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The Week That Was: 2014-04-12 (April 12, 2014) Brought to You by SEPP (www.SEPP.org) The Science and Environmental Policy Project

Quote of the Week: One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived. Niccolo Machiavelli [H/t Tim Ball] Number of the Week: $97,000 annual salary, entry level with undergraduate degree



By Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)  

NIPCC Briefings: From April 7 to April 10, representatives of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) conducted a series of briefings in Washington, DC, announcing the publication of the new work: Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts. The briefing team consisted of Craig Idso and Fred Singer, Lead Authors of Climate Change Reconsidered II, Joseph Bast of The Heartland Institute, publisher of the NIPCC reports, and Ken Haapala of SEPP. On occasion, they were supplemented by Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute who spoke on policy impacts, David Kreutzer of the Heritage Foundation who spoke on the bureaucratically contrived Social Cost of Carbon, and Patrick Michaels of CATO moderated the briefing given at CATO.

The general program began with an introduction by Joe Bast of the new volume and of the speakers. In addressing the science, Fred Singer focused on the graph by McNider & Christy that appeared in their editorial published in the February 19, 2014 Wall Street Journal. The graph, titled “Warming Predictions vs. the Real World” is simple and should be easily understood. The graph shows an average of 102 model runs with the start based on 1979 (the beginning of satellite temperature data) as compared with two sets of temperature data from satellites and four sets of temperature data from weather balloons. The greenhouse effect takes place in the atmosphere and this is where it should be most readily observed and measured.

The satellite and balloons observations agree. The models do not. The models greatly overestimate the warming trend. The disparity between observations and models is increasing each year. The atmospheric temperature data shows no warming trend for at least a decade, the surface data show no warming trend for at least 15 years. Models show consistent warming.

Ironically, as the “gap” grew wider, successive UN-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Reports (AR) expressed increasing certainty in the existence of dangerous anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming (AGW): namely, it was (greater than)>50% in [AR2-1996], >66% [AR3 2001], >90% [AR4 2007], and >95% [AR5 2013]. Clearly, current IPCC climate models are inadequate and cannot be used to forecast future temperatures or to establish far-reaching policies.

Conclusion: Government limiting emissions of essential carbon dioxide (CO2) is a “policy in search of a problem.”

Ken Haapala followed by showing that the failure of IPCC science is not due to the failure of governments to fund global warming/climate change research. Based on three US government reports, with their categories, the US government expenditures on climate change exceed $165 Billion, since Fiscal Year (FY) 1993. Expenditures on what the reports identify as climate science exceeds $35 Billion since FY 1993.

A graph prepared by Nir Shaviv shows there has been no advance in the official scientific understanding of the impact on temperatures from a doubling of atmospheric CO2 since the Charney report to the National Academy of Sciences in in 1979. Except for a slight bump in the lower range in the IPCC AR4 (2007), since changed back, the estimates remain the same: 1.5ºC to 4.5ºC, about 3 to 8ºF. Studies ignored by the IPCC indicate that any increase in temperatures may be far less.

Clearly, there is something wrong with the assertion (hypothesis) that CO2 has a significant impact on temperatures or the procedures (methodology) used by the IPCC, or both. [It is probably both. The IPCC mandate is to understand the human influence on climate and it has attempted to do so without first understanding the natural influences on climate. The mandate coupled with the failure to conduct proper hypothesis testing has consistently led to overestimates of the human influence. The IPCC is in a bureaucratic trap (gilded cage) of its own making and it cannot effectively back-down and admit it has been wrong.]

Also, Haapala pointed out that in FY 2013 about 85% of the US expenditures on climate change go to agencies and programs that pretend they can stop climate change, which has been ongoing for hundreds of millions of years.

Fittingly, Craig Idso presented the star of the show – the 1,000 plus page report citing thousands of scientific studies showing that increasing atmospheric CO2 is a tremendous benefit to plants, the environment, and humanity. This tome stands up to the bureaucratic science of the IPCC and the contrived notion that invisible CO2 causes harm. Much of the research of possible harms relies on models that use the upper end of possible values of warming from a doubling of CO2, the use of which cannot be justified given the clear failing of these models.

The book has seven chapters and Idso hit the highlights of each. Chapter 1 discusses the impact of CO2 on plants and soils. It cites over 200 years of research demonstrating that both plant productivity and growth increase with increasing CO2 concentrations in the air. A reporter for the Guardian (UK) thought she had a “got you” moment when she pointed out that in the summary of the chapter there is only one reference to 21st century work. The actual chapter in the main report contains many pages of citations including a significant number published in the 21st century. What the reporter did was emphasize that the IPCC, and others, ignore centuries of work on the benefits of CO2.

Chapter 2 goes into detail on studies of the impact of CO2 on plant characteristics. The principle study methods are to grow plants in CO2-enriched air and, in the case of long-lived trees, study how trees have responded to increasing atmospheric CO2. The key information sought are the rates of photosynthesis, biomass production, and the efficiency of water use. The research finds that the effects are overwhelmingly positive.

Chapter 3 addresses a significant body of research that the IPCC overlooks in its claim that warming will introduce new sources of stress on the biological world, such as forest fires, droughts, and extreme heat events, etc. There is a significant body of research that indicates the opposite. Enhanced CO2 will make the plants more resilient to stresses such as drought, diseases, insect damage, heavy metals, herbivores, soil salinity, etc.

Chapter 4 examines the likely future impact on plants. It demonstrates how atmospheric CO2 enrichment has expanded food production and biosphere productivity since the start of the industrial revolution. Further, it reports how CO2 enrichment helps plants resist temperature-induced extinction – in direct contrast to IPCC claims that rising temperatures (whatever the cause) will cause a decline in biosphere productivity. The IPCC claims are refuted by the empirical data showing increasing productivity of the biosphere. Except for Antarctica, the vigor of the Earth’s terrestrial biosphere has been increasing with time, since industrial revolution, and this increasing vigor extends over the entire globe.

Chapter 5 addresses the impact on terrestrial animals and the false claims by the IPCC of species extinction due to global warming. It points out that the models used are deeply flawed by artificially constrained climate envelopes and assumptions of immobility of species. These incorrect assumptions are routinely contradicted by observations.

Chapter 6 addresses the false notion, so heavily promoted, that the oceans will acidify with increasing CO2 concentrations and that they will warm to the point of diminishing or destroying aquatic life. The material in chapter 6 directly contradicts these notions and cites hundreds of peer-reviewed research analyses that suggest a much better future in a warmer, CO2 enriched aquatic world. A warming will increase ocean productivity. Species will adapt, as they have for eons since the earth was warmer and atmospheric CO2 concentrations were greater. Note, this does not mean that the increased CO2 caused the warmer world.

Chapter 7 finds that overall, a warmer world with increased atmospheric CO2, will be a great benefit to humanity. Cold related deaths are greater than heat related deaths. Further, numerous studies show that after an increase in heat related deaths, the death rates fall, indicating that the deaths would have occurred, but a short time later. The increases if food productivity immensity benefit humanity.

Climate Change Reconsidered II; Biological Impacts describes thousands of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles that do not support, and often flatly contradict, IPCC’s pessimistic narrative of ‘death, injury, and disrupted livelihoods.’ How CO2 enrichment has effected global food supply is fact, not opinion. The work of the IPCC cannot be considered unbiased science. The public should demand to know why the IPCC is silent or hides the benefits of increased CO2.

Joe Bast then concluded the briefings with three take-home points: 1) the IPCC science is failing, the models fail; 2) the failure is not from a lack of government spending; and 3) the environment and humanity benefit from increasing atmospheric CO2, and any slight warming it may cause.

Last week’s TWTW discussed three major findings in the IPCC report released on March 31, which were: 1) global warming/climate change will cause disruption of agriculture and the threat of famine; 2) increased atmospheric carbon dioxide will cause ocean acidification (actually a reduction in alkalinity), threatening the oceans as a source of food; and 3) global warming will cause increases over historic sea level rise, threatening those who live on coastal areas. Based on the NIPCC report discussed above, none of these represent a major threat, and do not require a reduction in use of fossil fuels.

See links under Challenging the Orthodoxy – NIPCC. For the Shaviv graph see http://www.sciencebits.com/AR5-FirstImpressions


IPCC: The IPCC report of Working Group III on the mitigation of climate change is due to be released on April 13. Some leaks indicate that it will contain severe recommendations on limiting CO2 emissions. If so, it will be more evidence that the IPCC is a political body, not a scientific one. The IPCC has failed to produce the scientific evidence that human CO2 emissions are causing significant global warming/climate change. Climate models, which have not been validated, and are failing, are not scientific evidence. See Article # 1, links under Defending the Orthodoxy, and Problems in the Orthodoxy.


Is the Sun Rising? Svensmark’s hypothesis that minor variations of sun have a significant influence on the earth’s climate is supported by an additional paper, just published. The hypothesis is that high-energy cosmic rays promote the formation of clouds, cooling the earth. An active sun reduces the number of high-energy rays reaching the atmosphere, with the result being a warming of the earth. A dormant sun allows for more rays, cooling the earth. The hypothesis is ignored by the IPCC in its summary of the influences on the earth’s climate. On his web site, Anthony Watts has a simplified flow chart explaining the process. See links under Science: Is the Sun Rising?


Propaganda: Called father of modern advertising, Edward Benays learned his craft during World War I at the US Committee on Public Information (CPI). The CPI advertised and sold the war to the American people claiming it would “Make the World Safe for Democracy.” In the first paragraph of his book, Propaganda (1928) Benays wrote: The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democracy. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.


Andrew Montford (Bishop Hill) and John Shade examined the education system in the UK and the Global Warming Policy Foundation published the findings under the title Climate Control: Brainwashing in schools. Montford and Shade wrote: Gone are the days when the education system hoped to generate young people equipped to form their own opinions on complex scientific sociological and political issues. Instead the education system, subverted by a green political movements, now seeks conformity with environmental orthodoxy, with any challenge to its vivid certainties viewed as transgressions to be ignored or treated with contempt.

According to Montford and Shade, knowledge is being replaced by propaganda. The Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, reacted quickly, but it remains to be seen if his reaction will be of substance or only for show.

On another side, Judith Curry posted her views on her latest “debate” with alarmist Kevin Trenberth of the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). The occasion was a Conference for World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado. During the question and answer period, the normally restrained Curry commented she regarded presentations like Trenberth’s to be propaganda.

Though it may be distasteful, the term, propaganda, can apply to a great body of the work presented by the IPCC, particularly that resulting from the use of computer models that have not been verified and validated, such as forecasts of dire futures for plants, the environment, and humanity from increasing atmospheric CO2. See links under Communicating Better to the Public – Use Propaganda on Children and Seeking a Common Ground.


Lewandowsky: The fallout on the withdrawal by the journal Frontiers of a discredited paper by Lewandowsky et al. continues to raise controversy. Andrew Montford had particularly devilish comments: Ugo Bardi, an Italian chemist who seems to have something to do with the Club of Rome, has resigned from the editorial team at Frontiers in disgust, penning a long protest article here… And, as if to put the seal on the conclusion that the paper was bunk, support for Bardi’s decision comes from Peter Gleick, a man with long and deep experience in the area of ethical compromise. Gleick pretended to be a director of The Heartland Institute in order to obtain sensitive information under false pretenses. See links under Challenging the Orthodoxy.


Energy Security: Russian President Vladimir Putin is forcing Europe to focus on energy security rather than green energy. Security does not come from unreliable sources of electricity that must be backed up by natural gas imports from Russia. See links under Energy Issues – Non-US


Anti-science? The US House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans who are called anti-science, passed a bill requiring that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its National Weather Service (NWS) focus on forecasting weather rather than forecasting climate. Weather is killing people. NOAA/NWS missed Sandy while WeatherBell Analytics caught it nine days in advance. Cliff Mass, who is not a global warming skeptic, explains what happened with NOAA/NWS. See link under Models v. Observations.


Oh Mann! A Penn State article states that Mr. Mann and his colleagues have found that the current no warming trend is being caused by the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO). Mr. Mann’s work is being financed National Science Foundation. No doubt, Mr. Mann gets far more funding from the government than WeatherBell Analytics whose principals have been discussing the AMO for years. Mr. Mann also finds the current no warming trend is fleeting. We shall see. See link under Oh Mann!


Number of the Week: $97,000. Based on survey data compiled by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the top-paying undergraduate major in 2013 was petroleum engineering, with an average starting salary of $97,000. See Article # 2



For the numbered articles below, please see this week’s TWTW at: www.sepp.org. The articles are at the end of the pdf.

1. Slash Greenhouse Gases to Meet Climate Goals, U.N. Draft Says

Report Also Expected to Suggest Expansion of Renewable Energy

By Gautam Naik, WSJ, Apr 9, 2014


2. How Climate Change Conquered the American Campus

By Paul Tice, WSJ, Apr 7, 2014


3. EU Industries to Pay Less Into Funds to Finance Renewable Energy

European Commission Sets Tougher Conditions for Government Subsidies for Renewables

By Vanessa Mock, WSJ, Apr 9, 2014


4. Book Review: ‘The Rule of Nobody’ by Philip K. Howard

When a tree fell into a stream in Franklin Township, N.J., it took 12 days and $12,000 for the necessary permits to remove it.

Book Review by Stuart Taylor, WSJ, Apr 7, 2014




Science: Is the Sun Rising?

New Paper Corroborates the Solar-Cosmic Ray Theory of Climate

By Staff, The Hockey Schtick, Apr 9, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Link to paper: Effect of solar variations on particle formation and cloud condensation nuclei

By Fangqun Yu and Gan Luo, Environmental Research Letters, Apr 9, 2014


More support for Svensmark’s cosmic ray modulation of Earth’s climate hypothesis

By Anthony Watts, WUWT, Apr 10, 2014


Fleshing out the cosmoclimatogy hypothesis

By Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, Apr 10, 2014


Appearance of Night-Shining Clouds Has Increased

By Karen Fox, NASA, Apr 10, 2014 [H/t WUWT}


Link to paper: Analysis of northern midlatitude noctilucent cloud occurrences using satellite data and modeling

By James Russell, et al. Journal of Geophysical Research, Mar 18, 2014


Suppressing Scientific Inquiry

The New Politics Of Climate Change: No Space For Deniers

By Roger Scruton, Forbes, Apr 8, 2014


Challenging the Orthodoxy — NIPCC

Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts

Summary for Policy Makers, Nongovernment International Panel on Climate Change, April 2014


Full Report: http://heartland.org/media-library/pdfs/CCR-IIb/Full-Report.pdf

ICSC Press Release: http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1226523/new-science-report-debunks-climate-scare


Fox News Covers Latest Skeptic Climate Report from NIPCC

Video, Fox News, Apr 9, 204


Deepening divide over climate change sparks fierce debate

By Doug McKelway, By Fox News, Apr 9, 2014


[SEPP Comment: Coverage of the latest NIPCC report.]

Fox News: NIPCC report ‘Poking Very Large Holes’ in Climate Alarmist ‘Consensus’

By Jim Lakely, Somewhat Reasonable, Apr 9, 2014


Special Report with Bret Baier

Video, Fox News, Apr 8, 2014


Challenging the Orthodoxy

Climate Alarmism? Of Course! The IPCC Was Designed To Create and Promote It.

By Tim Ball, WUWT, Apr 9, 2014


“No sexing up here” says IPCC

By Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, Apr 7, 2014


Ethical confirmations [of Lewandowsky’s ethically compromised papers]

By Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, Apr 9, 2014


Climate Papers Without Peer

By Tony Thomas, Quadrant, Apr 6, 2014


[SEPP Comment: More on the discredited Lewandowsky paper and his defenders.]

Defending the Orthodoxy

UN: greenhouse gas emissions nearly doubled in first decade of 21st century

Leaked draft shows emissions grew nearly twice as fast from 2000-10 as in previous 30 years – despite economic slowdown

By Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian, UK, Apr 11, 2014


[SEPP Comment: No mention if climate change doubled.]

UN panel calls for climate change ‘enlightenment’

By Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill, Apr 7, 2014


[SEPP Comment: Too bad the IPCC does not embrace the human concepts of the age of enlightenment.]

Questioning the Orthodoxy

Alarmists Blame Conditions on Global warming

By Larry Bell, Newsmax, Apr 7, 2014 [H/t ICECAP]


Are academia and publishing destroying scientific innovation?

By Judith Curry, Climate Etc. Apr 8, 2014


Would Plan B work any better than Plan A?

By Martian Livermore, Scientific Alliance, Apr 11, 2014


Climate Forecasting for the 21st Century

By Norman Page, WUWT, Apr 7, 2014


[SEPP Comment: The essay calls for an independent assessment. NIPCC has provided it.]

How did the IPCC’s alarmism take everyone in for so long?

Climate scaremongers are still twisting the evidence over global warming

By Christopher Booker, Telegraph, UK, Apr 5, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


How to convert me to your new religion of Global Warming in 14 easy steps

By Clipped-Wing Warrior, Jo Nova’s Blog, Apr 8, 2014


Scare tactics fail climate science, planet

By Clive Crook, The Spec, Apr 3, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


The game is up for climate change believers

Charles Moore reviews The Age of Global Warming by Rupert Darwall (Quartet)

By Charles Moore, Telegraph, UK, Apr 6, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Problems in the Orthodoxy

Obama administration pressuring UN on global warming reports

By Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller, Apr 7, 2014


U.S. Seeks Changes to ‘Skewed’ Data in UN Climate Draft

By Alex Morales, Bloomberg, Apr 4, 2014


[SEPP Comment: According to the Administration, anything it disagrees with is skewed, biased, or a weapon of mass destruction.]

We should give up trying to save the world from climate change, says James Lovelock

By Sarah Knapton, Telegraph, UK, Apr 8, 2014


Seeking a Common Ground

Curry versus Trenberth

By Judith Curry, Climate Etc. Apr 11, 2014


I said I regarded presentations like Trenberth’s to be propaganda

A rough ride to the future

James Lovelock recants his alarmism

Book review by Matt Ridley, Rational Optimist, Apr 38, 2014


Adapting to climate change

Global warming looks like it will be cheaper to cope with than to prevent

By Matt Ridley, Rational Optimist, Apr 6, 2014


Models v. Observations

The Weather Forecasting Improvement Acts Passes the House: What are the Implications?

By Cliff Mass, Weather Blog, Apr 10, 2014


The Great Credibility Gap yawns ever wider

By Christopher Monckton, WUWT, Apr 10, 2014


Changing Weather

UC Geographers Develop a System to Track the Dynamics of Drought

By Dawn Fuller, UC News, SPX, Apr 10, 2014 [H/t WUWT]


[SEPP Comment: The article uses the drought in September 2011. Except for California, the April 8, 2014 U.S. Drought Monitor is not as emotionally compelling. http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/]

Changing Climate

The La Brea Tars Pits gets themselves in a sticky wicket over climate change and adaptation

By Anthony Watts, WUWT, Apr 10, 2014


Changing Earth

Soil microbe GHG feedback ‘less dire than previously thought’

By Anthony Watts, WUWT, Apr 8, 2014


Link to paper: Microbial community dynamics alleviate stoichiometric constraints during litter decay

By Christina Kaiser, et al. Ecology Letters, Mar 17, 2014


“Soil microbes are responsible for one of the largest carbon dioxide emissions on the planet, about six times higher than from fossil fuel burning,”

Communicating Better to the Public – Exaggerate, or be Vague?

Researchers: Permafrost Thawing Could Accelerate Global Warming

Decomposing plants and soil could contribute to an increase in greenhouse gases

By Staff Writer, Newswise, Apr 7, 2014 [H/t WUWT]


Link to paper: Changes in peat chemistry associated with permafrost thaw increase greenhouse gas production

By Suzanne Hodgkins, et al, PNAS, Apr 7, 2014


From Abstract: This impact of permafrost thaw on organic matter chemistry could intensify the predicted climate feedbacks of increasing temperatures, permafrost carbon mobilization, and hydrologic changes. [Boldface added]

[SEPP Comment: There is no validated climate model, thus the term predicted is wrong. The study is funded with $400,000 from the Department of Energy?]

Social Cost of Carbon Inflated by Extreme Sea Level Rise Projections

By Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger, CATO, Apr 9, 2014


Communicating Better to the Public – Make things up.

Global warming: Improve economic models of climate change

Costs of carbon emissions are being underestimated, but current estimates are still valuable for setting mitigation policy, say Richard L. Revesz and colleagues

By Richard L. Revesz, Peter H. Howard, Kenneth Arrow, Lawrence H. Goulder, Robert E. Kopp, Michael A. Livermore, Michael Oppenheimer & Thomas Sterner, Nature, Apr 4, 2014 [H/t WUWT]


[SEPP Comment: These experts have not produced a climate model that works. The models greatly overestimate the impact of carbon dioxide on temperatures. Yet they claim that the future impact of carbon dioxide on climate is being underestimated.]

Global Warmism’s New Campaign: ‘Loss and Damage’

By Peter Wilson, American Thinker, Apr 7, 2014


Must Read: Walton Francis on the Social Cost of Carbon

By Marlo Lewis, Global Warming.org, Apr 10, 2014


The Washington Post Corrects, Disingenuously

By John Hinderaker, Power Line, Apr 8, 2014


[SEPP Comment: More on the false claim that Koch Industries is a driving force behind the Keystone Pipeline.]

Communicating Better to the Public – Go Personal.

Green ‘smear campaign’ against professor who dared to disown ‘sexed up’ UN climate dossier

Richard Tol claims he is fighting a sustained attack on his reputation

Professor from Sussex University is a highly respected climate economist

Criticised by campaigners after saying report summary was ‘alarmist’

In his opinion, it focused on ‘scare stories’

By David Rose, Mail, UK, Apr 5, 2014


Left Turns Those Who Dare To Disagree Into Pariahs

By Charles Krauthammer, IBD, Apr 10, 2014


Communicating Better to the Public – Use Propaganda on Children

Climate control

By Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, Apr 8, 2014 [Press Release]


[SEPP Comment: See link immediately below.]

Climate Control: Brainwashing in schools [UK]

By Andrew Montford and John Shade, GWPF, 2014


Some more responses [on the Climate Control paper]

By Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, Apr 10, 2014


Climate Catastrophism For Kiddies

By Tony Thomas, Quadrant, Apr 9, 2014


Heads are breaking the law if they preach eco agenda, warns Gove: Education Secretary’s ‘concern’ at report that accuses ‘activist’ teachers

Accuses staff of turning pupils into ‘foot soldiers of the green movement’

Marks were awarded in exams depended on ‘parroting’ the green agenda

Many widely-used textbooks included inaccurate examples

By Daniel Martin, Mail, UK, Apr 10, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Report finds schoolchildren being ‘brainwashed’ over climate change

By Scott Craig, Voice of Russia, Apr 8, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Teachers Breaking the Law Over Climate Change Bias Says Gove Spokesman

By Andre Walker, Breitbart, Apr 8, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Expanding the Orthodoxy

Britain must increase spending on green energy by ten times in next 15 years to help reduce global warming, says UN

By Ben Spencer, Mail, UK, Apr 10, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Obama targets climate change in wildfire strategy

By Timothy Cama, The Hill, Apr 9, 2014


[SEPP Comment: What used to be called forest fires or prairie fires are now called wildfires – as if they never existed before.]

Questioning European Green

“100 Billion Euros For Nothing! Germany’s CO2 Emissions Haven’t Dropped In 10 Years!”

By P Gosselin, No Tricks Zone, Apr 8, 2014


German AfD Protest Party Calls For Complete Abolishment Of Green Energy Feed-In Act, Citing “Cost Burden”

By P. Gosselin, No Tricks Zone, Apr 10, 2014


[SEPP Comment: Are AfD and British UKIP parties somewhat like the US tea party – hated by the establishment?]

Questioning Green Elsewhere

Solar Land Blues: The Eco Reality of Dilute Energy

By Robert Bradley Jr., Master Resource, Apr 7, 2014


Litigation Issues

CEI Sues EPA Over Stonewalling Records Request

By Anthony Watts, WUWT, Apr 9, 2014


Subsidies and Mandates Forever

Commission pushes renewable energy into the free market

By Staff Writers, EurActiv, Apr 10, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


New EU rules on energy funding phase out subsidies for renewables

By Barbara Lewis and Foo Yun Chee, Reuters, Apr 9, 2014


Rep. Welch: Ethanol mandate ‘killing’ farmers

By Timothy Cama, The Hill, Apr 10, 2014


[SEPP Comment: The member of the House who helped write the ethanol mandate and who now calls the ethanol mandate a well-intentioned flop.]

Alarm over EU proposal to cut loose renewable energy firms

By Nikolaj Nelsen, EUobserver, Apr 9, 2014


EPA and other Regulators on the March

EPA Studies and Preordained Conclusions

By Alex Gimarc, American Thinker, Apr 7, 2014


Energy Issues – Non-US

There Is No Global Energy Solution, Only Local Ones

Noted Scholar Vaclav Smil Says What We Produce and Use Depends on Where We Are

Transcript by Staff Writer, WSJ, Apr 8, 2014


Editorial: Energy Security Is Europe’s Top Priority

The Times, Via GWPF, Apr 11, 2014


Amid showdown with energy-rich Russia, calls rise in Europe to start fracking

By Griff Witte and Anthony Faiola, Washington Post, Apr 7, 2014


EU gas imports from Russia could drop a quarter by 2020

By Henning Gloystein, Reuters, Apr 9, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Russia Is Crushing Ukraine’s Hopes for Energy Independence

Eastern Ukraine is home to nine-tenths of the country’s coal and one of Europe’s largest shale-gas deposits. Will the region soon be Moscow’s?

By Matt Ford, The Atlantic, Apr 8, 2014


Ukraine: Vladimir Putin threatens to turn off the gas

In threat to switch off Ukraine’s gas, Russian president acknowledges gas deliveries to the European Union would also be jeopardized

By David Blair, and Emily Gosden, The Telegraph, UK, Apr 10, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Energy Issues — US

Peabody Energy: Let’s Talk About Energy Inequality (coal for the masses, solar and wind for the elites)

By Robert Bradley Jr., Master Resource, Apr 8, 2014


Exporting Natural Gas Update

By Donn Dears, Power For USA, Apr 11, 2014


How CO2 Distorts the Energy Equation

By Donn Dears, Power For USA, Apr 8, 2014


[SEPP Comment: The Public Utility Commission of Minnesota used the bureaucratically proclaimed “social cost of carbon” to justify solar energy. Each winter, the citizens will know who to blame.]

More calls made to learn about past winter’s energy price spike

By Dave Solomon, New Hampshire Union Leader, Apr 2, 2014


Washington’s Control of Energy

Scientists, economists urge Obama to reject Keystone XL

By Timothy Cama, The Hill, Apr 7, 2014


[SEPP Comment: The working class will benefit!]

Canada Could Bypass U.S. If Pipeline Isn’t Approved

Editorial, IBD, Apr 7, 2014


Oil and Natural Gas – the Future or the Past?

Shale revolution reverses global energy flow

By John Kemp, Reuters, Apr 9, 2014, [H/t GWPF]


Riding shale boom, US to become major LPG supplier to China

By Staff Writer, Reuters, Apr 10, 2014


[SEPP Comment: A possibility.]

Return of King Coal?

Drilling date set for North Sea’s vast coal reserves

By Barbara Hodgson, The Journal, Mar 31, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Alternative, Green (“Clean”) Solar and Wind

The answer is still blowing in the wind

By John Brignell, Number Watch, Apr 2014


Link to the NYT Article, Wind Industry’s New Technologies Are Helping It Compete on Price

By Diane Cardwell, NYT, Mar 20, 2014


[SEPP Comment: Another airborne wind turbine scheme. If Bloomberg were still mayor of New York, would he be calling for the city skies to be filled with such wind turbines?

Lawrence Solomon: North America slow to reverse renewables projects, but its turn will come soon

Only those in fantasyland should expect a contract to be sacrosanct when one party to the transaction makes the law

By Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post, Apr 4, 2014 [H/t GWPF]


Alternative, Green (“Clean”) Energy — Other

Stanford scientists discover a novel way to make ethanol without corn or other plants

Stanford scientists have created a copper-based catalyst that produces large quantities of ethanol from carbon monoxide gas at room temperature.

By Mark Shwartz, Stanford News, Apr 9, 2014 [H/t WUWT]


Link to paper: Electroreduction of carbon monoxide to liquid fuel on oxide-derived nanocrystalline copper

By Christina W. Li, Jim Ciston & Matthew W. Kanan, Nature, Apr 9, 2014


[SEPP Comment: At the end article the author presents the real issue: How do you make the carbon monoxide? Burn fossil fuels?]

US Navy ‘game-changer’: converting seawater into fuel

By Staff Writers, Washington (AFP), April 07, 2014


“For the first time we’ve been able to develop a technology to get CO2 and hydrogen from seawater simultaneously, that’s a big breakthrough,” she said, adding that the fuel “doesn’t look or smell very different.”

[SEPP Comment: No explanation on how it works and what is involved. The costs estimates are questionable.]

Oh Mann!

Slowdown of global warming fleeting

By A’ndrea Elyse Messer, Penn State News, Apr 7, 2014 [H/t WUWT]


Environmental Industry

Global Warming Scare Tactics

By Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, NYT, Apr 8, 2014 [H/t Thomas Hayden]


[SEPP Comment: Dire forecasts lead to skepticism. Environmental groups rejecting nuclear and natural gas as a replacement to coal adds to the problem.]

Science and Panic

By Anthony Ciani, American Thinker, Apr 9, 2014


Other News that May Be of Interest

BPA: The Scientists, The Scare, The 100-Million Dollar Surge

By Trevor Butterworth, Forbes, Apr 9, 2014


The Tyranny of Experts

Easterly’s book on aid and autocracy

Book Review by Matt Ridley, Rational Optimist, Apr 5, 2014




Bill would establish ‘victory bonds’ for clean energy investment

By Timothy Cama, The Hill, Apr 9, 2014


[SEPP Comment: Contrary to the propaganda, the purpose of the Victory Bonds was not to finance the war, but to prevent inflation by reducing the disposable income of the general population. Will these bonds prevent prosperity?]

Wildlife still suffers four years after BP oil spill

By Staff Writers, Washington (AFP), April 08, 2014


[SEPP Comment: More sea turtles dead last year from the BP Blowout than during the full year immediately after the blowout? What nonsense! The BP blowout relates to the Keystone pipeline? The National Wildlife Federation as claiming this is based on science? The green industry will say anything to try to stop the Keystone pipeline.]


9th International Conference on Climate Change

Press Release, The Heartland Institute, Mar 17, 2014


July 7 – 9 — Las Vegas, Nevada

Includes the Findings of the New Report by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) Climate Change Reconsidered II, Volumes 1, 2, and 3

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Janice Moore
April 13, 2014 8:48 pm

And in local news….
IF “hate-that-stuff” = TRUE
FROM my first two “greeters,” John Hultquist with his encouragement to continue to post (you regretted that, didn’t you, lol) and his quoting John Milton’s “They also serve who only stand and wait” and U.K. (US) with his gracious compliment
TO Stan Stendera and his: “I don’t care if you are fat and ugly… “ {I’ll treasure that always}
TO my hero-defender Mario Lento (and Gunga Din and several other parakletoi)
and ALL you wonderful mod-er-ators and SUPER-SCIENTISTS and An-tho-ny!
AND EVERY ONE of you commenters-of-integrity,
I’m so glad to be here … doing my little bit to promote truth and,
I hope, … love.
Science is important, but
From my heart to yours (if you have one, heh):
“Love in Any Language” – Sandi Patti

With love,
P.S. For those of you who might have wondered (yes, yes, “Greg,” I realize you could not care less), this is how I sound when I sing in this style. So, now, you know.

Janice Moore
April 13, 2014 9:05 pm

P.P.S. For any readers whose first language is not English and are wondering about “fluenty” and “pull as all” and some other odd spellings… (eye roll), I’m pretty sure whoever put that video together speaks another language better than she or he speaks English, lol.

April 13, 2014 9:07 pm

A refreshing post Janice, but we have to remember money talks louder than love. And this climate change madness started years before Al Gore et al. It was dubbed as increase in Greenhouse gases to start with then snowballed. Now the IPCC is saying things like we are concerned with ethics and economics. I say ‘what’s that got to do with the price of eggs’. Australia is in the firing line, no climate change to be discussed at the G8 meetings. Good on Tony Abbott.

April 13, 2014 9:08 pm

Nothing on the EPA admitting they are full of crap when enforcing the clean air act and that the dog ate the studies and data used to support said enforcement?
“In a March 7th letter to House Science, Space and Technology Committee chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), McCarthy admitted that EPA cannot produce all of the original data from the 1993 Harvard Six Cities Study (HSC) and the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) 1995 Cancer Prevention Study II, which is currently housed at New York University.”

Janice Moore
April 13, 2014 9:13 pm

Thanks, Bush Bunny!
Money, does, indeed talk. HURRAH FOR (YOUR) TONY ABBOTT! You make a good point.
{whispering: In the grand scheme of things, however, love is the most important thing of all.}

April 13, 2014 9:15 pm

Really, can’t they, Gee really temp? How many universities lose important data. They had computers then, and at our university we keep all records, and thesises in our archives. Including those done by ex students and staff prior to computers.

Anna Keppa
April 13, 2014 9:28 pm

The “message” continues to change, in view of inconvenient facts: tonight on “Cosmos”, CAGW shill Tyson said increased CO2 concentration was (close paraphrase), “causing climate change to veer in dangerous directions.”
So even “climate change” isn’t cutting it as a scare phrase any more, since even ordinary people have responded that climate change has always been happening.
No, now the party line is, climate change is “veering”…into “dangerous directions” aka toward….warming —something it’s never done before!!!!

April 13, 2014 9:40 pm

SEPP:”There is no validated climate model, thus the term predicted is wrong. ” Amen.

george e. smith
April 13, 2014 9:41 pm

Just what is an undergraduate degree; sounds like an oxymoron to me ??
Say mods; any idea why my MacAfee says WUWT is a rascally site and do not come here. And It no longer remembers my sign in here, and it wipes WUWT out of my favorites file, about every third visit.

Janice Moore
April 13, 2014 9:55 pm

Oh, Terry Oldberg, I am smiling for you.
@ George E. Smith — try going to Ric Werme’s WUWT tips page and scroll to very bottom for his contact info. and send Mr. Werme an e mail and ask — HE will know if anyone does. Otherwise, ask McAfee if you can adjust your settings (they are likely keying off of the advertising on WUWT — videos and photos are where malware lurks…).
Ric Werme Contact link (I hope, or just go to his page via link on right hand side of WUWT page):

Mario Lento
April 13, 2014 9:57 pm

Thank you Janice… for doing your part, to spread the good word… and to spread truth as best you can!

April 13, 2014 10:03 pm

Another Machiavelli quote that I think sums up the CAGW scam perfectly is, “For the vast majority of mankind accept appearances as though they were reality, and are influenced more by those things that seem, than by those things that are.”
Drop the mic, I’m outta here….

April 13, 2014 10:40 pm

I don’t do Windows. 🙂
Seriously – I’m mostly a Unix internals guy. Windows and registries and digital antivirals don’t make sense to me. Now Linux, that makes sense. 30+ years of Unix-think is good for that. 🙂
Realistically, George is better off alerting the crew about stuff like that. My guess is some of the advertising that pops up is a bit ethically challenged. I’d start with installing FlashBlock.
Congrats Janice, for making it through a year of odd people here.

April 13, 2014 10:53 pm

Undergraduate hasn’t graduated yet. Unless he has been given a grant to produce a honors thesis.

Janice Moore
April 13, 2014 10:55 pm

Thanks, Ric! Fortunately, there are FAR more kind and wonderful people like YOU here than the converse (a little goes a looong way with them, though, huh? lol).

Janice Moore
April 13, 2014 10:59 pm

In the U.S., a “graduate degree” commonly refers to anything above a bachelors degree (B.A. or B.S.). Thus, “undergraduate degree” commonly (yes, it sounds weird, I realize, lol) means a B.A. or a B.S..

April 13, 2014 11:04 pm

My thoughts on investing in anything since the embrace of the three “d’s” by both parties – deregulation, desupervision, and de facto decriminalization trashed a regulatory system set up in the 1930’s that was the envy of the world. It helped bring us prosperity, far greater economic stability, fewer and less severe recessions, and reduced income inequality. Elite fraud and corruption are now common in America.
Fear & Greed Index – Investor Sentiment
If you’re an eternal optimist, you need to sell everything and take a six month vacation, not kidding.
My ‘dark side’ picks for when the bottom falls out. UVXY TMF ,BIS ^50%, SOXS QID TVIX SSG FAZ TMF RUSS PALL
Recent actions in E. Ukraine directed by Russia GRU/SPETSNAZ operating undercover. Evidence conclusive. Severe sanctions loom.

April 13, 2014 11:17 pm

Janice, you would be interested in this and maybe others, A book was written a few years ago, that I was asked to review. ‘God and Creation – an engineering perspective’ written by Kevin Herd (2008) He was in my opinion one of these Holy bible believers, a loner and quite odd and had been a pastor of some illusive church, yet he had some very interesting observations. I can’t replicate his scientific graphs and mathematical formulae. (They outmatch Willis’) Basically he believed the big bang happened and intelligence and spiritually were formed during this. It is a natural scientific essence for the formation of living organisms, (especially humans) that is within all of us to some degree.
Light is God, and God is love. He was not a creationist, nor believed in human recreations of what God looks like, (Simply I believe there are two major forces in this universe, that influence life forms one is creative and the other destructive) Talk about the God particle, he wrote about it first from a religious point of view. It got good reviews, and the way he presented his prose, seemed to get to me positively.

April 13, 2014 11:44 pm

Ed, most of this planet’s population wouldn’t be able to pin point where the Ukraine is on the global maps. Half of Americans don’t know where Australia is, they mix it up with Austria. I can’t understand this, possibly because where ever the Brits went and colonized, they took names of places with them, like New England, Perth, Scone (all Scottish) Oxford and Cambridge. I did know most of the A & H bombs are stored in the Ukraine at one time.

April 14, 2014 1:07 am

re: [SEPP Comment: Contrary to the propaganda, the purpose of the Victory Bonds was not to finance the war, but to prevent inflation by reducing the disposable income of the general population. Will these bonds prevent prosperity?]
it has been my opinion for a few years now that the entire CAGW scam was designed to grab the considerable assets of the baby boomer generation; in other words, to reduce the disposable income of the population. whether this includes a real or phony desire to prevent inflation, or is simply the greed of the parties involved in the scam, i don’t know. pension funds, institutional investors are not to be trusted. those who have funds which could find themselves sucked into the various scams associated with CAGW would be wise to inform their fund managers, in no uncertain terms, that their monies are not to be used for such purposes.
meanwhile, i hope CAGW sceptics will continue the fight on the scientific front & against the financialising of CO2 emissions & State subsidies now that the IPCC has endorsed fracking & nuclear as CAGW “remedies”:
13 Daily Mail: Ben Spencer: Fracking can help to slow global warming admit UN scientists… and so can nuclear power
10 April: Reuters: Nuclear industry says weak carbon price justifies state funding
FORATOM, which represents Europe’s nuclear industry, said new atomic power generation will need financial support as long as carbon prices are low and hit back at EU regulators’ criticism of funding for a plant to be built by EDF…
“The market must therefore provide, in the interim, the necessary support mechanisms to incentivise nuclear investments at an acceptable level of risk for investors,” FORATOM said…

April 14, 2014 3:21 am

re PROPAGANDA: the CAGW crowd hate fracking/nuclear (so do i, but that is beside the point – tho i do not object to individuals choosing to
invest their money in either industry) so where are the NGOs screaming & yelling about IPCC for endorsing both?
Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF & more have been given space in the MSM to comment on the IPCC report & haven’t even mentioned the fact. listening to BBC & ABC & Fairfax radio in Australia, it is obvious the MSM enablers intend keeping this news from the public, for fear of losing the last hold-out CAGW supporters. a couple of examples:
33 paras – no mention of nuclear or fracking:
14 April: ABC: IPCC Working Group III: Report warns drastic changes needed to prevent temperature rises
ABC flagship morning program: Presenter Fran Kelly speaks of increase of 4-5 degrees by end of the century. She mentions nuclear in passing at one point, but makes sure the actual question she asks is about bioenergy, so that the only Guest, Bill Hare, doesn’t have to comment on nuclear at all. Fracking is never mentioned:
AUDIO: 14 April: ABC Breakfast: Options for big cuts in emissions by 2050
Guest: Bill Hare
Visiting Scientist, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK); lead author, Working Group 3, IPCC Assessment Report 4 (2007)

April 14, 2014 3:40 am

principle principal study methods are to grow plants . . . “

george e. smith
April 14, 2014 2:26 pm

“””””……bushbunny says:
April 13, 2014 at 10:53 pm
Undergraduate hasn’t graduated yet. Unless he has been given a grant to produce a honors thesis……”””””
So if he hasn’t graduated yet; how come he has a degree ?? An Undergraduate degree of course ??
You have to have a grant, to produce an honors thesis; whatever an honors thesis is ??
So they start them swilling at the public trough, even before they graduate ??
Last night a person who lives in my house, who is a kiddiegarden teacher, was listening to some assigned homework on her Mac.
The mac instructor teacher, was describing how she lets her students either work out stuff for themselves, or else cheat off somebody else’s notes. She of course walks around the class, to watch them all do one or the other.
I’m wondering, just what this teacher is being paid for, if her students are teaching each other; or at least the smart ones are teaching the stupid ones.
I didn’t ask my school teacher if she lets her kids cheat off each other .
No wonder US students can’t perform like others, they don’t have to wait till university to find out the Professors don’t teach anybody; they start to not teach anybody right in kiddiegarden.

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