8 thoughts on “Monday Funny

  1. We all need a laugh…..
    You mean besides the “science”.
    I tickles me how the settled science chnages it predictions every few days.
    I’m waiting for one of you stats gurus to tell us the….dang, I don’t even remember the name…sigma? The thing that tells us how likely it is a given prediction is being determined by random chance.

  2. How to counts katz:
    Too many…
    Is this some oblique reference to the fact that satellite data perforce needs ground calibration and by merely looking at coordination the results are contaminated?

  3. I can haz cheezburger is perhaps one of the funniest sites on the web. Thanks for the mid-afternoon laugh!

  4. Ah, it’s the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Even Schrodinger would agree!
    REPLY: One of the cats is named “Higgs Boson”, the question is how to determine “which”.

  5. Cats! What is it about those crazy things? Put a box on the floor like in the picture and they will climb into it and look around as if to see how the world looks from that vantage point.
    Paper grocery bags too. Open one, put it on the floor and the cat WILL duck inside and just hang out a while. What’s Up With That?

  6. The funny thing is that although there are plenty of expensive and complicated cat toys in ths shops, what cats really like are these empty cardboard boxes that you can get for free down at the nearest supermarket. Keeps them occupied for hours!

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