Another milestone – 200 Volunteers


As of this evening, August 3rd, my project collected it’s 200th volunteer sign-up.

Granted not all of them are actively out there surveying stations, some have done none, others just one, the majority have done 1 station, the station nearest them. and then we have a few power surveyors like Don Kostuch, John Goetz, Kristin Byrnes, Don and Liz Healy, Bob Meyer, Joel McDade, and Russell Steele (our very first volunteer) that have done multiple stations.

My sincere thanks to all of you, novice and seasoned, for helping make this project possible.

We still need volunteers in Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico. If you live in any of those states, please consider adding your contribution of time and expertise. Just visit the website at to see how.

Shortly, there will be a newsletter and/or message board added to help with support and questions for the project. And in preparation for the project to go global, you’ll see some changes coming soon to support other countries. The photo gallery system already has multilanguage support built in.

Look for other announcements soon. As always, I welcome ideas or suggestions to help make the project better.

7 thoughts on “Another milestone – 200 Volunteers

  1. I live just east of Omaha, Nebraska, and I am interested in trying to survey stations (I could as a minimum cover Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa, Northeastern Missouri, and Northeastern Kansas.
    I looked around the data a day or two ago but wasn’t able to determine just where, in roadmap terms, the stations of interest are.

  2. Larry, post a list of the stations you are interested in viewing in the immediate future, and someone (myself included), should be able to help you locate the station.

  3. Anthony, I do like the idea of message boards. I would like to, among other things, be able to share web search techniques with others to locate existing images of stations available on the web, both those that still need to be surveyed as well as ones that already have been surveyed.

  4. Congrats Anthony. This thing is gaining momentum, and it should. I had plans to do more stations, but John and Kristin beat me to the ones that were within a daytrip’s travel, but don’t count me out for more photos in the future. They will just take a little more planning…and luck that some I can get to are still available!
    At some point, I was reading that either you or John were going to try to get a full station history in a flat file. Did that ever happen? Would love to have a look-see.

  5. Anthony, since the surfacestation site is down, I would like to offer my services in Michigan, if needed. What your doing needs to be better publicized so the masses can see how the data is corrupted. Best of luck in getting the site back on line.

  6. Just bought a GPS and am trying to learn how to work with it. Will try to make some contributions from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Murray

  7. Just bought a GPS and am trying to learn how to work with it. Will try to make some contributions from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Murray

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