My work featured in The Arizona Republic

Some of the work done by myself and volunteer, Warren Meyer, was featured in an article today in “The Arizona Republic” titled Skeptics raise doubts on global warming.

They missed a great chance though to publish the photo of the University of Arizona, Tucson, USHCN climate station of record sited in the middle of a parking lot, even though I gave photo permission.

Tucson, University of Arizona Weather Station – photo by Warren Meyers

6 thoughts on “My work featured in The Arizona Republic

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  2. I suspect the photo of the Tucson site didn’t fit the over all tone of the article. Yet another example of how the MSM has latched on to one side of the debate.

  3. Nice segway from your work to tales of dark conspiracies by powerful consortia to supress the Truth, AGW.
    They quoted you so they could dismiss you.

  4. That article shows why the Arizona Republic has lost nearly 5% in total paid subscriptions (for every day of the week!) in the last year.
    That’s fine with me, their biased and uninformed reporting will continue until they don’t have jobs anymore. Then someone with a clue will finally report all the news that’s fit to print.

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