WUWT Tips & Notes page installed

Finally, a way to communicate without cluttering threads.


Just click on TIPS & NOTES TO WUWT on the menu under the masthead and leave a comment. See the instructions there. – Anthony

15 thoughts on “WUWT Tips & Notes page installed

  1. Anthony, your site just keeps getting better! Thanks for all you do and for the inputs of everyone on this forum!

  2. You used to have an archive of blogs on the RHS of the page that you could search by category etc. This has disappeared and has been replaced by posts by date. Why have you done this and how can I access an archive of posts by category? I found this an excellent reference.

  3. Anthony
    Good addition, it makes more sense then posting things that are off topic on other strings.

  4. I hope it was an easy fix. I have been frustrated in the past for a way to contact you about content without busting the thread. Thanks.

  5. I’ve seen various people raise the point about the difference between the JAXA and Arctic Roos ice extent graphics, but I still haven’t seen anyone suggest a reason for it. Can anyone help? Or do I flip a coin and choose one to follow?

  6. Thanks Anthony, I have always felt guilty posting off-thread comments but felt it important to draw people’s attention to what appeared to me to be of interest.
    Now I can sleep at night 🙂

  7. So, this would be the spot where we ask questions not addressed elesewhere?
    Or do you want it to focus on questions specifically “how to operate (and recommendations to improve) this web site?”
    REPLY: Open for anything relative to WUWT, ideas, tips, gripes, requests, whataver

  8. Anthony,
    Clicking on “TIPS AND NOTES TO WUWT” produces only a blank space for me down here in Oz.

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