Report – emails reveal 'collusion' with green activist groups over EPA climate agenda

NEW REPORT: FOIA’d Emails show outside ‘green’ lobby groups staffed up, collude with Obama EPA, calling rules’ legality into question

For Immediate Release:September 15, 2014 |

Obama’s EPA in collusion with “green” lobby groups — Report details the conflicts of interest, “unalterably closed minds”, internal activism and influence of outside interest groups on the Obama Administration EPA. Documents raise questions re EPA rules legality

Washington, D.C. – The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) released a report today revealing and piecing together dozens of emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which lay out in detail EPA’s collusion with senior activists within environmentalist pressure groups, and proving the real thinking about the intent behind and impact of EPA’s “climate” regulations.

Far from the required recusing to avoid the appearance of a conflict, EPA filled its senior political ranks with green pressure group activists, continuing their life’s work and coordinating with former colleagues from their new positions in government. These emails show the groups sharing jokes about EPA assurances that it isn’t waging a war on coal, and gloating about the courts serially siding with EPA as it rewrites federal environmental law. More important, they show the special role and undue influence these relationships provided, the very sort of influence the Obama Administration once disavowed.

“EPA is permitted to regulate; but, not these people, not this way,” said E&E Legal’s Chris Horner who filed the FOIA requests and related litigation which produced most of the emails set forth in the report, which also includes and discusses many emails extracted from EPA by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) adding context to E&E Legal’s findings.

The report details many instances of lobbyists for “green” special interest groups helping steer EPA regulations and permitting decisions, and providing advocacy materials for use by former colleagues now inside the EPA who then dutifully circulate the advocacy materials to colleagues. The collusion ranges from orchestrating public hearings, the EPA and Sierra Club teaming to write a U.S. Senator’s public statement on the shared agenda, and even specifically targeting individual power plants which green groups wanted to prevent under any new EPA standards.

“It’s disturbing,” said Dr. David Schnare, a lawyer and a scientist with decades of experience as an EPA employee, now E&E Legal’s general counsel. “There needs to be a clear line between special interests and government. Current EPA officials are ignoring that line entirely,” he added.

Released emails show the orchestration of EPA’s “climate” agenda, plainly predetermined despite the requirement of open-minded review, including its “endangerment” finding.

E&E Legal’s report singles out dozens of emails, of which it has even more equally illustrative exemplars, from many thousands of documents. These were obtained pursuant to FOIA requests which the report also details EPA delayed and stonewalled until E&E Legal had to litigate to force disclosure, however bridging and often heavily redacted.

These show the improperly close collaboration between certain environmental groups and senior EPA officials, many of whom came to EPA from just such groups. The relationship between Michael Goo, recently head of the EPA Office of Policy and a former Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) lobbyist, and John Coequyt, a top Sierra Club lobbyist, is particularly close, to the point that Coequyt worked to ensure Goo participation in meetings important to Sierra, while Goo ensured his colleagues paid particular attention to Sierra’s concerns and materials.

The emails discussed in the report demonstrate how Coequyt supplied research and advocacy materials directly to individual activists within EPA, even helping EPA keep a score for “internal use” of coal plants to shut down. He advised EPA officials to ensure “zombie” coal plants, i.e. plants that had been planned and may one day be built, remain shelved avoided creating complete logs of their interactions through various means, including, e.g., meeting with Goo at the nearby Marriott Hotel near the EPA headquarters (circumventing detailing their discussions in EPA’s visitor logs, where people most logically would look), and when he was otherwise in the building including for numerous meetings with senior officials Goo facilitated had such a direct pipeline into the Agency that when he was on vacation his Sierra Club team would plead with EPA friends for updates.

In another case, EPA press staff collaborated with a Sierra Club lobbyist to write Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-NH) statement on the “climate” agenda for a “roundtable” event EPA, Sierra Club, and Sen. Shaheen participated in.

In multiple instances, green lobbyists provided EPA with their polling on the shared priorities, were directly involved in deciding where EPA would hold public hearings, and ensuring supportive crowds. Further, EPA repeatedly gave green groups a leg up in preparing comments intended for the administrative record on important regulations. This meant the green groups were able to submit comments ahead of any members of the general public, or other interested parties, even though the comments in question were submitted before the record was open for comment by the general public. EPA employees also submitted special interest group comments directly if those groups failed to do so themselves.

The special relationship goes all the way to the top. Lisa Jackson, aka “Richard Windsor”, used her private Verizon account to email directly, impermissibly off the record, with green lobbyists like Sierra Club Michael Brune, which the public only now knows because she clumsily instructed one lobbyist to contact her there, and forwarded a Brune email to EPA colleagues seeking to “amplify” Brune’s work.

There is evidence of substantial correspondence between current EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and green group leaders, which she references in emails that were obtained, though what she references have not been produced even though they were clearly responsive to E&E Legal’s FOIA requests. Still, it is clear from what has been obtained that she gives green lobby groups a “heads up” to save them from “embarrassment.”

“The exclusion of voices from the process other than those already predisposed to agree with and promote EPA’s agenda, its leadership’s former compatriots in ‘green’ lobbying groups, is the precise and illegal opposite of good governmental practices,” said Craig Richardson, E&E Legal’s Executive Director, “These people are not allowed to regulate this way.”

The report extensively documents these and many more abuses by current EPA leadership and calls for a new process, free from conflicts of interest, worthy of public confidence and legal legitimacy, giving all stakeholders an equal voice in the process. Until that occurs, the EPA regulatory process faces legal challenges and deserves only public distrust.


The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) is a 501(c)(3) organization engaged in strategic litigation, policy research, and public education on important energy and environmental issues. Primarily through its petition litigation and transparency practice areas, E&E Legal seeks to correct onerous federal and state policies that hinder the economy, increase the cost of energy, eliminate jobs, and do little or nothing to improve the environment.

The FME Law Clinic provides litigation and research services to qualified clients. We concentrate on cases involving landmark free-market pro-environmental litigation; use of open records and data quality laws to force greater governmental accountability and transparency; and, cases that allow the Clinic to help create the next generation of free market oriented attorneys.



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In other news: The sun cleared the eastern horizon this morning and rose in the sky.
The EPA not being beholden to environmental groups would be news… this is pure ‘Dog Bites Man’ stuff.

Gary Pearse

So you are okay with this. I guess the score card on coal plants that they shut down or prevented from being built was a particularly tasty treat for you. Lee, when this and other egregious acts of your government all become ho-hum news to you, we have lost democracy, freedom and civilization. Don’t think you won’t be harmed along with your pathetic fellow citizens. Remember the excitement over the first steps toward Utopia that were taken by the bolshevik revolution? I guess 50 million of them reached Utopia earlier than they would have desired.

more soylent green!

He didn’t say he way OK with this, he said it’s no surprise that the EPA is colluding with green activists groups. In other words, “what did you expect?”
I see no hints whether he thinks it’s great or horrible.


Yes, thank you, msg… I am not okay with collusion between environmental NGOs and our EPA. That doesn’t mean I’m not surprised by it.


The EPA did some very useful work once, getting the occasional river to less than flammable states for instance and regularizing the disposal of some really toxic stuff. “Protection agencies” draw would-be protectors though, and the agency is readily infected with “noble cause” corruption. Then the agency can transform from a problem driven system to agenda driven.


The same could have been accomplished by merely re-establishing riparian rights.

It’s about the endgame. A radical change of the Western civilization. The problem is that it’s been tried before, like in the USSR?

Mary Kay Barton

Dr. Jay Lehr, a guy involved in the establishment of the EPA, now says the EPA has NOT done anything useful since the mid 1970’s, and revealed his plan on how to replace the EPA at Heartland’s 9th annual Conference on Climate Change this past July in Las Vegas. His 20-minute speech can be found here, and is well worth listening to:

Michael 2

“The sun cleared the eastern horizon this morning and rose in the sky.”
To think I came all this way for this priceless bit of information.

The trouble is that many ARE quite OK with this situation. (I am not saying that Gary is).
The whole situation is self-perpetuating … the more regulations there are, the more work and income there is for bureaucracies, more funding for green groups, more cash thrown at research.

Oops.. correction… [ I am not saying that Lee is ]


S’okay. I got what you meant.


“Government corruption” is redundant, is what he’s saying (I suspect).


@ Tom –
Yep… that about sums it up.


The administration from the top down are criminals….. They deserve punishment. I for one will seek ways to break any regulation the EPA puts out. We have “burn days” here in Cal, and my wife is upset at me using the fireplace on 90 deg. days. Principles don’t you know!

Man Bearpig

Its not so much about what was known, because little was known but much was suspected. Hence the FOIA request. it turns out the suspicions were in fact true and here we have a government agency that is under control of NGA’s .. this is a scandal no matter how hard anyone tries to brush it under the carpet.

Like always the EPA is playing politics and losing the end game – it is the ECONOMY STUPID – the EU has ended the failed e=green wind and solar energy hypothesis. Read these many EU articles and then ask why we are not seeing any of this reported in the US?
I guess they did not get the memo . .
Well the EU has just decided to HEAT AND EAT – They are shutting down the carbon tax, Germany is building Coal plants, the E=GREEN 20 year experiment has proven it is a FAILED HYPOTHESIS.
Renewables that are not renewable have proven over 50 years that they are still not ready for prime time. It is over as the song says . . read it and weep – all environmental scientists might have to seek new employment.

Mike McMillan

One way to help the EPA avoid politics would be to move EPA headquarters from D.C. out into the heartland, to Lenexa, Kansas maybe. Fewer distractions. They could always drive in to Kansas City ( Kansas AND Missouri ! ) for the weekend.


Not that I want to inflict the EPA on anyone, but I would vote for moving it to Fargo, ND.


@ MarkW –
A cursory search for the most remote spot in the Lower 48 says that it’s in Yellowstone Park. While I’d hate to see such beautiful wilderness go to waste, it seems like a rather fitting location for relocating the EPA.
First of all, it’s already federal land.
They can commune with nature as they pontificate about the evils of civilization.
They can stay fit outrunning grizzly bears.
They can get a first-hand experience with extreme levels of CO2 if the caldera ever lets go.
Other’n giving up a beautiful park, this plan seems like pure upside!

Most enviro-fanatics don’t even see this as a problem!
After all, they have the best interests of the planet in mind.


No fanatic of any form ever sees their agenda as a problem. This remains true whether you are looking at greens, communists, Kluxers, ISIS, or Domionists. It is never pretty an rarely sympathetic.


Especially for Yankee fans!


When did the green movement which started out with I am sure the very best intentions, become such an insidious and deceitful institution bent on controlling by any means.
Nowadays eliminating the ‘fair’,the means are all ‘foul’.

When they found out they could use ti to control people and their economy – – here is how to end that idea in Washington . . take away the money and power from DC closing the alphabet agencies and returing them to the many States.

The “green” movement started out as sensible “conservation.” Then people-haters noticed how much harm could be done to human beings by denying them energy. You can attack the economy and get away with it. People freeze to death for lack of winter heating, die of heat when you deny them air conditioning. and die of starvation when cropland is used to produce corn ethanol for cars instead of corn for people.
These are not side effects of environmental responsibility. For green leaders, human death is the POINT, and human suffering is a nice side effect. The actual “environment” (biosphere)) does not really matter. This is proven by the AGW hysteria that is the reason for this weblog. This is an attack on carbonaceous fuels (fossil and abiotic). These fuels are the cheapest and extraordinarily beneficial to people, but they are in a class by themselves for another reason as well: fossil fuels (counting all carbonaceous fuels) and ONLY FOSSIL fuels release carbon dioxide making MORE LIFE possible on Earth.
For today’s greens–human death and suffering is the point. That is a terrible thing to say. But it is the truth and we will get farther faster if we have the courage to face it. When something is this terrible, it is subconscious. These people are aware that they believe in “overpopulation,” and say right out that we need fewer people. Some do advocate “culling” the human race by means of deadly vaccines and so on.
The solution is to face reality, not only about the climate, but also the reality that richer societies can afford to take care of the biosphere. Acknowledge that Planet Earth s made out of natural resources and we will never run short of them.


My guess as to when environmentalism went off the rails would be right after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They had to jump on to some cause and sadly they chose this one. The EPA, like the labor unions, like the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) have had their day. Time to shut them all down. They have become harmful and dangerous to our national interests.


The moment someone realized that they could use the green movement as a tool to gain power over others. That is when the movement went off the rails. And it is why I have long called my self a conservationist not an environmentalist. I do want to do what I can to protect and clean up the environment but I don’t want to take use that as a weapon to control others nor do I want to freeze nature into a frozen photograph that never changes from what I think it should be.


After the Soviet Union fell, people who used to believe that they could use communism to defeat capitalism, turned to environmentalism. Watermelons, green on the outside, red to the core.


And this is shocking how exactly?
Sounds line B.A.U @ the E.P.A

Gary Pearse

You aren’t outraged? I’m not afraid of the malfeasance as much as I am about the number of fellow travelers there are all around us. Lee, the first commenter also thought it was ho-hum. I guess the Russia was full of ho-hum when the march to Utopia began in 1917. Another ho-hum is 50 million didn’t get to finish the march.

John Endicott

While it is something that people should be outraged over. It is also about as shocking as gambling going on in Rick’s bar.

Gary Pearse

John Endicott
September 15, 2014 at 2:51 pm
“While it is something that people should be outraged over. It is also about as shocking as gambling going on in Rick’s bar.”
Yeah but gambling is only affectting the willing. I’m not even against people drugging themselves to oblivion. What EPA is doing is great harm to 300M+ people.


I didn’t say it was ho-hum I just said it isn’t shocking this is how the clown aka POTUS and his ilk roll. This isn’t the only issue this is done either. Outrageous? Yes. Shocked at the behavior? No.

John Endicott

Gary Pearse
September 15, 2014 at 3:33 pm
John Endicott
September 15, 2014 at 2:51 pm
“While it is something that people should be outraged over. It is also about as shocking as gambling going on in Rick’s bar.”
Yeah but gambling is only affectting the willing. I’m not even against people drugging themselves to oblivion. What EPA is doing is great harm to 300M+ people.
Whooosh. That’s the sounds of a classic movie reference flying over your head.


“-30-” NOOOOOO


(This is a “never-ending story”)


This isn’t democratic government, it sounds more like a treasonous conspiracy to sabotage the US economy. When are the American people going to wake up from their slumber and put a stop to this s**t?



It has been that in name only for some time. The “watermelon ” describes this administration to a tee. Time for the people to escort these scum bags out.


It isn’t even democratic, since the majority of people do not support this stuff. It’s a form of authoritarianism under which a group of self declared experts tell everyone else how to live their lives.

William McClenney

Recent polls show a very stubborn ~42% of people that support the current administration and most of its policies. Now, I have never been polled, nor has anyone I know, during this administration. So I am not sure if they are only polling people with hardlines or if the “Do Not Call” list restricts them from calling.
As “we” put this administration in for a second term, the conclusion I have drawn is that possibly somewhere closer to 50% of the population not only does not get it, but the possibility exists that they never will. Which is the scary part of democracy. Or would that be democrazy?


Why would you believe that lie? Polling is a political tool and none of them approach the truth and seldom have. People often vote differently than they claim as well. Offices including POTUS are owned by the interests that put them in office.


Inside the beltway, it is no secret that the NRDC supplied people to “career” positions within the EPA, FWS, Dept of Agriculture and the Forestry Service under the guidance of Obama’s political appointees. These executive agencies are now so infiltrated within all their ranks with essentially moles and agents for NRDC, that it is called the NRDC Mafia by those on the Hill. No secret that the EPA colludes with the environmental NGOs, and Sue and Settle is an adopted practice now to bypass required reviews.

Want to stop these practices and end the reign of terror from Federal agencies? We can close them all down in 20 words.

You’d have to be out of your mind to open up our US Constitution to these people in America today.
They’d shred it to pieces.
You don’t have near enough trusted friends in Washington that can’t be bought.
There’s no need to change the rules…just figure out how to make them follow them rules. That’s the problem.


mike, I tend to agree that it would be crazy to open up the constitution at this time. Unfortunately if we don’t, we are still doomed.
In my opinion it is time for the like minded people to begin discussing what should follow the collapse of the current govt and how we would change the constitution to prevent the same thing from happening again. I for one would like to accompany the phrase no taxation with representation with it’s corollary, no representation without taxation.

joe french

Maybe no secret, but what a trashing of our democracy. How can they not look in the mirror and see Mao or Hitler or Stalin?

Gunga Din

Those guys are their role models.

Data Soong

I would like to see actual excerpts; the tiny one and two-word quotes from e-mails shown here could be used by anybody for any purpose. I believe the EPA is very politically-motivated, but I want to see hard evidence to prove it!

Look at Sackett V EPA and Hage V BLM SC cases . . google EPA or BLM offences –


Joel is spot-on. For more, just Google NRDC mafia, then try sue and settle.
NRDC mafia
About 625,000 results (0.83 seconds)
sue and settle
About 12,400,000 results (0.14 seconds)
Good call, Joel.

Barb Valley

The emails are in Appendix B beginning on page 114 of the report.

Why aren’t journalists carrying out investigations like this?

Maybe because they are all very Liberal Progressives . . here is their plan from 1912 – scroll down unitl you find 1912 Progressive party platform.

They are the house organ for the obama junta.


Journalists only get ahead by bringing down Republicans.


This is a great step in the right direction: start following the money and the deals.
Hopefully there is also an FOIA request for the email tracks of that convicted con-artist who was in charge of climate policy would be very interesting.Even more hoefully would be to get that guy in front of Congress under some sort of deal to discuss who was assisting him in pushing the climate agenda.

It seems to me that the EPA’s “endangerment” finding was illegal under the Daubert standard governing the admissibility of scientific testimony in the federal courts. The EPA admitted testimony as “scientific” when claims made by it were non-falsifiable. In the period for public comment on the proposed finding I commented that the testimony lacked falsifiability. After making its finding, the EPA allegedly published a reply to every comment that had been received but it did not publish a reply to my comment. When I wrote to EPA administrator Jackson to inform her of this lapse she did not respond.

Bob B.

“here is evidence of substantial correspondence between current EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and green group leaders, which she references in emails that were obtained, though what she references have not been produced even though they were clearly responsive to E&E Legal’s FOIA requests.”
I think I hear a hard drive crashing.

Or maybe a agency toppling – it stole too many citizens property violating the 5th amendment Taking Clause – now it is coming to a end.

is the precise and illegal opposite of good governmental practices,” said Craig Richardson, E&E Legal’s Executive Director, “These people are not allowed to regulate this way.”
No doubt this is wrong.
But precisely, what laws are they breaking? We need a list.
Which laws, if any, are civil rather than criminal?
Which laws, if any, do citizens have standing to bring suit as opposed to relying upon the Department of (no-)Justice?
What laws, if any, do we need?
What Constitutional Amendments do we need? (full text please.)

The “they” I was using was the collective managers of the EPA.
However, the same questions should be asks of the subject NGO’s with whom the EPA corresponded outside the public view. Were they breaking any laws?
We have a constitutional right to petition the Government for a redress of grievance’s. But, it seems clear to me that right does not come with the right of privacy. I presume a Petition to be a public document — otherwise it is just backroom corruption.
Many states have Open Meetings laws. I doubt very much that the Federal Government does. Or at least if they do, there are so many exceptions to render them impotent.

Democracies are a failed form of government – only a Republic form protects the citizens from the government. Here is how we take or save our Republic as Franklin warned the Lady . . a Republic if you can keep it? Most of our ills are presented in the link below.—article-v.html

Grey Lensman

Utter nonsense. The U.S.A.. is a republic, I.e. not a monarchy, That is governed by democratic principles. State and government are different entities. Thus republic is not a form of government but a type of State.

America is a Representative Constitutional Republic by design. Sorry, but the US are no longer SEPARATE SOVEREIGN REPUBLICS, if the States were not placed in a INFERIOR position by voters approving the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments we would not be in this horrid mess.
The legislative branch usurps the limits of the Constitution everyday by using clauses to expand the limits of Article I section 8. The courts have seized power over all – they legislate from the bench such as the EPA, BLM, USFS and the Army Corps of Engineers unlimited powers. In the Kelso V New London case they rewrote the 5th amendment “taking” clause to condemn a ladies lifetime home so the private party could build a new project [ie: not for the public use]. the court FOUND A NEW MEANING of public use – if the new project would increase revenue to the city then the taking was legal.
Some have complained that the Article V library was posted in more than one area – how ever this is a history and Constitution site – kind of a little wiki so each one is different section. That are relating to the topic.
Now the Federal Government is elected by 50% plus one vote [House and Senate] the Courts are appointed and the Senate approves the Judges by a vote 50% one vote. We elect our local governments by 50% plus one vote. If we are a Republic where is the protection for the minority – for instance the rich what area of the Constitutions of Federal and States gives government the Power to just take MONEY from one and give it to others that have needs? That is Marxism and Democracy where the majority can take whatever they desire without limits or protections – the top 5% have more than they need e.g. government takes it to redistribute.
This man wrote the Constitution by all accounts.
I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents. – Annals of Congress (1794-01-10) James Madison

bwdave will show that EPA did not follow the rules when they came up with their endangerment finding.

Questing Vole

It’s the same in the UK – DECC policy is driven by greenies, starting with the man at the top (who was ‘turned’ at Oxford). Both he and his predecessor, Ed Minimand, are card-carrying anti-carbon zealots who take advice only from like-minded lobbyists.

Tom O

Why the shock and surprise? What is the difference between “green lobby groups” placing their people in the EPA and major drug companies and the revolving door with the FDA? And why do you suppose defense industries always find nice jobs for retiring generals? Because they are good leaders, or because of contacts in the government? It doesn’t surprise me that there is collusion between EPA appointees and advocacy groups. It does sadden me when it doesn’t anger everyone when it happens though.
“The best government money can buy” doesn’t merely pertain to the bought and paid for politicians that are elected. It runs much deeper, and it would be nice if every tax payer would finally get enraged over it and force changes. Trouble is. I don’t think that can be done with touchscreen voting since there is no way for the voter to know that his vote went where s/he thinks it went. There is no way to effective monitor electronic voting, and without that ability, all elections are suspect, and forcing a change in government’s direction is only a dream.


Well put Tom O. It seems that tribal nepotism together with the power/ profit motive takes priority over good decision making in organizations. And so long as people get their ‘bread and circuses’, they’re too apathetic to do anything about it.


All elections are suspect already. Why would we think otherwise knowing what we know about their integrity and honor.

Tim OBrien

I’m just SO shocked.
(No, not really…)

Jim McCulley

I had the same thing happen to me while fighting the NYSDEC. I eventually won in their own court and they sent the decision to the Adirondack environmental groups before they sent it to me.

(A repost in part from: Mar 3, 2014
From: 43. REGULATION AND THE CONSTITUTION #1, by Dr. Harrison Schmitt (former US Senator (NM), astronaut, geologist, #12 man on the Moon)

It is now obvious that Congress got America into a real pickle when it agreed in 1933, as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal, to delegate law-making power to agencies under the control of the President. This unconstitutional and increasingly threatening situation became entrenched with the passage of the 1946 Administrative Procedures Act. APA set up the formal mechanisms for creating regulatory law outside any direct action by Congress.


What once worked for us, now works against us.

Richard M

Good for big coal. It’s about time they fought back.


[Snip. You continue to use different screen names. You have been warned. Sockpuppetry is not allowed here. Use one screen name only. ~mod.]


It seems reasonable for an industry to back an investigation into interest groups colluding with a government agency to destroy said industry.

My friends, this is what government is. This is what government always is sooner or later. There should be no surprise here at all. But it is darn nice to see some group prove what we all suspected, or knew without proof.
The USA has become a worldwide empire and empires are notorious for hurting their own people. We have the watermelons, greenies, socialists and other control freaks waging a war on energy — or waging a war on affordable energy at least. Why you ask? Because they hate people. They want to see not 7 Billion people on the planet but rather about 1 Billion maximum. (some have said only half that even)
May God have mercy on us if any of you think that a change in administration is going to do very much. The Republicans don’t have clean hands in all this either. What we need is information and proof. We need to get the message out that CO2 did not lead to warming but rather “adjustments”, “homogenization”, and cherry picking lead to all apparent warming. It would be nice to see a chart of real temps for the USA for the last 50 years minus all the fudging.
Will the press help us out? Surely you don’t think a mainstream press outfit would dare go against the Green Religion do you? We can not even get the message out that “Dr.” Mann’s ridiculous hockey stick is heifer dust. Sure, it is debunked — but the people in the street don’t know that. The press will never tell them.
This is a political war and the other side has a lot of ammo left. Almost all we have are the facts and mother nature on our side. But in a propaganda war facts are not always decisive.

Most people will not read more than a few words – so it is difficult to educate them . . visit here and see 20 words that will change the way we live . .


We get it. You like that site. I think posting it 5 times on one thread is enough.


The US is no empire. You discredit yourself so thoroughly with that idiocy that nothing else you may write is worth reading.


It has been my experience that whenever a new agency, cabinet, or commitee (soviet) is created, a dragon is given birth.

Shall we name this “Green-gate”, or is that already been done?


I second the motion.

DD More

United States Senate – Committee on Environment and Public Works – Minority Staff Report
The Chain of Environmental Command:
How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA
July 30, 2014
Put together with the recent report that ordinary people have zero results to proposed legislation and you have your answers.


This will not be regarded as a problem by the EPA, the administration or most of the media. The narrative elsewhere (i.e., not at WUWT) is that green groups are caring sensitive people of high moral standing trying to save the world. They are definitely not viewed by the mainstream as “cranks”.

Here is the evil twin of the EPA, Clean Water, air and Endangered species they can control all land and land uses without owning any of the land.

TImo Soren

Since Democracy is the real impediment to green policies, they have decided to circumvent it as much as is possible. Bed-fellows is as close to corruption as you can get, but in this case it may be exactly that. Keep pushing folks, keep pushing and finding.

It is Democracy that created our issues – is a Representative Constitutional REPUBLIC.
Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.

more soylent green!

I am outraged. Not shocked, not surprise but outraged and angry. This is the modus operandi of the far-left progressives.
Can we get somebody to run for Congress with the slogan “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore?”


I bet many of those green groups get a lot of green the Rockefeller foundations.

Reblogged this on and commented:
Surprised? Not at all


We are losing our democracy day by day and email by email.

Robert of Ottawa

These organizations are clearly not charities. I expect the IRS to get onto it immediately …. 3 … 2 … 1

Nothing new really… Namely, recently the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works published a Minority Staff Report called “The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA”
July 30, 2014
Contact: Luke Bolar — (202) 224-6176
Cheyenne Steel — (202) 224-6176
Read and weep…

sorry, just read this was already posted prior… please delete my post! thanks!

Walter Cronanty

This also ties in with “Friendly Lawsuits” or “Sue and Settle” lawsuits. The EPA gets one of its far-left “green” friendlies to sue over the application of a particular regulation. They then work out a settlement which a Court signs off on which “makes” the EPA do what it, and its friendly, want to do. A kicker is that the EPA will also pay for the friendly’s lawyers’ fees.

The EPA pays for nothing … taxpayers pay all the legal fees, including attorneys for both sides. Cozy little arrangement.
However, this is not new. I remember reading about these ‘sue and settle’ shenanigans during GWB’s presidency. Doubtful that it began then … I would suspect this started during Clinton’s administration. While I’m certain the practice has gone on steroids under Obama’s administration, this has been going on for a long time.


The whole point was it cost the friendly nothing to sue the EPA. Even worse, in many cases they get multiples of their expenses, so that they actually make money on these suits.


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Report – emails reveal ‘collusion’ with green activist groups over EPA climate agenda | Watts Up With That?


This is scary stuff indeed but not surprising. I recall Prof Lindzen being given a right going over by an interviewer many years ago when he “dared to suggest” that NASA and NOAA were fiddling historical figures. Now they wouldn’t do that would they??? This is a mass attack of brainwashing and the battle is still ahead of us.

Good thing the Obama Administration is the most transparent ever and an Administration that bases decisions on proper science.

This is the result of the CAGW scheme.
As citizens look into this attempt to stampede and extort us by our servants, they get a clear look at their governments.
CAGW created, prompted and still protected from investigation by our bureaucrats.
Using our money, to rob us.
This increased scrutiny exposes these kleptocrats, the agencies of rule and regulation are infested with fools and bandits.
When we were wealthy no one cared enough to fight this corruption, now we are broke and staggering into fiscal ruin. However the ranks of the parasites have swollen to be an intolerable burden.
This corruption is so normal now that those inside the government consider it the proper way to do things.
Business as usual.
The government view of public interest, is not in the interest of the citizens.
They really mean their interests.
EPA, FDA, what difference does it make?
The starvation of this beast, the cancer of bureaucracy is our only hope.
Either by reducing government or by collapse of civilization the parasites will be reduced as what we are experiencing is unsustainable.
Thats a word we need to club the eco-nasties about the head with.
As this whole notion of sustainable energy systems seems oblivious to economic reality.
Any more bureaucrats than 1 for every 10 working, productive free citizens is unhealthy for civil society.
A tax on all do-gooders.

Casablanca comes to mind. And also ‘war’ to come. Which we are already in.
Fight on. Thanks to the pause, we may be near the end of the beginning …


This glimpse of what has been going on inside the EPA may not surprise anyone, but what does surprise me is the lack of whistle blowers coming forward to spill the beans on any of these illegal shenanigans. Has the Democratic-party machine become completely corrupted now? Have party politics become more important than the country? Is there not a single person with a conscience left within the party who is willing to reveal to the American people the illegal activities they have witnessed? The closest thing we’ve seen are the few whistle blowers from the VA (Veterans Affairs) who were willing to come forward after the VA scandal erupted and long after people had died because of it. But these people were not political appointees or party higher-ups coming forward with a guilty conscience. They were Doctors and workers outside the ruling party who became disgusted with what they were seeing on the job. The same thing could be said of the IRS, Benghazi, and other recent scandals. Those in the know have been extremely tight lipped, even after deaths have occurred. It’s one thing to be loyal to your party. It’s quite another to put your loyalty above your country, above its laws and Constitution, and above the very lives of your countrymen. That disgusts me! It should disgust everyone.


To liberals, the ends justify the means. Remember that their stand on the issues is killing people in Africa, and they have no problem with that because the ends justify the means. They slaughter birds by the thousands, and they have no problem with that. They hope to increase the cost of power by 100% in the US, regardless the damage it will do the economy and the people that will die due to heat and cold that they can’t afford to fend off, and they are OK with that. Liberals, despite their claim of caring for the little guy, don’t really care who they hurt in their quest for utopia. Their goal is to make everyone a little guy, except themselves of course. This should remind us of other mad endeavors that resulted in millions dying in the quest for utopia. It is more subtle but no different ethically from Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, for whom the ends justified the means.


I’m glad that there a couple of comments relating to the US Forest Service.. There needs to be a serious evaluation of that group of cronies. Therein lies a scam equal to or greater than the EPA abuses. East coast focus will be an eye opener. Given the opportunity I could provide a slam dunk to eliminate the leadership of that bunch of clowns.


A putsch.


Having read this damning report, one can only conclude that Obama is guilty of engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct, and of allowing the EPA to become blatantly corrupt. This is now evident in at least another two major reports that have recently come out, the first being the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee regarding the influence of the “Billionaire’s Club”, and the second (also by this Committee) being its “Critical Thinking on Climate Change” report.
What I cannot understand is why there are no steps to impeach President Obama. It is shocking to see the level of corruption that has arisen during his Presidency.


I hope commenters here will report on how the media is handling this news. (I don’t watch TV or read the papers.)


Spare the desert tortoise and whack the bald eagle.


I haven’t yet read all of the valued comments above, however after following Jo Nova and the recent revelations of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s treacherous manipulations of Australia’s past temperature record, I believe that it is incumbent upon the ethical MSM and what transparent Governments there may be in Australia, New Zealand, the EU, the UK and the USA to reveal the extent of the Global Warming Fraud and how they will redress the Scientific Process.
Proudly Australia is doing what it can to roll back this fog of lies and deception.
These people deserve to be held accountable. Many companies, employees and in fact, the whole country has suffered from this fraud.
Children today know what snow(Global Warming Powder) is, they should never have been educated to know the CAGW lie, believing it as a fact.
Shame on the Greenies for having such a miss-truth introduced into the curriculum. Shame on them for generations to come!


These are people with non jobs sucking wealth from the country whilst destroying jobs of people who provide something.


Although they will claim its all OK because they are on a higher moral ground , the cold reality is that there is big bucks behind all of this , how many very well paid consultancy roles come out of this , all paid for from the tax payer , to produce endless and more often than not meaningless policy documents to deal with issues created by those same consultants through the EPA backdoor in the first place.

“The essential problem is that these regulatory organisations are not only headed up and run by people on a righteous crusade to save the planet but also the influential input to them comes from environmental pressure groups and not industry, hence the need for quasi-legal things like covert communication channels using phony email personas. In passing, when I use the term persona, rather than just email address, I mean they had two login accounts in their systems. This is proved, don’t laugh, by Lisa Jackson passing an online ethics course logged in under her alias. Her alter ego of Richard Windsor got the certificate, not her.”