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The Odd Omission in IPCC’s Summary for Policy Makers for SREX on Extreme Weather and Climatic Events

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany One of the major reasons why extreme weather events are of abiding interest to both the public and policy makers is the potential loss of life that they can cause. Imagine, therefore, writing a … Continue reading

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Santer’s “17 years needed for a sign of climate change” compared against the IPCC models

I recently covered a press release from Dr. Ben Santer where it was claimed that: In order to separate human-caused global warming from the “noise” of purely natural climate fluctuations, temperature records must be at least 17 years long, according … Continue reading

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The dehydration and bottled water debacle

There’s a story making the rounds on websites, some newspapers, and wire services like UPI saying that the EU has  banned any statement (such as on bottled water) that “regular consumption of significant amounts of water can reduce the risk … Continue reading

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On the anniversary of Climategate, RealClimate’s Ray Pierrehumbert sings the CO2 blues, Chicago style

I’ve previously highlighted the accordion talents of RealClimate co-founder Dr. Ray Pierrehumbert. Now he’s formed a band with two guys named Abbot and Archer, singing the CO2 blues in a music video. How appropriate though, given the politics employed by … Continue reading

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