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Climate change scares the fish

From FIS – Worldnews and the warming omnipotence department comes this: Climate change darkens water, drives fish away  Norwegian coastal waters are darkening due to changes in weather and climate, damaging optical conditions for marine animals. Marine biologist Dag L … Continue reading

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Cooling in the near future?

Global Cooling – Climate and Weather Forecasting. Guest post by Dr. Norman Page Introduction. Over the last 10 years or so as new data have accumulated the general trend and likely future course of  climate change has become reasonably clear. The earth … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s USTREAM viewership is as inflated as his ‘science’

Last week on November 14th and 15th, former vice president Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project let loose with another “24 hours of Climate Reality” in a global TV webcast hosted on USTREAM. The emphasis this year was in trying to … Continue reading

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A Climategate milestone – will ‘FOIA’ make the leap?

Over the weekend we marked the third anniversary of Climategate, which occurred on November 17th, 2009. A timeline of events can be read here. Today marks the anniversary of my most famous story, the one written hastily on my laptop … Continue reading

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Shocker from UEA: ‘consensus-based decision … stifles progress’

From the University of East Anglia , home of Dr. Phil Jones and “hide the decline” comes this telling missive suggesting that we just need to dump that inconvenient consensus thingy if we are ever going to get new laws … Continue reading

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When bankers turn climatologists

From the world bank…sound the general alarm! (sound of klaxons) But see the data at the end. 4-degrees briefing for the World Bank: The risks of a future without climate policy Humankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases are breaking new records … Continue reading

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