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A Blast From The Past: James Hansen on ‘The Global Warming Debate’ from 13 years ago

Guest post by Floyd Doughty Some years ago when I was investigating the climate change issue in my spare time, I ran across a short article by James Hansen on the GISS website under “Education Resource Materials”, dated January, 1999. … Continue reading

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UAH global temperature anomaly goes negative

UAH Global Temperature Update for January 2012: -0.09 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer PERSONAL NOTE: I’ve been unavailable for a while…my oldest daughter was in a bad car accident, will be OK eventually, but won’t walk for about 3 … Continue reading

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New Tool – all Climategate emails in order in Excel

Jeff Id writes: Buffy Minton who provided the email Mime data has produced a spreadsheet of Climategate 1 and 2 emails in chronological order.  This should be an excellent tool to follow conversations through. Here are the links:

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