Dr. Patrick Moore's Australian Tour Schedule

Dr. Patrick Moore, committed environmentalist and Greenpeace co-founder, will visit Australia in October-November. His schedule of public addresses here: http://www.galileomovement.com.au/patrick_moore_tour.php
He left Greenpeace after its hijacking by political activists. He’s committed to restoring the genuine environmental movement, one of Earth’s most important. He’ll discuss various issues including his desire to reinstate science as the basis of environmental policy and his conclusion that claims human action caused global warming (climate change) are not scientific.

Dr. Patrick Moore has been a leader in the international environmental field for over 40 years. He is a co-founder of Greenpeace and served for nine years as President of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as a Director of Greenpeace International. The leader of many Greenpeace campaigns (e.g. “Save the Whales”, seal hunting), he was a member of the Rainbow Warrior crew when the anti-nuclear testing ship was bombed in Auckland Harbour. Dr. Moore was a driving force shaping policy and direction while Greenpeace became the world’s largest environmental activist organization.

He left Greenpeace in 1986 because of his concern at the anti-science and extreme political policies it was adopting; nevertheless, he remains passionately concerned about the environment and describes himself as a “sensible environmentalist”. This, of course makes him a most controversial figure as the current Greenpeace policies are not aligned with his “sensible” view. He is visiting Australia to explain why his view of catastrophic global warming differs from that of the extreme green movement.

Patrick Moore is an engaging, articulate and intelligent speaker. His story should be of great interest, particularly now that authorities such as the Bureau of Meteorology are being publicly questioned about their handling of temperature records.

Dr. Patrick Moore

Dr. Patrick Moore

Dr. Patrick Moore

His recent book

Patrick Moore can be seen giving a presentation at the International Conference on Climate Change in July 2014:

61 thoughts on “Dr. Patrick Moore's Australian Tour Schedule

      • So, was Moore a “first member” (per the first screen shot) and not a “founder.”
        Thank you for that info.

      • @becklybud
        You obviously have reader comprehension issues due to your bias. The screen shot that was disappeared from Greenpeace website clearly and unambiguously lists him under “founders” as the title, with “first members” as a secondary citation.
        You can believe or say anything you want, but I can also say that the evidence clearly proves you wrong. He was and is a founder. Tough noogies if your opinion differs.

      • [Note: “pyromancer76” is “beckleybud” and “H Grouse”. He is the same sockpuppet. Banned multiple times. ~mod.]

      • beckleybud has always had (major) comprehension difficulties, and he likes to nitpick. Neither adds much to the conversation. He doesn’t understand what “included” means.

    • @beckleybud
      It is evident you think you know best. Correct or not, could you please explain what this means to you? Don’t forget that you are implying Patrick Moor is a liar and an impostor. It would be important if you were to elaborate at length since, at this point, you simply sound like a crazy person.

        • beckleybud@gmail.com is BANNED for sockpuppetry. He also posed as ∑(Sn) Wong and made comments from the same location within 10 minutes of each other.
          Looks like the fake “H. Grouse” again.
          Take a hike, chump. Sockpuppetry isn’t tolerated here and I have you dead to rights.

      • LMAO @ “BANNED”
        [Reply: Yes “beckleybud”, AKA: “pyromancer76”, AKA: “H Grouse”, you are banned. ~ mod.]

      • Moore was a founder of Greenpeace, not of the Don’t Make a Wave Committee, which small protest group he joined before co-founding Greenpeace. Why is this hard for you to grasp?

      • Thank you, beckleybud. But it has already been established that you consider the man to be a liar and an impostor. The question is, what does this means to you? Please stop avoiding the issue. It matters. As it stands, again, you simply sound like a crazy person.

      • Brute,
        beckleybud isn’t crazy. He has just perfected being a troll. Forever arguing, but never in good faith. Just arguing, arguing. Always arguing in bad faith.

      • @dbstealey
        Trolling is, oftentimes, just a stigma planted on someone that stands outside of the groupthink. To me, the issue was that beckleybud’s statements (as shown) led nowhere except in his mind. Presumably they were meaningful and telling to him… but, of what, we’ll never know. He wouldn’t or couldn’t articulate it.

      • Brute
        October 13, 2014 at 4:50 pm
        Beckleybud is simply wrong. Moore was a founder of Greenpeace. Period.
        Some other members of the prior Don’t Make a Wave Committee were also co-founders, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that Moore was a founder, which Greenpeace itself used to acknowledge until he became an inconvenient truth.

    • I read the screen cap that was posted about the founding of Greenpeace.
      It talked about a bunch of people protesting a nuclear test because 115 people had died in Alaska five years earlier from an earthquake induced tsunami.
      How many died from the nuke test aftermath?
      Just asking. I don’t know myself.
      Got any numbers?

  1. Unfortunately he is probably preaching to the converted. I reckon most Australians dont believe in AGW if not 100%l by now. He should have done a tour of the US where it is really neededto get the message accross..

    • Agreed M Painter. It is the press that keeps it alive in Australia and the idiot greens. In the last few days, journalism degree universities have been exposed as demanding students deny sceptics any media time. They equate sceptics to tobacco companies denying cancers. Despite the stupidity of the analogy because how many sceptics have the PR bank roll of Phillip Morris.

      • Jack,
        The tobacco analogy was unnecessary. It is better to say all of the following.
        How many skeptics have the bankroll the sized of the legal funding of Michael Mann through the CAGW alarmist org UCS (LDF a la Scott Mandia) ?
        How many skeptics have the bankroll of Dana Nuccitelli employer’s association by business with fossil fuel?
        How many skeptics have the bankroll of major CAGW activist NGOs that was provided by fossil fuel industries?

    • The event won’t get any coverage with possible exception to Andrew Bolt. All other oulets will ignore it with a rash of alarmist articles. We already have plenty of articles discussing deinvesting from fossile fuels.

      • Becklybud:
        We don’t buy the party line. The “disappeared” document is incontrovertible. All named were both founders and members. Or do you say that founders were not members of the founding committee? You have tangled your noodles.

      • He joined an organization with the singular objective of blocking a nuclear test in Alaska. “Don’t make a wave” was its name. Greenpeace was actually founded in the following year with him already on board. You do see above that no less an authority-Greenpeace’s web page- identifies him as a founder. That should be good enough for most people. He left because it was taken over by international socialists for their agenda. I personally wouldn’t care but the real environmental issues have been shelved to work on destroying western capitalism to which I’m sure you’ve contributed what you can.

  2. He nails most of the relevant points with powerful perspective in a world that has twisted and manipulated the perspective with propaganda in order to brainwash out irrefutable positive contributions(like the law of photosynthesis) to brainwash in the fraudulent science of CO2=pollution.

    • No, it doesn’t, but the fact that he was a founder shows the Budgerigar is a shameless liar.

  3. beckleybud,
    Here’s a question for you. You claim superior understanding. Why has Greenpeace disappeared the the screen shot that called Dr. Patrick Moore a first member and founder?

      • (Cliven Bundy??) So you agree with UN agenda 21 too? You should be made to watch the Dr. Patrick Moore video above (I doubt if you have), along with the excellent and entertaining video by Rosa Korie about UN agenda 21 and your property rights being restricted:

  4. galileomovement.com’s Press Release said,
    “[. . .] He’s [Patrick Moore is] committed to restoring the genuine environmental movement, one of Earth’s most important. He’ll discuss various issues including his desire to reinstate science as the basis of environmental policy and his conclusion that claims human action caused global warming (climate change) are not scientific.”

    – – – – – – –
    Patrick Moore,
    How will you build confidence for new movement backers that it won’t be subverted like the original Greenpeace movement was?

    • So the bit where you say Moore was a member of the Rainbow Warrior crew when it was bombed in Auckland. Ahem, no, he most definitely was not.

    • cindybax on October 13, 2014 at 6:10 pm
      So the bit where you say Moore was a member of the Rainbow Warrior crew when it was bombed in Auckland. Ahem, no, he most definitely was not.

      Looks like you posted your comment in the wrong place in this this.

  5. Of course, Bud Beckley is exactly right. Even Moore doesn’t push the “co-founder” any longer. Moore was an early and significant member, not a co-founder. This thread is a shameful display on the part of Mr. Watts and the mods. Tough noogies if you can’t handle differing opinions based on pretty darned solid evidence.

    • @Johnh@EF:
      No, buddybeckley is exactly wrong.
      buddybeckley is the long time troll/sockpuppet formerly known as “H Grouse”, “∑(Sn) Wong”, “Edward Richardson”, “Chuckie”, “squeak”, “C_U_LATE_R”, “SonicsGuy”, “chuck”, and maybe others — and they all may well be David Appell hiding behind various sock puppet identities.
      Those are not “differing opinions”, Mr. John@EF. Those are all the same person pretending to be lots of different commentators, and giving lots of different opinions. It is dishonest.
      Sockpuppetry violates the site rules, therefore giving that guy the boot is fair to everyone else here, who plays by the rules. The fact that you don’t like it says something about you, doesn’t it?

    • Tell us about the disappeared document, if you please, Mr. John@EF, the one from the GP website that lists Patrick Moore as a founder. Tell why it said that and why it disappeared, if you would be so kind.

  6. Well, the troll has been rather successful. This whole thread is almost entirely gone astray on the matter of Moore being a co-founder of Greenpeace or not.
    This accusation by the sock puppet is to distract us from the key point. Greenpeace is no longer an environmentalist organization. They are anti-science and an extreme political organization that rides the CAGW meme in order to raise more funds for its highly paid executives, while REAL environmental issues get swept under the carpet. That should be the focus of this thread.

  7. Who was a Founding Father? Tom Paine should be included, even though he wasn’t a signer of the Declaration of Independence or a member of the Constitutional Convention. There were probably other notables with a status like his.

  8. The original post asks the reader to watch the video. In the video Patrick Moore tells us exactly who he is, how he was educated, when he got involved with activism, where he went and what he did including being a member of the Rainbow warrior crew when it was blown up – killing the radio operator – he says this himself, not AW, so its quite obvious that ‘BB’, ‘Cindyfax’, John@EF didnt view his speech . Seeing as his past is provable/disprovable I find it unlikely that he would record this in front of an audience and embark on a lecture tour on the basis of fabrications, there would be no point to it, he is unlikely to set himself up right at the start of a tour as somebody he isnt.
    His awareness of environmental problems and his ability to embrace nuclear power whilst still being vehemently against nuclear weapons shows how apolitical he is in his thinking. As usual he is being trolled as a denier and yet he doesnt ‘deny’ anything he is skeptical, he believes there are so many forcings involved, that CO2 on its own cannot possibly be the only or even the leading factor. His comments on clouds are absolutely the clincher.
    If you read some or the ‘warmist’ blogs on Arctic and Antarctic warming – they have both been caught by surprise the sudden change in ice conditions mostly brought about by very significant changes in cloud cover. If this is how the ‘models’ predict the future weather then they are no good at all, they have it wrong. Their data streams and data imputs are inaccurate or incomplete or both. Time for a rethink.
    However Patrick Moore is not saying that GW has not been happening, he is not saying that CO2 is not a ‘forcing’ factor, he is not even saying that the AGW hypothesis is wrong (as I said hardly a denier). He is saying that AGW hypothesising is not backed up by the current climate trends so they should be critical of their own methods – but they are not……….thats the travesty – 97% of scientists and all of the major scientific bodies (to use their own rhetoric) have ceased being scientific and have become mouthpieces for political climate dogma – shame on them – they are doing the human race a massive disservice, time to look at all possible outcomes not just the ‘trendy’ one.
    I will concede that there is a possibility that CO2 forcing, assisted by humans, may be altering our climate, I will also concede that cyclical forcings may cause cooling, in fact the CO2 forcing could still prove to be the catalyst for a cooling period caused by increased moisture. The science is anything but settled, science has hardly even started on this area let alone made any headway with prediction. About time some scientists got together to have a look at the problem – where the h*ll have they gone!

  9. Anthony,
    You outta go with him. You can provide crucial support (i.e., drinking buddy). It can be your overseas trip for next year.

  10. Oops, I thought it was NEXT year.
    You still should find an excuse to visit Australia next year. There are some really strange animals there, and some ever stranger CAGW activists to study

  11. I left Greenpeace at about the same time, maybe earlier.
    Nobody there mourned or bothered to write me out of their narrative.
    We didn’t need Chuggers when I was a member.
    Somehow, down the line, fund-raising stunts became more important than the science.

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