A new nickname is coming for ‘Moonbeam”; it will now be ‘Doomsday Brown’

by Michael Bastasch

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is now on the board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the group responsible for creating the Doomsday Clock to illustrate how close they think the world is to apocalypse.

“I am honored to be stepping into this important role, particularly at this moment in time, when the Bulletin’s unique voice and depth of expertise is so clearly needed,” Brown said in an emailed press release.

“Huge investments in new weapons systems, the growing existential threat of climate change, and a general antipathy toward evidence-based policymaking are putting all of us at grave risk,” Brown said.

Brown will serve as the group’s executive chair, according to a release sent Thursday. Brown is known for his apocalyptic message on issues like man-made global warming, even referencing the doomsday clock in his 2018 State of the State address.

Full story here

Oh, great, just great. On the plus side, he’ll be going from a political trend setter, to a symbolic clock setter.


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nw sage
October 25, 2018 4:46 pm

WE are all DOOMED! DOOMED I SAY! It is simply a matter of time!

Joel O'Bryan
Reply to  nw sage
October 25, 2018 4:53 pm

Because Moonbeam is so 20th Century.

Meet Governor Doombeam.

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 25, 2018 7:05 pm

And the clock itself is so 19th century. When are they going to get a digital one?

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 25, 2018 8:58 pm

He’ll always be Gov. Moonbeam, to me. Or Gov. Medfly. For nearly forty years.

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 26, 2018 12:50 am

Governor Dumbbeam might be more appropriate?

Reply to  PeterF
October 26, 2018 7:20 am


Caligula Jones
Reply to  MarkW
October 26, 2018 9:38 am

Good one, but I still like Doombeam better.

Or NoBeam…

Gunga Din
Reply to  nw sage
October 25, 2018 4:57 pm

We’ve been “DOOMED” by whatever these clowns are pushing for years after the “DOOM” should have fallen.
(Maybe their “Doomsday Clock” is that little alarm clock on the dashboard of Marty’s DeLorean? They keep going back in time to make a “new DOOM deadline” every time the last one didn’t happen?)

John Doerman
Reply to  nw sage
October 25, 2018 5:36 pm

It’s all good, Jerry Brown is one of the best possible people to have leading that board. Now everyone will see the doomsday clock for what it really is, a bunch of nothing.

Reply to  nw sage
October 25, 2018 6:59 pm

I gonna go out on a limb here and predict that the rewinding of the Doomsday Clock caused by Trump’s negotiations with N.Korea will be fast forwarded by Jerry Brown … not for any legitimate reason … but just reflective of how little time Jerry has left on the planet. It’s near Doomsday for that ol’ Hippie.

Reply to  Kenji
October 25, 2018 10:48 pm

+1 to Kenji – more if allowed.

old white guy
Reply to  nw sage
October 26, 2018 6:57 am

They should just set it a midnight and leave it there. Then if something happens they can say we told you so.

James Bull
Reply to  nw sage
October 26, 2018 8:25 am

This is all I can think of when the talk is of how DOOMED we are.


Or you could look on the bright side.


James Bull

October 25, 2018 4:48 pm

I don’t understand the Doomsday clock symbolism. At midnight one day ends and the next begins. Why the fear of tomorrow?

Reply to  Michael Combs
October 25, 2018 4:55 pm

Because it might not happen, and they’d look like complete idiots.

Reply to  jorgekafkazar
October 26, 2018 7:11 am

As if they needed any additional help.

Gunga Din
Reply to  Michael Combs
October 25, 2018 5:02 pm

As I saw painted painted on the side of a seafood restaurant, “Free Crabs Tomorrow!”
Of course, “tomorrow” never comes.
But we’re stuck with paying for Today’s crabs.

Reply to  Gunga Din
October 25, 2018 7:18 pm

We’re doomed yesterday or doomed tommorrow, but never doomed today.

Reply to  drednicolson
October 26, 2018 5:51 am

Today is a good day to die!!

That’s why my doomsday clock is *always* set to midnight.

Reply to  Michael Combs
October 25, 2018 6:11 pm

“The Pumpkin Coach was a carriage made for Cinderella by her Fairy Godmother so she can attend the ball. At the stroke of midnight, it turned back into a pumpkin.” (Disney)

Reply to  Toto
October 25, 2018 7:36 pm

But Cinderella was out with Peter – Pumpkin eater.

Stephen Stent
October 25, 2018 4:49 pm

Will the world end on his watch?

Pop Piasa
Reply to  Stephen Stent
October 25, 2018 6:23 pm

No, it will end on his wrist computer. 💻⌚

Joel O'Bryan
October 25, 2018 4:51 pm

Stupid is as stupid does.

(my translation of that Forrest Gumpism is: “likes attract.”)

Reply to  Joel O'Bryan
October 25, 2018 5:32 pm

I thought it was that deeds and actions define the level of stupid. The end may not justify the means but it do show the level of stupid.

Now, tiny is as tiny do … that’s ones harder

Reply to  DonM
October 25, 2018 7:22 pm

“I’m a dimwit as an accident of birth, but the dimwits around me, they’re self-made (wo)men.”

October 25, 2018 4:59 pm

And here I was thinking the Doomsday clock couldn’t DEMEAN ITSELF any further than it already has.

Reply to  fred250
October 26, 2018 4:42 am

With obsessed extremists there is always a new low to be demonstrated.
But here we see a soon to be ex-governor desperately seeking a paid gig where he can try to remain relevant.
As if he ever was.

October 25, 2018 5:10 pm

Gov. Brown railing against evidence based decision making.
That clown is a source of never ending irony.

Reply to  hunter
October 25, 2018 6:35 pm

Actually, he was “railing against” “a general antipathy toward evidence-based policymaking”. Now, I keep hearing the proponents of CAGW / CCC “railing against the “deniers” since they (whoever they may be” refuse to use “evidence-based decision making”. The only problem with that is that those very same proponents of CAGW / CCC are the ones who declare the science to be settled, and when asked for evidence, can’t seem to come up with any, and change the subject.

Now, we’ve made pot legal here in California, but this is more of the pot calling the kettle black. (Is that racist?)

Reply to  Retired_Engineer_Jim
October 26, 2018 12:41 am

I caught the tail end of BBC news last night , talking of the drugs crisis in the US . Amazingly ( to me at least ) addiction causes more deaths in younger people than traffic accidents and fire arms combined. Some of the stories in the BBC investigation were harrowing , but there are glimpses of hope . Where young people can get rehab their lives can be turned around completely , but such facilities are rare and expensive .
Why cannot the billionaires who spend so much money on Trump bashing and the pursuit of climate change activism use some of their clearly disposable billions on rehab establishments to save the lives of addicts and their desperate and grieving families? The rewards would be immediate and heart warming .
Instead their followers vote for easier drug laws . Many here will no doubt argue against a connection between cannabis and heroin use but can we be absolutely sure? Should we not adopt the “precautionary principle ” in this instance?

Reply to  mikewaite
October 26, 2018 2:44 am

All heroin users started on milk! Ban the stuff!!!

Tom Abbott
Reply to  mikewaite
October 26, 2018 7:02 am

Over 70,000 Americans died last year of opiod overdoses. That’s more than died in traffic accidents (about 40,000) and more than the number of Americans who died in the entire Vietnam war (over 58,000).

The opioid crisis is real and the US needs to get a handle on it quick. Most of these illegal drugs are coming through the US southern border.

As for marijuana, the Department of Veterans Affairs and other health organizations are using marijuana to help opioid addicts get off the opioids. Apparently it is an adequate substiture for some people.

It’s way too easy to get hooked on opiods. People should be very careful. It will ruin their lives in the blink of an eye. Some people get hooked doing it just one time. Don’t do it! Save yourself and your family a lot of agony.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
October 26, 2018 3:20 pm

Tom Abbott,
Militaries worldwide have used or are using various psychoactive drugs to improve performance of soldiers by suppressing hunger, increasing the ability to sustain effort without food, increasing and lengthening wakefulness and concentration, suppressing fear, reducing empathy, and improving reflexes and memory-recall, amongst other things.
List of drugs used by militaries
“Amphetamine was given to Allied bomber pilots during World War II to sustain them by fighting-off fatigue and enhancing focus during long flights.[4][9] During the Persian Gulf War, amphetamine became the drug of choice for American bomber pilots, being used on a voluntary basis by roughly half of U.S. Air Force pilots.[49] The Tarnak Farm incident, in which an American F-16 pilot killed several friendly Canadian soldiers on the ground, was blamed by the pilot on his use of amphetamine.[50] A nonjudicial (UCMJ Article 15) U.S. Air Force hearing rejected the pilot’s claim.”
The Drugs That Built a Super Soldier
During the Vietnam War, the U.S. military plied its servicemen with speed, steroids, and painkillers to help them handle extended combat.

Reply to  mikewaite
October 26, 2018 7:23 am

Many of the firearm deaths are drug related, as gangs fight each other.

[Edited because I didn’t know what “fire arm deaths” were… 🙂 -mod]

Reply to  MarkW
October 27, 2018 4:16 pm

Here’s one example

comment image

October 25, 2018 5:11 pm

Will there be more Brownouts on his watch?
” a reduction in or restriction on the availability of electrical power in a particular area. “

October 25, 2018 5:19 pm

… Jerry Brown is now on the board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists …

It may have been founded by actual atomic scientists, but it is now a self-perpetuating activist organization.

Pop Piasa
Reply to  commieBob
October 25, 2018 6:33 pm

Maybe they should just shorten the name to “The Doom Bulletin Board”.
Post your end-of-earth notices for a small fee.

Is Mr. Brown a contributor to this organization?

October 25, 2018 5:20 pm

Maybe they’ll give him a sandwich board?

Caligula Jones
October 25, 2018 5:43 pm

Ah, just what the world needs: more fluff an increasingly broke (and broken) MSM will lap up and regurgitate like a sick kitten who can’t stop drinking that expired cream.

October 25, 2018 5:56 pm

Human brain is wired with a survival mechanism called “Fear of the Unknown.” Add a few thousand years of natural disaster stories attributed to God’s punishment of miscreant humans, and you have all the necessary ingredients for a piece of propaganda that never grows old–it just keeps getting recycled anew for each generation of gullibles. Ever notice no one worried about “extraterrestrials” before the age of science fiction let us imagine space travel? No one worried about “The Population Bomb” before we had the means to count the whole Earth’s population? And no one ever worried about Global Warming before we had a supposed means of taking the planetary temperature–let alone decided there should be a “normal,” like our 98.6!
Just throw another virgin (or 10 trillion dollars) down the nearest crater, everything’ll be OK . . . (eyeroll)

Only trouble is, we’re getting more media-savvy by the hour and calling BS when we see it.

Reply to  Goldrider
October 25, 2018 7:08 pm

Are you saying that … Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Steve Buscemi … didn’t really … save us all from Armageddon?

No way! And you KNOW there are STILL more EXTINCTION-sized Rocks hurtling at 5x the speed of sound … right for the Earth. But we can’t see them, cause it’s so dark in space. But for a small donation of $500, I will send you my super secret cosmology map of the deadly asteroids.

Joe W
Reply to  Kenji
October 25, 2018 8:22 pm

We’ll, technically Liv didn’t save us. She was just there as eye candy

Reply to  Kenji
October 25, 2018 11:39 pm


$500 dollars to much for you folks?

Roll Up, Roll Up…………

I invested in stocks of green and red hand held asteroid busting, laser flash-lights just for this eventuality, only $50 each.

Just don’t let the beams cross!

Reply to  Kenji
October 26, 2018 2:47 am

“cause it’s so dark in space”

Is it? I thought the Earth was in space, and it isn’t so dark.

Gary Pearse
Reply to  Goldrider
October 26, 2018 7:23 am

Gullible Warming. Yeah, I like that.

October 25, 2018 5:57 pm

Evidence of – “If you’re truly an idiot, you will keep getting promoted.”

A special case of Peter’s principal.

October 25, 2018 8:27 pm

Brown is part of a very large nationwide group of people who are mentally.. It is a collective illness and is spreading.

Rhoda R
October 25, 2018 9:37 pm

Useless, unaccountable politician for a useless unaccountable organization.

October 25, 2018 11:41 pm

What I find astonishing is that there’s a ‘board’ to manage this clock.

This is surely peak ‘non jobs’.

October 25, 2018 11:52 pm

“If the hands of a clock point to a few minutes to midnight for 72 years, something is wrong with the clock.”
—Steven Pinker, Enlightenment Now

October 26, 2018 12:03 am

A fancy name for bed wetter’s . Atomic Scientists indeed . Maybe they should check Moonbeams credentials .
Now if they want massive debt , trains to no where , and a cratering social fabric well Moonbeam is right in their wheelhouse .

Coeur de Lion
October 26, 2018 1:04 am

Where is Schrödinger’s cat when it’s needed?

E J Zuiderwijk
October 26, 2018 1:05 am

The ‘growing apathy’ is to politicians with an ante-Copernican mindset (mankind can control the world and is therefore at the center of it) and their policies based on stories about unicorns.

Bent Andersen
October 26, 2018 1:07 am

“Huge investments in new weapons systems, the growing existential threat of climate change, …”

So the end of the world comes either as a nuclear Armageddon or as a result of Mann-made Climate Change? These are on the same threat level and can be directly compared, yes??? pfffttt!

Ivor Ward
October 26, 2018 1:21 am

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has become irrelevent and has lost its publicity hook and hence its funding is in danger. They need a Media-whore to drum up some interest and guess what… Moonbeam fell for it.

You just cannot be one minute or two minutes from Armageddon for forty years and have anyone take you seriously.
I seem to recall some “Climate” Scientists creating their own Doomsday Clock. That seems to have fizzled out along with the spiral of doom from the English Guy.

Isn’t age a bummer…Can’t remember any names anymore.

Wiliam Haas
October 26, 2018 2:13 am

The climate has been changing for eons and will continue to change whether mankind is here or not. The cause is the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. So our doom has been pending for eons and we do not have the power to change it.

October 26, 2018 3:10 am

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Haven’t these guys heard of anti-matter chopsticks?

October 26, 2018 4:35 am

Add it to the CO2 Count Up Clock, http://trillionthtonne.org/

Will they synchronise, that is the question.

October 26, 2018 5:53 am

Once again, Jerry Brown is too late to save the world.
comment image

October 26, 2018 6:13 am

Guess Jerry couldn’t handle Vana’s job flipping over tiles, so the BotAS found him this clock-setting sinecure. It’s a nice gesture, I suppose, keeping the addle-brained senior citizen occupied.

Walt D.
October 26, 2018 6:28 am

I wonder how often the broken clock, Jerry Brown, is right?

Bent Andersen
Reply to  Walt D.
October 26, 2018 6:51 am

Amazingly, a broken clock is right twice a day 😉

Reply to  Bent Andersen
October 26, 2018 7:26 am

Which makes a broken clock way more accurate than any climate model.

Gary Pearse
October 26, 2018 7:15 am

I see their DD clock’s most optimistic pisition is 15 minutes before doomo’clock. This in it self is a self diagnosis of paranoia.

Rod Evans
October 26, 2018 7:56 am

Seriously…they need a chairman to head up the board of Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, who is not a scientist?
Maybe he is good at winding things up??

October 26, 2018 8:05 am

Somehow, a Mad Hatter comment seems appropriate.

“Doomsday Brown” is the hatter, and the rabbit, saying, “I’m late for a very important date”, is that group of doomsday “scientists”.

Joel Snider
October 26, 2018 8:06 am

I’ve got a lot of other names for him, but in deference to the sensitive, I will refrain.

October 26, 2018 8:10 am

The clock will always be 12 years away. Remember when the ‘window of opportunity’ was closing, when we ‘didn’t have anymore time’ ? Oh the spirits ran high at Hoaxahagen, until it snowed.
Still a moonbeam…. and the escapees from the world’s largest insane asylum ( California ) are pushing their agendas into neighboring western states . Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to the polls we go, I need to sell some more windmills, my cash is getting low. hi ho, hi ho, hi ho.

October 26, 2018 8:35 am

The (high-speed) Railway Bandit to Nowhere.

Rod Evans
Reply to  ResourceGuy
October 26, 2018 8:57 am

isn’t he on trial somewhere in India? The railway bandit guy with lots of directorships everywhere.

October 26, 2018 9:47 am

The Clockwork Orange Governor

John the Econ
October 26, 2018 2:09 pm

He’ll fit right in.

I’ve always been amused by the “Doomsday Clock”, because contrary to it’s supposedly “scientific” pedigree, it’s more a gauge of Progressive angst over contemporary conservative policy than it is any real measurement of actual threats to our well-being. For example, during the Reagan era it was bumped up to 3 minutes to midnight versus only 7 during the far more imminently dangerous Cuban Missile Crisis, where in hindsight it should have been as close to zero as it’s ever been. Without doubt, they were far more scared of what was running wild in their imaginations regarding Reagan than they were of the reality of a green JFK actually facing off militarily with the Russians in realtime over actual nuclear weapons that were pointed at the US a mere 60 miles away.

So now that it’s been moved up as close to midnight as it has ever been, it’s even more amusing to note that it’s not because the real and obvious threats like a near-nuclear-ready North Korea lobbing missiles over Japan or the fascist mullahs of Iran who openly threaten the annihilation of the Israel and the West. No. It’s because of “global warming”, something that isn’t likely to kill us in a flash, or at all.

Johann Wundersamer
October 27, 2018 6:10 am

Oh, great, just great. On the plus side, he’ll be going from a political trend setter, to a symbolic clock setter.

Too late.

Next Formula 1 will start coming weekend in



Ola, l’ombre. All Chiquita, world’s tv cams waiting on YOU!

kent beuchert
October 27, 2018 9:58 am

“general antipathy toward evidence-based policymaking are putting all of us at grave risk,” Brown said.
This from the moron who is taxing vaping apparatus (AKA electronic cigarettes) to prevent people fom switching from tobacco to totally harmless vaping.

October 29, 2018 1:47 am

when the end of the world is about to happen somebody will have to text all the young ones other wise they will miss out

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