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Friday Funny – Svalbard Revisited

Guest essay by David Archibald A visit to the weather station at the airport is the highlight of any trip to Svalbard. Of course that weather station has been the subject of attention on WUWT here. Above: The Svalbard weather … Continue reading

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Another GISS miss: warming in the Arctic – the adjustments are key

GHCN Temperature Adjustments Affect 40% Of The Arctic By Paul Homewood                          Before                                                           After There has been much discussion recently about temperature adjustments made by GHCN in Iceland and Greenland, which have had the effect of reducing historic temperature levels, thereby … Continue reading

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Sea ice variability within and outside the Arctic Circle

The essay below is a result of some collaboration between Jeff Condon and myself. I’ve been wondering for quite some time if there was any trend difference between the truly “arctic” sea ice inside the Arctic Circle and the ice … Continue reading

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Nacreous cloud show at the Arctic Circle

From spaceweather.com An apparition of polar stratospheric clouds is underway around the Arctic Circle. “It is almost as good as the aurora borealis,” says Göran Strand, who took this picture last night from Östersund, Sweden: Eric Schandall of Oslo, Norway, … Continue reading

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Shock news: trees grow better in a warmer climate with more carbon dioxide

The geniuses at Columbia University’s Lamont -Doherty Earth Observatory have discovered Liebigs Law of the Minimum. The tree researcher exclaims: “I was expecting to see trees stressed from the warmer temperatures,”…“What we found was a surprise.” Trees on Tundra’s Border … Continue reading

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