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Where the !@#$% is Svalbard?

Anthony has suggested that I post a paper of mine that was written in 2006 about unusual temperatures in Svalbard. It was published as a peer-reviewed submission in Energy and Environment, the journal that AGW supporters love to hate. First, where the … Continue reading

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New bear species discovered: Ursus Bogus

I had been avoiding this photo issue, because well, the whole thing is stupid no matter how you look at it and it’s been been heavily covered elsewhere. But when Tim Blair coined the clever headline “Ursus Bogus“, in the … Continue reading

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Seven Months of Winter at NCAR

By Steve Goddard View from NCAR’s roof this morning (NCAR – National Center for Atmospheric Research) From the “climate models are not climate” department. It was seven months ago today that the NCAR scientist sent out this infamous E-mail shown … Continue reading

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Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I noted on the news that there is a new plan afoot to cool down the planet. This one supposedly has been given big money by none other than Bill Gates. The plan involves a … Continue reading

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