can they vote on something that isnt even complete?

  173. God Bless John Boehner, and his closing remarks on the 300 page 3:09 AM Admend. attached to the “GOOFY” Bill, to be voted on.. He is doing a great job, as I type

  174. From the Minority Leader’s website:
    What You May Not Know About Speaker Pelosi’s National Energy Tax
    More Mandates, More Regulations, and More Costs Than Ever Before

    Washington, Jun 26 – Speaker Pelosi’s national energy tax is going to raise electricity prices, increase gasoline prices, and ship American jobs overseas to countries like China and India. This, we know.
    It would be a bureaucratic nightmare overseen by a confusing web of government agencies that would take and redistribute trillions of dollars from family budgets and workers payrolls. This, we also know. Even Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-MN) admitted in the Washington Post this morning that: “The truth is, nobody knows for sure how this is going to work.” How encouraging.
    But what don’t we know? Here are some facts you may not know about Speaker Pelosi’s national energy tax:
    Homebuyers Beware. Trying to save up for a new home? You may have to save up a little longer for your purchase. The Democrats’ bill would dramatically increase new home costs by mandating California’s expensive new building codes for the entire nation. Immediately upon enactment, the Democrats’ bill would demand a 30 percent increase in energy efficiency for new construction. A couple of years later, the Democrats’ bill would require an additional 50 percent improvement. These numbers were chosen with no concern for cost to consumers or feasibility in implementation.
    Homebuilders Beware. The Democrats’ bill imposes new mandatory regulations and civil penalties for homebuilders. If your state refuses to accept the stringent and costly California building codes, the federal government may assess penalties. And don’t get too comfortable with the new mandatory regulations because the Democrats’ bill allows for “consensus-based” codes to supplant those outlined in the bill. So, as soon as you’ve invested your hard-earned money to comply with the bill’s mandates, the rug could get pulled from underneath you. Translation? You’ll pony up more and more money.
    Home Sellers Beware. Having a hard time selling your home? Here’s one more hurdle to jump: all homes sales are conditioned upon an energy audit and a new energy rating assessment and energy labeling program for your home that’s outlined in the Democrats’ bill. And if you thought you could improve your property with a fresh coat of paint and some granite counters? Think again! Now your home will be subjected to a new energy rating assessment and energy labeling program that will penalize you for older windows, original fixtures, and dated appliances. So the Democrats’ bill would bring down the value of your home!
    New Lights No Matter the Cost. As early as 2012, the Democrats’ bill eliminates all existing lighting technology used in many outdoor lighting fleets (parking lots, stadiums, secured facilities like power plants and factories). Just as an example, switching to the mandated technology in the bill will cost one small utility about $30 million in annual revenue. So you now have to comply with the new mandates for new lighting? Hold the phone. It is not clear that a feasible alternative technology is available for every existing lighting application – regardless of cost – which could force some businesses to close.
    The consequences of Speaker Pelosi’s national energy tax for families and small businesses are real. It will drive up energy costs, send millions of jobs to countries like China and India, and place an especially heavy burden on rural America. There is a better way. House Republicans have proposed the American Energy Act, legislation that represents the fastest route to a cleaner environment, lower energy costs, and more American jobs. The legislation would:
    Increase environmentally-safe energy production on remote lands and far off our shores;
    Promote the use of alternative fuels that will reduce carbon emissions, such as nuclear, clean-coal, and renewable energy technologies;
    and Encourage increased efficiencies and cutting edge technologies to maximize America’s energy potential.
    Today’s vote on Speaker Pelosi’s ill-advised national energy tax will have consequences for every American. It is a bad deal for America. And the American people will remember how their Members of Congress vote.

    That’s some crazy stuff if true, or even partly true.

  175. Re: California – Isn’t the “controller” looking at paying state creditors in IOU’s soon? Look on the bright side though, if this bill passes the entire US will be running on IOU’s. Bud, can you lend me some electricity ’till IOU day?
    Reading the EPA document earlier reminded me of a question I had but hadn’t got around to asking. If you pop over here to the NOAA CO2 trend, where exactly is the current economic slump? If the current one isn’t there in the CO2 record then just exactly how long and deep does a global slump have to be before it shows up in the CO2 trend?

  176. Just hearing what is in the amendment turns my stomach . I wish the whole country were watching this .

  177. Bill P:
    I hope the “rational” supporters are quietly sneaking out the back door as Boehner exposes the hubris/waste inherent in only the additional 300 pages. Great theater… I wish I was on long hike.
    Keep the faith!

  178. I am growing more and more horrified as I hear Burton speak of all the crap thats in this bill. IMHO the entire GOP needs to walk out of congress and leave it in a rump state so its unable to do anything. Time for the second civil war.

  179. Squidly – one of mine is leaning yes. I emailed and told him I would do everything in my power to ensure he did not get re-elected if he votes yes for this abomination.

  180. Pamela:
    Welcome to the wilderness. I am sorry it comes to this, really, I am.
    But it beats a house of marked cards. And it’s to your credit. They did not, do not, deserve your faith.

  181. Heh, Boehner is my rep. I am glad to see he is taking my correspondence seriously. Good for him.
    “It’s a custom of the House.” LOL!!

  182. Boehner has the floor and he ain’t given it up. 🙂 This has become an exercise in bladder control. The Dems made a potentially fatal tactical error by putting out the amendment at 3:00 am.

  183. “Green Banking Centers”
    … that’s where We The People pay interest on fiat money printed up for the purpose of building new “green” buildings where the bankers we just bailed out sell us new “products” …
    … and everyone lives happily ever after.

  184. It’s possible that letting it get this far was a strategy just to expose this amendment and with the exposure of the provisions of it, kill the bill.

  185. @ 3×2 (15:13:43) :
    If you pop over here to the NOAA CO2 trend, where exactly is the current economic slump? If the current one isn’t there in the CO2 record then just exactly how long and deep does a global slump have to be before it shows up in the CO2 trend?

    My question as well.. this would seem to falsify the notion that humans are even primarily responsible for the CO2 increases.

  186. Wow.
    Boehner is essentially “filibustering,” by actually READING what’s in the 300 pages that were slipped in by Waxman at 3am this morning.
    What he’s revealing is absolutely stunning.
    I don’t see how it could pass now. This is horrible.

  187. If anyone chooses to say thankyou to Rep John Boehner, here is is web page.
    I thought it was interesting that they are posting the following:

    An Unprecedented Filibuster in the U.S. House: Why Can’t We Read the Bills We’re Voting On?
    By Rep. John Boehner
    At 3:09 AM Friday, June 26, House Democrats released a 300-page amendment to Speaker Pelosi’s 1,200-page national energy tax. No one – not one single Member of Congress – has read the bill that the House will be voting on. Speaker Pelosi promised the American people at least 24 hours to read a bill before a vote in her “New Direction for America” document distributed in 2006 that remains on her website today. Since Democrats planned to refuse lawmakers and the American public a chance to read the bill, I decided that I will read it – out loud … on the Floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. By tradition, there are three Member of the House who have the right to deliver unlimited Floor remarks – the Speaker, the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader. This is the House equivalent of a Senate filibuster. It may take a while, but Members of Congress and – more importantly – the American people have a right to know what is being voted on.

    If you go to that post, the comments are over whelming positive.
    This is where you make it known you want our representatives to read and understand legislation they vote on!

  188. Oh God… Waxman just chided Boehner for “talking too long” even though he was just reading highlights from the crap-pile that was added to the bill this morning.
    Now he’s yielded to Madame Pelosi to close.

  189. I called my Congressman. Unfortunately I live in The Peoples Republic of Maryland, so I’m sure it will be a solid – party line – yes for every rep in the state.

  190. If this thing passes a massive assault will be needed to waken everyone you can to scientific reason. This isn’t the middle ages and it sure as hell isn’t supposed to be Orwell’s vision.

  191. No one – not one single Member of Congress – has read the bill that the House will be voting on.

    It’s been a partisan Bacchanal since the election. What, after all, is a “vintage year”?

  192. Well I called half a dozen of these people, mind you I am stationed in Okinawa Japan calling long distance… I would have called more if I were in the US.
    REPLY: thank you – great effort – Anthony

  193. I have to wonder why the people in the Northern States and the Northern industrial states voted for Obama. I shook my head at the time. Didn’t they realize they will need heat? Didn’t they want to keep working? My mother in law in Florida kept telling me “we need a change” like a mantra? I guess she won’t be able to afford her air conditioning anymore. Or heat in the winter.
    And yes, Dion’s dog was named Kyoto. Hope he is freezing his ass off in Quebec. More likely, he is in France.

  194. vote on the Forbes amendment ( which strikes the Waxman-Markey bill replacing it with HR 513 )
    Yea : 172
    Nay : 256
    No Vote : 6

  195. Eve (16:09:09) :
    Who are those Republicans who voted for it?

    With luck they are the soon to be unemployed Representatives.
    It is awfully close will likely squeek by with a handful of votes.

  196. Eve (16:09:09) :
    Who are those Republicans who voted for it?
    Their names will live forever in the History of the United States.

  197. Eve (16:09:09) :
    Who are those Republicans who voted for it?
    That was my next question! I’m all for democracy, and I really appreaciate the 38 (and counting) Democrats that voted against… but damn. I guess it takes all types. How could you listen to Boehner and not at least have some doubt?
    Good try.

  198. It is interesting to click the google ad links in your article. Google is just attaching to key words. The pleasure is to realize those ads help pay for this site, especially if a couple particular ads happen to charge Al or an associated group. Imagine the irony of the free market when We or Cop are paying for WUWT. Imagine the every time they are clicked WUWT gets paid? The internet is grand.

  199. The height of presumptive arrogance. Let’s hope the Senate has more sense or we’re really screwed.

  200. Sorry about that, US citizens. Write to your congress people when you are freezing to death. That is what is happening in Europe and the UK now. Personally, I plan to move to a warm banana republic before my government can freeze me to death.

  201. Did you hear of all the UN provisions and now we have to obey the UN on Climate change which means now they can encroach on us laws to go even further than climate change under the guise of climate change.

  202. This is hilariously sad… the Americans were the last ones to vote on Kyoto types of measures, when many countries are getting out or voting down such measures. America will most likely be the last one to return to sanity… but in how many years?

  203. It freekin passed. 7 or 8 Republicans helped do it. Just proves that both parties are really screwed up. It is a sad day for science and an even worse day for any who live paycheck to paycheck, heat or eat will now become a norm for us.

  204. “Fred (16:16:08) :
    …..could this be blocked in the Senate?”
    Yes. In fact, it’s easier to block the bill in the Senate due to the 60-vote filbuster rule. From what I’ve been reading, passage in the Senate is a real long shot, but given the penchant for dealmaking, you never know. I’m also thinking that this kind of narrow win in the House, where Democrats have a very large majority and more rules on their side, bodes well for failure in the Senate.

  205. It’ll never get “closure” in the Senate. They know that. It’s all been an exercise in “PR,” and pandering to their constituents.

  206. Fred (16:16:08) :
    …..could this be blocked in the Senate?

    Given it only passed by 8 votes, with about 43 Democrats crossing the aisle and 7 Republicans crossing the aisle, I think there is a good chance for it to get squashed in the Senate. Especially if you make it known to your Senator now!! how you feel about it. That is a 5:1 margin of defections.

  207. Incredible.
    Even after Boehner’s remarks. We are no longer represented.
    They will no doubt amend this pile of feces to pay off members of the Senate so they’ll vote “yes.”

  208. What is it with these people? They don’t even read the damn bill, add another 300 pages the night before the vote, are completely clueless, or, more likely, as I do0n’t htion k these people lack intelligence, therefore, just DON’T CARE.
    In the UK, tghere is a ophrase: “I’m alright, Jack”.
    So now, the US government is going to boldly follow in teh wake of teh EU. Note: Germany is going to build more coal fired power stations as they need electricity.

  209. Fred (16:16:08) :
    …..could this be blocked in the Senate?
    Of course it could! Let’s get busy enlightening those folks! That they only just passed this out of the house is probably a good sign. It surely makes me mad, but it’s not over. Seems kind of like a growing kidney stone at this point…

  210. Like a gall stone. Great theatre… if a bit too much like those endless slo-mo replays on Monday Night. But hey, it’s educcasional.

  211. Anybody have the names of the seven republicans who voted for this bill? I’m going to call all of them and give them an earful.

  212. Find a roll call vote and post the names of EVERYONE of those reps who voted to destroy America. Especially the “republican” reps. Then everyone who voted for anyof them should be ashamed of themselves and have only themselves to blame for their lost jobs.
    It’s a sad day for the USA folks. A very sad day.

  213. I am so disgusted that it passed by 1 freakin’ vote which means once again (I live in California) the Republican party sold out to the dark side. Wonder what the back door deal was for the 8 to switch over?!?! Makes me sick! Please publish their names so that I personally can send them my thoughts and it won’t be pleasant. Time to work on the Senate and time is of the essence.

  214. Good job Moderators… you have been quite busy on this one and the comments have been posted really quickly (and without slipouts)!!!

  215. I feel like going crazy on somebody now. I will not forget this come voting day for congressmen. I am now voting for Liberatarians.

  216. We need to fight this bill even it Obama signs it. I find it hard to believe that I am now on the hook for international taxes. Where in the constitution does it say this is possible?

  217. I think once America realises the effects of this they will protest and march on Washington.

  218. Give them their fleeting moment of celebration. They deserve it after all the hard work they’ve put into the plotting, the manipulation and the manouvering to get where they have gotten today.
    They have won a battle and they think they have won a war. This is their Pearl Harbour and they have woken the sleeping giant, personified by Joe the soon-to-be unemployed plumber.
    It’ll be bloody, that’s for sure but at least it focusses the mind of the reluctant but unstoppable and eventual victor to sweep away the madness that threatens the very core of our existence.
    Today, Tora,Tora but not Tomorrow!

  219. Alright, the war is not over yet. One battle lossed what can we do to get to the senate?

  220. Watching that bunch of scientific illiterates voting to “stop global warming” reminded me of our story of King Canute – who nearly drowned while sitting on his throne at the sea’s edge, trying to stop the tide coming in… The difference was that Canute did it to prove to his sycophantic courtiers that he wasn’t Divine and couldn’t do it, whereas your lot think that they can!
    I hope you’re all correct about the powers of the Senate.

  221. I won’t hold my breath for the Senate to block the Bill. There are even fewer constitutionists over there than in the House.

  222. Our government has gone completely insane!
    There is no Man Made Global Warming.
    Get these idiots out of Washington!

  223. The most recent ice age ended when? Why? Mankind had nothing to do with it!
    Are the Great Lakes a good thing? There are a result of the warm up!
    The oceans levels are falling. The polar bears are not drowning.
    Lawyers make terrible Congressman, Senators and Presidents!

  224. The biggest problem of all is that once it can finally be shown that there is no global warming…. These green whackos will say “See? Cap and Trade is working. We must do even more!”

  225. In a couple of years, as we stand in the unemployment line, we’re going to be looking back and remembering the good ol’ days when Bush the oil man was president, and we were warm. Gather your sticks and start hoarding fuel, folks, you’re gonna need it soon.
    California is bankrupt today, the rest of the country will not be far behind if this travesty is allowed to continue. A good idea would be to start learning the language of your new masters……and it’s not gonna be English.
    The maddest part of it all is that we’re are doing this to ourselves in an attempt to make a colder planet. There are several other colder planets in the solar system……….and there is no life there.

  226. Unfortunately my Congressperson is Climate Criminal #1, Nancy Pelosi, and my senators are idiot Barbara Boxer, and Dianne Feinstein. I bombard Pelosi regularly with stories from WUWT and Icecap, just to annoy her!

  227. here in Italy where the ”European climate change” madness has taken hold a gallon of 91 octane gasoline cost ($ U.S.) $7.59 yep that’s seven dollars and fifty nine cents, have fun America you have voted for an African economy.

  228. Congressmen Waxman and Markey:
    You are a disgrace to this great Country of ours. You apparently want to make us fascist society. If you believe this so strongly, then why don’t you move to one of the Countries in Europe where such governments exist.
    I dare you to personally answer this email.

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