Good News! Pielke is blogging again!

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. has started up his Climate Science blog again, sans comments, as an informational source only. This is some very good news. See his post below.

November 27, 2007: Climate Science Is Relaunching As An Information Source

As a result of very positive encouragement from many Climate Science readers, I have decided to relaunch the website. The format will be different than in the past, however, in that comments will not be permitted. The posting of information will not be on a schedule, but when new information on a climate science issue is available that is otherwise not very visible, or has been misrepresented in the media.

The presentation of climate science in the media, unfortunately, remains biased, as has been documented numerous times on Climate Science. Thus, I have decided to reenter this mechanism of providing information. While comments will not be permitted on the website, guest presentations will be invited when there is value in providing this source of information.

Climate Science will thus provide a source of information on climate that, hopefully, will be useful to others, as part of a much needed effort to provide a balanced view of climate science.

Thanks to those who have found my website of value and take the time to read it!

12 thoughts on “Good News! Pielke is blogging again!

  1. Excellent news. Pielke rightly points out that we need to investigate local and regional effects before attributing a rise in the average surface temperature to a global effect.

  2. Wonderful. Pielke’s reasoned arguments are a much needed breath of fresh scientific air, after I’ve sullied myself with some of the garbage that oozes through peer review.

  3. This is good news! I left Climate Science in my bookmarks, but earlier this week I almost removed it from the list. However, I just could not remove this valuable resource. Now it will be even more valuable.

  4. Climate Science was my favorite source of climate information, and Roger Pielke is an exemplar for the attitude a scientist should have. Unafraid, humble as to other peoples reasoning, curious and open minded.
    I do recommend Climate Science, and don’t forget to browse the archieve (including the discussion threads on important issues). It’s a gold mine!

  5. Great they don’t need to have comments since its just to much work to be answering everything and looking after the site. As usual just report the data as it speaks for itself.

  6. Thank you for all of your kind comments. I look forward to continue contributing to a much needed broader perspective on the climate issue than is found in much of the media. Anthony’s website is an excellent example of such a resource.

  7. What Russ said. Speak of the devil!
    (Also what Steve and Jeff said.)
    Welcome back Doc P.!
    (No comments? No comment!)

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