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Trenberth dials up the warming predictions

From NCAR: Future warming likely to be on high side of climate projections, analysis finds November 08, 2012 BOULDER—Climate model projections showing a greater rise in global temperature are likely to prove more accurate than those showing a lesser rise, … Continue reading

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New paper suggests that CO2 ‘…could prove to be our salvation from the next ice age’

From the University of Gothenburg , another head exploder for Joe Romm and company. Carbon dioxide – our salvation from a future ice age? Mankind’s emissions of fossil carbon and the resulting increase in temperature could prove to be our … Continue reading

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More Tabloid Climatology – now ‘extreme weather’ killed the Mayans

From the University of California – Davis  and the “seek and ye shall find” department, a stunning example of Tabloid Climatology™ trying to link “extreme weather” with the Mayan civilization collapse. They did get one thing right though with this … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: Green Energy Policy Threatening Europe’s Industrial Base

From Dr. Benny Peiser at The GWPF Europe’s ability to compete against the US as a manufacturing centre is being damaged by rising energy costs as North America benefits from cheap natural shale gas, Germany’s biggest companies have warned. The … Continue reading

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Notes on the upcoming WUWT Gore-a-thon

As many are already aware, I’ve announced a first ever effort to do a 24 hour webcast to counter Al Gore’s upcoming “dirty energy = dirty weather ” campaign. Last year we had cartoons from Josh, this year we’ll have … Continue reading

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‘Paleotempestology’ – the new Mann science

I missed this announcement yesterday, but when I saw the word “paleotempestology” today, I immediately thought of Dr. Michael Mann, mainly because he throws tempests and everybody else studies them as examples of scientific silliness aka Tabloid Climatology™. Sure enough, … Continue reading

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Fashionable words and climate science

From the University of Bristol  some research you have to wonder about how it ever got funded. One new fashionable word set I think they should add to this is “Tabloid Climatology™”. Drifting word clouds may change perceptions of climate … Continue reading

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