Travel Hockey

I’m travelling the next few days, moderation will be spotty. After tomorrow, you may find that comments may go for 12 -18 hours or more without approval.

In the meantime, you can debunk my own “hockey stick”.


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Thanks to all who have come by and participated with comments and ideas!

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23 thoughts on “Travel Hockey

  1. Hey Anthony,
    First-time poster here! I’m taking your web-stats topic as a most inviting opportunity to send you my heartfelt congratulations on the overall success of your recent www endeavors. I grew up in Redding and went to CSUC (early 90’s) during your KHSL days. So it’s been especially delightful to see a familiar personality dishing up reverberating contributions to the international AGW controversy, which I’ve been following assiduously for some time now. I anticipate even more fascinating developments in the years to come with sunspot inactivity being what it is – I will definitely stay tuned!
    Erik Anderson
    Anderson, CA
    REPLY: Erik, thank you for the kind words!

  2. Erik:
    If you haven’t be extra sure to check out all 50-odd entries entitled “How not to measure temperature”.
    That answers the question of why the NASA UHI adjustment doesn’t make it: It is keying off of “rural” stations in hideous violation! (I consider my initial suspicions as to this amply confirmed by the discussions here and on CA.)
    Message to GISS: “Adjust” THAT!
    Throw in a little “Lights=0” humor into the mix and waddya got? “Urban cooling”–according to NASA!

  3. Congratulations on the great hockey stick results!
    This one is genuine…and Mann will certainly be green with envy.

  4. Wow! By George I think we’ve now found the real climate driver!
    Notice how well the number of views correlates with global temps.
    Of course we only have to come up with some bristlecones and tree ring data to
    complete the curve for the previous 148.5 years. And then – presto – we’ll be ready for publication in Nature and the 5th IPCC report!

  5. Notice how well the number of views correlates with global temps.
    I did. Anthony’s blog is clearly teleconnected to global temperatures.

  6. i want o say that being on the evolving side of AGW might have something to do with it. Getting your name/results/efforts into the big press might have something to do with it, and more over, having small guys like me commenting at their hours might have helped just a little.

  7. When are RSS and UAH number due out for Feb?
    Congrats on the success Anthony. You’ve got a good thing going here….

  8. It just goes to show how a little information incures a deeper look. Hope you’ve got a log curve going there.

  9. I wish to take the occasion to refer all you Neanderthal sceptics to the following highly enlightening link: (I’m being sarcastic).
    This is really serious!
    Now c’mon folks – don’t laugh!! This film is:
    Finalist in DEFRA National Climate Change Competition.
    This film is now being shown to thousands of teenagers across America in schools and museums. It currently appears on the opening page of one of the largest educational websites in the USA.

  10. I believe your latest numbers are skewed by phenomena known as an Insta-lanche (or Instapundit avalanche). That’s how I got here anyway. You have probably been linked by others as a direct result. Enjoy your fleeting moment in the limelight. Nice site though, some of us might stick around.

  11. Hi Anthony,
    Keep up the good work. Have you noticed that you passed your buddies at real climate for web visits now? 🙂
    Check it out at
    Good job!!
    REPLY: No I hadn’t but thank you for noting it.

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