April – another record month at WUWT

The hits just keep on coming. 1,672,437 page views this month, up from 1,478,801 page views in March.


After posting last months stats, there was some discontent by some angry and somewhat incredulous bloggers that it might be an April Fools joke of some sorts. Sorry, no such luck.

But what was humorous, was one particular blogger (Joe Romm) who said:

It is absurd to publish one’s page views to 7 significant digits without caveats — even 2 is stretching it.

I got a huge chuckle out of that. So just to show that the stats are indeed real, and accurate down to that 7th digit (since they come from the WordPress internal traffic counter), I’m expanding this month’s report.

Joe, this report’s for you. Here is a screencap showing my WordPress internal report page, with all 7 digits, sans caveats. No caveats are needed since the WordPress numbers are actual, not estimated, and not drawn from router statistics.


click for a larger image

Maybe Joe will reciprocate and post a screencap his own internal stats page.

The graph on this page above differs a bit from the headline graph (which is graphically edited to move the title inwards and downwards to fit nicely on the page) because it was snapped after 00GMT (5PM PST) and it shows the new month of May stats also, which are of course quite low by comparison.

So the numbers are real, from WordPress.com (where my blog is hosted) and exact to the 7th digit, despite angry accusations otherwise.

In that blog post, Joe Romm also showed an Alexa graph to prove his point, saying:

Interestingly, there is one independent source that suggests Watts’ page views and mine are in fact the same (and hence possibly around 1.4 million).  If you go to the Web traffic ranking and comparison site Alexa, go to page views, and type in wattsupwiththat.com, you’ll get this graph:

So at best I am just negating the disinformation Watts is spreading.  Sigh.  And lest there be any doubt, WattsUpWithThat is in fact an extremist anti-scientific denialist website, as his recent posts make clear.

Gosh, all that angry prose from a traffic report? I don’t much care whether WUWT beats Climate Progress in traffic or vice versa, but I do care when the proprietor suggests that by printing my own internal stats page I’m spreading disinformation. Of course, I don’t expect an apology, but I wanted WUWT readers to know.

OK, following Joe’s lead, lets look at Alexa this month.

Pageviews: we are still about the same in April according to Alexa.


Though over the longer 6 month term, WUWT is slow and steady while Climate Progress runs hot and cold.


Joe didn’t show the other interesting comparative statistics from Alexa though, so I thought WUWT readers might enjoy seeing them.

Here is Traffic Rank over 6 months:


And here is Reach:


But having been labeled a “spreader of disinformation”, please, don’t take my word for it, visit Alexa and see for yourselves. Here is the link.

Some people might wonder why I post my web stats each month. Some might say I’m tooting my own horn, well maybe a bit, I’m admittedly proud of WUWT.

But there’s a bigger reason. WUWT has thousands of visitors, many of whom are regulars who see this blog as something they relate to and grow with. Many visit daily or even more often. There’s a sense of pride and ownership with all of you, too. Without its readers, content contributors, and those tireless volunteer moderators that keep the snark under control, WUWT would be nothing. I try not to lose sight of that. This is my monthly reminder to myself that this is a team effort.

As this blog expands its reach, it seems only fair that my readers also get to share in seeing the growth. I listen to my readers, who are often more insightful than I am, and they offer wonderful suggestions and topics.

I thank you all for making WUWT one of top science blogs on the Internet today.

And thanks to you to Joe, for bringing up this topic last month.


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Ron de Haan

This is an amazing blog indeed.
Who needs the main stream media?

John in NZ

You have every right to be proud.
I recommend WUWT to anyone and everyone.

Robert Boyd

As one who found your site last summer, I am constantly amazed at the quality of your site and those who frequent here. Thanks for your good work. BTW you didn’t need to prove your stats to me, I trust your integrity simply by the way you run your site. Pure class.


WattsUpWithThat is in fact an extremist anti-scientific denialist website, as his recent posts make clear.
Dude, doesn’t that just give you a warm fuzzy.
Oops I mean…
Bad boy Anthony, no biscuit for you!
Seriously though, I love WUWT keep up the good work.


I’m one of the new people that jut started faithfully reading WUWT after hearing about it on Rush. Great site, keep up the good work. I have since spread the word to anyone that will listen.

I love this site. I am here almost daily. Thank you very much.

Leon Brozyna

Once again, another well deserved good month.
About as I suspected it would be. Now if we can see those total hits top 14 mil next month …
And here’s an Alexa comparison between WUWT and the other also rans, ClimateCrisis.net and RealClimate.org:
Looking at all the measures, WUWT keeps pulling ahead, nice and slow and steady. More reality, less posturing.


This is not only the best climate related site, it may be the best site absolutely.

It is crunch time in the U.S.
I donated $50 to CA a couple weeks ago for some computer equipment.
I will donate $50 to Icecap for his activism.
And I just donated $50 to WUWT, the Best Science Blog in 2009.
I’ve spread the wealth (what’s left of it).
Hope I don’t have to defend Texas (the CO2 capital of the US) in the next few years.
REPLY: Thanks so much Tom! Let us know when you’ve barricaded yourself in the Alamo, we’ll send help. – Anthony

Leon Brozyna

I forgot to mention — you finished the 2008 with over 6 mil – another 6 mil in 4 months. Not a bad piece of work.


Anthony – WUWT has become far and away my favourite blog. I, in turn, would like to thank you, the guest contributors, the moderators and the many remarkably knowledgeable and well-informed commentators.
I don’t comment often (only when I have something useful to add), but I do check in every day.


Congratulations on your continued success Anthony. You deserve it.
[snip – sorry, I know you are defending me, but I won’t allow such labeling of Mr. Romm here – Anthony]

Not the Alamo this time.
It starts will all the Texas refineries going down for maintenance at the same time.

Dave the Denier

Congrats, Anthony!
You seem like a great guy. I found WUWT from a link on Instapundit last June and now visit several times daily to look for new posts and to read comments. I’m a non-scientist (small business owner) and I cannot believe how much I have learned from this site. I also enjoy the increasing presence of Steven G.
Based on WUWT tripling hits since April 2008 at an increasing rate, I predict a 6x increase for the next 12 months and 10,000,000 hits for April 2010! That should mean at least a 20x increase in slanderous comments from the Joe Romms of the warmist world. Hey, maybe even Gore or Hansen will slam Anthony or the blog by name in the next year 🙂

I don’t understand the charts. Percent of what? And why is the Alexa Traffic Rank ordinate inverted? And have you noticed that climate progress’s Reach graph follows a sine curve closely matching the motions of the solar barycenter as influenced by the planet Treblo? I have a chart that I’ll gladly upload…
Just kidding.

I am just a regular guy who wishes he had done better in school. We all have a civic duty to understand the issues that effect us – especially Climate Change! WUWT is a great source of information.
In this field, it is essential to be able to prove any “statistic”; great work.

And while the refineries are down for maintenance, they’ll have to be refitted with some CO2 removers. May take awhile. Might keep one going for in state gasoline use tho.


Anthony, this is the greatest community, the science topics continue to expand, the debate and discussion deepens, and your team of volunteers are amazing. Congratulations and much appreciation to all. Climate science might become science again to a very large population of curious and contented readers.
REPLY: And a special thank you to you also for the nice cards. – Anthony


Congrats Anthony. Your hard work is paying off.
Kudos for the guest posts that you’ve been adding to the blog content. It is helping to make this a world class blog.
I seriously wonder why people like Joe Romm think that skepticism is harmful to science. To me it’s the opposite, blind, unquestioning belief in a scientific theory or hypothesis undermines any scientific value it might have had.


I love this site! Anthony and everyone here should be very proud, and Romm should be very ashamed.
Keep up the great stuff people!

JFA in Montreal

Don’t you think that that graphs looks a bit like an elevated hockey stick when the blade is seen square from the front ? 😀

Steven Goddard

Too bad #1 science blog WUWT can’t be more factual like #2 Pharyngula – which has a lead story today linking church attendance with torture and immorality.
REPLY: Hmmm, he’s also asking his readers to help him win an iPod Touch. – Anthony

So Romm calls this an “anti-scientific” website? His debate with Morano was just that–anti-scientific. I don’t remember him citing scientific studies in any of his arguments. All they contained was alarmist hogwash sprinkled with ad hominem attacks.

Mr Lynn

Congrats; it’s a great site, though the comment threads are so darned long (and interesting!) that I don’t have time to read through them all.
One nit to pick: I know that it would be impossible to police the comments for grammatical infelicities, but the top posts could all use more editing, specifically for the all-too-common confusion of:
its = the possessive of it;
it’s = contraction of ‘it is’.
Not to mention your/you’re, their/they’re, to/too/two, etc., and the chronic use of ‘s for plurals.
After all, no reason for scientists, engineers, and technical folk to give the appearance of being illiterate boobs; it just gives ammunition to the opposition who say, “It’s only a blog; it’s not peer-reviewed.”
/Mr Lynn
REPLY: Guilty as charged. I have compulsive-possessive disorder. It’s an illness that can be treated though. 😉
Part of this has to do with spending the majority of my life speaking to a camera on television. Writing is something I never did much of until I started blogging. Rusty wordsmith am I. – Anthony


Congrats for a great site!
And if you see a sudden trough in the graph watch out for that Draupner wave…

anna v

I have never clicked on climateprogress.org.
I have a theory for the sinusoid increases and decreases in its hits. Maybe I am wrong, but speculation is free:
It is given as a link in courses.
Since main stream academia is in the box of AGW this site will not be in the curricula. Courses give periodic assignments and that is what makes for the large swings in readership.
I am basing this on some very modest statistics I have on a private web page on links that are relatable to courses. Hits fall during vacations and summer.

Just Want Truth...

“angry prose from a traffic report?”
It’s jealousy. Probably insecurity too.
And you’re right, it’s pointless.

Congratulations Anthony!
You’ve left CA far behind in traffic (which I think is probably due to the tougher technical content of CA and the slower posting rate of McIntyre), but I’m sure everyone appreciates both blogs (other than the Hockey Team and Joe Romm)
I’m a daily reader now of both blogs and I’m enjoying the changing of the scientific landscape from where it was when CA began.


Wow, the commenter ‘in denial’ was very effective on the thread you linked at Climate Progress.
[snip let’s leave the labels at home please, but thank you for your continued support – Anthony]

Just Want Truth...

I still wish Anthony would consider an ad on Yahoo’s and Drudge’s front page. I’d donate what I could to help make it happen.


“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
~ George Orwell ~
Hang in there, Anthony!

Just The Facts

Solid website that is dedicated to the facts. When history books are written about the folly of human’s preparing for a period rapid and drastic warming, as we entered a period of (potentially rapid and drastic) cooling, they will reference WUWT as one of the primary factors in preventing the folly from going too far.
I dare say that the tide has begun to turn, and WUWT is one of the primary reasons for it.
REPLY: Thanks for the kind words, but I doubt WUWT will even make the Bibliography of history. Compared to other media, WUWT is a flyspeck. – Anthony

Bob Wood

I appreciate this web site! Its like a breath of fresh, pure air blowing out all the politically correct rubbish the media is full of. By all means, keep up the good work!


Hi Anthony,
Congrats from the land down under. Like all the rest I now look at your site several times a day and am very impressed with the content, in particular the diversity of opinion and and the different ways you come at the Global warming/Climate Change debate.
You may or may not be aware that there has been recently launched in Australia a new political party called the climate sceptics ( http://www.climatesceptics.com.au ). Your website along with many others I could mention has been a part of giving us the courage to launch such an ambitious foray in to the political arena.
Australia is blessed with some of the great science minds including Prof Bob Carter, William Kinnonmnoth and David Evans who tirelessly work towards stimulating debate on the weakness of the CO2 induced Global warming hypothesis.
A small plug for Dr Ian Plimer who has recently launched his new book Heaven & Earth -The missing science of global warming. Do yourselves a favour and check it out. http://www.connorcourt.com/catalog1/PLIMER.pdf
Thanks again from your Australian readers


WattsUpWithThat is an extremist anti-scientific denialist website
Where can I buy that t-shirt? I’m headed to the beach in a few weeks. I can just picture it:
Me in a fold-up lounge chair, kicked back with a frosty beverage, shadowed from the (spotless) sun’s (less-) harmful UV rays by a colorful beach umbrella as I gaze upon the crashing waves of the Gulf, wearing a WUWT denialist t-shirt.
I bet the babes would be draped all over me and my denialist self.

Just The Facts

“but I doubt WUWT will even make the Bibliography of history. Compared to other media, WUWT is a flyspeck. – Anthony”
They often write about the place where the counter-revolution was planned. And WUWT may also be referenced as an example of how alternate media began to override mainstream media as the place where people go to get their facts. The mainstream media has become the place where people go to be entertained.


Congratulations, Anthony!
Nice to see that readers from a small non anglo country like mine can make a significant contribution in the stats besides the large anglo-saxon empire states.
Keep up the good work, Anthony et al.


Nah…you don’t give yourself enough credit, Anthony. Not a flyspeck [nor a sunspeck] at all.
You have assembled some of the greatest minds on here
Thanks for providing a conduit for the free flow of scientific information.
A VITAL contriibution to our species….and to our planet.
Norfolk, VA, USA

Graeme Rodaughan

“extremist anti-scientific denialist website”
Hmmmm…. looking at this from all angles, the best I can come up with is at least the
“website” part is correct!
Excellent work by Anthony and the WUWT team.
Cheers G

I’ve been visiting both WUWT and CP several times a day for almost two years. The difference in tone is striking.

Keith Minto

Yes, this is a great site.
Congratulations Anthony, contributors and moderators for making it open,accessible,stimulating and informative. Above all it keeps to the broad topic of Climate science and minimises personality issues.
The comment that this site is ‘anti-scientific’ is the very opposite of what it actually is.
What a breath of fresh air that such a site can produce so much detailed information and opinion in so short a time.
I know it is time consuming to follow a thread to the end but it is often worth it as thoughts and ideas are digested and some of the best comments are at the end.
Don’t ya just love the Internet!

Graeme Rodaughan

“extremist anti-scientific denialist website”
I have long held a theory that I am an extremist anti-scientific denialist, but I can’t seem to find any independently verifiable, empirical evidence that I am. Consequently after conducting a double-blind study to ensure that my assessment was not inadvertantly biased, I have to conclude that my theory has indeed been falsified.
Unfortunately, I have not yet published my finding in the peer reviewed literature – so I can’t claim it to be “authoritive”.


Tom in Texas (20:23:13) : Hope I don’t have to defend Texas (the CO2 capital of the US) in the next few years.
REPLY: Thanks so much Tom! Let us know when you’ve barricaded yourself in the Alamo, we’ll send help. – Anthony

Tom & Anthony: My Texas Uncle once told me that, since I was a marry’en his favrit Niece, that If’n I eva didt anythin t’hurt her he’d cum ‘n kilt me real gud! (this was in the wedding line after the wedding… honest!)
I take this seriously and I take it to mean that in some small way I’m sort of an honorary Texan by marriage… Given that:
Tom, if’n you be need’n any hep, you jes hollar. I got me some guns an ammo an a truk to haul ’em wit (an a Texas woman nextame what says I’m owenya sumpen) so if Texas needs dafenden, y’all jes holler an a’ll come a runnen!
Honest. It’s a blood oath thing that comes with marriage to a Daughter Of Texas… (If you haven’t married in to Texas you have no idea how real this is… “Don’t mess with Texas” is more than just a slogan … ) So Anthony says we’ll send help, we will!

p.g.sharrow "PG"

A few months ago a Bay area Friend suggested I check out “Watts Up With That”, Wow and after a few readings I realized, an old friend Anthony Watts was the man in charge!
“Anthony Watts” the farmers friend and the best weather guesser in the north valley.
Congrats on your web site. Just one problem, if it gets any more commentors I may not have time to read them all, and the comments are generally a good extension of the articles. And a big thanks to the moderators, this site is a pleasure to read.


Anthony, though you give wind turbines a bad rep, which they don’t deserve, I still consider your blog a sane place i a world gone completely climate mad. We danes have to listen to our “climate minister” blabber about her “important conference” so things are getting even more unbearable here right now…
Soren Copenhagen, Denmark

I actually like wind turbines, but I don’t like the maintenance headaches and the downtime, of which there is a lot. There’s an overreaching by utilities on their reliability in an attempt to “go green”. Maybe in the future we’ll have wind turbines that don’t explode like dandelion puffs in the wind. – Anthony


Don’t underestimate the power of your blog – I often refer people here for exposure to a different perspective. Those that drop by once tend to return again and again. I’m a daily visitor myself – yours is the blog I love to read for education and entertainment. Many thanks to all who contribute!

Congratulations again, Mr. Watts! A most excellent use of the facts to rebut a warmist’s claims. (you are VERY good at that, by the way…)
(or as we say in Texas, Way to fire, son, way to fire!)
I offer a different (perhaps better?) term for the host/ moderators/ commenters*/ contributors on WUWT, compared to that offered by Mr. Romm:
“. . . persons having various qualifications and pedigrees, who hold the opposite view from the global warmists. Known by various labels, my preferred description is knowledgeable climate realist. A KCR is not taken in by bad science, or by unsupportable conjecture, but examines the claims and projections against factual, observable events. Thus, when the warmists claim that rising CO2 causes the atmosphere and the oceans to heat up, a KCR looks at the record. The record clearly shows that the atmosphere sometimes heats up, but many times remains the same, and many times cools down, all while CO2 rises. At that point, a KCR begins to doubt the warmists.”
* – with the caveat that a few of the commenters are definitely NOT KCR’s, but warmists.


I was directed to this website by realclimate. I posted a comment on there pointing out that there was no conclusive scientific proof of global warming. I was predictably abused and told I should go back to WUWT where I belonged. I’d never heard of you, but paid a visit and now I’m an addict. Thanks Gavin.
Two more things:
1. This curve is in lock step with the recent global cooling.
2. Climateaudit should be sent the data and methodologies that produced this curve so they can do a detailed peer review, otherwise you will have realclimate telling the world it’s only an aberration and they had been predicting it, but expect it to take a downward swing in 30 years time.
Well done Anthony.


AEGeneral wants a Watts Up With That? tee shirt.
So do I. Someone who frequents this blog and has artistic talent should design a cool WUWT logo. Anthony, you could partner with one of the web outfits where we could order WUWT stuff (tee shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, etc.).
I’d like to proclaim to the world that I am a warming denialist, increase awareness of WUWT, and maybe you could make a few bucks off it to help pay for this site.
If you get more than one logo design, we could vote on the one we like best!
Sounds like fun to me 🙂
REPLY: I’m not much for tawdry merchandising, but I’ll think about it. Do you really want to be known as a “denier” ? Skeptic is the label of choice. – Anthony

Anthony, I view your site several times per day. I just love reading /sarc on/ the rantings of Know-nothings like Goddard, Goklany, Svaalgard, Archibald… etc. etc. etc…. not to metion that troll moderator “charles” also called in his off-hours “jeez”… /sarc off/ I learn something new here every day. Keep up the good work.
Can your statistics differentiate “unique hits” vs. “repeat visits”? I would suggest that a high repeat-visit count would indicate the level people found the site of value….
Reply: 3% of our users qualify as addicts, accounting for 49% of visits. “Regulars”, users who come by at least once a month, account for an additional 40%. The last 11% are passers by.~ charles the troll moderator who in his off-hours is AKA jeez