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Ocean seawater chemistry linked with periods of global cooling, sharp changes from greenhouse to icehouse climate

From the University of Toronto , something quite unexpected. Scientists connect seawater chemistry with climate change and evolution TORONTO, ON – Humans get most of the blame for climate change, with little attention paid to the contribution of other natural … Continue reading

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Future schlock – Herbivore populations will go down as temperatures go up

From the University of Toronto, where they can’t even choose an appropriate photo and caption to go with the story headline (yes, that’s it at right). The jump of logic going on here requires some sort of warp drive I … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – bug sex and beer

From the University of Toronto, where they didn’t blame the CO2 in the beer for this, thank goodness. University of Toronto Mississauga professor wins Ig Nobel Prize for beer, sex research It was a case of a besotted male and … Continue reading

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Astronomers find extreme weather on an alien world

Alternate title: How long before Bill McKibben says: this brown dwarf has a middle name, and it’s global warming. Cosmic oddball may harbor a gigantic storm TORONTO, ON – A University of Toronto-led team of astronomers has observed extreme brightness … Continue reading

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