Claim: We'll survive Climate Change – if we cede More Power to the UN

Flag of the United Nations, Public Domain Image

Flag of the United Nations, Public Domain Image

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A climate crisis role playing exercise, hosted by the World Wildlife Fund and the Center for American Progress, has concluded that the world can survive the ravages of climate change, providing we implement a global carbon tax, and create a new global governance structure.

Food Chain Reaction was held last November in Washington DC. The game was played by 65 international experts, who assumed the roles of nations, multilateral organizations and multinational business, and confronted a burgeoning food security crisis in the decade 2020-2030.

The players were divided in teams for Africa, Brazil, China, the European Union, the United States, multinational businesses and the international institutions. Their task: to figure out how they could cooperate to guide the world through a decade of mounting climate pressures and the resulting disruptions. There was no safety net. Through their actions, the participants could either get the world ready for an ever more apparent – and volatile – new normal, or drive it off a cliff.

In the end, even as extreme weather ran rampant and food prices flirted with 400 percent of the long-term average, they came up with a host of solutions. Cooperation mostly won the day over the short term individual advantage. Teams pledged to jointly build international information networks and early warning systems on hunger and crops, invest in smart agricultural technology and build up global food stocks as a buffer against climate shocks.

The most eye-catching results, however, were a deal to institute a worldwide carbon tax and a global food security summit that was tasked with setting up a whole new global governance structure for climate and food security issues.

Read more:

I’m skeptical about the claim that additional global governance can improve the resilience of food production. Central planning was a disaster for Soviet Agriculture – distant bureaucrats tend to make poor farm managers.


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As part of green-central-planning the UN wants to (in their own words) ban private property and create “Human Habitat Settlement Zones”


Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, and Marx would all be proud of how these traitors to humanity have embraced their manifestos – take away their guns , food, and children and they will beg to be controlled. World dominance can come about only through the chaos created by those who would be God. Billions of us against several hundred of them – what odds we’re giving away!


Good try UN again! Take a look at this 1976 document which is a commentary/clarification of Agenda 21. Note what it says in section D. (My highlighting)
My highlighting!
Ex NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark is aiming to be the next Secretary General.
Not only is it a laugh, because although she may be a top politician, and knows how to get elected, she knows nothing about the economy or real long term effects of her policies.
Of course she slipped in a raft of legislation which has helped UN Agenda 21 get a foot hold in NZ.
She once, (while she was still PM of NZ), even lectured the Premier of China on how to run his country.
The fact that Beijing city alone is 3-4 times the population of NZ and its economy seemed to slip her mind.
Under her tenure as PM here, the economy slumped and a government surplus quickly changed to a government deficit – which we still have.
Of course it was the world economy doing it? How else could it be explained?
So want an open communist and useless tyrannical leader of the UN?
Just out for the lesbian looking lady with the Hitler eyes.

Patrick MJD

She also, while health minister in the 80’s, effectively destroyed probably the best public health care service in the world. She also increased the envy tax on anyone earning more than NZ$60,000. And still the econnmy slumped and revenuse vanished. But Cullen was the best laugh of all when he said “We won. You lost.” after coming to power under Clarke. When she lost her last election, she vanished and took up a position at the UN. Don’t recall what it was.


You’ll enjoy this.
Replacement Migration:
Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?
United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration.
Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.

Retired Engineer Jim

When did the US become part of Europe and Japan? And when was it moved into Europe and the EU?


It’s just the results of a role playing game, not an official UN declaration of intent of imminent world domination, as the title of this post made me suspect when I clicked on it. Somewhat disappointing actually, because that would have been interesting 🙂


I think you’ll find that it’s when they think it’s just a game, that they reveal their deepest desires.

Santa Baby

The political climate science is the historic shortest settled science EVER!!!

Santa Baby

If humanity is the problem how can a few humans solve it?


Very perceptive question. Yet the only rhetoric that’s in our face is that of our bondholders – got a couple trillion to buy the truth? Nevertheless, it’s clear that the billions of masses have neither the knowledge, will, or motivation to fight a few hundred de-populaters. Does anyone even know what “eugenics” means these days? Seems like they’re taking the whole pie and over-pricing the crumbs. “A day’s wages for a loaf of bread.”


A few elites can solve the “problem” with humanity by getting rid of the rest of us. I have no doubt that we can survive climate change. But if we cede more power to the UN, we won’t survive the UN.

Mickey Reno

New headline:
World’s bureaucratic elites conduct giant circle jerk.


And Obama is the pivot man.


Does that mean he is the jerk in the circle?


Why don’t we go with that, because I doubt the mods will allow me to say what it really means.


To skorrent1: He’s the jerk in the oval.

average joe

Nice! I needed a good laugh, thanks.


is that anything like a game of ‘soggy sayo’? If so I wonder who was left eating the biscuit?

So the scenario is that food prices will rise due to shortages. The warmer weather and increased CO2 have so far resulted in rising harvests, but let’s not let reality into climate games, that only confuses the issue. The answer by a cabal of “experts” who have been briefed with the “correct” answer is to take cash out of the economy by raising taxes, giving the average Joe less money to buy dearer food. Were these experts involved with the Venezuelan economy over the past 5 years by any chance?

Juan Slayton

Venezuela is indeed in a state of collapse. The history of government seizures of private businesses and particularly large farming operations is that a country that used to export food now has to import it but is running out of money to pay for the imports.
Perhaps a variation of Margaret Thatcher’s quote: “Eventually you run out of other people’s food.”
Of course you can always blame it on the climate:
But that doesn’t free you from responsibility unless you can say the climate is unprecedented. Drumroll, enter the UN….

Is all this warmer weather in warm places, we had colder weather, damaged crops a livestock killed by heavy snow where I live recently.


According to these same people, communism is a roaring success, because anything designed by left wind economists will always works.

Rob Dawg

I’d be willing to bet the affair was lavishly catered.


With fresh food. The “food stock” is for the rest of us who survive. How can they stock steak and lobster? “Don’t touch the oil and wine.”


Nothing like a bloated backwardassed third wotld bureaucracy to solve the world’s problems.


LOL..When has the U.N. ever FIXED anything ?

Owen in GA

I think they helped “fix” a couple of third world elections, does that count?

Robert Mugabe

Finally the real agenda…

Leo Smith

Finally the real agenda


..I knew it wouldn’t take long to come out because they know they are running out of time before the cold comes crashing down on us !

Read the post from yesterday about Robert Mugabe’s request for $1.5 billion per year as climate change assistance. Dictators driving economies into the ground to starvation with wealth redistribution on their lips is a sure fire way for the Greens to achieve the maximum loss of human life to achieve their “ideal carrying capacity” of half a billion humans on the planet.

Mark from the Midwest

The interesting thing, my fossilized friend, is that the “greens” seem to be the people with the least ability to adapt and survive. They’re the ones that are simultaneously over-educated, living in urban environments, and highly dependent on technology. They have a real lack of appreciation for the benefits of 1200 gallons of diesel in highly secure tanks, a few thousand rounds of the finest Swiss 7.65 mm mini-projectiles, and a 3/4 acre plot that can grow enough food to supply six for a year.
I really think they’ll be the next to go after the Central and East African nations are hit.

Owen in GA

Worse, they have an over reliance on technology of which they have no clue how works. They also have no clue how the food gets on their tables, or their clothes get on their backs or anything else of practical value. They are very educated in things which have no practical value in the post apocalyptic world they preach about.
You see, they have a firm belief that they will be the pampered overlords that benevolently oversee the human animals that are left in the herd.


I recall reading a paper about the human brain’s use in conservative v liberal problem solving. It was way over my head but it seemed to conclude that conservative problem solving centered in the “fight or flee’ brain area while liberal problem solving centered in areas of the brain associated with aesthetics and social activities. My take was conservative decisions ensure liberal survival.


The seekers of the truth need to have a far far far more effective campaign to fight the lies coming out of the UN and other rent seeking NGOs. By far the most cost effective campaign would be to enlist the public to seek the truth, they are after-all the ones that will be paying for all this nonsense. The deserve honesty. The easiest and cheapest way to do that is through an Open Source Campaign. Create an X-Prize type contest where the winner will get $1 million. The data to use is already available, the Raw data from NOAA, NASA, MET, UAH, Public Universities and willing individuals and corporations. Contestants would have to detail what data they used, how they “adjusted” it, the algorithms they used, the models they created, and the results they created. Never in a billion years would an Open Source project create the Hockeystick, never. No longer should the UN and Governments be allowed to determine the scientific truth that is used to justify their political agendas. An Open Source Climate Science would end all this nonsense, sunlight is the best disinfectant.


Quote by Club of Rome: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention….and thus the “real enemy, then, is humanity itself….believe humanity requires a common motivation, namely a common adversary in order to realize world government. It does not matter if this common enemy is “a real one or….one invented for the purpose.”

bit chilly

do you have a link to that quote bill ? i would like one for the archives. i am fairly sure we can survive the ravages of climate change. whether we can survive the ravages of greenpiss, fiends of the earth,wwf, the united nations and the european union i am not so sure.


There are oodles of them here, with references:

The quote is from
The First Global Revolution
Page 75
“The book follows up the earlier 1972 work-product from the Club of Rome titled “The Limits to Growth”. The tagline of “The First Global Revolution” is A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome. The book was intended as a blueprint for the 21st century putting forward a strategy for world survival at the onset of what they called the world’s first global revolution.”
“The Club of Rome is a global think tank … the Club of Rome describes itself as “a group of world citizens, sharing a common concern for the future of humanity.” It consists of current and former heads of state, UN bureaucrats, high-level politicians and government officials, diplomats, scientists, economists and business leaders from around the globe…”
United Nations seems to be very heavily influenced by the Club of Rome. This is evident even in the following recent summary: 2013 Economic and Social Council Integration Meeting (13 May 2013)
«Graham Turner’s comparison of 30 years of historical data and scenarios presented in the Limits to Growth was provided as an example to illustrate that business-as-usual will result in an economic collapse by 2030.»
More on this in a earlier comment by me here: December 6, 2015 at 2:41 am
United Nations has come off its hinges.


“It does not matter if this common enemy is “a real one or….one invented for the purpose”
That sounds very 1984-ish. Aldous Huxley was a very far-sighted author.

Jeff Alberts

So was the author of 1984.

Santa Baby

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher

The problem with Capitalism is people eventual run out of money that can be stolen.
Edward heath.


No he didn’t.
Stop making stuff up.

James Schrumpf

“The problem with the Internet is that you can never tell which quotes are true.”
— Abraham Lincoln


However well meaning, the UN has hardly impressed with its performance in other areas of international stress – particularly war, hunger, clean water, pollution, refugees etc. Seems naive to believe they would do any better with food shortages.
A far better long term solution is a reduction in the number of mouths to feed. It is clear that non-confrontational, non-violent, and acceptable policies to achieve this are preferred over the unpleasant alternatives. We are sleepwalking into the latter!


Thomas Malthus has repeatedly been proven wrong, why would you take up his mantel and recycle such nonsense?


The planet could easily support 3 to 5 times the current population. With foreseeable advances in technology that number will only grow.

bit chilly

i agree, i think we should immediately euthanise every single politician on the planet from local coucillors upward 😉

Freudian slip?


And so, the other shoe drops!


I’ve always admired Winston Churchill’s leadership role in World War II but the creation of the United Nations was one of his worst ideas not excepting the Gallipoli campaign in WWI. Maybe I’m cynical but it seems to me that idealism is almost always the handiest tool for tyrants even though it is born from man’s noblest motives.


.. The road to HeII is paved with good intentions !


I thought it was paved with lawyers?


United Nations = The League of Nations reborn.
Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

Jeff Alberts

I see that as stupidity, not insanity.


“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”
H. L. Mencken

A C Osborn

UN Agenda 21 in Action.
This has been the aim all along.


And perhaps the most powerful voting block in the UN at present, is the MusIim Umma. So I expect that Obama will support this proposal wholeheartedly. Although the Mid East voting for renewables is a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas, they would do anything to gain political power over the West.


The western idea of socialism is sharing what you have with your neighbours. Russians know that it is forcing your neighbours to share with you.
In the same way, the oil-rich countries have no problem with the rest of the world bankrupting themselves trying to run an industrial civilisation on windmills. Nobody in the oil-rich countries are going to try anything so stupid. Pretty soon the rest of the world will be back with cheque-book in hand, looking for a power source they can rely on.

Leon Brozyna

distant bureaucrats tend to make poor farm managers.

Too many words there. Here, let’s clean it up … bureaucrats are bad managers. The skill which bureaucrats at best at is the ability to collect their pay checks. Otherwise, they are nothing more than glorified clerks overfilled with their own self-importance, who do not play well with other bureaucrats.


Distant anything are bad managers. The best management is always as close as possible.


“bureaucrats are bad managers”
Not true at all. Many of the world’s biggest corporations are very bureaucratic. Bureaucrats may not make the decision that benefits you most. Frankly we aren’t paid to do that. We’re here to keep government running properly.


The Changing Climate of Global Warming addressed this issue pretty well in this clip: Chris Horner has some devastating comments. The clip starts at min 42 and be sure to watch through min 48.


I suspect the global governance structure needs climate change a lot more than the climate or any of the 6 billion people on earth need global governance structure

average joe

A solution in search of a problem. Always a bad thing particularly when the solution is more government!


Greenies spend an awfull lot of time fantasising about absolute power.

From ‘Forbes’ { },
“Climate change won’t break the global food system all by itself by 2030, but in a world of population growth, rapid urbanization, and political instability in places, we do need to secure the system against climate shocks, the organizers argued.”
-reported by Tom Vandyck [who] is a communications specialist at Cargill, dealing mainly with food ingredient and sustainability issues. Formerly, he was a reporter whose work was published in outlets around the world.

An open free market is the reason based optimization of the ‘system’. Central ‘systems’ is a euphemism for ‘planned economies’; see 20th century for proof that they are the worst idea in the history of mankind.


ah, thanks, enlightening
hes a pr man for Cargill,
who want monopoly purchase on crops at lowest prices, ongoing.
the “system” he wants to secure is their supply NOT so much giving a shit re anyone else.
yeah they worry about making a lot of profit OFF consumers
that’d be better off first worlders just like now.
Im sick to death of reading industry news from food cos raving up the latest synthetic additive to “extend” product
fillers gums and substitute prior waste being rehashed as new innovative ingredients
like yellow pea flour bleached and added to bread etc
farmers get .3c per kilo for wheat at 330 a tonne
loaf of bread would be lucky to contain 200gm or max 300gm of wheat flour usually less
so POINT ONE of a cent per too expensive?
for a product retailing in Aus anyway for avg 3$ a bloody loaf!!?
too many =NOT what you think youre buying= ingredients can be “offlabelled” as processing aids, flow enhancers, whatever goofy excuse they can to cover the dearth of the main for lesser value high profit crud.
cargill and adm between them own close to half each of the worlds cocoa production
since theyve managed that?
notice the prices soaring while the substitute cheap fats and oils for the cocoa butter theyre selling elsewhere for more
when choc went white from heat before you could still eat or cook with it
it turns to crumbly dust…hmm?

“The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell.”
— Dag Hammarskjöld, Secretary-General from 1953 to 1961
I think that much more than a solution, United Nations is likely to become a huge, bureaucratic and undemocratic problem – an economic black hole. By it´s climate panel: IPCC, it is evident that United Nations has endorsed inductivism.
United Nations was supposed to solve international problems of a cultural character – not to become one!


Yes – it’s always a “Fund” in the name of “Progress” – the progressive funders will make sure they get a whopping return on their investment, by hook, crook, and force. It’s like being charged for the air we breathe.


Good and true diagram. The real reason for believing in AGW is to take over the world! It would be a good plot for the next James Bond film.

Great diagram but it is missing one important group.
The rich, the very very rich and all the rest, live and die for money. But there is a class – beyond wealth – that has genuine power, the power to ‘manufacture’ money. With unlimited ‘money’ the price of any commodity can be controlled and any currency manipulated.
“And if you and your army don’t like it, we’ll spare no expense to arm your enemies and ruin your economy. Fuck it, we’ll arm you as well, through the backdoor, while we’re at it! There are many other benefits for us, but you probably get the idea.” / sarc (1%)

Bruce Cobb

These people are mentally ill. Either that, or suffer from a sever case of cranial-rectal disease.


But for the fact that we know they mean phony climate change when they say climate change, the article actually makes some sense, in that they talk about mitigation. Of course, the carbon tax sentence ruined it all.


This was simply a game created in a Malthusian Universe with Malthusian assumptions. Those assumptions have no validity in the real world. Hence the game is completely meaningless. If these bureaucrats spent the same amount of time figuring out how to defend Middle Earth from Sauron, it would have been just a meaningless, but at least a bit more entertaining, as their collectivist ideas were completely consumed by org armies!




I take offense at this post – it is clearly a micro-aggression against Middle Earth in general and Hobbits in particular.


The conclusion was in before the exercise began.



Sweet Old Bob

So ….gaming the system by gaming the system….take the money …rinse , repeat….


The CAGW fraud has created a lot of distrust of grant seeking scientists, not the science !

G. Karst

Why does all discussion, on a world government, not include the word democracy? Are we all incapable of the concept of a democratic world government? Is the U.N. the only possible world government we can imagine, with the modern mind? GK


Silly G, they do not WANT a Democracy of any kind !! They want to rule the world !

average joe

A democracy can exist only in a union of people with similar values, traditions, and goals. The world is far too diverse for a single democracy. Look at what is happening to the USA. Some ideologies are not compatible, the required compromises to freedoms and lifestyles are too great. Consider the NH slogan “Live free or die”. Many of us will take up arms and fight to the death before allowing our freedoms to be compromised due to incompatible ideologies taking root. Those who would give away the wealth and power of the USA to the rest of the world are traitors to the USA and are guilty of treason. Some of us like the dominant position of the USA and will protect it. Trump is the best thing to come along in a long while!

Owen in GA

It would likely wind up like the EU, an elected parliament with absolutely no power, governed by an unelected bureaucracy that rules with an iron fist. A veneer of democracy on top an all-powerful autocracy.

David L. Hagen

If they never think of it, how would they prevent catastrophic descent into the next glaciation?


…Liberal Socialist Fairy Dust ?


How many people are employed by the United Nations and its associated agencies : Here is the problem.
Roughly, 44,000 people, according to UN Careers.


..Russell, that is 43,999 too many ! ( somebody has to answer the phone )


Marcus I’m still laughing thanks. The one person for the phones must be bilingual Quebec more waste of money.


Hi from Oz. So how does this UN sponsored climate madness end, their way or ours? And if ours, by whom? All the rest is just waffle and wooly thinking. I don’t want my grandchildren to be slaves. Do you?


Claim: We’ll survive Climate Change – if we cede More Power to the UN.
Not a crumb from a garbage bin, give these professional high living moochers an inch, they will take a mile.


The Left preach tolerance, but in practice, only for their own point of view. In climate change, they have found a license to be openly totalitarian.

David Smith

Can anybody find out how much this ‘game’ cost?
How many thousands of dollars were flushed down the drain for a bunch of adults to spend an afternoon playing Clash of Climate Clans?

They’ve always wanted central planning and global government and from what I’ve read over the years, it appears they are leveraging AGW as their means of getting what they want.
What we could very well end up with is a world with UN leftists in total control and at their fingertips, the means to monitor virtually everything we purchase, everywhere we go, everything we watch, read, or listen to, everything we write or say…

Love that the World Wildlife Fund is a Rockefeller funded organization and the Center for American Progress has been funded by both the Soros backed Tides foundation and Rockefeller. Must be that those dependent effeminate left-wing hippies are too stupid to connect big-money dots.


Lets get something straight, when you say the UN it really means the US.


Hugh? OK, let’s terminate the UN. Good riddance!


The UN is yet another step you and I are removed from being represented in decision making, just like the EU is for Europeans.

Hang on, the IPCC, Al Gore, Obama and the EU are all Nobel prizes winners. I wonder if there is a connection? /sarc

Yes, there is a connection, it is called corruption. And you would have to be criminally negligent, not to see it.


Whenever one hears ‘food security’ it raises red flags, its usually a mask for stealing and self interested control. Food grows just fine without governments trying to steal the production for themselves.

Collectivized humanity produces collective stupidity.


Those of us in Europe have heard this kind of thing before: whatever crisis there is, the only solution for it is ‘more Europe’……..

Any bureaucrat given any problem can only try to solve it using more bureaucrats…
If you asked them to implement a free market, their heads would explode!


These people act as if “1984” was an instruction manual.
“Freedom is slavery.” -Orwell


“Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game is a simulation and role-playing exercise intended to improve understanding of how governments, institutions, and private sector interests might interact to address a crisis in the global food system. The scenario is set five years from today in a world where population growth, rapid urbanization, extreme weather, and political crises combine to threaten global food security.”
I would be surprised if we don’t have such a situation arise within the next four years, because of this solar minimum. Looking carefully at the Gleissberg (late 1800’s) and Dalton solar minima, the bulk of the more extreme negative North Atlantic and Arctic Oscillation episodes occur between the sunspot maxima of the first two weak cycles +~1yr, 1807-1817 and 1885-1895. For Maunder, the same pattern follows for three max to max cycles rather than one, 1672-1705 with a brief respite at the sunspot maximum around 1686.
For this minimum that translates to from now to around 2025. El Nino frequency will likely double, and coupled with a renewed AMO warming, which will cause persistent regional continental drought, mostly cool-wet summers in maritime regions like NW Europe, and a large increase in deep cold winter episodes, furthering crop problems, such as this recent freeze event in Russia:
Canada is currently having food supply problems, and will have increasing production problems through the next decade:
“The most eye-catching results, however, were a deal to institute a worldwide carbon tax and a global food security summit that was tasked with setting up a whole new global governance structure for climate and food security issues.”
Unless they are fully clued in on what is driving natural variability, their tinkering will do more harm than good.


Roughly a doubling of El Nino episode frequency 1807-1817:


And a dearth of aurora sightings 1807, 1809, 1810, 1811, 1813, 1815, 1816,
page 11:

bit chilly

ye, CO2 is the cause 😉


Leftists devise a game that proves that only leftism can save us.
Who da thunk it.

I’m also skeptical about that, as I also was about COP21 and other “gatherings” like that. Everybody is preoccupied by the climate change, but it is useless to discuss only the future without understanding the main cause of the climate transformation. My opinion is that the ocean and human activity on the ocean (mostly naval wars) has a big contribution in the matter. Aren’t we ignoring that? Shouldn’t we pay more attention to the ocean? Let’s not forget that oceans govern climate, as it’s very well mentioned here: