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Methane estimates from the Arctic double, but there’s no cause for alarm

From the University of Alaska, Fairbanks Study: Arctic seafloor methane releases double previous estimates The seafloor off the coast of Northern Siberia is releasing more than twice the amount of methane as previously estimated, according to new research results published … Continue reading

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Syun Akasofu’s work provokes journal resignation

Editorial board member pissed off over a paper on “the pause” Story submitted by WUWT reader Duane Oldsen WUWT readers may remember Dr. Syun Akasofu as the source of a graph tracking the Pacific Multidecadal Oscillation with sine wave shifts … Continue reading

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ARCUS 2012 PAN-ARCTIC sea ice forecast submitted

PAN-ARCTIC OUTLOOK Submitted by WUWT today, June 4th to Helen Wiggins of ARCUS, details here About the Sea Ice Outlook The SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook is an international effort to provide a community-wide summary of the expected September arctic sea … Continue reading

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The warm-cold oscillation

From the Institute of Physics Cold winters caused by warmer summers, research suggests Scientists have offered up a convincing explanation for the harsh winters recently experienced in the Northern Hemisphere; increasing temperatures and melting ice in the Arctic regions creating … Continue reading

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