Link to weather station photos

Due to extensive traffic today on my main website, which is being deluged and will be taken offline for awhile, I am offering visitors this link to writeups of some USHCN weather stations that have been surveyed around the USA.


Above: official USHCN weather station, Atmospheric Science Dept. University of Arizona, Tucson. more on that station here. Photo: Warren Meyer

To see others, please click Weather_stations and scroll through the entries there. Over 50 examples exist for your reading and viewing.

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March 3, 2008 9:45 am

I attended the U of A and there are lots of green places to put such a station. But wouldn’t you know it – they just had to put it on blacktop!

Evan Jones
March 3, 2008 11:02 am

Something occurs to me regarding the surfacestations project that might be of considerable significance.
The graphs you run with these sites are the official USHCN records, right?
And they are adjusted, aren’t they? ‘Course they are. If they hadn’t been, St. Mac never would have uncovered the Y2K error in the first place, would he? He caught the disconnect on one of them there blue graphs. So that means SHAP and FILENET adjustments will have been applied to them there blue graphs.
And what does THAT mean, pray tell? What it means is that those records
a.) Have had their missing data filled in from nearby stations, and
b.) Have been homogenized with the records from nearby stations.
Therefore, good stations have been contaminated by bad stations. And bad stations have been made more like good stations.
Therefore, the differences between bad stations and good stations HAVE BEEN DUMBED DOWN.
a.) What? 25% of data is never collected and must be filled in from other statins.
b.) Six out of Seven stations has an CRN-estimated 1°C or more violation.
So what does that mean for a CRN-1 or 2 station when a quarter of its data is filled in and it’s data is homogenized with stations that have a 6/7 chance each being severely out of line?
I therefore hypothesize that the differences between good stations and bad stations are worse, possibly MUCH worse than those blue graph thingies indicate.
I futher suggest that the site error is not being adjusted away, it is merely (via SHAP and FILEMNET) being spread around in a manner so that they are not corrected, but do not stand out. The bias is not lost, oh no. Some of the CRN-5 data error is transmitted to the better stations and some of the CRN “correctness” is transmitted to the worse station.
Result: the complete bias remains, but it does not stand out as much because the CRN-5s are adjusted down and the CRN1sare adjusted up.
I have another related question. Did the John V study comparing CRN-1 and CRN-5 stations use data that had been adjusted using FILENET and SHAP? (This goes beyond the urban-rural problems.)
REPLY: Hmmmm more later

Evan Jones
March 3, 2008 3:45 pm

Important Note:
John V has answered the question: He did NOT use adjusted data (other than for TOBS). As this question has been put forward by others, I want to make it quite clear that he did not use filled in or homogenized data.

March 3, 2008 5:07 pm

Hmm. Evan has a good point..

Janie Archdekin
March 3, 2008 8:42 pm

Hello from Santa Barbara County:
Great work! I saw you on Glenn Beck’s show in New York. Glenn is one of my hero’s, but don’t tell him. He’s far more effective thinking no one’s paying attention – “One Man, Alone, with the Burden of Truth; Saving the World, One Show-at-a-Time!” It’s wouldn’t be so funny if he wasn’t so good at it! Your Conference is a perfect example!
I’m happy he introduced you because your work has the type of facts that I find easier to translate. Reports on weather and temperature are fascinating and invaluable. However, locating an official weather station right on top of an Arizona black-top has bogus test-results significance that even a pea-brain could understand! “…the Truth will set us Free”,
With thanks,

Luís de Sousa
March 4, 2008 12:32 am

I’m sorry to be writing this here, but I can’t find any other place to leave this information.
This website is very interesting and a good source of information. Unfortunately it is unreadable to me, since it is rendered with white characters on a white background.
I would request whoever programmed the cascade style sheet to either erase the background colouring or include colour settings for the characters.
Thanks for your time,

George Blank
March 4, 2008 6:39 am

In Orlando Florida the rain gauge / thermometer has always been messed up. We recently had two huge storms, but one had no rain and the other 3/4 of an inch and was put into the records for those dates. I live about 2 miles from the official Orlando gauges are and recorded over 5 inches of rain for those two days. That gauge is at the airport. The cement covered airport.

March 4, 2008 9:58 pm

That looks like a bad place for a weather station.

March 27, 2008 1:15 am

Being a born and bred Orlando native, the rain gauge differences don’t surprise me. One neighbor gets rain, the other doesn’t. It’s just the nature of FL thunderstorms. Temperature is a different story though…those “should” be close to the same. 🙂

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