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Dana Nuccitelli discovers the ‘Streisand effect’

This could be a Friday Funny, but oh well, humor waits for nobody. A few days ago I made this prediction in response to a tweet: For those who don’t know, the Streisand effect is: …the phenomenon whereby an attempt … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Mann compares visitors to his Facebook Page to “Beetle Larvae”

Some days, you get gifts from on high. Dr. Michael Mann apparently still doesn’t understand how his own actions invoked the Streisand effect. So, he compares people asking questions to the larval form of insects. Steve McIntyre tips us off … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Mann invokes the Streisand effect

https://www.facebook.com/MichaelMannScientist/posts/267470906700950 Now that Dr. Mann has drawn attention to it, even more people will want to read the National Review article “Football and Hockey” to find out what he’s so upset about. I didn’t even know about this article until … Continue reading

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