Oh yeah, I forgot. This is on.

Shows you just how much he’s fallen off the radar, Gore’s harshest critic even forgot about it. I had to be reminded. From my Inbox today:

Climate Champion–

It’s finally here! 24 Hours of Reality: The Cost of Carbon is starting in a few minutes.

Click here to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

And don’t forget to take part in the largest-ever conversation on carbon pollution on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with the hashtag #CostOfCarbon and by using the Cost of Carbon tool.

We’re looking forward to spending the next 24 hours talking about the solution that can change the course of our future with various experts, celebrities, scientists, and most of all, you.

Hope you’ll join us!

The Climate Reality Team

Watch, don’t watch, point and laugh, anything goes. Not many are paying attention, though I’m sure we’ll see the same sort of stats laundering we saw last year.

Readers are welcome to post some of the most ridiculous claims made in the CRP here.


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Gored! Say no more.


I’m sorry, A minute did me in.


What’s the carbon footprint/cost of “24 hours of reality”???
Or are their servers windmill powered….. Wouldn’t want to give the ‘deniers’ any fodder to show the hypocrisy, now would we? 🙂

Since I just watched the EPA carbon pollution video, I couldn’t stomach watching this – I lasted about 2 minutes of “the cost of carbon” which doesn’t really mean carbon at all, but carbon dioxide. If you are going to promote something Gore, at least call it by it’s real name. I’m getting sick of this ruse!

Man Bearpig

On a similar subject, when is fracking ok? WHen it’s used for carbon capture. Looks like they are plannning to suck the CO2 from the atmosphere and frack rocks for carbon capture.

Kurt in Switzerland

I just clicked on a video showing displaced refugees in E. Africa, then areas which have experienced sea erosion in W. Africa. The tag suggests 19 Million + views.
I wonder if this number is a real one or an invented one (and whether this WUWT post resulted in a boost).
Kurt in Switzerland


How many views will he get this year? Yawn.

j ferguson



CRP?…. an ‘A’ missing somewhere methinks!.


Oh NOOOOO, I’ve already missed three and a half hours! Well I can’t watch it now, I hate starting a series part way through. I’ll wait and watch it when it comes out on DVD.

I long ago gave up on the flim flam man as he is too far gone mentally and rationally.
Not worth my time anymore.

I love your attitude on this. 🙂 I agree, and I can’t be bothered either. Hey, why give that clown any viewing numbers at all? Yeah, I know, it’s wise to keep an eye on the Beasts of Doomsday, but we don’t need all of us to do that.
Wake me up if something interesting happens. Better still, I’ll read about it here, tomorrow, the next day, whenever.

Lady Life Grows

YOU’re Gore’s harshest critic? Well, you do have the world’s leading climate website, so you are serious indeed.
I call Gore MASS MURDERER–can you top that? He kills because carbon dioxide, as plant and autotroph food, is the basis of ALL life on Earth. When carbon dioxide is sequestered underground, “the planet” (which means the biosphere) and “the environment” (which also means the biosphere in this context) can support less life. Al Gore is one of the most dangerous things there is to endangered species. They have to eat. Like everything else.
He is also a mass murderer of human beings. All the shrieking about the sky falling led to the use of corn ethanol in cars, to reduce fossil use. That meant less food–and it was the price of food that sparked the “Arab Spring” riots which killed at least 10 000 Arabs. Riots are never about freedom–always about the price of food. There have probably been tens to hundreds of thousands of others who have starved to death–or been weakened by hunger and succumbed to other things as a direct result.
Fighting energy has also crushed the poor in America and elsewhere, undoubtedly leading to deaths from heat stroke (no air conditioner) and freezing, even in America. World unemployment is seriously high now. That leads to family arguments, and that leads to murders. Crushing energy crushes business, and then they can’t hire people. It is not just death that Gore has caused, but a stupendous amount of suffering. One word for people like that is “monster.”
There are many other words that you do not want on your website.
Mass murderer. Monster. There now, Mr. Anthony Watts–can you top that?

Kevin Hearle

Switched it on, sound off, saw the rock band and turned it off

He’s very popular with the anti-fracking community. Not! I follow quite a few of them on Twitter and none of them have used the #CostOfCarbon hashtag.

The Cost of Carbon = EPA fines and restrictions and their consequent privation.

Janice Moore

You go, L.L.G! #(:))

Janice Moore

Watch an Al Bore video. Are you kidding? LOL.


Latest news from the programme
Levels of co2 in the atmosphere are now so high that any birds flying above 200 feet are instantly turned into coal and come crashing to the ground. Many cats killed.

Lady Life Grows

Wow, I am the only skeptic commenting right now.


I skipped the videos and went straight to the Cost of Carbon Tool. It turns out that here in London, UK we are at risk of flood, drought and wildfire. That can result in, among other dangers all presented with neat little icons: higher food prices, water scarcity, ecological damage and – most shockingly – loss of wildlife. Gosh, just the thought of losing all those poor rats, foxes and pigeons to flood or wildfire! The horror!
Happily, there is no alarming icon of a human in flames, so I take it there is no need to panic.


Lady Life Grows says:
October 22, 2013 at 2:59 pm
Re: Goring the wretched of the Earth.
Biofuels kills kids in Latin America:

CRP? They forgot the “A”.


Apple announces iPad Air on the same day. I wonder who the heck messed up that communication? Climate Reality can’t even get trending. And Big Al sits on the Apple board. #CLIMATEREALITYFAIL

Mike Maguire

The cost of carbon?
2 different ways to measure and/ veiw that.
1. The IEA said last year that $5 trillion is needed through 2020 to moderate temperature gains since industrialization to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit), a UN target. That’s on top of a projected $19 trillion of spending by the energy industry in a business-as-usual scenario, and is equivalent to an extra $625 billion a year for eight years.
2. However, a new study by Craig Idso, a well known expert on the fertilization effect of CO2 finds:”The Social Benefit of Carbon: $3.5 Trillion in Agricultural Productivity”
Posted by Roy Spencer:
So, we have one side that advocates spending $24 trillion through just 2020 to address the projected outcome of global temperatures from global climate models that use equations that represent what climate scientist theorize are the physics in our atmosphere(even though they have been wrong for 15 years)
Or, we can do nothing, save $24 trillion and reap trillions in benefits from crop yeilds and world food production that we know for certain will continue to occur because of the proven laws of photosynthesis and the profound contribution from CO2.
There are countless men that did far less harm to the human race/planet than Al Gore has, that received life in prison or the death penalty for their crimes.
Instead, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, an Emmy for his movie and hundreds of millions of dollars.


Chatham House grooms Christiana for teary BBC appearance?
22 Oct: BBC: Matt McGrath: UN climate chief’s tears over future generations
The head of the UN body tasked with delivering a global climate treaty broke down in tears at a meeting in London as she spoke about the impact of global warming on coming generations.
Christiana Figueres told the BBC that the lack of an agreement was “condemning future generations before they are even born”.
Ms Figueres said this was “completely unfair and immoral”…
Speaking to the BBC on the sidelines of a climate conference at Chatham House in London, Ms Figueres became tearful when she reflected on the impact that climate change might have on coming generations.
“I’m committed to climate change because of future generations, it is not about us, right? We’re out of here,” she said…
“We have a choice about it, that’s the point, we have a choice. If it were inevitable then so be it, but we have a choice to change the future we are going to give our children.” ….
She said she was determined to avoid the mistakes that were made in the run up to Copenhagen in 2009, when expectations of a far reaching global compact faltered.
“We are not going to have another Copenhagen – the leaders of the world are not just being brought in at the last minute, to face 300 pages of text that is completely impossible to digest…
This year’s Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC will take place next month in Poland.
Chasing pirates
***Some environmental campaigners are concerned that because of the country’s heavy dependence on coal, it is less committed to strong action on climate change.
Critics took issue with comments on an official website for the conference that suggested there were many positives to the unprecedented melting of Arctic ice, including the opportunity to chase “pirates, terrorists and ecologists”…
*** why not make Poland even poorer…makes sense.


The Gore Effect is visiting Chicago, we’ve had snow!
Gore is rapidly running out of rope….US carbon dioxide emissions dropped 3.8 percent in 2012, mostly from increased use of natural gas for power generation.


“Shows you just how much he’s fallen off the radar..”
Poor chap fell from grace when he muddied the cry-oh-spherics blaming soot rather than sticking strictly to the CO2 script-
Blaming the dung and wood-burners, for much of ‘the problem’, was of course heresy for Western liberal progressive self-loathers.
Mind you whipping up mass hysteria over a colourless odourless gas in our fizzy drinks is hard going, so naturally they always ‘wanna put a price on carbon pollution’. Gore was a bit stupid in not fully appreciating the finer nuances of the game. Nevertheless you have to give him credit for seizing all that green stuff he did as an early adopter of the gravy train.

John F. Hultquist

I’m here in central Washington State watching the wind not blow. A few more days of this and I may forget what real wind is.

The name is so appropriate – Al Gore really is a Cost of Carbon Tool, isn’t he?

Chuck L

I really thought of watching it but decided to get a root canal, instead.


I’d rather watch re-runs of the South Park episodes with ManBearPig, they reflect reality more than Gore.


Well, none of the videos put on Youtube so far have even hit 100 views yet. And I’m pretty sure, that over time, more people will watch a Youtube clip of a thing rather than a private stream.

Gary Pearse

Gore Blimey! He’s probably “staging” his project so he can sell another TV station to the Middle East. The 19 million hits on the news East Africans are moving away from an eroded coastline is a measure of the hyperbole to be expected. There isn’t a tenth that many that would even know there was such a happening. I’m sure he has engaged a re-election team of old to get the faithful to just give him a lot of hits. In the rating game, he’s competing with the World Series of Baseball, the NBA preseason play, the beginning of the NHL 13-14 season, the Real Housewives of New Jersey…….


“Wow, I am the only skeptic commenting right now.”
It must be like beauty queen visiting a prison

Eugene WR Gallun

Preliminary lines for a poem — nothing is finished here. Some of these lines will just disappear and certainly more will be added. Sometimes writing a poem is just not straightforward.
Forever, forever, its all Al Gore!
Now, in the future and always before!
Spinning himself with the words he can whirl
The earth is his oyster, he is its pearl
—-Carbon dioxide is filling the air!
And there’s no escaping — IT’S EVERYWHERE!
It’s up in the sky and under your bed!
It’s deep in your lungs, comes out of your head!
The polar caps melt from CO2’s heat!
The seas will be rising twenty five feet!
The ocean conveyor ceasing to flow!
Where water goes stagnant algae will grow!
A growth in plant life that carbon promotes!
A Sargasso Sea that seamlessly floats!
The teddy bears — wait! — the polar bears drown!
As carbon goes up survival goes down!
More lines need to be written and some discarded. The poem will end like this.
Whatever Al says he fully believes
First before others himself he deceives
Then sure of THE TRUTH his dictums are hurled
Like God, by The Word, creating the world
Eugene WR Gallun

Just out of curiosity I had a quick look at it about 20 minutes in. I vaguely recall I saw that it had something like 17.5 million views (presumably the total number of views ever for the climate-reality ustream account–last year’s effort went up to 16.3 million when it finished so would have started from at least there). Prompted by Anthony’s post, I’ve had another look at it just now and they’ve disabled reporting of the viewing figures.
I started some work last year analysing the viewing figures, but was eventually overcome by apathy (Gore etc. are so not worth the effort). I did manage to put together a couple of videos (click my name), basically showing the viewing figures magically increasing. The “two minute” version is quite amusing if you want to see implausibly increasing viewer counts, and you’re into that kind of thing.


Strange. An honest discussion would be a hit.

M Simon says:
October 22, 2013 at 3:11 pm
CRP? They forgot the “A”.

Uh, it was suggested in another thread that the “Big A” was Al!

Mike Whaley

This is so hard to watch. I have to turn it off. My blood pressure is going up.


What is “dirty weather”?

He mentions nothing about lighting his flatulence on fire, so he can count me out.

With apologies to Billy Madison:

Mr. Gore, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Paul Burtwistle

I watched some of the stream from “24 hours of climate reality” this morning. To call it reality is fraudulent, its just more one sided, unrealistic arguments using cherry picked data. Much the same as we’ve seen from Gore and co for the last 20 years.

Tom J

Ok, I admit to actually having listened to their Climate Surreality (Salvador Dali still is with us) program which means that I have no social life this Tuesday evening. Seated between Al Gore and some other self important know-it-all was a young, blonde haired woman named Samantha. She described how she had lost her home due to Hurricane Sandy. And, of course, the implication was that global warming had something to do with this.
Now, certain personal situations have encouraged me to investigate home prices in an upper middle class Western Chicago suburb. It’s a long story and has zip to do with an intended purchase. Anyway, what I noticed early on was, ‘Foreclosure Sale,’ attached to one home on the market. Shortly thereafter was another ‘Foreclosure Sale’ and another one. For a change of pace one home was for sale ‘Ahead of bank foreclosure.’
I wonder what these home losses feel like to these families? Unlike a catastrophic loss where there’s likely to be insurance coverage, however inadequate it may or may not be, in a foreclosure there’s no insurance to cover that loss. And how many foreclosures will the brave new economies of global climate governance encourage? We all know, that the most significant part of the reduction in CO2 emissions in the industrial nations is the direct result of the drop in output due to the 2008 recession and the lackluster, piddling recovery that followed.
For some reason, I have a strong suspicion that if we spent just a teensy bit of time searching we could discover a whole boatload of young, blonde foreclosettes to plant at that table between Mr. Take Your Tragedy and Run With It Gore, and Mr. Know-it-all. Of course that table wouldn’t be adequate. They’d then need a table far to big to fit in that studio.


Just watched a little bit.
Hair care products increase severe weather and pollute the waters and the air.
Well, maybe just the last two.

Chad Wozniak

@Lady Life Grows –
Makes the definition of Gore’s name (“bloody mess”) appropriate in his case, doesn’t it? Also – I should like his new initials, B.M.


Anthony, replay?

Paul Westhaver

When you look at something, you change it, because you looked at it.
So I won’t look.


There’s no science being presented – it’s all fear-mongering – climate change is responsible for everything – including political problems. Nauseating.