Watts Up with PS3?

PlayStation3 is out. I’m under-whelmed. The most odd part of this is
that people are actually leaving their jobs, schools, and family to camp out in
front of stores to be first to get a GAME. Go figure. Are they so lacking for
meaningful things in their life that this becomes the most important thing?

For those who wonder why there’s a bunch of hoopla surrounding this game,
part of the reason that it is so anticipated is that this game box has a very
powerful CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit) combo that gives tremendous
real-time 3D rendering capability for unsurpassed realism. Reportedly up to 2 Teraflops per second (2 trillion floating point operations per second) which is the kind of performance a supercomputer like a Cray used to boast ten years ago. While the PS3 isn’t quite there yet for 100% photorealism in real-time, I anticipate PS4 or PS5 to render things so realistically you won’t be able to discern it from photographic or film imagery. Here is an image
from the PS3 game "Gran Turismo". Is it real or rendered?

JPEG - 97.1 ko

Another feature of the PS3 is the built in Blue-Ray DVD
player, which plays HDTV DVD’s now starting to be available. Hi-Definition TV is
catching on and for gaming with a big 52" flat panel it can be an immersion
experience. I’ve seen demos at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas. Its
really getting hard to tell what is real anymore.

Living in alternate reality is OK for some people…its
a diversion. But I worry about the kind of folks whom get so addicted to this
that they have to camp out to get the next game. What sort of future do they
have? Gaming doesn’t put food on the table, nor help our economy, or foster good

My son will be asking for these games someday. When that
day comes I plan to call up Michael Jones and ask him to help me give my son a
crash course in hiking the natural world.

In the meantime, I may just buy one of these:


2 thoughts on “Watts Up with PS3?

  1. Are they so lacking for
    meaningful things in their life that this becomes the most important thing?

    I think most of the people camping for these things are planning on turning around and selling them on ebay for 2 to 3 times what they paid for them.

    That’s their motivation, not a lack of meaningfulness in their lives.

  2. PS3 is good.. now lots of games are out.. im getting one very soon… but i think the best bargain is some free poo right out the butthole!

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