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The weekday -vs- weekend weather effect

Hailstorms and tornadoes are more common during the weekday due to human created aerosols. By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. New Paper “Why Do Tornados And Hail Storms Rest On Weekends” By Rosenfeld and Bell 2011 There is a new paper which … Continue reading

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State Dept issues final enviro impact statement on Keystone XL Pipeline

Post by Ryan Maue Friday evening news dump — in this case, the United States State Department drops a big one and essentially green-lights a “controversial” pipeline project.  The Keystone XL project Final Environmental Impact Statement is not a “decision” … Continue reading

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Corals can’t handle the heat cold

New Study Shows that Florida’s Reefs Cannot Endure a ‘Cold Snap’ Scientists detail unprecedented loss of coral reef species during 2010 cold weather event Miami — August 26, 2011 — Remember frozen iguanas falling from trees during Florida’s 2010 record-breaking … Continue reading

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Telegraph, BBC, and Independent geography FAIL: “Row to the Pole” never made it to the “North Pole” – they are 790 miles short

UPDATE: BBC (and now the Independent) commit the same FAIL. See below. More “Row to the Pole” nonsense writ large: Ummmm…no, Mr. Hough, the Telegraph’s headline and story are simply wrong. You are a victim of spin and/or a failed … Continue reading

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