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As a frequent contributor to other blogs, I’ve found it to be a fun way of sharing ideas and discussions. I’d been toying with the idea of doing one of my own for awhile, and now that elections are over I felt the time was right as it appears I’ll have more time on my hands 😉

The idea here on this blog is somewhat “gee-whiz” in nature. I’ve always been fascinated by useful trivia, i.e. things that make you think rather than pointless things like Britney’s and KFed’s latest celebrity gossip.

If you’ve ever wondered about something puzzling, anything, or how things work, or why certain things are the way they are instead of some other way that might appear to make more sense, this is the place to pose the question. Hopefully I and others can supply an answer. Nothing is off-limits except crude language or personal attacks.

For example: Have you ever wondered “why the sky is blue during the day and black at night”? Or “why does your urine smell funny after eating Asparagus”? How about “why do cats appear aloof to their owners and dogs don’t”? “Does Disc Golf cause cancer”? (with apologies to Lon) These are the kinds of Q&A tidbits I’ll address here, plus occasionally some commentary on recent events.

Like Alan Chamberlain on “Dog’s Breakfast”, I prefer posts from people whom identify themselves. Handles are OK as long as I know who they belong to. But if there is a good reason that you want to make an anonymous post, I’ll consider it. There’s a moniker used on the popular tech discussion board Slashdot for such posts called “anonymous coward”, which may be a good way to describe “Tell it to the ER”. But hey, if you have something to say jump in, just be civil.

So does anybody have any gee-whiz questions?

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Juanita Sumner
November 18, 2006 8:38 am

Hi Mr. Watts,
I’m sorry you are not on the school board anymore – you always had good ideas.
Your idea for a highschool/college campus would be great. We recently enrolled our homeschooler at the Butte Co Center. He is taking the same math his friends are taking at Chico High, but he is getting four college units for it.
Of course, we have to pay about $100 for the class, plus registration fees, but we feel this is money well spent. By the time he is 18, he will have some units racked up. Also, if we fall below a certain income level, he goes for free, can’t beat that.
Now his friends are interested. I think a lot of people would take advantage of such a program as you suggested.
My 11 year old is already excited about going to Butte.
Your blog will be filed under ‘favorites’ as we always have questions – thanks and keep the good ideas coming – JS
**** Moderators reply:
Thanks Juanita. While I’m not on the board, the extra time I have will be devoted to honing the ideas to present to the current board. In some ways, not being a trustee can give me greater opportunities to do positive work for our schools and our community.

Jack Lee
November 19, 2006 9:02 pm

Like the previous poster, I’m disappointed you’re not still on our school board, but when one door closes another opens and here you are!
I’m very pleased to see you writing this column Anthony! It’s sure to be a big hit.
All the best…
Jack @ Post Scripts
*** Moderator reply:
Thanks Jack. Everything happens for a reason. Its no disgrace to get knocked down, but its a disgrace to stay down.

December 1, 2006 8:12 am

I am very disappointed with the City of Chico in the design of the new city plaza. The plaza has over 40 lights shining upward toward the sky (not counting the ones lighting the fountain). This of course increased light pollution in Chico. Many cities now have ordnances against such annoyances, however looks like Chico isn’t one of them.
Of course the bigger issue is that they waste electric power and really light up nothing more than the sky. City hall also has numerous such lights. Perhaps the city should rethink such wasteful lighting and remove them.

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